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Guys is this comparison true or not? #android   #apple  
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Domi W
Perfectly right! :)
I'm not sure about the timing of this post. Have you watched the news lately ? 
Where's Netscape Navigator? I think one of those mediaeval seige-catapults would work for that. +Thomas Avenel what news?
not best timing... otherwise really lol
Chrome has power and capacity but no precision, Firefox has precision and power but no capacity abd the others are kind of crappy. Sounds right. 
No Firefox should be where IE is and Vice-a-Versa.
Absolutely right. Chrome has enormous power for collateral damage if Google start misusing it.
Looks about right, but maybe a WMD for IE?
That's true of several of their product lines too. ;-)
+Eric Sagel Precision means you read the specs and implement them properly. Opera is very good at that. Chrome less so.
IMO Firefox is the best for desktop computers.
Nowadays, systems have an average memory amount of 4GB... Chrome using more memory to do what it does is perfectly fine. Every system I have from work to home have at least 8GB of RAM. Just because Chrome uses more doesn't mean that it should be ranked lower than firefox considering the extra features chrome touts that would command it to use a little more memory.
I would personally switch Firefox and IE.  How anyone, anywhere, uses firefox is beyond me.
chrome variants et al beta versions are really fast and mostly secure .but always watch out fot adobe updated.and any executable file downloads from oracle>.and just delete all e-mails that are junk or from unknown senders""
This pic is too funny, but oh so true !
Actually was only thinking you meant Tech news (nerd I am)
Chrome + Safari use the same browser architecture. If anything, they are just as fast.
+Wole Ajagbe Just because they use the same architecture, doesn't mean they perform the exact same. There's differences in code and much more.
all fire fox variant are fast especially beta vers. but waterfox gets my vote and chrome iron also"waterfox 13 is very stable.
Firefox is the best 4 me !
I think we can all agree.. Internet Explorer is the bottom of the barrel.
It remembers me of counter strike
I love Chrome but Maxthon's really fast. Try it. Hope Chrome can surpass it though.
isn't that the same gun that jesse venture used in "predator" ?  i ain't got time to bleed!
u don't see the 1 under "internet explorer" these days now do u
Big Rich
I agree 100%....and to those who somehow feel this is offensive in light of the tradgedy in Aurora, CO., I think that train of thought is incredibly misguided and massively hypocritical. The gun is not the blame, its the deranged lunatic holding the gun. On average, about 40 people are killed per day due to drunk your logic we should be offended when we then see a car, yet the majority of us drive one every single day. 
It's a toss up on firefox and chrome. I feel they are both about equal and i will admit I'm firefox fan. Opera and Safari are spot on. The picture for Explorer is an understatement.
I would still be using Opera if I didn't experience compatibility issues with certain banking sites but what really made me ditch it was chrome's integration with Adobe flash (meaning not having to uninstall the pluggin and update it every time a vulnerability was found). I loved Opera I needed a browser to replace IE entirely to be able to sandbox it and chrome was it for me. Firefox came close to Opera too but way slower.
Greg G
Have you used Safari? Automatic reading list syncing, bookmark syncing, extensions, reader, smooth html5 execution (often more smooth than even chrome), and it uses the webkit engine, and is even faster than Chrome and Firefox with some tasks. Not to mention its the fastest iOS browser. Opera is actually pretty bad at rendering pages correctly, being the only one using the Presto rendering engine.
And just to clear this up, I have all browsers on this list, an with the exception of IE, use them all very frequently. 
 chrome...*diffently chrome.
If the gun jams, then Chrome is accurate. 
Chrome fastest, Safari slowest, IE bloweyupest.... Yep, pretty accurate.
Firefox used to be great... but it hasn't been any good for about a year
Builds of Firefox are far behind Chrome now.  Last Firefox/Chrome update had Chrome kicking tail in the support of future-pan-interwebs-language HTML5.  Plus Chrome adds nice features like instant page load.,2817,2349494,00.asp
So Chrome is definitely the speedy minigun of guns!
no more igoogle? not accurate anymore
Yeah I literally bounce between a few of these browsers. For some reason Chrome jams up allot for no reason apparent to me. 
i would think opera, was a futuristic ray gun, or maybe the gun from 5th element, with a lot of really weird and unique features.
I just don't DO windoze products, ever since Windows 2.0 was released and none of us could get any work done. When I've had to make us of one at school, it always seems that in Windorks software you always have to go through two to several dialog boxes in order to do something which is handled in one dialog box for the same product on a Mac. Time waster, no wonder they need fast CPUs.
It looks good but I can't be certain. I've never fired a muzzle-loading pistol nor have I used Opera.
Wow, and both chrome and salaries use webkit as their layout engines - lil
Safara Rocks!!!
Is the Best, hands down! 
Kinda misplaced in timing and taste, fellas
Bad choice for an analogy! It's a bit insensitive actually.
IE have improved a lot during last 3 updates! but needs more progress to be number 1 
Chrome is a Apache, and there is nothing more powerful than an Apache helicopter :)
ill stick to dolphin lite. but the humor is well founded in comparing some browswers that use the same engine...
Lolol....I think you were a little generous with Opera however...
Acctually Chrome is Thrust SCC with a on-board chaingun.
Crome has the wrong image, it should be a WUD(weapon of ultimate destruction) like the deathstar or a sun going supernova cuz chrome is in a class all its own.
Firefx rulez. Only new kids one the blok use chrome or worse, ie. Safari & opera is like sand in desert...
IE should be a squirt gun.
A great way of comparing web browsers. This guy is definitely taking browsers to a whole to a higher level.
The difference between Chrome and the others is Chrome is also a proper web application platform. Which is what makes it so powerful. I still prefer Firefox though because I have a lot of RSS feeds as Live bookmarks and I can't figure out anyway of transferring them without subscribing to each one individually.

The really sad part though is none of these browsers are without their problems.
Does chrome do background image printing. FF certainly does. 
Internet Explorer, for all your toolbar and malware needs.
wonderful comparison, only an idiot would think of this
Id swap ie and safari. At least ms fixes security issues on rare occasion. They just like to run behind the bandwagon.
Mini guns don't have memory issues when you try to keep more than one tab, er.... chamber open.
You do know Microsoft bailed Apple out, right?  So Microsoft is responsible for Apple even being.  Gates and Jobs were good friends, and this feud of who's who is old. 
I.E. 7 or before yes.  I.E. 8 or 9 no.
So true!!!! Hahahahaha. Using IE is like shottig your self.
Safari and Chrome are both based on Webkit so there is practically no difference in them... So absolutely not, this is really most definitely false. You can thank Apple for Chrome btw they started working on Webkit in 1998, 
being a longtime firefox advocate, its newest release would require that rifle to have at least 4 more accessories that make it jam up repeatedly. maybe like an extended clip, rifle butt made from a 1960's couch cushion, and a puppy keychain dangling from the trigger
Well, the only think that I am sure of is that the comparison of the explorer with that gun is a fundamental truth, is a substantial reality. It is something that nobody can deny. 
Why is Google so much of the shit?
Safari although not as fast as chrome has some much sweeter features when using a Mac, there is several but just to name a few; there is a super precise pinch to zoom using apples glass trackpad. A sweet instant full screen mode that even hides URL bar until you hover over it and need it, also there is easy access to all files on computer making uploading from browser super fast and easy....... I could go on but I am typing on my iPhone which by the way is worlds easier than typing on your android copy machine.
Um... I've had Chrome do a BSOD.  Never seen IE do that.

That said, I like Chrome and IE about the same.

Chrome is Waaaaay faster on Windows XP.  Don't use IE on Windows XP.
I think the differences are greatly exaggerated by this graphic, as amusing as it is. And I think Safari > Firefox > Opera.
+Cody Harris 4:00 PM Why is Google so much of the shit?
Well, Google is a tool, very much like a spade. The stuff you dig up with this tool depends entirely on where you dig. I have a feeling you're digging up the septic tank. ;)
Pretty accurrate. Google has the best weapon there
If this is correct, then it appears that Opera is the most accurate.  Chrome is the most scattered . . . . .
Internet explorer backfires, so true!
Have you ever go to Baskin Robins and ask for a milk shake with all kind of topins :hot fudge,rainbow sprinkles,malt powder,recesses pieces,m&m  ! This is what Android is like.A blast of everything above.No kidding ,I had an Android Phone even thought it was disconnected I had no problem at all checking my Gmail.
I liked the picture with IE as watergun better.
A little harsh and ill timed with what's going on in the news. Also, I'd make Safari a stiletto .22 rather than a Revolutionary War gun.
Jon Books: Opera for single task, Chrome to multi task ;)
Lol at Aurora gun comments. Guns don't kill people, the person using the gun is the one that kills people. If this comparison was done with hamburgers, hotdogs and other junk food that actually kill people would people even care?
Poor taste Anderoid...very poor timing and disrespectful given the events
In Colorado. Whoever timed this marketing exercise is totally out of touch...
I purpose switching the Safari icon with Mozilla 3.x. It's more realistic, or maybe just switch the icons for Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
I am a Opera user. Fuck yeah Sniper.
Oh leave IE alone. If you keep pushing it one day it will pull the trigger.
Amen...I can't even find a good navigation app for my friend's Iphone! 
The IE one was better than I expected.
Funny, but where's Lynx? I'd suggest a blowgun.
just a fyi, this doesnt seem to be an official Google page
seems legit.  Media stuff usually goes on my chrome browser, Firefox is the reddit+ browser, Opera is the \d\ browser, and IE is for system use only.
I will have to agree for ie and safary but the rest no, apparently the author of this image moved from ff to chrome and has no clue how powerful is opera, as most of the people i know. Everyone thinks that chrome is the best but its actually the "new" ff. 
I would argue that Safari as a Revolver. Why it appears as a flint lock pistol, I don't know.
The new IE will shock you all. It promises to be the best out there because Microsoft, at the end of the cliff, decided to change direction.  It is amazing what the fear of death can do to the software giant.  The result - Next IE will have unheard of support for the latest web technology as part of the Windows8 package and new web strategy.  So the image above is outdated already.
Safari is my primary browser. I don't find it bad at all either for development or for rendering, or for javascript performance... I find Firefox a bit clunky... but this is all on a Mac.
A. Bea
Heyyyyyyy sexist!!!!!
what's this have to do with the Android and Apple hashtags?
+Ivo Dimov and the new IE will be released 5 years later.. When new technologies emerge. ;-)
you mean it's a rock or plastic straw + spitball?
Good, excet the Firefox gun should look like it can be taken apart and re-assembled by the user.
+Keith Reed The AR15/M16 doesn't seem like it can be taken apart? It's the most modular gun system in the world.
Comments = funnier than the actual pic
I use Opera since version 3,x. Always   more fast and innovative. Tabs, plugins, speed dial, all new features start in Opera, then the others copy...
Opera is a lasersaber!
Me, I'm using GOOGLE Chrome. Only used IE for downloading Google chrome installer.
Oh man! Did I log into my Facebook account by mistake (no wait ....I don't have one)  "my favourite browser's better than yours" Come on guys!
Good Joke and very true .. let me go and work with IE now :)
Not quite, Safari is a little better than a flintlock, and the IE pistol should be in pieces.
Google and Mozilla should team up and make chromefox or firechrome
That about sums it up perfectly...
Firefox is more stable than chrome, in linux i mean
Chrome & firefox are deadly ....i am not messing with them..
I'm using chrome, opera and safari on my mac for different purpose, i'm never use opera on pc or mac, but i've tried it on my phone, it runs pretty fast. I don't bother to use the last one tho... :P 
safari is not as bad as this suggests. It is actually a very elegant browser with features that chrome doesn't have.
I keep using Firefox and chrome every now and then I also try IE 9 but it's really only imitating chrome and still crappy for my as they sey IE is the best browser to download another browser
google crome is the fastest but I like firefox
Sean G
I'd take Safari over FireFox
Though Firefox may have a better debug console
ITS JUST are so impressionable.scares me.
perhaps its totally true. LOL!
I Have a Mac and i use chrome everyday but safari is right up there with chrome. Firefox used to be my favorite but since chrome came out I don't use it anymore. 
Almost everything is true except in the top of the pic. Maybe firefox is better than chrome because the powerfull firefox plugins like firebug, videodownloadhelper, all download managers, etc etc.
Safety Precaution @internet explorer users......hahahaha
Nope. That would be an accurate comparison if Internet Explorer 6 were still the latest version. Internet Explorer has improved significantly since that failures with IE9 being one of the best browsers available.
What the heck is Internet Explorer's Comparison. Not to mention what is Safari's. I'm focusing more on the Internet Explorer Comparison. That is just me.
Really think this is an appropiate post right now? Really... I'd agree withe analogy, but really pick up a paper or turn on the news...

BTW.. Chrome rocks!
hmmm chrome should have a chuck norris, safari should have a grenade that when you pull the pin you have 0.00000001 second to throw it and firefox should have a radiowave emmiter that emmits One direction.............. nuclear bomb
I lol when I seen this, nice
Nice lol.
If you use IE your just shooting your self in the face.

Chrome or go home! :)
opera and internet explorer should have the same gun 
Maybe for IE6 and previous but not anymore.
Opera suck even more than safari- and safari really sucks- as shown inernet explorer isn't going to get you anywhere. But one thing I know- Firefox is better than google chrome :)

Did you see this guy i am a gun onerw
Why shoulb the people of this country foloy mental helth isus for gun con trole
You forgot the razor blade that cut off your finger when you fired the internet explorer gun.
Lee H
why is every one complaining about guns? the batman thing? other than him using a gun what the fuck does that have to do with comparing explorers to guns? just because someone stupid does something stupid doesn't mean that "no one anywhere can reference anything having to do with it (even if it doesn't actually have anything to do with it) for a while"
This makes me want to use Safari, though...
True, but I almost forgot about Opera.
Dan Jen
Pretty accurate
Yes. This is obviously the best time to bring up guns (sarcastic).
Clearly you don't follow up on what's actually true. I'm going to say I use ie every day but I also like chrome but sometimes pages don't look good on the same browser. But what ever to each its own
Chrome used to be better but I like FF 14 now. FF-more stable, and has the new auto-complete in address bar.
Funny!! If you do any kind of web development... well.. IE IS THAT BAD!! haha
The Opera icon should have way more super cool shit that doesn't actually work on it. 
Somebody's never used Opera, I see.
Bam right between the eyes. Got it right!
Hahaha totally agreed with internet explorer .
The musket pistol is a nice touch.  Apple need to stick to product development.
Jay Tee
LMAO.....IE backfires....this is EPIC!
I use Chrome but there are some awkward things about it like sharing pages via email is weird. There are a couple of other little quirks but overall I like where Chrome is going. Viva Google! 
Opera creates lots of ideas and used by other browsers.
True! Oh so true! The only time I use IE is for CRM work...nothing else!
I'll take IE anytime, I'm suicidal!
Not true. Safari is better then that especially with gesture support on the Mac. All of the browsers trial behind Firefox for not including tag support, it is the only manageable way to deal with all your bookmarks. What is taking the other guys so long to add this feature?
Haze He
got the truth
i would vote iexplorer 2nd..........why is everybody so much against it???
Still like safari. Actually everyone should read what happens with your data in Chrome.
IE9 is great and Safari is based on the same engine used in Chrome. I still prefer Chrome but IE and Safari are not as bad as people make them out to be.
backwards revolver..........FAIL
Safari and Internet Explorer needs to be swapped.
hahahah!!! yes it is.... because i am web developer and i know that!!!!!!!
iPod touch user with safari and chrome. Agreed!
I think Google Chrome and Firefox need to be a bit more similar.
I would also think Chrome and Firefox are more similar then on the image, just as +Nestor Franco said. Firefox is very similar if not better than Chrome. The rest seems quite accurate...
I have always ended up being miserable when using Internet Explorer. FireFox Go!
Internet Explorer is supposed to be just a rubber band. Opera is a bit larger than a hunting rifle, perhaps at least make it a double barreled hunting rifle?
I wonder who the IE gun is aiming at when you fire!
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