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ie10 is actually not bad. Chrome is better but internet explorer has come a long way since ie8 and the early versions of ie9
+Shad Pritchard Is that Metro IE10, or Aero IE10? Because the latter is indistiguishable from IE9 as far as I can tell (and I work professionally with web app development), and Metro is just all-around awful for everything. Barring, perhaps, a touchscreen.

But then why would you have Windows?
+Gert Sønderby both kinda. The metro version is good if you have some form of touch like a touchmouse or trackpad. Idk of any differences in aero ie10 and ie9. i think ie10 is faster but like I said I use chrome primarilly so I cant say if it is.
Lol i cant say i love windows but i game so that knocks out ubuntu (which is pretty sweet) and OSx
Google Chrome all the time :)
I really don't understand all drama over browsers. I use all of them for different things. Not on of them is perfect for everything.
the number one browser for those with ineptitude to balk at.... :/ 
+Shad Pritchard Well, that may be changing, what with Valve and Steam focusing on the Linux platform. And, well, Minecraft, for example, runs fine. :-)
number one browser for vulnerabilities... pure crap.
Chrome for mobile android is appalling and slow. Total waste of time. 
Chrome has been my default browser for about 4 years on my PC, and on my Android mobile I use Dolphin for my browser...
Jim N.
You got that rite.....
All this talk about different browsers for mobile android, they really are not that good. Some work better than others for certain sites, but what people have to realise is that, a lot of websites are not mobile friendly, hence some sites loading quicker than others and most slower than others. The vast majority of websites are mobile unfriendly. 
Two retarded comments from two retards..... 
microsoft xD bill gates named the company after his dick xDD
Safari is almost as bad, but without so many security holes...
True. Some mobile browsers are better than others for certain sites. Eg. is crap on pretty much all mobile browsers. My galaxy nexus and my nexus 7. 
After a fresh install of win 8 is crashed on 30 mins.

30 mins is being kind to windows 8
 try 5
ie10 is great, I use chrome and ie10 on my computer
Tri Mai
Google Chrome.
Nav H.
Firefox FTW!
Firefox and Opera are truly awesome. Though I'm a Firefox user now, Opera treated me well for so many years.
IE 10 on windows 8 is the most secure browser to date. on windows 8 IE is actually pretty good. fully sandboxed. enhanced protection mode for all 3rd party extensions. it even beats out chrome in testing. most people don't believe that but look it up. PC magazine has an article on it. they say its the best browser on windows 8.  
I like ie and windows 8 (not fussed on metro) maybe I need help.
WIN8 is unusable piece of sh... on desktop ...
Can't argue there. IE is great for getting chrome. Works Like a charm everytime.
+Gert Sønderby Steam supporting Linux is definitely going to be interesting - but as for 'but Minecraft works!' ... though I would love to ditch Windows completely, only getting a small selection of games with mostly titles I don't play is just not conducive to switching :(
I'm so disapointed about Bafana bafana 
I delt with interest explorer for 3 months while I waited for chrome to come out 
That's for sure... that's about the only thing I use IE for these days LOL!
It's always fun to explain to a child that the new laptop they got for Christmas will never be worked on or fixed if they decide to use Internet Explorer against your advice......
Yes, IE6 like that icon is of is best suited for downloading a better browser, such as IE8.

Or stop using century old software, XP User.  IE6 is only on XP and earlier.  Do you realize that XP is old history, just like the insecurity of IE.

When they did IE8 they made it on par, if not slightly above, the security of other browsers.

If you think it's slow then stop bragging about Firefox.  IE9 benchmarks were faster than FF for a while.  I haven't kept informed on the changes there.
You are absolutely wrong.  I have fixed more PC's that had malware and spyware issues do the garbage collecting nature of IE, than any browser period, and this was long after IE6.
football player Notre Dame football player middle linebacker
+Joel May IE8, on par..?!? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! With what, I ask, a hole in the ground?

There's a reason the company I work for is cutting IE8 support from the next minor release versions of our web apps!
+Joel May
It's not about speed, it's about security.  A note on speed, Chrome owns them all.  From the perspective of someone who has fixed countless pc's and laptops long after the IE6 days that were directly related to malware and spyware that IE happens to collect faster than any other browser (yes IE is fast at something), I would not let someone I cared about use IE.
Lol, so true. The very first thing I do when I set up a computer 
I just lost 30 minutes to IE at work. It had Google listed as an untrustworthy site. It had Chrome at Google listed as untrustworthy. It had the download subdomain for Chrome at Google listed as untrustworthy. For some reason it would not let me trust all Google sites.
Fortunately, I now have Chrome running and IE will only ever be loaded to check sites I design for end-to-end compatibility. Microsoft has redefined troll-ish behavior with the newest IE. 
How many times must we see this same joke again and again!?!? 
Today, I rebooted into my Windows 7 for the first time in a long while - specifically to play Diablo III. I've been using Linux Mint (14 Nadia) for a long while, and by gum, it's been great. Windows, meanwhile, wasted exactly no time reminding me why I was happier running Linux. It just works. Any time it's broken, so far, has been from my own fiddling (Seriously, AMD, you're not going to support my combination of kernel and graphics card? Well thank goodness for the open-source drivers then!) Windows was slow. Slow as slug's shit. And it needed to install updates constantly. I was not impressed.
+Charles Barouch
I hear you there.  I ONLY use IE to either download another browser, or check for the hundreds of browser compatibility issues that ALWAYS seem to happen regardless of how many times I've done this, and how it looks in EVERY other browser.  Very annoying....
No, I disagree. Microsoft has been aware of the situation and they have fine-tuned IE to a point that it is simple, streamlined, and easy to use. I only don't use it when I want to browse with a bit more privacy. Otherwise it's my browser number 1 for everything else. It is bloody good these days, and very fast!
For all those insulting IE, I think u should read the statement again. It say IE is the no. 1 browser 4 downloading a better browser. In other words, the the better browsing isn't still the no. 1 at downloading another better browser... Think about it
+Gert Sønderby
As a Linux fan myself, the only thing I can recommend to get Windows working faster is to invest in a Solid State Drive, disable unnecessary services, and not have ANYTHING load in startup that is not mandatory to the security of your machine (firewall and antivirus).  My machine still boots up and loads my web browser in less than 20 seconds and works quite well for Windows when I'm using Windows because of these steps.
it's only the number 1 because most computers start with internet explorer as a you're forced to use it to download another ...better one.
Ha ha ha. Only reason for internet explorer to exist
Good luck to u get Linux on any windows 8 machine. Da boot loader is locked down. Load of shite
I prefer Chrome since most of the hackers hate Explorer
I can't remember the last time I used to Internet Explorer. Chrome for life! 
This is so wrong. The more changes made to IE, the more it looks and behaves exactly like Chrome. So, it should have leveled off by now.
Prefer windows seven to eight from what I've seen of eight.. if I absolutely have to use eight I will... but for the most part.. ugg. Gimme a mouse and a regular screen.
No Critics on Microsoft Technologies. Others may be good but Microsoft is the predecessor for all.  Not by Invention but by usage and the effect of awareness that it created over computers.

1 > Browser like Mosaic / Firefox are there for many years, but hw many of us used it ?

2 > How much user friendly is that ?

3 > We DO NOT even go near something that is very tough and risky?

4 > Some one like microsoft comes up with a userfiriedly concept and makes the things easy we start using it - explore it  - learn a a lot and see things that are tougher as easy ones. 

5 >  Then we will start using harder browsers and know hw to use it because we understood the basics of browser. 

6 > Then we start blaming IE is stupid (really not - you are !!! )

7> Hw many of us use Safari nowadays - say IE a 5th grade brains would be able to recognize it, thats the reach Microsoft has got.

8 > UNIX/Solaris - Existed so many years before windows. How many of understood the concept of OS BAsics. We said computer is tough.

9 > If we had learn our OS basic operation thru Unix / Solaris, am sure, not in these days a 3 yr kid will be able to mouse thru and clik on a you tube video of "Mr.Bean" and watch it.

Appreciate the efforts from Microsoft - for its wide reach and their ease of use ....

Am in UNIX/AIX/Solaris/DB2/WebSphere based technologies.

I came thru all this because i and ( millions ) of us started thru win 95 the famous OS, its like the grand daddy.

Thank you.

+Kevin Remisoski , exactly. IE6 was terrible. Now IE's "SmartScreen" is preventing much of that.
+Gert Sønderby IE 8's security is what I was talking about. Support for it is being cut because it's slow, old, and hard to target yet another browser (that only users of XP have).
Internet Explorer isn't a bad browser...I'd prefer it over firefox any day. It feels amazing on Windows 8 too.
Jump on the bandwagon idiot human race

Oh guys ! i see this 
Still using IE!? Shame on you
Ryan - thats a one liner for my ten liner. :)
Am using google chrome - but this was easy since i learnt browsing capabilities thur IE. Chrome not my first browser !! 

first love / first browser comes only once.
I've never understood why the symbol for this program is a big "e" - is there some language where "Microsoft Firefox Downloader" starts with an "e"?
Personally I find IE 9 the best looking browser (aesthetically speaking). It just looks so smooth and sexy compared to chrome/Firefox. 
My internet explorer goes on the net once to get firefox and then retires
Internet explorer is not that bad even though chrome is the best
+jason kenner I used 8 for a day and took the computer back to where i got it and picked up a windows 7 computer.  8 totally sucks!
The truest thing I've seen on the internet to date.
Very true statement. I don't know exactly way, but i never liked explorer. Ever.
IE is like Neil Armstrong who first landed on moon, who first landed us on internet, yahoo made toolbars to work with IE at first.

Chrome and all other just fix the issues that IE did not fix and they release.

example  chrome is light weight compared to IE.

Father is old and does not know computers but still he is your father.

So is IE for computers. Respect IE - instead crtisizing
-- use other browsers no issues.

well this post was quiet for a while, i guess that is oil that i added.

:) :)
You guys are becoming sadistic ;). I saw another AD that had iPhone image, NYC in the background, and said "lost in Big Apple, try Google Maps."
Nate, I am sorry to say but nobody Cares Bro.
+Ram Kumar When IE came out, there was already a very healthy infrastructure of browsers, and Netscape was the current leader. Microsoft pushed IE by pre-installing it on Windows and going to great lengths to hide the existence of other browsers.

IE was not the first and never the best, it was just what the industry leader in operating systems convinced their users was the only option.
+Ram Kumar Not at all. It is Mosaic that became the first popular web browser. Netscape followed. Only after that did Microsoft realize that they needed to follow suit and release IE, which was a total piece of crap.
IE is living atleast - even now and tries to improve and is in the school books and syllabus for the extent it reached.

It surely did reach the extent but pity it did not improve its abilities and other browsers did.

But am wondering if NetScape has to set the market. where are they now.

Not a single system in my 12 years i have seen a netscape browser.

But i agreee with you +Daigoro the motive could be to make people use the browser, but there is a side effect that it gave a great reach to the ppl about internet.

I have used netscape as an alternative to mozilla years back

Now its mozilla/chrome.

IE is little slow, hope they will come up with some other new ideas and i will retreat back it to IE ;)
I really like torch. Its a chromium browser, and has torrent capabilities. Also very fast
I never really thought about it until I tried Google Chrome, and now I never think about IE.
Incorrect, ie 10 is as good as other so called better browsers, people should come out of their stereotype..
Matt L
That is too funny and actually true. that's the only time I use ie
Chrome for general browsing, Firefox for its better debugging tool, IE for my just passed the infant stage, not every site out there supported in chrome, it will take another couple of years to occupy tb market share...Firefox is good browser but it kills the memory, its too bloated unless you use a very fast processing computer. My order of use is, chrome, IE, Firefox
IE 10 isnt bad at all, coming from someone who uses Chrome almost 100% of the time
Google chrome stands out for its web apps and speed, Firefox for its slightly nerdy capabilities and comparable speed, same for opera, but slower by a little, and IE gets left with " simple"
I just like Google Chrome better. 
I use safari for the same purpose. 
+Shawn Childress that is what i was talking about -REACHHHH . which only IE made it thru many a times.

If Microsft were to market IE via Windows, Google is marketing Chrome via IE ...  (

!! -- A faster way to browse the web
Install Google Chrome -- !! Thats really funny --- now.

Although i use it every single day / including maps / navigation / emails / you tube g+ / orkut etc etc.

:) :)
Seriously though why use anything but Chrome.  It works so much better than the rest.  Firefox is also good, but Chrome is better for lots of things.
IE10 is good, but Chrome synchs my bookmarks on multiple desktop and mobile platforms. IE10 can't do that, but it is fast and stable.
LOL!! - Actually, we would not exist when it comes to windows explorer 20 !!!!
Chrome synchs my PC , my laptop, my cellphone, and my tablet.  Sorry but Chrome is just superior.
Not true at all in an Android context. Why explicitly tag this as Android-related when it's not?
Opera is the king of speed on Win 8 but IE is close but suffers from the age old paste and go missing on right click.
windows 8 is fast  but    windows explorer is better
Wow, that's actually really true
Well I won't use ever. Is like a cow running a horse race, in win8 is still slow really. so I keep using firefox and chrome (chromium).
I love chrome but some things work better on ie... ;)
My concern is a little something call security
OK I use Chrome - but whenever a site does not work in Chrome I go back to IE - it always works. I have to disagree about the speed - IE is definitely quicker.
I thought that downloading another browser was what IE was for.Didn't know U could actually browse with it.
HAHA, that is pretty funny!  I usually do use it for that!
Lol. Used it to download Chrome LMFAO
Only ever used this browser once, to download Google Chrome!
That would be more correctly called "Internet Exploder".
How often is this joke going to be repeated? So tired of seeing groups of hipsters high-fiving each other whenever somebody trash-talks IE. Hint: I use Chrome, but that doesn't mean i have to shit on other browsers every waking second.
It deserve more  respect and it was around when we didnt know what is browser...
Lol. Get on top and avoid the following crap because let's face it when your on bottom you get shit on that's just how it goes lol LMFAO
As long as Web programmers like myself have to do extra work to make stuff work on ie... You will always see jokes like this. I'm tired of hearing "they all work good". They all work good because developers jump through ie hoops. And sadly, lately some Firefox ones. 
Thanks IE for downloading my Google Chrome 
I think also Safari should be added to the picture. For mac users there is no IE. 
yeah right torch and Firefox baby
YEa for sure the number one browser lallala 
A prefer the Ubuntu Software Center, but that isn't a browser.
I actually use IE fairly often.  It's not my default, but I do go to it when Chrome isn't behaving.  I actually keep Opera, Firefox, Chrome and IE on my computer.  Some sites just work better with certain browsers.

On my Android, it's Maxthon...  recently left Dolphin.
Use it if you dare. You will regret it!. Sorry for all the trouble you will have. I tried to warn you.. I respect your choice and decisions.
ha ha ha - ture it is needed when you get that stupid Conduit virus on Chrome...
IE 10 in windows8 is much be better than all its previous very i think
This is the fourth time during the last one year that I am seeing this post. Is Google doing this or individuals doing this, whatever, it is lame to repost old ones.
So true. Put me in front of a machine without chrome or Firefox and 'download chrome' are the only words IE will see from me.
Lol....but that also means many still use windows
+cliff kirby chrome for android is smoking fast on my Nexus 4. But I agree on my Gallaxy Nexus it was painfully slow. 
That's been my experience over the last five years or so (downloading a better browser immediately on booting a fresh Windows install..)

Nowadays, I download Chrome, then switch to that and download Firefox as an alternate.
I feel left out!  If I want a different browser, I have to use my operating system's package management to download and install it.  I don't get to use the number 1 better browser downloading tool that is IE!
You are an idiot Seth Sevenyoln! commenting with no details or basis for your opinion. Dumb ass hater, hating on Google browser and using Google +
The only thing IE is good for, is being the butt of jokes by credible & usable browsers.
Ya know, you can FTP firefox from a CMD shell...
That's true...
No matter how new my IE is, I'll always use it to download the latest chrome,
Firefox and Chrome, if all fails I use safari.
The only thing it is good for
Use Chrome, Opera and Firefox, IE just to download the three of them :))
"go internet explorer" said no one ever
Has anyone noticed chrome starting to eat lots of ram ???
For work internet explorer, for other than work chrome all the way, as simple as that
I'm a lot faster at internet explorer 10 on metro. I rely a lot on keyboard shortcuts to navigate through Windows 8 which seems to work. 
What is this ungratefulness? For years this have been the only choice browser and it was all good. Why is it
i don't know if it's true but, almost every browser that you install requires IE to be able to function. try to uninstall IE and see if your other browsers work
Lol thats funny i used internet explorer to download chome

lmbo its only funny because everyone is does it...Nobody uses IE anymore
I do think that Microsoft has stepped up their game with IE9 and IE 10 though 
In the 'Enterprise' IE is the only fully compatible browser for Intranet and web
what the fuck how is this google when this google's enemy   
IE is the number one reason why you would want another browser!!!
it is a platform of goodwill..... thanks IE, you will always be missed..... 
the thing is created to be an elaborate stepping stone
Most of websites r nt mobile friendly..further for many website, features also varies depending which browser installed
"Son help, the internet big E is not working " lol ohh mom you kill me XD
itna acha nhi he bs formalty he jo window xp me to pahle se hi hota he pr internet browse karne ke lia opera is the best
salam me mubeen ali memon ho mujhe thora ye batao ke apni i.d pe photo
upload kese karo
Herpdy derpdy derp. Haven't heard this before.
How many times does this have to be uploaded before it gets old? 
I just like Google Chrome better.

Thank you for congrts to me
IE10 the best. I think google chrome like browsers are for undecided people.
congrats, you received +3 retardness for your post.. 
one is for lame tags
second is for necro joke
third is for getting to 'explore' page with all that...
I like IE the best. (not sarcasm).
Try Opera you gonna love it
Some sites still optimised for some browsers. So we need all.
So true! Forgot the last time I used it!! Go Chrome or Firefox
I still like Explorer. Somethings Chrome is good for and somethings Explorer is good for.
BLAH !!!!  BLAH !!!!!!!BLAH !!!!!
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Ha...Ha IE 10 even processes java script faster now to infect your computer quicker,
This is true, but even downloading files through IE can get confusing for the not so computer savvy user. 
Well true for Windows users but for Linux ones...
Seeing that reminded me that it is just what I use IE for.  Sometimes the simplest truths are just simple.
IE has the capability of being usable, maybe by IE13 or 14 they will be standards complient. Until then can we stop saying silly things.
CJ Lim
You don't need it if you've got a CHROMEBOOK. yeahhhhh
+Shivanand Pattanshetti if it was the only browser in the world it still wouldn't work right with the pages of its earlier forms. Actually if IE was the only graphical browser a good deal of websites would be text based.
Thz iz not at fare.... the one who help in need is Browser indeed...      ( oooppss..! "INDEED" need to be corrected ..or not..??? )
>_> not sure if troll, or doesn't speak English
Funny how some of these old deals find themselves again on "What's Hot" months after the original made it...this one in particular is ultra old! Or I guess G+ simply recycles post that made it months ago?
Thank god that Windows comes with it pre installed so I can get chrome
How are you ?
i think so you know that i am mubeen ali
+Don Piano I don't know about Britain but Microsoft DID get spanked for Internet Explorer.
Tim T
So true
it is useful if you don't want all your system resources to be eaten by Chrome and IE10 is pretty cool
Where is Chrome when you need a good browser?
If you are worried about wasting resources would you be using Windows in the first place?
Windows 7 install takes about 30GB if you want to be able to use XP programs, and idles at around 1.85-2.20GB RAM. My home machine has more functionallity installed and takes 6GB, and idles at 800MB RAM.
+Joshua Larkin I use Windows 8 and it works just fine - even on a 6 year old machine, which was more than I could say for Ubuntu that was on there for 2 days before being replaced. Not knocking Linux, but it certainly is far from ready for what I need to do on a daily basis...
Pretty big words for someone with those kinds of JPEG artifacts.
I have to admit, IE does its job perfect. Downloads Firefox and Chrome perfectly. 
Hahahahaha...I just installed chrome from my boss's laptop cause she still using IE 😝
seriously? I use chrome because i.e is not secure enough for me and is slower also.
That's true. Even I do. 
Niko P
mostly old people seem to use IE lol
this has already came out'
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