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comScore's Q1 2012 Report Pointing That Android Consumes 51% Smartphone Share in US #android #samsung #apple
comscore's data for Q1 2012 is revealed according to which Android is sitting at the top of Smartphone Sales about 51% users in US. Samsung is the top handset manufacturer overall with 26.0 percen...
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If Android consumes 51% of smartphone share, then why are these people making iphone Apps before Android, it should be the opposite.
+Marc Taschereau That has to be it. Because even radio commercials "get the smart phone app, including Android!". Including Android? Android is probably your biggest downloaders, lol. But yeah, advertisement will do it.
Amith F
+Marc Taschereau That definitely sounds like that's what it might be, possibly due to the high customer satisfaction that apple users enjoy but also likely due to the eco-system lock in. I wonder how much the switching cost is for an average user to get out of the walled garden?
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