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Easy resizing, swipe to archive and more added to Gmail on Android

Today we released version 4.2.1 of the Gmail app for Android, making it easier to both view and read your messages.

No longer will your favorite email newsletters get cut off at the edges; with this latest version, you can now choose to have the emails resized to fit neatly on your screen and pinch to zoom for a closer look.  You can turn on auto-fit under Settings > General Settings.

When you are checking mail on the go, sometimes you just want to get through your inbox quickly. With that in mind, we’ve added a swipe feature that allows you to do just that. Swipe left or right to archive, directly from your inbox. Just visit Settings > General settings > Swiping conversation list if you prefer to delete from the inbox.

In addition, all of your great photos - from pics of your dad’s epic renovation project to candids of your dog napping - are easier to view at a glance. When you open a message with photo attachments, you’ll see thumbnails of each picture. Tap on a picture to go to a gallery where you can easily swipe through all the photos. And speaking of attachments, you can now attach videos that you've taken on your phone.

These new features are all part of the latest update to Gmail, and are available for devices running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and above.  Download it today from Google Play:
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I have been using auto fit before this update I like that better than the default settings
Thanks for posting the tip for others.

Personally, I would have liked to see email resizing turned on by default. I had to go around to all my family's devices to do this, and they all didn't get why such a useful feature wasn't on for them, as they'd never have found it otherwise.
Ah, thank you.  I've been waiting for this for a while now.  
what about users of low end phones running old versions of Android? 
Love this update!  Thanks Gmail team!
I don't understand why Gmail notifications aren't actionable? It would be amazing if I could just Reply or especially Archive or Star a message right from notifications. I thought that was the whole idea not having to launch the app for common tasks, behind the 4.2 actionable notifications. Just a thought/request.
How about getting an "attach file from Drive" feature when composing an email using the gmail app?

Why on earth is this not available to people with Android pre 4.0?  It seems ridiculous that it's only for "newer" versions of Android.  My phone is running a 1Ghz Processor with 768 MB of RAM.  Is someone going to tell me the specs aren't up to auto-fitting an email on a tiny device?  Please throw us a bone here.  :)
Finally .. just updated and love it! Thank you :)
This makes me very happy! Thanks!
No other email app comes close. Thank you. Just one thing I'd love to see in the next update and that's having the option of a black background with white text - it's much easier on the eyes. 
Just updated and it's fantastic! Thank you Google :-P 
Forget all these Gmail updates. How about doing something with Google Talk/Chat? It's the most neglected Google platform. Didn't Google buy Meebo earlier this year? Any word on what the plans are?
Another reason why the Android platform is better. Apple can only release updates to their email client with the OS. Google can release updates whenever they want (and apparently they do it often!)
I have a question.
How can I download .zip attachments from +Gmail app? 
and I just downloaded the old app yesterday. back to the app store
The swipe to delete is excellent!
Hey, can we see this in the corporate email client as well because I use that as my main account
I really like the new gmail! Good work!
It's taken far too long but thanks for finally getting there.
Thank you +Gmail!  I've been waiting for Pinch-to-Zoom forever.
Already had this feature on my Nexus 7 when it updated to 4.2, but can now do it on my HTC One X+. Much better - thank you. Xxx
How about swipe left to archive.. swipe right to delete. ?!
Gmail just keeps getting better and better. I heard about this a while back. Can't wait to use it.
Please add this feature to Gmail on desktop.
if only I could buy a Nexus 4 to use this feature. Stuck with a X10 mini until N4 back in stock :(
Now only if it had iMessage i'd go back.
About time this feature was implemented. Good job Google. 
Was tired of how long it took to delete emails! Fixed finally. 
+Ben Jordan, what's the brand and model of your phone? Some manufacturers change the vanilla Android to achieve their brands own style. And when a newer version of Android appears, they have problems updating their own code to fit the new version. That's why I swear on Nexus phones.

By the way: it would be awesome if swiping to one of both directions would delete the message instead of having both directions archiving the message. I know, lots of space but I don't want to archive every crap. Swipe left for archiving and right for deleting for example would be great.
For Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and up.
So many force close after updated it.
That was hard.... thank you. No zoom has been my #1 gripe. Works great. 
What's a email signature, the email address.
On Dec 3, 2012 5:06 PM, "Joan Dorland" <****@**> wrote:
> What's a email signature, the email address.
Resizing, you would need to explain that ss well!
If you have multiple domain emails requiring different signatures, Gmail is worthless even as a pass-thru. I would love to use Gmail to handle it all, but without multiple identities, I'm using Apple Mail on my laptop and k9 on my android (htc G2 rooted running cm9 thank you very much!)
Bob Ho
Just got it, amazing 
Jay Tee
Great addition.  Love the auto-resize and swiping feature.  Thanks for the hard work.
Got it on my EPIC 4G TOUCH. ANDROID is still evolutionary!
I'm loving the auto-fit and pinch to zoom and swipe to archive!
receiving notifications from him. Mute updates to this post. Change what
email Google+ sends you.
TOO LATE. I have over 1289 songs! Dam! Now u tell me!
If u were rooted u would have got it a couple months ago, like I did, along with 4.2 keyboard, 4.2 camera that has photosphere working.I'm just saying..
Pls add a damn button to clear trash in recycle bin for the gmail app ....
I generally don't archive my stuff, so I was wondering why it wasn't deleting. it should be swipe to 1 side to archive, swipe to the other to delete.
+Ben Jordan I don't speak for Google as I don't work for them, but as somebody that deals with software releases for a living, the most likely reason that this only supports 4.0 and above has to do with using features that are only available in 4.0 and above rather than having anything to do with the specs of your phone. Features are available in 4.0 and above that don't work with pre-4.0. For users on Gingerbread or prior, apps that use those newer features are no fun unless you root your phone and put a custom rom with 4.0 or above on your phone. Given that they have made this app 4.0 or above, I wouldn't hold my breath on it being made available for pre-4.0 as it's not likely they will want to pull on the 4.0 features, they're using.
Idont know how can start:-!
Dear Google, please give us a unified inbox! That's it, thank you..
I just complained to a friend after the latest update because there still wasn't pinch to zoom.  Then I read this post and saw it was added and just needed to change the setting.  All I need now is the ability to drop a pin on Google Maps and iPhone will have no features I want and don't have.  Thanks Gmail team!
iPhone has had this capability since 2007. Great for Google to finally clue in!
At least they added moving to labels options , swipe left or right also archived is silly.

Perm delete plus sync from app to website after delete would be nice !
Another nice feature would be adding colour customise bkgrd or inverse reading like go launcher.

Notifications kinda lagged big time for now.
Keep it up google !
+Adam Yakes Pins my friend, we need pins.  When I park my car I don't want the address or a streetview I want to drop a pin so I know where to look for it! :)
So far so good. Fixed the bug not being able to see replies on Samsung galaxy s2. I can use the app again
Thanks for posting! Just pulled update and loving the thumbnail/picture scrolling feature! Following +Gmail now and looking forward to the next one!
Why isn't the gmail app available on the play store in Germany? It can only be installed or updated, if you go through the device's browser, search for "gmail android" and then open the link with the play store app. It seems it can be installed, it just cannot be found directly and that makes no sense.
Thanks for the update ... awesome ...
2007 called and wants its feature back! That said, thank freaking goodness. It's about time. 
Swipe feature is the best for this update !
And a whole lot more productive!
After using resizing I have to say I'm actually pretty ticked off that we've been deprived of this for so long. I didn't realize how much nicer it would be. Thanks for finally adding. 
Mark A
I had to say what the one thing was that I disliked about the Gmail app after coming from the original iPhone was the freaking mail resizing. I've waited years for this. Finally!
Jake M
Would like a swipe to archive for the ones with system labels too, instead of just swipe to delete. It's inconsistent interface behaviour the way it is now 
left delete  right archive much better!
:-q hi thanks for all*no more any
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I wish Gmail for Gingerbread looked that good. You're so tempting me to root and mod.
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I wonder when multi-touch zoomming  version is out?
I agree this should definitely be turned on by default as well as swipe to DELETE instead of archive... 
Finally! Now Gmail is perfect!
Auto Fit not working well , when I zooming 3x the words will be out of edges!!
Awesome features! The first thing i did was to change "Swipe to archive" to "Swipe to delete" :)
This has been a step backwards for me, No more large font, and pinch to zoom doesn't work on some emails and on those that does the zoom is limited (why?) to a size that may have seemed large to any teenage programmers (with perfect eyesight) working on the code.

When pinch to zoom does work it chops off the right hand side rather than the text reflowing which means lots of scrolling is required.

To top it off you can no longer select multiple emails, modify their labels then archive them!  

Bring back the old version, I may start a petition...
dog napping? to me sounds more like dog playboy...
I  have neither andriod  nor iphone but it gives me joy to see humanity making progress  so i like. 
Where does it go once archived? Maybe swipe left to archive, right to delete?
And one more thing , there is no option to empty trash folder 
+Tony chau - Archived mail will still be visible in your "All Mail" label, and under any other labels you may have applied to the message. Archiving simply removes it from the Inbox without deleting it (you could think of it as removing the "Inbox" label from the message).
The new attachments feature broke the ability to send anything other than pictures or videos. I have tried both options to send a .doc file and it shows as attached but doesn't actually get sent. 
You little ripper!! Resizing/zooming! Wooohoo! (about time) 
Why can't I print my gmail from my phone? ICS
+Rich Sobocinski rich you have to be signed into the website on the browser, not the app. Select the little arrows and hit print.
I agree +Rich Sobocinski - printer drivers don't take up a lot of room, so printing from the phone should be more straightforward.
I love the way Google is integrating Gmail with Google+... I noticed that once I follow or post to a G+ discussion I will get gmail notified and can respond and view all comments etc. within Gmail.
That's just great, thank you Gmail team !
But we're still missing one important, yet pretty simple feature : to be able to add attachments to an email, other than photos and videos.
Why can't we attach any kind of file (let's say, a PDF document that's saved on the device) right from the Gmail app ? It seems pretty easy to make, though...
Please guys, work on that. Otherwise, the app is just awesome, and I love it !
Thank you :-)
is there support for one inbox to view multiple email accounts yet?
Nice. Now there is everything except of zip archives support! Google, you're really strange...
Resizing fonts is lost. Very bad. Bringing something new and developed is great but why cancel a great feature like being able to increase the font size. I am a gmail fanatic but now I cannot use it. I uninstalled it and trying to use the old version. Please make an update to bring back the resizing of font size quickly...
#GoogleSUCKS I hate #Android why it isn't available for Android 2.2 users...!! Google should also reward us for loyalty ...!! +Google Developers 
Update: uninstall reinstall worked and the phone has stayed stable for  2 days.

This update has rendered my Samsung S2 all but unuseable. The gmail app constantly crashes and causes other apps not to load. I would greatly appreciate a fix - I've logged about 15 crashes and am now sick of doing so.
+Jacob Kupres it's under development which 'll be latest one aftr 4.3 …!!

why did you cancel the option to attach any kind of file, I DONT WANT to send videos o pictures, I NEED  to send documents, what is wrong with gmail.
This is fab, but surely it's not as much a priory as providing users the option to turn off conversation view in the Android app!
I am using an original Asus Transformer (Ice Cream Sandwich) and ever since the last update Gmail continually crashes and closes while using the app.
all farend good night
all farend good night
all farend good night
American classics. Why is little wayne up there. Ewwwww
Tim Roy
When will the application support turning OFF conversation view?
Tim Roy
What about turning off conversation view?
Please come back, My beloved release!
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