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Improved search autocomplete predictions
If you've searched your email for "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" or other lengthy phrases, it just got easier to find what you're looking for.  Autocomplete predictions in Gmail may now include your past Gmail searches.

Past searches as well as the new contact thumbnails shown below are rolling out to all Gmail users globally, including Google Apps for Business customers, over the next few days.
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I usually don't search for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Now seriously , you guys at Gmail are awesome !
I've gotten so used to search autocomplete in Google products, I CANT STAND IT when other environments don't have it.
I notice that +Gmail is no-longer bragging about their terrible new compose popup.
This update really is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
+Douglas Baumwall Some people like it fine.  Unfortunately it optimizes gmail for use as a chat interface to make it easier to dash off short un-formatted messages. 
It used to be that if you wanted to dash off a short unformatted message, you could use chat, and if you wanted to craft a long formatted message, you had gmail.  Now, that they are both optimized for chatting, we are kind of screwed out of an option.
+John VanRoekel good point you have there, I hadn't looked at it from that point of view. I personally like the new compose experience, but I wouldn't mind if Google Labs would feature an option to bring back the old style.
+Kevin Hardeman Thanks.  It took me a few days of incoherent ranting to get to the core of why it bothered me so much : )
+John VanRoekel I don't understand what you wrote. I still have access to rich text formatting in the new compose...
Your comment is indeed the first one I see that actually makes sense, instead of "I HATE THE NEW COMPOSE, GET RID OF IT!"
Thanks for that :)
+John VanRoekel +Douglas Baumwall you both have a point. In the new compose experienced, all the same options are there. The point of it being smaller is to be able to write an e-mail and look at your inbox at the same time, which I think is great.
The screen being so small and not having the size of a full page though, makes the e-mailing seem less important while it's basically what you're using gmail for.
You both have good points. It doesn't bother me and I think everyone'll get used to it before they know it.
I like the new style. Simplified on the surface, but with options still there. Also helps to be able to quickly refer to other emails without having to pop-out the compose window or open a separate tab.

I don't think just because an interface changes appearance that people will suddenly be psychologically swayed to change their writing style. A text box is still a text box. People who choose to craft more formal or professional emails will continue to do so. People who tend to send off short abrupt messages will continue to do so. Nothing about the new interface prevents anyone from crafting a long formatted message if that's their intent.
+Kevin Hardeman actually, the one thing that still causes me to scream I HATE IT at the screen, is that google could fix a huge number of the problems while at the same time keeping the changes they want to make, and not have to add any new interface options.

All that they have to do is make screen size/location and menu expansion persistent.  That way, if you like the new way, it is the new way.  On the other hand, if you like a larger centered screen with full formatting options, all you have to do is expand it once, and it will stay in its expanded form (Across multiple emails) until you shrink it again. 

Us old-timers get to have a real choice between email and chat, and those who prefer two chat options can keep them.  It is a rather elegant solution that would satisfy most people on both sides* so of course google has rejected it out of hand.

*with a couple tweaks for file attachments and CC display
+John VanRoekel I do understand your point, but at the same time I also inderstand that Google wants to have 1 way of writing e-mails. If you could undo all the changes Google has made to Gmail, your inbox would look very differently. I think it's Google's vision to keep unifying it's services in terms of looks and usage, and I do like that.
+Kevin Hardeman Nope, that is the beauty.
Open the new compose.
Now, hit the expand arrow.
Now click on the formatting button.
You now have a larger centered window with full formatting options.
google already offers you these options under the new compose.

All I am asking is that if I open those two things, then the next time I hit compose, it will open like that, without me having to hunt down the buttons every time.  My UI and your UI would be identical. It would just retain our preferences between emails.
+Johnathan Chung It does not prevent writing longer emails.  What it does is make it more difficult to write longer emails.  in effect, I have had my click-count tripled in order to accomplish an identical task.
That is a usability 101 nightmare.
+pio dal cin They already prevent that, when you delete something it goes to the trash.
You DON'T clean up the trash (it does by itself), so if you miss "all mail" cause you deleted it, you can find it in the trash (at least for 30 days).
You missed "by myself" after "all my gmail was deleted"
+Gmail thanks! Does the search include suggested text from your emails you may have not searched for? Thanks!
So my gmail proxy got locked at work but goggle plus works fine is there a way to check my mail using goo+ servers
+Phil Miller Nice try Bing guy :) But even before assuming , it needs input from user. e.g in above screenshot, prediction starts when you type "pet.."
I second your thought!   who was complaining...we don't need all of these changes!
I just love the auto complete, my spelling is simply atrocious! Thank you Google auto complete.
When will rollout be complete. I still do not have the enhance search or autocomplete
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