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Unsubscribing simplified
Email is a handy way to get updates from your favorite brands, social networks, discussion boards and more. But sometimes you end up subscribed to lists that are no longer relevant to you, and combing through an entire message looking for a way to unsubscribe is no fun. 

Now when a sender includes an “Unsubscribe” link in a Promotions, Social or Forums message, Gmail will surface it to the top, right next to the sender address. If you’re interested in the message’s content, it won’t get in the way, and if not, it’ll make it easier to keep your inbox clutter-free.

Making the unsubscribe option easy to find is a win for everyone. For email senders, their mail is less likely to be marked as spam and for you, you can now say goodbye to sifting through an entire message for that one pesky link.
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I thought this was rolled out few weeks ago :| 
Je ne comprend rien. Dommage. Ca aurait pu m'interresser.
What's to stop somebody crafting a malicious unsubscribe URL?  Depending on how the mechanism works, if Gmail is merely extracting the URL from any email, surely it must be possible to get trusting people to hit the Google supplied Unsubscribe which redirects them somewhere where it shouldn't?
But won't senders just stop including "unsubscribe" links in their emails?
+Vance McAlister That would break laws in some countries. 

Sadly, there are no such laws here in India. Even European giants like +Fiat send mailers with no unsubscribe option here. 
It's a nice addition, but unfortunately I don't trust it... like the existing feature where Gmail attempts to unsubscribe you automatically when you click "Report Spam". Most of these mailing list emails I receive are from completely unknown sources based in the US (I don't live in the US!) addressed to names other than my own. So why unsubscribe to something I never subscribed to? - I just report spam and carry on... I'm also very careful about providing me email address etc.
I've been using this feature for months. Guess I was at the beginning of the soft rollout.
+Sushubh Mittal Yes they can already do that in the content of the mail, but a user is far more likely to use Google's Unsubscribe link then the original sender's one as they trust Google, that's the problem.
+Vance McAlister If you read the Gmail Bulk Senders Guide,  notifications from sites that don't offer an unsubscribe option could be sent to Spam in any case....
+Jay King Well I am going to say that shitty companies that would do such a thing... People are likely to mark them as spam instead of unsubscribing to them :) 
Cancelar la suscripción simplificada 
El correo electrónico es una manera práctica de obtener actualizaciones de sus marcas favoritas, redes sociales, foros de discusión y mucho más. Pero a veces terminas suscrito a las listas que ya no son relevantes para usted y peinado a través de un mensaje completo en busca de una forma de darse de baja no es divertido. 

Ahora, cuando un remitente incluye un enlace "Darse de baja" en un Promotions, foros de mensajes Social o, Gmail saldrán a la superficie a la parte superior, justo al lado de la dirección del remitente. Si usted está interesado en el contenido del mensaje, no se pondrá en el camino, y si no, que va a hacer que sea más fácil para mantener su bandeja de entrada libre de desorden. 

Hacer la opción de darse de baja es fácil de encontrar es una victoria para todos. Para los remitentes de correo electrónico, su correo es menos probable que sea marcado como spam y por ti, ahora se puede decir adiós a tamizar a través de un mensaje completo para que un enlace molestos.
Google says in it's "Report Spam / Automatic Unsubscribe" option that it only attempts to unsubscribe you from trusted sources... Still hard to believe and I don't use it.
+Jay King if you view images in emails, you're putting far more trust in Google than clicking the unsubscribe option. What's different between loading images automatically, trusting that Google effectively scanned it first, than clicking the unsubscribe option Google is offering? They're just scraping the unsubscribe link from the email itself, verifying its legitimacy, and offering it to you at the top so you don't go hunting. If anything, it's safer.
Better to use - 'filter messages like this' and choose 'delete'.  Unsubscribing is often a waste of time.
Unsubscribing creates a "paper trail." They already have your email address, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten an email. In countries where there is anti-spam legislation, you must have at very least attempted to unsubscribe to be considered an injured party. By leaving documentary evidence, you are enabling prosecutors to build a firmer case against the spammer so they can be sent to prison for a long time, and all of their money can be taken away. It's at very least the beginning of deterrence.
+Offrande D'amour
 bonjour, si vous recevez un e-mail vous pouvez maintenant l’enlevez et vous arrêter de les recevoir en cliquant sur désabonnez vous
I knew this before you even posted this.
I send some newsletters from time to time - how should I put this "unsubscribe" link for gmail to work properly?
yo gmail team SMTP is broken, not allowing sending emails !!!
Thanks alot gmail team.. This was much needed
Yes! I'm so happy about this feature!
Made work life so much easier with this new feature. Thanks! 
hi i need your help  I keep getting thios email i wrote back stating this is not me but they keep emailing me  i dont know if this is a prank email or not but i wanted to tell you about this  Hello,

We have tried to contact you several times regarding the link on to our site This link is in violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines and must be removed in order to bring our site into compliance with Google's terms.

We are assembling a reconsideration request and will be submitting it to Google, soon. Again, all links which we could not address will be included in the information we submit.

Please add a rel="nofollow" or remove the link from your site and notify us when this has been done, so that we do not include your site information in our submission.

Thank you,
Kristine Evenson
 you need to get onto this and take care of this im tired of getting these  denise smith
I already used it a few times. Will this be available in an android update aswell? 
Terrific! Also love the mute option in emails! 
Is doch nur verarsche 
+100! I feel like this was made with me in mind.
This is what I have been looking for . Finally ! 
Me gustaría familiarisarme con 
Excellent feature; thanks!
They are ways thinkin! Great feature
How do I stop legitimate email from being placed in the SPAM folder? Gmail keeps taking it upon itself to place legitimate email in spam. Even if I mark it as Not Spam, it will find its way back in there if I just give it enough time. 
You're fighting all the people marking lists they signed up for as spam instead of just clicking the link.
I just ried the join google link it referred me back to here
This isn't on mobile gmail yet right? 
 Mr  Ranganatha  BA
What about "Change your email preferences" or "Manage your subscription"?
+gerard murphy mauvaise réponse. Car la vous me repondez en français mais rien pour mon problème. Ce matin pour une mise a jour de google installée depuis un certain temps. ..on me dis ...mise a jour puis l'enlever car il n y a pas assez de place pour que je l'ai. Par contre avant de savoir ca on m'a mis les etoiles pour que je note Google et apres on me désactive. ne suis pas d'accord.Remettez moi mon application Svp..
Wuhuee finally... In The year 2014 ....
How about on the android app? Menu option please!
Mizz K
Can you please put a block button in gmail .... Please!!!!!!!
My spam won't delete so I have had to archive it. Was told could never get rid of. Have had some since June
Well, I can't even find where the mail is, I had an e-mail address I used for someone to e-mail now I can't find where I go to find the mail she sent>
Maxim R
How does this work if I fetch email from an external account using POP3?
Will that unsubscribe link send my gmail address or proper POP3 one?
+Maciek Kalczyński  technically you do need an Unsubscribe link even for news letters. anything with a mailing list basically, a simple unsubscribe link to a page where you type ur email and click unsubcribe, and then have it email you the request so you can remove that user from your list . can make that unsubscribe.html or .php in seconds, depends how simple you make it on factors of how your mailing list is ascertained in the first place, if it's not from a website but more word of mouth or even facebook or other social media where you get your mailing list from - you DO need to offer the option to unsubscribe.. Add me, message me if you need some help
+James Ryan that's not what i had on my mind. I am giving an option to unsubsribe - I just don't know how gmail will know that it's the one. 
Google is not scraping messages for unsubscribe links: they are using the list-unsubscribe header as the RFCs specify.
Koen R.
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Qué pasó? Veo que me tenían en la lista, no os preocupes tengo mucho para daros todavía.  Saludos cordiales. Guillermo.
I do not see an unsubsribe button at all.
ادلة جميلة مريحة جدااا
This video really talks about the motion thats going on.
Ok..fine..but most of the time lazy to press unsuscribe option
Great for those who use Gmail... if not you can use Love Your Emails which classifies and let you unsubscribe from all ads and newsletters.
How the hell do I install this new program?
I have accidentally unsubscribed. How do I re-subscribe?
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