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Thanks everyone for reporting the 500 errors. We're working on it, and we will continue to post updates on the Apps Status Dashboard.

Update: Gmail should already be back for some of you, and it should be back for everyone soon. Thanks for your patience.
Google Apps Status Dashboard enables users and businesses to monitor the status of individual Google Apps services. Users of Google Apps can now view the status of individual services such as Gmail/Go...
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Thanks for keeping us posted.
Isn't it odd that a "Service outage" is a little pink dot. Should it not be a big red one?!!!
me too facing 500 error
we cant access the A/c
way to use the stream to communicate
Fantastic Job Google
I like it how they edited post with update 3m 58s after actual post :).
+Gmail is up on the web but it's having trouble syncing to my iPhone. Anyone else having this issue?
I never went off, don't know what everyone's talking about actually.
+Terence Adjei , was only affecting 2% of the Gmail "population" lol so that's why we don't know about it.. Probably mostly US people.
It's working right now!
Thanks guys, I didn't reported anything because I saw the app status, but now I think I confused the cause with the effect!
I was a bit worried.. Gud 2 know I wasnt the onli 1...
Mine is back up. You guys do a great job. Thanks for all your hard work.
Quelle était l'erreur exactement

je I can log in again
i cant attach big files (3mb and over) to email at google chrome (last version). please fix this
Wow! 500 errors! that's a lot!
LOL Aviella :D your hairs are black ! still I wonder :D
+Taha: God never makes mistakes....all the rest can and do them frequently.
Don't worry about it, you frequently make mistakes! So do we and other computer programmes!
True ^ but with some users-- the question is ... .what is commom between all of us we have issue --

Seriously I wanna know the Answer --

Why we ?
I've never had a problem with G-mail on thid Dell 2 core 32 bit Vista system. I have had problems with my ISP wanting to get more money from me because I signed a bargain price lifetime deal at a fixed rate. If there happens to be a problem, 99% of the time from their end they want to send out a tech guy to trouble shoot and fix at $60 at hour, when if I wait a day it gets self fixed. Happens every year around tax time. This has been since 2001 and I joined in 1996. And I've enjoyed 1.5 mega DSL since. Before that I was a Compuserve dialup user since 1981. at the speed of 300 baud, thats 30 CPS.
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ow wee wowie, welcome to the real world! Heres looking at you, my people.

More than 500 errors with the new gmail : )
They are fixing some of them though.
+John VanRoekel Haha, Error code 500. Tech number 93. :) Something like less then 2% of Gmail users experienced an issue. It was already up and running again for my customers with a few hours.
Kamal lol. So funny. Call gmail tech and/ or your phone service provider. Alot an hour of your day to learn a little. Lol.
eu nao falo ingles
se forem postar postem em portugues kkkk
Thank you, Gmail for handling this professionally.
what were the errors?
500? jeez, i'm glad they beta tested it first
Not that many if you compare them to windows errors lol
500 errors, hm? That's a lot, don't you think?
500 ? i never knew about it -.- , no-one says things , now and days ;p
good i got that this mornig it sucked!1 :(
If you didn't tell me, i would have never known
When was gmail unavailable, cause mine worked since the day I created my google account and is still working! 
+Kamal Pujara, If you keep receiving our post but it make you pay cellular data, go on google plus mobile app and setting, after that you can disable or enable what google let you do such as recieve post after commenting!
Google plus is a great customer service channel just for Google let alone other businesses.
Still not working for me using two-factor authentication. I have an application password for Thunderbird. It reports an error for "": Username and password not accepted.
Holy shit, gmail... 500 errors. 2 or 3 would be bad enough.
Don't know when this happened: Sending a mail to "me" used to automatically fill in my own address. This no longer works, now I have to type the address.
Thanks for the Post +Gmail! I always was online over here, but I'm watching longer loading times of my gmail-inbox. Not so much in my linux powered notebook but on a still WinXP-driven desktop and once in a while on my gmail app on my phone.
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hi there, we are still have this issue and only with gmails the message come is delivery failed with error code 500 500 Line too long (state 17) and another not with gmail id but it does mention that "Google tried to deliver your message with error code 571 571 Delivery not authorized, message refused (state 17)" please elp or suggest
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