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New photo integrations for Gmail and Google+

Gmail and Google+ are both great places to share images and videos with your friends, and we're always looking for ways to make this easier. We’ve been showing recent Google+ posts in the people widget for some time, and a few weeks ago we added the ability for you to share YouTube videos from your email to your Google+ stream.

Today, we're expanding recent Google+ posts in the people widget to include thumbnails of the photos and videos shared in the post. We’re also making it easier to share inline images -- just hover your mouse over the image in your email and you will see an option to share it on Google+.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this #googleplusupdate.
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Please integrate file sharing on Android for Gtalk. Thanks!
When I hover over a photo in post in google+ ..all I get is More photos from ____ do not see where to share...
Mobile app needs improvements and updates.... But you're doing a great job
so almighty, best way to integrate google+ with Gmail
Agree, merge messengers... or at least give the possibility to do that.
Fix the mess with multiple Google accounts. Apps users were forced to use Gmail early on. Now many have multiple G+ accounts.

Give us some private group like circles so we might use this for business and not just personal. 
Provide auto bcc option and an easier way to manage and aggregate filters.
Sorry, but I hate the "Recent photos" feature in Gmail. Ever thought about the possibility that there could be private photos I don't want everybody near my monitor to see if I open a totally unrelated message from the sender/receiver of said photos?
In addition, I couldn't find a way to turn it off, maybe I'm just too stupid. I think the users should at least have been asked before the feature was activated for their account.
+Chris Dollmont try starting a circle for business sharing and let me know. There is a lot wrong - starting with one person publicly sharing will completely break the concept.
+Wayne Schulz I think in addition to circles there should be something like "Context". I post some stuff in German for example, and follow people that have many different interests. Often I'm only interested in a subset of these interests, so it would be great if I could only have that stuff in my stream, and not everything a person posts.
Maybe this could help with business contacts as well, that you can have a "private" context or something like this.
Please, make posible attach a photo to an existing album when uploading to G+ from phone!
Yes +Gmail . This social media/Email change is heading towards a great likeness with how we communicate in the person-to-person mode without wires and keyboards.
I was SO missing this feature. Being able to send instant upload pictures via gmail when I get back home is a big plus. Keep up the good work.
I'm glad that G is so committed to making G+ work...better.
Really good news, let's see how this turns out :)
Great! Gmail, and Google+ works great together! Good job!
Whaaat? I thought Gmail Tap was an April Fool's joke!
PLEASE update the settings for this widget to allow users to decide what is shown / hidden, rather than the current overall on or off option. The way this is handled now can cause serious privacy issues...
Make sure that you flag-em when they spam : )
+Brian Jakovina in Gmail: select any message and the widget should be visible to the right. If you can't see it, chek "Settings" (click the "gear" icon top right and select "Settings" fro the menu) and scroll down to "People Widget". Your only options right now are to turn it on or off.
It's featues are amazing....
Can we get a better color scheme? now that the new UI is forced on everyone I am hearing more complaints than ever about how ugly the new version is.
Please merge picasa web albums and Google+ photos. It just seems pointless having both.
the idea is ok, but implementation suxx. how can I select where do I want to save my image ?
+Gmail It would be really good if you could save photos and videos direct to Google+ Photos / Picasa and YouTube.
I would like to send mails to people from my circles as I do with contacts groups on +Gmail
i am very nice to see all of you from American
i like American too much
Merge #gmail and #googleplus!

At this moment I have 'messages' (=emails) in GMail and 'messages' in G+. And G+ sends me a 'message' to GMail that I have 'message' in G+!
Next step is messages in G+ that I have new email in GMail? ;)

I can 'tag' (=group together) messages in GMail and in G+ I can group messages in 'circles'. "Те же яйца, но в профиль" :) Make circles hierarchical (for advanced users), call them ... 'tarcles' and viola.

I can attach pictures to emails and put video links, and for receiver GMail shows pictures and expand video links inside the message. And difference from 'sharing' in G+?

Yes, I can attach any kind of files (documents) to emails, but I can't do this in G+. But wait, may be I can? I'm on iPad now, I can't check.

+GMail and +Google+ are just two different looks/views of the same information. Merge them. 
It's great! getting more advanced & improved to link people
It needs to work the other way around... Take your uploads from g+ and be able to easily attach them to your gmail messages.
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hmm do I really need this in my inbox?
please post a Text, Link, Photo from email or from gmail, sometime i can acces a google+ (like in my work) and sometimes i want to share something but i can then i have to send me this by mail o through evernote to remeber post when i get home, but with this you will made my sharing more awesome, please
Why can my friends without gmail accounts not access my albums on Google+.  I have made them public, unlocked, and sent them a link.  But when they click on the link, it takes them to a gmail login page?  (frustrated)
I would like the option to upload it to an a specific album instead of sharing it on my wall.
I could see the improvements in G+ , but the biggest problem i have is in Google + messenger when i wanted to post a picture saved from internet / copied from my PC  , its dam difficult as the photo attach option only shows photos taken from camera which are self sorted using date of picture taken and those copied from outside will be shown with time stamps as year 1970 so i have to scroll down till the end from current date , just imagine if i have 100 pictures in my phone , i have to scroll lot before i can find the one i copied over from PC . 

Please try to have a option in G+ messenger to browse/choose the  photo from the sd card or built in memory . i am sure its possible to do it as in older version i was using that feature .
I just downloaded the G+ app on my Ipad.  All my instant uploaded photos are there.  However it does not give me the option to save them to the Ipad. WHY ?  
How can I take an image I received in Gmail and save it to a G+ photo album?  Seems like only way for me to do this right now is to save it to my computer and then upload it to G+ album.  Would be great to be able to do it directly.
Thanks for sharing my pictures of bed bugs with the world, without telling me. A great new feature.
Give Options to share the Images Inline in email. One and All at once. It will help many to save time by download it and then share. 
We are using the Sharing images directly but we unable to change the Name of the Album and by default its Date. We wish to change it to something else. 

Also the HTML messeges images are not sharable and we need to save every image.

Also We cant share Inline images all at once. 

We have several pages in the g+, while by default it share in my profile page. While I wish to select the page. 

If these all can be resolved its really awesome news...
How to photo upload on gmail...Plzz hlp me
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