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Do you use the Gmail app on your Android device? With Android 4.0+ you can simply swipe an email to either archive or delete it. By default the swipe will archive emails in your inbox, and delete emails that have already been archived. Read this article from +The Mobile Indian to learn how to change the default from archive to delete.   #MobileMonday  
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I just discovered this. Love the feature!
I wish I could swipe in G+ app to mute posts :D 
... this isn't common knowledge? Weird... I thought that eveyone knew....... knew that the bird is the word! 
Thanks, my Gmail home screen didn't look like that but I found it. Nice
Eddie Teo
I wish it allows us to swipe one direction to archive, the other direction to delete.
Wish I could set it to archive if I swipe one way and delete if I swipe the other way, and be able to configure which does what. Now that would be handy.
Wish gestures could work on the web app too. I keep doing a down-gesture thinking it will archive (it just intuitively feels right) and then I feel silly when nothing happens.

If the smooth gestures extension was advanced enough to do different things on different domains and convert gestures into keyboard input, I'd set it up to do just that.
The function is great but I found out that it would delete the entire conversation instead of a particular one. Can anybody elighten me how to delete just 1 email within a conversation? 
I'm kind of happy google snapped up sparrow and are putting some of its ideas to use on gmail.
Thanks for letting us know. I just changed the setting &  I love it!!
I do use the gmail app on my android, and I'm currently having a technical issue where every email I send gets delivered twice.  I can't seem to find a way to fix it or even to get support, so I'm posting here.  Hopefully someone can assist.
I would prefer to actually be able to zoom in and out on Gmail... Which no one can
+Bacon S Click the "Mute post" at the bottom right the notification to stop getting notifications for a post.
Yeah, I love this feature. I liked it with email on the iPhone, but this Android version is smoother. 
It says it works on 4.0+ but then it says only on 4.2... help
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Thank you thank you thank you! !!!!
my mom always told me it was illegal to swipe things, hmmm.
This is a great feature. I never thought to bring it up.
Gust AF
I have (Google) Motorola Atrix, so nop I don't have Android 4.0 :-)
Nice. Hope there is an extension of the alerts feature coming. Contact alerts to override the default would be good. 
Yes I do use the app but I keep my messages.
Archive removes messages from the inbox. These can be found in All Mail. Delete puts message in the Trash for 30 days before it's permanently removed from you mailbox.
This is weird. Am I the only one who can't find a use for this because I don't delete mails? 
What's still missing is an ability to "swipe to archive AND mark as read." If there's a message that's just a notification I want to archive, I still have to tap on it to mark it as read, then do something again to archive it. So, this feature is only about 50% away from being something truly time-saving.
Not really, no - I prefer using the regular email app, because I have multiple accounts and that offers a combined view.
Please would PLEASE mind that there are other smart phones be to used besides Androids, and IPhones?  There is ALSO a Windows phone. Which btw seem to run smoother than my G1 phone I have..... just sayin thats all.
This is a very useful feature. Does swipe to delete also apply to notifications? Currently, swiping an email notification only removes it from the notification area, but not delete it. 
Took all of three second! Thanks

Meanwhile,pre 4.0 users can look forward to nothing due to manufacturers refusing to roll out soctware updates to the new OS version, i feel sorry for those stuck ln gingerbread, glad my device has jelly bean
This is an awesome feature! Thanks for the heads up 
Wished the added swipe down to refresh. 
+Christian Vasquez you can, on 4.2 at least...just enable the "auto-fit messages" option in the general settings
+brendan smith archive hides selected emails in the inbox and can be accessed again at anytime when needed. This is to stop clutter in the inbox. Even if you archive an email after you replied to it, it will automatically reappear in the inbox when the recipient responds to it. You can also access all archived emails by typing label:all in the search field. This will display the current email and archived messages.

Delete will move selected email messages to Trash and hold it there for 30 days, and then it will be removed forever. Or if you empty the Trash when you decide to do so.

If you Delete an email message(s) accidentally, it can be moved back to the Inbox at anytime before the 30 days are up. 
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Why does it say archive or delete when it only archives?
Because you can change the behavior via the settings
Am I the only one who can't get predictive contact insert whenever I use the GMail app on my ICS phone? I don't want to sync the Google accounts to my phone contact list, so is there a way around it?
*how do you
+Nathan Thrower the swipe feature becomes delete when you perform this action on an archived email. When you select the Labels icon, then select 'All mail' , this action will become Delete.
+Joe Lincoln that is true. But so many users never make a point to see what these updates offer as they become available. It frustrates me when I see people use their smartphones with its minimum features. I take full advantage of all new features as they become available. 
I knew about swiping to delete before I found the delete icon
Guys,new version not installing(ice cream)when dwnloaded frm play,&tried to install,promotes to delete older one but cannt delete older 1! what to do
+ASHISH MAZUMDAR all my Samsung Galaxy S3 Android updates came from Samsung and it was a breeze. Normally these upgrades come from the manufacture. If you have not received these updates then you must be trying an image from another source, which has not been created for your device.

I have heard of people that have done this, but normally these versions don't have all the hardware features for your phone. 
How do you zoom text with the gmail app? On S3 and no matter what I do text wont scale. And HTML content, is there a way to load it scaled to fit?
+George Oosthuizen there is no way to do that in the Gmail app. I have never thought about it. I guess because I never had a need for it. But that would be a nice feature. 
Hard to find in German Gmail. It is called "Konversationsliste verschieben" (move list of conversations :-). Google translate at work?
+George Oosthuizen I found an answer for you for zooming text in the Gmail app.

From within the Gmail app, goto Settings>General settings and put a check mark on the option "Auto-Fit messages.

This will then allow you to zoom in and zoom out using the pinch gesture feature. Tapping on the message will also have some affect. Play around with these gestures to see the affects.

Hope this is what you were looking for! 
on my phone (gnex) there was an option to hide the check boxes , but can't seem to find that option on my tablet (tprime) even though both have Gmail version 4.2.1 ... 
Also on my phone (gnex) when you open a message, the change labels button is readily accessible, but on my tablet (tprime) it is hidden in the overflow menu despite adequate screen real estate 
I prefer that the swipe archives the mail with a tag, and deletes the one without
+Philippe Margery you can add non-Gmail accounts to your Gmail account. I have my AOL account added. So I can send and receive email from my AOL and Gmail accounts in one place. You can have up to 5 email accounts. 
G mail should have a email type selection before sending mail .eg. select "Send Invitation" that will add invitation text for invitation automatically in text box
+Philippe Margery the answer is yes. You add the required email signature each email address under the account settings.

Remember to click Save Changes at the bottom of the Settings screen when you are done with any changes.
I would also like to see swipe to mute on the android Google plus app
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