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Curious about your email habits? Check out this post by +Saurabh Gupta. You can install Gmail Meter to learn about your email volume, traffic patterns, word counts and more.
Posted by Saurabh Gupta, Developer Programs Engineer One day I was looking at how many messages I have in my sent mail, and realized there are a lot of things I wanted to know about my email habits. H...
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Same here. Just hangs at "installing..." and no authorization dialog is shown.
Installed and waiting for my first report. =)
I'm afraid to do anything else with Gmail. In the past 6 months Gmail has wiped my inbox 3 times. and no it's not an extension or any of the other 'user problems' people have been told it is. It's not labeled wrong, archived etc, it's simply gone. very frustrating. never have had that problem in over 10 years of using Gmail. so I'll keep watching the suggestions to stop my 'user problems' and hope I don't have to find an alternative mail source.
interesting to be using +Gmail for over 10 years when I believe it went into invite only beta in 2004..
Installed and running the report...
until such time as Gmail provides a blocking function, it will remain nothing more than a curiosity for this user -- simply a means to log into G-Plus -- certainly not a serious option for my email needs.
why Google Docs? I think it's totally non-related to a Gmail Meter function.
+Patrick O'Brien how about a filter that automatically moves any message from an (or many) address to the trash?
thank you, Martin -- "filters" are not "blockers"
Not working either. :-/ Stuck on "installing", too.
i was too, but give it sometime. I actually got an authorization pop up even when I searching for something else.
I was also stuck on installing, but disabling Adblock helped. Guess one of the subscription lists is at fault.
Been stuck on installing for an hour now (while doing actual work).
Stuck on installing as well. Disabling adblock didn't seem to help. I'll let it sit and spin and see if it ever pops up. Been sitting there installing for about 20 minutes so far.
I have the same issue...Will try again in few days.
I just got my first report. Very good stats, but I am afraid to leave an authorization open for the script
Anyone know how long it takes ? I understand that more emails mean a long time, but its probably been more than an hour now, and on a month to month basis I do not send/receive THAT many emails.
Nice feature and it works.... as long as you are not using several email adresses as send. It says I got like 190 mails and sent 5. Thats because I always use a separate one from my standard gmail. I would love if you could tell the sript/report which email addresses that are yours. In my case its 3 different.
Am I the only one with a different problem. I just can't find the script.
Searching Gmail Stats only get me one result :(
For small mails, try shortmail. Its the twitter version of email. Keep it short & sweet.
too much work to do so...
i don t like the new look; how can i go back to the old one?????
I don't watch American Idol, but I think it's cool.
hey just asking does any 1 know taylor lynn ormistin
Still can't get it to install! :(
is anyone still having issues even getting this to install??
I did... however, it eventually installed...after several tries...
Works fine with me. Installed about an hour or so ago and got the report a couple of minutes ago
installed this morning, and still havent got a report.
Where do I submit my name among those who genuinely HATE the new themes. Seriously, who the *(#@ designed these?

It's as if you designed them for 12 year olds. I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate them. This may signify the beginning of the end of my long held appreciation for Google.

I can't state more clearly how annoying these themes are, how frustrating it is that we are being forced to use them, that the user can't adjust opacity and fonts. I HATE THE THEMES SO MUCH I MAY GO BACK TO USING THE INCREDIBLY CUMBERSOME HOTMAIL!
WTF did the option to go back to the old look go? This new crap is un-goddamn-usable on a netbook!
Big -1 for new Gmail look!
Seriously, it's like e-mail from after-life; grey everywhere, no contrast, no life. How could this pass the usability testing?
There is missing "revert to old look" button in my gmail account! big -1 for new look. Failure that big forces me to move all of my and my companies account to move from gmail/google apps to place where no one is adding anything like "better look" which is "useful"
all i can say is i am so new to all of this, ie gmail, facebook, antroids etc...i am very computer literate but this shit makes me feel stupid. i will get my head around it all one day
+Arne Pluhar i'm not THAT stupid You're trying to say... Yes, I can find such an option. New look is non intuitive and almost unreadable.

And no, saying "similar" about new look is just like saying that this car with Ferrari sign (or other "exotic") is similar to Tata or other paper made sangsomething because it has wheels.
Adjusting point size does not make it "similar". Being able to adjust opacity would, however. The designs look like they are for and by 12 year old girls. 
I don't see your point. In my case it is now better readable and I got several displays with different sizes. I love the bigger buttons and also, that I can read more chars in the preview. Despite, contacts, tasks and mail are finally seperated in easy accessable subpages. I switched back to the old design several days ago, just for comparing reasons and I thought I need glasses, even if I'm not used to wear some.
+Arne Pluhar Why don't You tell this "I don't see your point" to my ~90 year old grandparents who used gmail and now they ask me about everything and option to turn off this new look.
I have both 9-10" netbook and 21" monitor. On both of them, gmail is unreadable for me (and my grandparents)
Hi guys, does any one know how the app would consider the emails that I forward, will they be under conversations or sent emails?
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