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Better attachments and Google app integration in Gmail for iPhone and iPad

In today’s update to Gmail for iPhone and iPad, you’ll notice attachments show up with larger thumbnails and open into a new, full screen viewing experience.  Also, when selecting a Google Drive file or Google+ link you’ll now go directly to the app if it’s installed.  This can be turned off using the in-app settings.  

Upgrade to the latest version here:
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Are any people still buying new Apple Products?
Eric, try walking into an Apple store (if you can get in through the crowd) and watch for yourself how many products are being sold.
If you pay close attention in an apple store; Its mostly all existing apple users upgrading or getting their broken iphones repaired.
Yes people are buying iDevices. Android isn't the end all say all. iOS may not be as featured as android, but it has a large, loyal following.
Again I say new products, ice cream sandwich and above blow anything Apple has out of the water, come on people. I can always tell when a Apple users send me something, they can't even send a picture without compressing it, so you can't even read it.
When will we be able to email our groups through the gmail app for android or iOS. The lack of this functionality boggles the mind. Please rectify
+Shawn Laverty ; agree 100%.  Very frustrating that you cant use android gmail app to email the groups setup in gmail contacts (making the groups almost useless.)  It worked  in an old release (pre ICS if i recall)
+Curt Wrigley please confirm groups. There are labels and there are circles. Where are you creating a group?
Not circles.  Gmail contact groups.  GMAIL automatically creates one group called favorites, most folk then create other groups to "group" their contacts.  Like "work", friends...Used to be able to use them as distribution lists in gmail.  No longer; this feature was removed with an "Upgrade".  
+Eric K ; if you want to test thisuse the gmail web client.  The web client allows you to email a group of people as it should.  The android client does not.  The android client ignores the groups
In google core contact list +Eric K .  This is a long time headache that google just doesnt give any roadmap for.
I personally think groups will eventually disappear from Gmail now that your circles are there, it's redundant. What I think will happen is that their content will be merged into new circles since circles do not require contacts to be g+ users 
I guess I don't understand, I don't have any groups defined in Google anymore, haven't found a reason for it, I'll reinvestigate it when I get back on a desktop
+Eric K they are in Google contacts. You can send mail to them as any other contact. As I said in my previous post though, I think they are largely being phased out. Don't be surprised to see them in the next spring cleaning 
+Graham Scholton when I get on a desktop, I'll try to create a group and email it. It's been a LONG time since I have done that.

I use CM10.2 which is Android 4.3.
+Eric K I concur. I usually only email individuals. There are more effective ways to contact groups now 
+Graham Scholton I guess when I think by group, I think, mailing list,. I think back to majordomo lol.

That being said, I think at one time, I had a Family group or contact, like I said, I am now curious. Gmail has been my primary email for at least 8 years now, though my account is older than that.
Very nice! Now I would love to see the ability to throw up a bigger typeface. 
+Eric K Have you seen iOS 7? I still prefer Jellybean but that update looks beautiful.
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It would be great if we could attach more, like music. I have my own personal recordings and would like to send them from my phone. I am not always by a computer.
Hi supporter !

I think that Gmail should have function to save content of email Or export to words, google drive.

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What about people with 5000 dollar pc rigs and massive screens? when are we going to get some love? All these UI upgrades for tablets and phones are really useless on a proper machine :(
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I want to build an android app that browses a photo and create a google calendar event 

witht the photo as an attachment.

What API should I use? is it possible?
wow! that's out of my league mate, sorry can't help you there
Still looking for the option to turn conversation mode off in the Android version of the app.  If they can code the web app to do it...why not the mobile app?
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how do we get rid of the email voice service, we don't need it ...its a real nuisance...chiming out in the middle of conversations and if one is concentrating on tasks, I don't know how to disable it. Please help us uninstall this unwanted feature.
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