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A refreshed look for Gmail on mobile web and Gmail Offline

Since launching the rebooted Gmail app for iPhone and iPad in December (, we’ve heard from many of you that you like the redesigned UI, along with new features such as improved search and integration with Google Calendar. Today we’re rolling out a similar refreshed look to the Gmail mobile web app as well as Gmail Offline ( that includes many of these same changes. Try it out at in the browser of your Android, iOS, Blackberry or Kindle Fire device. #MobileMonday
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Yay I didn't have to refer to this post to see the new look but anyways nice! But a bit like the iOS app (I hate apple and you must as well)!
What about Gmail android app?
Testing out on my office desktop computer and it looks really good. It is much more in tune with the other Google products. 
Well done
Wow, thanks for the refreshing in the GMail offline app. Much more usable now.

And I must say that the redesign of the web app is very welcome and brings color consistency between desktop and mobile. Hope this comes to other services as well.
+Jamie Munro I use it most to log into someone else's account.

But I think web apps can be better than OS apps, since it is almost OS independent and don't rely on downloading to receive updates and new features.
Pretty nice UI. In line with Google theme. Could have implemented multiple select box for mobile interface though 
Looks great, keep it coming for calendar and reader!
Sooooo how about a UI revamp for gmail on Android??
seriously google seriously .... just tried it in chrome beta ... message content is not zoomed out and we can't pinch to zoom ... really ?
I think the Android App needs a little Update, too. For example the new Calender invites in iOS aren't implementet yet. Would be great to see some improvements there.
Why and how did you ruin Google+ for mobile web? It's unusable now!
Suuuuuch an improvement. Though the schism between iOS/mobile web and Android is a little jarring. Here's hoping for some beautiful updates to the Android core apps at I/O.
Why do calendar event invitations (.ics) files not work on Android? why is there no calendar integration?
i use it all the time - love it.
You need to make this available on Windows Phone. I pay to use your service(gdrive) I've bought many of your devices and still do. I realize that you use webkit and IE uses trident. You are telling me your engineers can't figure out how to provide a better experience than WAP in 2013???
I use it all d time and it very good
Hmmm. No Holo here. I find that interesting. It's still Google. It's very clean. It's obviously intended for iOS since iOS gets more web traffic and the picture depicts an iOS screenshot. I happen to like the menu button design.
A lot better, but why is the offline app still a mobile version instead of the full version like Drive? +Gmail 
Hey Gmail Staff. Its still shame on you that the android app, especially for tablets is just horrible:
1. Attaching files direct from Gdrive - not possible.
2. Editing tekst - bold, fonts - not possible
3. Undo - not possible.

Do it gmail, its still not good especialy for business guys who cares about it.
Still no attachment option? Very disappointing!
Looks great. How about for our Apps account?
Android Android Android! Don't forget us =(
And what about other mobile versions?
Nice. But please do not forget abt android 2.3 app. We are still 45% of all Android users... 
Tom Z
Now make the Android app look like this! Please?
Make Gmail on my computer look like that too!
No Firefox mobile support very bad choice Google. Not good at all.
Well done. I am over excited to see what you have in store for us Nexus owners in the next version if Android, which will bring a new design theme :-)
You know what I really want in the gmail app? Select all
Rednecks with paychecks week end grab your 4x4 and get toe up bishes. 
Crashes my iPhone 2G... Need a new iPhone :s
Where's per-message star?

So sad it's gone since it's the ideal companion of conversation view, allowing you to track which of individual messages needs an action without having to read the entire conversation again and again.
Looks awesome, wish the app looked like this (Android)...
Its Crazily On Point... Loving it!!! Woooppp!!! 
Y u no love android? It's your os after all and the Gmail app sorely needs a ui refresh. 
Just learning it, lol
Does anyone know how to upload a custom thumbnail on youtube by mobile??
I'm still getting the old UI. What to do now. Tried it on Chrome for Android. 
Jason D
Unfortunately Gmail has stopped working...
Google's neglect for important UI considerations continues...  I'm sure my wife will be disappointed.  She's been using the Gmail web page instead of the Gmail App.  WE NEED MORE CONTRAST THAN THE APP PROVIDES.  How about giving those of us with older eyes an option with a bit more contrast.  We don't like trying to read light gray text on white.  Please!
Dislike. Can't use keyboard to select labels anymore. Alternatives anyone?

Why don't you make it for Android? Why do you favor Apple ? We want love from Google too! 
This is horrible. Any way to change it back?
It's all shiny, I admit, but I liked the compact view of the old one. Not to mention the ability to add stars and see which emails are stared while reading them.
peter kajiru
duuuuuuu ts not possible
Am I missing something here, but why is this functionality not in the official Gmail Android app, why must we go through the browser to access it?
The ios version picks up your email footer from your main account which is really useful for company emails as it picks up the logo's etc too. The Android version still doesn't. You have to enter the details in again & I cant see how you'd link the urls to the images Seems crazy that the Apple Google App is better than the Android one??!!??!!
What about Windows Phone support ???
Google...Don't be evil! Windows Phone 8 with ie10 supports the vast majority of html5. Why are you hamstringing it? I understand you don't want to spend the time writing local apps - even though you should because the windows phone platform has a lot of great stuff in it you should take and put into android - but just enable the websites to adopt modern standards. Stop being a monopoly!
They're not evil - they're stupid! Why dont they have the functionality on the Gmail app that they do on the weblink here??? Apple's version of Gmail app  is MUCH better! go figure!!??!!
I was a longtime iPhone owner and finally decided to switch to Android when the Nexus 4 came out, and my first thought was: "why does gmail app look so much better on iOS?" Is this UI update eventually coming to Android, +Gmail ? 
Noticed it a couple days ago , awsome look , nice job Google !!! 
Zach G
No love for the Android app?? 
Using gmail mobile web with browser... Only 5 messages show on screen at once. Used to show 6 or 7. Any way to have a Compact View option in settings?? 
along with the new look, tasks are now broken on all browsers! feature?
Still missing next/prev buttons.  Vanished with the last re-skin and still not back!  Seriously, guys?  Am I the only one who doesn't want to have to go back to the inbox after reading every message just to go to the next one?
I'm tired of changes to gmail.  If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
Where is the "What's New" for this new version?
As usual Google manage (the evolution of) their products in a amateurish way. Do they expect every Gmail user to guess what are the changes?  "...along with new features such as improved search and integration with Google Calendar " is so vague and probably incomplete!
How can you get a compact version? That's what I liked better about the mobile web interface vs the app - more messages per screen. Now I have all this whitespace and smaller text size that's harder to read, and I can't force it to go to the desktop version when needed like I could before. At least when the desktop version was "improved" I could change the settings to make it compact. I'd like to see the option in the mobile version. 
Nice; but still missing that one same crucial element that everything gmail seems to: advanced sorting functions. Or at the very least, the ability to sort from oldest to newest. This is why I use a competitor (who shall remain nameless so as to avoid spammy-ness and "why that company sux" discussions): I like having my default view be unread-only, with oldest mail at the top. I want to go through my mail in the order in which it was received, so the first person I'm responding to is the person who's been waiting the longest, not the guy that emailed me 2 minutes ago. I can't fathom how such common-sense functionality was left out by a design team that otherwise does such fantastic work.
please build for windows8phone! and build in timed filter rules!
How do I go to the next conversation now? Am I missing something?
+Robert Pearce Thanks! Considering going old school and Apple all the way. I may dump Gmail for privacy reasons as well.
+Larry McJunkin Agreed. My eyes are really getting strained. Why should I have to wear glasses or put my contacts in just to get on the computer! Let me know of an OS that can adjust and I will head over there ASAP. Thanks!
When I want to use a phone I will talk to them leave my email setup alone its crap
when I send an email I will send one leave my email alone this is a toy I am not playing with toys
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