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Add labels and stars in the new compose
You can now add labels and stars to messages in the new compose by clicking on the More options menu in the bottom right and hovering over Label.
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Nice. I already can't live without the new compose format because of how it allows me to browse through past emails while composing, but the limited options have been a drag.
Great, thank you! Now how about block-quotes and full emoji capabilities?? Please? When you have a chance...
Great, you're a 24/7 hard working Goog.
cool work. now get Calendar to open up in a pop up window instead of going full screen. ;)
I really enjoy all the things Google and Gmail do... but you have to make guides, tutorials and point-outs in Gmail for most people since they won't be reading this.... thus they won't know until they find out by accident.
I personally still don't like the new compose interface, the window is too small for my taste and all the commands feel cramped. I would like an option for use of an expanded compose window/tab inside the gmail interface
Now, if only you would fix the terrible location of the new compose.
Allowing us to have words instead of icons (when we have the option selected) would be nice as well.
In other words, focus on fixing the broken stuff before rolling out new stuff.
please active emoticon in new compose ....
The new compose window is still much to small
+Paul Jewkes I use smileys and block-quotes regularly, or did until the new compose removed them (mostly). Proud to be a :-D
Always innovating....improving
Thanks for improving the new compose window. Can you make the window draggable? It is very awkward to be looking at the bottom right corner of my 27" screen when I am typing an email. I still prefer the old compose for this reason. I would like it to open in the center by default, and then I can drag it to the corner if I need to browse my inbox.
It's a regular Gmail Label, right? So, when I label my outcoming email message, it goes not only to "Sent" but also to the corresponding Label, correct? And it doesn't change what my recipient is seeing in any way, right?
+Vladimir Kelman 
I ran a test.  Adding a star to a sent email only stars it in your out-box.  It has no effect on the recipient's in-box.
(Which is good.  because allowing other folks to star-spam me would really piss me off.)
Now if +Gmail would just add Print action to Filters - it would be an ideal client, period.
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Cool, and good job Google! Keep up innovate. Last is there will be anymore integrate into Google Plus in the future? 
lol wrong person paul i meant +Melvin George this compose feature is exclusive to desktop gmail (right now)
Glad to have the functionality, but it's a little buried to be particularly useful.
And still you removed the option to edit the subject when you use the Forward option.
Can't use it unless you bring back that option.
+Royi Avital - click on a small right-facing arrow on the top-left corner of a message you're composing and choose "Start new conversation". This would allow to edit subject, and it makes sense.
+Vladimir Kelman, Yet it will start a new thread while I want to keep it in the original thread (Yet send it to someone without the "FWD" prefix). 
It's something easily done in the current editor yet can't be done in the new one.
Hence I don't use it (Though it is superior in any other way).
I wish I could sort by Subject =/
Any tabulator function, finally, in the New Compose window,please??
+Royi Avital - I'm pretty sure in the current editor when you modify Subject email you're sending also doesn't go to the "bucket" of existing conversation, but rather is displayed separately in "Sent" folder only.
Feature requests: I would love to be able to add notes to emails 
eg 'To be done later tonight' 
or  ' bill not due till next week' 

Things like that!
+Vladimir Kelman, No, you're wrong.
I have a thread with the subject "Happy Birthday". 
I always open it, hit "Forward" remove the FWD prefix, delete all past text, write a new email address and hit send.
The new sent mail is added to the current thread under the subject "Happy Birthday".
This way all my conversations with people about their birthdays is in one place.
It's really a great way to sort emails.
Try it...

Can't be done with the new compose.
+RAD Moose not the same, i dont see tasks most of the time, and i prefer to just have it as an email because i may need to reply on a particular date after doing a task.
Feature request: with gmail mobile i can change email labels. Desktop version will not allow removal of "inbox" label.
New Compose actually becoming usable, one small feature added at a time.
+Vladimir Kelman, You opened an email in "Sent Items".
Edited the subject by only removing the "FWD" prefix.
Sent and the mail and it created a new conversation instead of adding a post to the existing conversation?
Only remove the FWD prefix (And bring the first letter of the subject all the way to the left).

I guess we have a different Gmail :-).
+Royi Avital - I not only removed "Fwd" but added a new word - maybe it made a difference. (And I didn't open email in "Sent" folder, I opened it in Inbox - but it shouldn't matter.)  Let me try to just remove "Fwd".
By the way, how to then switch back to a new interface?

Update: Yes, just removing "FWD" keeps it in the same bucket.
Google keeps bringing goodies. Awesome.
And yet you guys killed off appointment slot scheduling in GCal and the LaTeX equation editor in GDocs. Priorities? 
+Vladimir Kelman, You see, that's what I miss. Have the Forward option with the prefix removed and keeping it in the same conversation.
Hit compose, you'll have the option for the new composer just at the top. 
Is changing the "from" address in the works for the new compose window?
Hello, I cannot access my gmail account. who can i contact to get this fix asap?
... And please do not forget about selecting multiple labels when creating a filter. 
+Gmail is there anyway file attachment can be done on mobile and tablet, it seems it's only pictures and videos that can be attached 
Nice +Gmail , now if you could allow multiple label applications in one filter that would be great! 
Hello guyz..plz can anybody tell me how i can create my own yahoo account with my Nokia c3 phone
I do 99% of my emailing from my phone, so if it ain't on Android, I don't see it. Hell, I do most of my computing nowadays from my phone. I get on my laptop maybe once a week.
New compose still gives me RSI. It's too cramped.
What kills me is that I can't comment/annotate old email beside forwarding it to myself - would be a killer feature
I like some things about the new Compose, but dislike the extra clicks many things now require, and I despise peek-a-boo interfaces (although I understand there's no room in the current layout for both formatting and attachments menus).
Fantastic. Se puede hacer +Gmail que aparezca la etiqueta y la estrella debajo del asunto o encima del botón enviar para saber lo que hemos marcado?
Jay Iza
It took them a while to get this feature available...

What I dont understand is why Gmail have to have all the emails in one box... should be nice to be able to have a nice clean inbox.... thats the only thing I have to complain about Gmail...
The new compose means more clicks to get to the functions I use the most.  I don't like it, even if 'by default' it looks cleaner.
What's up peoples I am new here
This all looks like a mess.  I joined, but already had a regular gmail account.  So how do I get there now with Google Plus?
when you open the canned response menu, it goes down and i cant see the options, MAKE IT GO UPWARDS!! thanks.
How can I bring/call the new compose windows whenever I want and not have to use it all the time. Thanks.
Small window and not enough hot keys.
How about the new compose being useful. Why am I typing in a tiny window on my 24" screen, why is it dog slow, why do I have to make extra clicks to show formatting; if I want a message window I'll use talk. Email is for bigger messages. A dog is still a dog.
Switched to gmail -  super disappointed by the tiny compose window.
I agree, the compose window MUST be bigger, mail is for long messages, useful for work purposes.
still wish I could create NEW labels via the mobile app instead of having to log in via the mobile browser and choosing "desktop" to accomplish this... 
Better and better! :-)
+Gmail When can we get indent and outdent back?  There's no way to do multilevel lists now! :(
Enable fixed-with font while reading/writing plaintext mails _without_ the need for Greasemonkey and others - NOW.
Implement priority-status like Outlook does since 1997 - NOW.
Love New Compose..... but still hate the one photo inserts inline, but 2 photos attach...... where is the option to make all as attachments?
I wish I could more easily see my "From" address in the new compose. I have over a dozen addresses I use and I rarely, if ever, sent from the wrong one until the option became more hidden.
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When is Gmail going to make up a Chrome extension of the new compose window that can be placed at top of the toolbar of the Chrome browser. It beats having to go open Gmail to access the new compose browser.  
A Chrome extension of the compose feature can have potential versatile uses. Additional to emailing, it can also; (1) Copy & paste to save as a document to Drive. (2) Post to Google+. And (3) create notes to save to Gmail or show up as a Android notification with time & date alarm reminder.
great job. now we need rtl and ltr option for the mail body. u can start with one but its not easy to switch the direction back and forth :) . google is just amazing really is
I still think the old gmail (before the current version) was better - it simply worked better with the browser and looked cleaner IMO. One of the simple features I miss (which is part of Google Chrome browser) is the ability to size the main text area with the widget in the bottom right corner.
Why do Gmail team put "More options" menu in the bottom right but not the top right?
Now to label an email, I must click 2 times while in the old Gmail interface, I just needed to click 1 time only, it was much faster and convenient.
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