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A seamless experience for your Google Contacts

Just like how you can star important messages in your inbox, you can now star individuals in your Google Contacts list. Contacts you star will automatically be placed into the “Starred” group so you can quickly and easily look up their information. 

For those of you who use Android, your Starred contacts will stay in sync with your Android Favorites. Starring a contact on desktop will star that same person in your Android contacts, and vice-versa, so you can see and manage your contacts seamlessly wherever you may be.
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Nice! As an alternative, you could always manage your contacts through G+ circles... enabling this integration in settings and creating a circle for 'important people.'
I hope syncing existing contacts with g+ profiles becomes possible again, as it was, I couldn't relink contacts after separating them
I use it for a long time and it's awesome. Taking the chance: how about share contacts? I have my contacts organized and would like to share some with my wife. Would like to share others with friends. I don't want to export and import. Share means whenever I or the other person make changes, everyone is updated.
I keep waiting for my contact groups to be available in the iOS gmail app. Please?
One thing I would like in contacts is the contact picture to show up in the list of contacts instead of having to go in to the contact to see if there is a picture.  Makes it easier to see who needs updating or not.
Contacts really needs a big overhaul; it's incredibly confusing and patience is require to really get to grips it - sometimes it baffles me still (and I've been using Google services for years now), i can see how more casual users struggling. 
+David Dakota totally agree. The g+ contact sync is a mess and I may as well not bother putting in birthday info as it doesn't remind me in my calendar. And I could never get the relationship/ sibling/father thing to save changes... And the interface hasn't changed in 6+ years and the resolution of the thumbnails is too low even when syncing with g+
Glad to see development for Contacts isn't totally dead, but come on! How long ago has it been we've had a decent new feature for Contacts?
One more feature Windows Phone users never will be able to take an advantage of.
I'm confused. I've been using my "starred in android" group ever since the g1.
How about cleaning up the contacts' UI +Gmail ? The 1990s spreadsheet look on our contacts page is so dated. Maybe morph it into something like Circles here?
Please, dear +Gmail, +Google+ integrate Google Contacts into G+ as an additional tab under the People menu. So you should have next to "Your circles" a tab called "Your contacts". Also, please make Google Contacts the best contact manager available by integrating other relevant social networks (Facebook, linkeIn etc.) as contact sources. I made a feature request for this already:

This would be a killer!
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+Sebastian Müller That's like complaining that the gasoline is the problem with an inefficient fuel vehicle.  A windows phone, which is geared for Outlook/Hotmail integration, not Gmail, of course its a feature you wouldn't get to use off the hop.  Your contacts app would need to but updated by MICROSOFT, not Google... Would you expect Ford car parts to perfectly fit a BMW?!
+Matt Novak iOS users can sync their contacts with Google using cardDAV and you can sync with windows phone too.

Google is about using whatever device to access their services, though this doesn't seem to apply to windows phone as much regarding having Google apps etc.
Yes, I've been using the start / favorite feature for several years.  Syncing contacts with iOS and Outlook is simple if you use GoogleAppsSync on your desktop and / or use the Exchange account type to setup your google account on your iOS device.  We've been doing it for a couple years in our office.
+José Sá Yes, I want that too.  My starred peeps in Android contacts are listed in alpha order, but I'd like them listed in custom order...  ie, I don't want my ex-wife coming ahead of my current wife, but alphabetically that's what happens. You try explaining that to her...
Hey +Gmail team, while it's nice that you use G+ to announce things to the world like this, it would be a lot better if you stuck around a bit to engage in the conversation that ensues... It's a community, engage with it.
+Anthony Raffini
This is different. That was a workaround +Google got because your +Android favourite contacts were not corresponded to any existent feature on +Gmail! From now on, it will work as it should since the beginning, and that group "Starring in Android" will be deleted. 
They already are, at least since Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). I have it on my Galaxy Nexus. 
+Alex Reusch
That will never happen. Forget that. +Google doesn't support contact merges with #Facebook on +Android since Ice Cream Sandwich. Before that, you could set Facebook to synchronize your contacts and the Facebook details; you can't because Google doesn't want that to work that way. 
Finally the feature comes from Android to the desktop. :)
+Tiago Azevedo embrace your competitors and you will become the most relevant platform on the planet. Contacts is the starting point for being social. See here for: "Is Google's contact management THE killer app for Google+ ???"
As long as I get the chance to override stupid pictures and/or names of people I'm all for sync of whatnot. But until then: leave my contacts alone, please. Cause the g+ information of someone who has tried it ONCE like... years ago... is just WRONG. No matter if the email-address matches.
That's awesome can't wait to be a Googler making Google apps better just need to keep learning code! 
+Alex Reusch I agree with you. +Gmail team, when I add someone to a circle, that is not in my contacts, and after that I add some contact info, contacts is regenerating a copy of this item that is not mergeable with the contacts data in "my contacts". When I force the merging by doing this manually, the copy is regenerated automatically, so I still have 2 contacts. In the older version the merging in "my contacts" was done otherwise than in the current version, but in the older version the circles weren't included. I prefer the merging system of the older version combined with the merging system of the current version, so that I could easily merge the contacts that are both in "my contacts" and "circles". I also want the things that are asked by +Alex Reusch. Thanks in advance. But if you redesign, please make it also accessible for screenreader users. Thanks again for concidering.
Hopefully Anissa and Tom didn't read this post. They apparently aren't that special ;) 
If only I could forward an email to a contact group...
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Hi Gmail!  Just have to say "Boo" to your phaseout of the GMail notifier!  I know you want me to use Chrome, but I'm just not going to do that.  I don't like Chrome.  I don't need Chrome.  And at work, I can't use Chrome.  I'm bummed that you are phasing out a cool feature I use every day in order to force me toward a browser I don't want. :(
+Roger Krolow If being able to share contacts is important to you, I encourage you to use Send Feedback (in the menu associated with the gear icon on the Gmail website) to send your suggestion directly to the Gmail product team.
+Alex Reusch There are technical issues with integrating contacts from other sources which can make it impossible. For example, Facebook does not provide and interface which allows Google to access Facebook contacts. (If I remember correctly, they removed that within days of Google announcing Google+.)
Really? That's it for Google Contacts innovation? So much more could be done here ( just look at Calendars) . Contacts are the poor relation. 
+Iain McNeil This is purely conjecture on my part, but a lot of Google products have two very separate components: an infrastructure component and a user interface (UI) component. This UI change might be the only UI-level sign of what could be the results of a major infrastructure redesign which would enable much more substantial UI-level changes in the future. 
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I  do  not  want  these  people  in  my  contacts.
+Gerald Nelson This isn't adding anyone to your contacts. It's just giving you a way of identifying the ones who are most important to you.
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+Frederick Landry I'm with you on that one. I just started with the whole Google &FB stuff. So this is so new to me. I know what year we are in.:-) But I can't find an answer to your question about IOS.
How can we merge contacts from Orkut, Google Plus and others like Facebook into a same contact as it keeps fix and don't separate anymore?
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