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How many of your friends have #GoneGoogle? Show them what it’s like to chat by text, voice, or video right from their inboxes
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I use Gmail as my digital hub! I just wish it were faster.
The video still has a guy smiling and says "ROB ME"....
lol, definately read this as: "Rob me please!"
A few of my friends use Gmail. A lot of my students use Gmail. Convincing people is another matter. Even people with Android devices or other smart phones that can integrate different Google services seem to be hesitant. Why? Who knows.
a lot of people around me use android devices, but i guess only about 10% of them are using the google features like mail, talk, etc.. most of them use their old mail accounts via pop3, chat via whatsapp, vchat via skype, social network via facebook and so on..
+David A Jamieson There are people who still use inboxes provided by their 1990's dial-up ISPs (with a "best viewed in Netscape Navigator" notice at the bottom) and don't see the benefit to upgrading. My sister in law is one such person. She even configured her Android phone to sync with that address. Good for her, I guess.
I support usps by buying stuff from +1SaleADay #justsayin sometimes the only reason I have a physical mailbox
I want to know what are the plans with Google Messenger… why have 2 services that do the same thing? At least add "sent" and "received" notices to Google Talk. 
Yep the biggest complaint would be the lack of Sent, delivered, read notifications with gtalk, I love it, but my friends love the BBM style of other messengers like Kik on Android and UPS devices. At least it's that way way in my circle of friends. Oh yeah and the ability to share pics would be nice too.
@ +Burton Lewis Jr. Google should just go ahead and merge those two. I really don't understand anything that would make more sense.
Yep my biggest complaint. Why can I only have messenger chats on my phone and not on the pc. Literally makes no sense at all. Means you have to use a combination of messenger, talk and Gmail depending on where I am.
I agree that GMail is one of the best, if not the best mail app, but Google really needs to clean up its services. Like others said, why have a messenger chat on one device but not the other. Why have competing apps that offer the same basic functionality, but have slightly different capabilities. There's nothing that I hate more than being able to do something on my phone's Google apps that i can't do on my PC and Vice-Versa!
My chat invite has not been showing up, i can not find anything in the windows that Google uses to help me out. What can i do.?
thanks for the ride lady, how much do i owe you?
how about a poem.
me and holly
we walk in the sand
kissing her
and holding
her hand.
she is sweet and such a treat
wish that we really could meet.
I love you too, my sweet Holly.

As I walk with Holly under the moon
knowing we will be together soon
I will kiss her neck and touch her hair
together we will fly into the air
up to the clouds is where we will be
making love so happily.
My sweet Holly, you are fine
if i could make love to you all the time
we would be in constant bliss
yes, it would start just with a kiss.

Love you baby!!!!!!
!Holly Byrne <3 Mike. Montoya!
So sweet!!
would love to !!!

If i met Holly
how sweet it would be
a dream come true
what a fantasy
to kiss her lips
and hold her tight
to walk with her
all through the night
oh what a night it would be
yes, but for now a fantasy.
e mail me holly ,
i will write for your own
such a fine beautiful poem
it will be oh so nice
you will read it more than twice
Mike xxxxxx
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