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Recent photos in the people widget

The next time you look at the people widget, you might see up to 3 photos from recent emails from that person. Not only does this remind you of photos they've sent to you, but it also gives you one click access to the emails with those photos.
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Good job! Now please deliver the upgraded Google Tasks!
People widget? You folks sure do make me feel smart!
Kip Hakes
Lovely, can we have contact pictures that are bigger than 96px x 96px ?
Don't look at widgets. But, thanks
Its good...but seriously its time to turn the spam filter on. Too many mails coming in my inbox!!!
good job, now let's rise contact picture resolution ok? don't you guys use an android phone, wtf?
Thank you. Can you please add a feature that allows you to rename attached files? This would be very useful because all of us have files saved with specific names in our computer but when we email them to someone else to we would prefer to be clear with names so recipient can easily open a specific file.
Ok great, but how about giving us an option to show/hide these photos (and/or other parts of the people widget) rather than the current all or nothing widget display option!?
Gmail, when could you higher the photo resolution in Contacts? How terrible it seems on ICS with synchronization !
Cool feature , thanks Google
Not bad, NOW SORT OUT THE CONTACT PHOTOS IN GMAIL, CURRENT SYNCING TO ANDROID IS TERRIBLE - +Punit Soni refuses to reply to anyone with an update
why only 3 photos? More is better...
what if some pictures show up that I don't want everyone to see?? That's scary and I don't think I like that!
Jon Gaull
What about my NSFW emails?! Just want to hide the pictures.
Am I the only one that finds it a little disconcerting that Google finds it acceptable to be looking at the content of my emails? I realize it's a widget that I can choose not to implement, but that only affects the DISPLAY of that content....
For instance, if I use a gmail address for my paypal account, Google will now be snooping through all my receipts and payments... WTF?
I want to turn it off too!
I am not a GMail user (and this note may illustrate one reason why), but my wife and some of our friends are.

A few days ago, I e-mailed some personal photos of my wife to one of our friends who uses GMail, and cc'd my wife. This was intended to be a one-time transmission for just their eyes.

But now, whenever either of them open any e-mail from me, on any subject, those photos appear in the right margin of their GMail screens, under "Recent photos."

This proved especially embarrassing to my wife when today she opened a business e-mail from me with a professional colleague watching, and the personal photo again popped up in the margin. She asked, how can Google justify doing such a thing? More importantly, how can she prevent it from happening in the future?

She tried an experiment: She located the message with the photos attached and invoked "delete this message." Then she found it in her Trash and invoked "delete forever." But still, the pictures show up under "Recent photos" when she reads any message from me. Even worse, if she clicks on any of those photos, the entire text of the message she supposedly just deleted forever shows up again.

She would like to permanently remove those pictures from Google's memory. She is afraid that Google will use them to illustrate mail to other GMail users who should not see them. I would like to assure her that this will not happen, but I have no factual basis for such assurance.
I also want to turn this off. NIce feature for those who want it, but don't force it onto those who don't!
You can turn it off by going into settings > general > hide people widget. You can also install rapportive at , which provides the profile but doesn't dig through your email for photos.
A spammer sent photos to a bunch of people in our office, and now they all show up in the people widgets. We really like the people widget, it is very useful, we don't want to have to turn it off. But the last 3 photo thumbnails are an option we would VERY much like to be able to turn off. For now we are lining everyone up with pleasant boring photos and instructing them to mail them to each other so as to knock out the inappropriate ones. Kind of a stupid workaround, but we have to do something!
Very creepy feature. I just wanted to point our a very obvious problem with this: maybe she has sent me a very private picture in the past, and maybe I don't want my co-worker/friend/... see it when I open up another email (from her) to show him something. See the problem?

I wonder if you are going to start attaching random files from my PC at some point of time to all outgoing emails.

You can turn off the people widget by going into settings > general > hide people widget. You can't turn off just the pictures.
Which is fine if you don't mind losing the people widget. The widget is actually pretty useful, its just the images that are awful.
Yeah, it would be super awesome/helpful to be able to just turn off the image part of this widget.
how do you turn this off? 
John, read the posts above (before yours), they answer this question.
People widget needs customization
Can't we just click to remove an offending picture?
Is it that hard?
no, you can't remove a picture, they aren't really there, it is gathering info from your previous messages/contacts/google+ etc and presenting it in the widget, but there's no way to modify it, all you can do is turn it off.
Not so great if you are not using your personal computer; I can not be responsible for pictures (spam/unwanted-email) that are not mine. Work-email gets deliver to my Gmail and by having the people widget on; anything can be visible.
The recent photos function needs to be disabled either by the user, or completely removed!
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