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Seeing Loading... when you sign into Gmail?  This could mean a number of things, but it's often easy to resolve by refreshing your page, updating to the newest version of your browser, or clearing your cache and cookies.  
For more details and options, check out our Loading Issues guide in the Help Center.
Symptoms: After clicking Sign in, you see 'Loading...' or 'This seems to be taking longer than usual' and may be redirected to our basic HTML version. You might see a blank white page. Cause: A conf
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If I clear my cache and/or cookies, will chrome loose/close all of my open tabs??
A lot of times it can be anti virus software that's actively scanning your mail/web. Turning it off will help too.

+Marty Ballard as far as I know the open tabs will still be opened after clearing the cache.
Should I use  cookies they not bad? When I click the E which stands for Internet it looks scar
Cookies clogs up pc artery too?
But they so good who can resist.
is there a way to clear cache/cookies for a specific site instead of wiping the entire browser history
I wish Gmail was faster than it is now. Offline mode is super fast, it would be nice if online mode could cache some messages too. I suspect the Gmail team is working on this but just want to make my voice as a user heard.

Thanks +Gmail 
yea kinda agree w/ u elijah. wat next talking about the game munchkin?
+Kevin Du the Web Developer Toolbar extension for FF allows you to do that, although it is not its main use: it also allows lots of very cool things if you are a web developer.
It loads just fine, thanks. But the thing is, I used to have a very useful inbox preview & now it's gone. It's not listed in Labs any more.

Generally, the new Gmail is losing lots of useful features. With the new competition from, you really can't afford to annoy your users like this.
gmail and iMailg has gotten worse on mobile phone not better gmail keeps crashing and freezing iMailg just change there format two days ago it gotten worse not better. I have got both on my phone the best one I like which works good on mobile phone no problems or hassles is hotmail been using it on mobile phone three years
+Kevin Du Yes, you can clear individual cookies in most browsers. The way you do it depends on the browser. What do you use?
Just for the record: Labs functions aren't functions that always exist. If there aren't enough people using it it's bye bye :-)
I keep seeing a message about adding my phone number every time I log in. It's kind of more annoying.
That is just genius... now I can get pissed drunk without worrying about getting killed afterwards!!!!
I agree with Dr. Strangelove asking for my mobile phone number every time I log in is annoying and seems a bit insidious. I don't want to give Google any of my phone numbers. I don't want to be marketed too.
The reason Google asks for a phone number to give you a path for quick recovery of your Google account in case you lose access for some reason (e.g., forgotten password, compromised account, etc.). It can change the recovery time from days to minutes. They have had my number for years and I have never received a single marketing call.
It could just as easily be my first pets name. Now they have your number in a database cross linked to other databases. They have given up on their moto "Don't be evil." Your personal information is worth lots of money to them, they can pay me for mine.
Maybe they want too be like Facebook they use you mailing address or phone number when they ask what your password is 
Instead of giving home phone give mobile how many times they going call you on mobile and you will answer it. 
The thing is, I don't have a number TO give them. They can't get blood from a stone.
it is a security measure ,in case you lose your password...nothing to be concerned about if you will hide all notification and private information from all others and keep it personal...under the setting option.
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