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With the newest version of Gmail on Android, you can archive or delete emails with just a swipe, while viewing your inbox or other labels.

Choose whether you want to archive or delete with swipe in your “Archive & delete actions” settings. By default, this is set to “Show archive & Delete”, but you can select the option that suits you best.

If you choose "Delete only", you will have the option to "Swipe to Delete" in General Settings. With "Archive only" and "Archive & delete action", you'll see the option to "Swipe to Archive". Make sure this is checked and you are ready to start swiping.

You can learn more about this setting and many others here:

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Do I miss something? If I choose both and swipe in list-view, mails get archived. Always. Where is the delete?
I'd like to see the refresh button back. The 'pull to refresh' is buggy and not as easy to use as a single tap of the refresh button.
I'd really like to be able to swipe to delete or select and archive.
I also vote for the return of the swipe to delete feature instead of swipe to archive. Please bring back the ability to decide the action when swipping an entry.
That's right, I shouted it. ;-)
I don't really like that. It takes too long to delete a bunch of messages. Change it please!!!
left swipe archive, right swipe delete  or vice versa(in the notifications too) :)
This version of gmail has some problems: When someone reply an email I sent, I can not see the contents of the reply. Gmail only shows the email I sent. There are many sync problems of google account in Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, I could not find any way to contact google...
Surprised to hear Gmail for Android lacks a Mark as read feature. Especially since Gmail for iOS has it. 
"+1" for swipe left for archive, swipe right for delete 
+Saad Inam I don't think so. It was in the settings but now you can only choose to activate the swipe gesture or not but you can't choose the action... (or I just looked at the wrong place)
This has been there for some tone now
+Gmail  It's a good feature but maybe two gestures can have an action, a swipe to the left to delete and a swipe to the right to archive...
recommendation: left: delete // right: arcive. and not left and right archive
I still love some of the features in the Mailbox App. 
Yeah!  There's no reason we can't swipe left to archive and swipe right to delete (or vice versa).  That would be quite useful.
Yup! Bring back the left/right delete/archive option. It was a lot more useful than what we have now. 
how about "show unread" yet, this feature is already on wp8 from day1, still missing from gmail. very helpful for lots to read people
+Antoine Claudé Settings > General settings. Change "Archive & Delete Actions" to show delete only, and then check the option below it "Swipe to delete". You can keep the first option on both as well, that works too.
+Saad Inam but we want the option to do both delete AND archive on different swipe directions. Is there a way to enable that? 
The swipe gestures should be separated from the button functionality.
e.g if one has single touch for delete and swipe to archive it will be easier or vice versa.

I cannot understand why two different UX should share the same settings.
Until we get left and right doing different actions. You archive while in inbox and delete when in your archive (all mail view). They probably can't do the whole separate swipe directions because another app 'mailbox' did it first and maybe holds patents or something.
+Matt Estrada the previous version of Gmail already had the feature. It was removed in the redesign of the latest version. 
nice with the swiping. But why not swipe left to delete, swipe right to archive? or vice versa
+Gmail I still do not understand what is "Archieve" in +Gmail , where the email go, and how can I retrieve it!
Swipe right = delete
Swipe left = archive
Would be perfect!
Man, you all are trying to suggest a really bad and confusing UI decision (different things for different directions).
Who cares? Give me a way to get rid of the sidebar on my iPad so that i can use the whole screen for the email I am focused on, and a way to get notifications just for important emails. 
whats so confusing about that +Afzal Najam ? it's just like in real life. you go left, you get to place x. you go right, you get to place y :)
+Kevin Moulton agreed.....whoever was responsible for that design i say : no blindfold, not last ciggie, straight to the wall LOL
What about left wype to delete and right swype to archive ? +Gmail ?
Love this feature! Keep doing your thing google.
+Joe Wehry - I get plenty of emails I don't read but I want to keep. Every once in a while I like to mark all of them as read. Gmail is supposed to be my archive. The whole idea of it was not to delete anything... Originally anyway. :-) 
For some reason mine will not update. G play says I have the latest version. I'm running 2.3.5
I think visualising a trash can off the right of my screen and a keeper box on the left is an easy metaphor. If the idea of using the inbox as a temporary place and doing a fast efficient keep-or-ditch pass on my email matters, then I think doing left-to-archive and right-to-delete swipe actions are crucial. 
+Joe Wehry I get your directional point, however it would be nice if they added delete  / (archive) option to the notification screen.  E.G. you set 'archive' as your default slide, but a delete button would still be made available.  As it stands now you can archive (two ways....slide or touch archive button) or reply from notification, but to delete you have to actually open more button wouldnt hurt!!  Personally i think they should swop the  'reply' or 'archive' (which is redundant) buttons with delete
What is the latest version of gmail on Android? Mine is 2.3.6
Thank you +Gideon Brontë. and +Joe Wehry . After looking into it I need to at least have Ice cream Sandwich on my Droid x2 and it looks like that is never going to happen :(
Hey Is you choose "Only Show delete",  in the notification the archive button is also replace by delete, I been wanting that one for a long time
+Danny Cleary You must still be running Gingerbread on your android device.

Latest one running is version on my Nexus 4.
I am +Julio Lagara I think I need to update my phone with a new one. I feel like I'm running one of those old cellular one bat phones haha.
Merhaba arkadaşlar bugün başlıyor Öğrencilere Ödül Töreni gerçekleşti Altın Örümcek Adam gibi bir şey

I want to be able to "Show archive & delete" but SWIPE to DELETE. Please add the option!
+George H Go to settings and click on your gmail account.

1. Check mark Notifications.

2. Click on Inbox sound and vibrate

3. Check mark Notify for every message

That should do the trick. 
+George H If you're using the new categorized view you might need to do this.
Go to Settings > Account Name > Manage Labels and select the labels/categories you wish to be notified of and how.

This got me when I first upgraded and it interfered with Apex Notifier's ability to show unread numbers on the app icon.
I see archive only in Notification! Instead I prefer delete... can you bring in this preferece in Settings?
Press & hold an email to select it for deletion. You can select multiple mails. 
Please remove the new horrible multiple inboxes.. confusing on phone..
Need swipe to mark as read and archive..
I admire google for constantly innovating 
today most problem is spam. so first swipe I need it put it in spam folder.
i dont know what the people here are talking about 80% of the comments are bad App handeling (not knowing about the features and settings), 10% is a rare need feature reports and only 10% real failreports. I like the App, havent had any Probs with my N4
You guys would better off implementing options for left and right swipe. Under "left swipe," have a list of checkboxes that will all apply upon a left swipe, and vice-versa for right swipe. These options should include "mark as red," "archive," "delete," and "apply label."
Is this new feature? I thought it was since last week update
May be it's me but I can never find the swipe to delete option. Not that I would want to use this option but I saw this option mentioned every where and never found it.
What about deleting a message by swiping from left to right and achive the message by swiping right to left!?
This idea comes from Mailbox App on iOS !! Gud going +Gmail
Now how about having the same option on the notification pull down for the app?
problem is if you want to select is a nightmare
I find it super annoying that I can't have "archive & delete action" with "swipe to delete".  Stupid google....stupid.
you only get that option if you chose "delete action only" hence my annoyance.
You don't have to press and hold to select, just tap the icon on the left. When you select (and can multiple select quickly), there's an envelope at the top where you can tap it to mark read or unread, a trashcan for deleting, and a folder for archiving. Some of you need to read, explore, research or ask questions before you assume Gmail won't do what you want it to. 
+Rob Bradley  Yes, but you could always do that.  The key to this announcement is "you can archive or delete emails with just a swipe,"   But, you can ONLY archive or ONLY delete with a swipe.  Some of us want to be able to swipe one way to delete, swipe another to archive.  So, we're not assuming Gmail won't do what we want it to - we know Gmail won't do what we want it to.  But, Google is good and I'm sure they will fix this in a future update.  
+Graham Robins and +Rudolph Bistrovich, go back and read some of the first 100 comments; you'll see what I'm talking about. My comment doesn't address the swipe to delete and/or archive. I can do that with one more tap, which takes about a millisecond longer than a swipe... or does it?
+Rob Bradley Yeah, we've read those.  This Gmail announcement was about the swiping feature, and it is lacking.  That's the point.  Sure there are lots of other great features like multiple account sign in... But that's not what this topic is about.
Would be brilliant if there was a Mark as Read and Archive in a single gesture.
When will +Gmail get a share menu, both in list and message view to send messages to other apps?
And what if swiping from left to right archives the message, and from right to left deletes it (or viceversa).
If only "Mute" were so accessible... it inexplicably vanished from the single message menu, and is now only available when operating on groups of messages.
I would like to delete individual emails within a chain of emails. We don't have this capacity in the gmail app. However, we can do it from a regular browser. Any ideas?
I liked the previous setup better where you could easy select swipe to archive or delete. Now it's illogical.
Where do the archived emails actually go to?
hai, , munny
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+George H . Same problem I m facing. I no longer get notifications on new messages
I don't get the idea of archive once I read I delete all my mail unless it goes into one of my folders for receipts or stuff like that. I see no need for archive at all
Right, I just want to read my mail. Don't need a circle.
Ko Htun
How are you
On the mobile app how do you create new folders? I can't find the option anywhere. You should be able to do it so I can put my email into new folders if I want
PLease - swipe left for archive, swipe right for delete, long press for labels!
Ko Htun
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it should be wipe in one direction to archive and the other direction to delete. Or more like Mailbox for iPhone that has 4 options.
Ko Htun
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You can select multiple emails by tapping the icon...
Ko Htun
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The new look of the inbox is not on my cell.  There isn't an update available for me how do I get this new look?
hellow and how are you
Ko Htun
Hi! Are you ok?
You new tabs on my phone are a disaster, please allow us to remove the tabs or I will be forced to use a different email app on my phone.  This is the single worst thing you have ever done, why you would force this on us and not allow us not to use them I have no idea.  My work email does not get social or promotion stuff and hence the tabs are not needed, I have unchecked them countless times yet they are still there, filtering messages incorrectly.  PLEASE GIVES AN OPT OUT ASAP.
I like swipe to archive and swipe to delete, but I'd like to have both. How about swiping left to archive and swipe right to delete?
Rita P.
My swipe won't delete & archive both???
Hi please please can we have tab support in imap and pop (prehaps by masqurading tabs as sub folders in the inbox folder in IMAP)
Put the "MARK AS UNREAD" option back in the menu already!!   Makes no sense to get us used to it on the desktop version and then not offer it on the mobile version (and especially when it was on the previous mobile version!!)...
Hate that you now cannot "mark as unread"...
I hate the new app i must mark 1 and one. I will mail all mail in social for exapel. But now i must mark 1 and one very bad.
Bad i must mark 1 and 1. I will have 1 push to mark all my mail. I can make it on a computer very easy. we cant get acces to trash can on app. Computer fix it very easy.
+Michal Polinski i use an email app called k9 ..... just for the feature to "mark all as read"  but shouldnt have to use a third party app for this should we grrrrrr!
We must have cryto mail to block NSA and Google take to leand of email. Now all can read ouer mails very easy. Nsa hackers and more. Is very easy now to read.
raja k
god mornig
Instead of makig me sick and everyday headache I'm going to close my Gmail account, say good bye to it and open an otherone with some easy, simple old fashion version. Simple is better, the very simple is the best.  
in the version for ipad, if I set the signature on the device  the email start with that signature, if not imposed uses the default on my account, very good.
This is not the case in the version for android, if I do not set the signature the default is not used. I think it is a serious mistake. the version for ipad, although well done, however, does not allow you to see the e-mail full page. The mail client instead of 'iPad it does, it would be corrected.
I had a great experience with Michael and Christine.  They were understanding and helped me make payments. I would recommend them if considering 7, they made the entire process easy to understand and Christine was there always for my questions.
Går fortfarande inte att makera alla mail via appen. Datorn är fortfarande bäst. Stor besvikelse trodde att det var fixat i nya appen. Ser ingen skillad på 4.6 som jag har nytta av. Allt är som innan och de man saknar är fortfarande inte fixat. 
Se asen trabajos de desirbo,chapeos de terrenos y se pintan matas solo para trabajar fin de semana interesados comunicarse al numero 9992167548 con wilberth
Hey gmail team, do you work on right archive left delete feature ?
Why ignoring so much suggestions from users?
Please confirm how to add a new contact that just emailed us in the Android Gmail app, I need this urgently! Formerly it could be done now not! I have a Moto X. 
Please make the app multiple account and with swipe features like mailbox. Thanks 
Hi, thank you for feedback :)
"Could you improve it, etc. left to delete and right to archive?
It is similiar in my Email application"
I meant to configure gmail application to enable to delete or archive message during making actions depending of the gesture, e.g. left to delete, right to archive
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