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Hey Gmail fans, it’s time for some Gmail trivia! How much do you know about Gmail? Over the next hour, we’ll post questions and their possible answers. Click +1 to select the option you think best answers the question -- and no cheating! We'll post the correct answers tomorrow.

First question:

Second question:

Third question:

Fourth question:

Fifth question:

This concludes our questions for the day. Check back tomorrow for the answers!

Edit: We've now posted the answers on each question.

Posted by +Sarah Price
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No cheating? But Gmail is just one click away. Okay, I'll play along.
One think I did NOT know is the strong link between GMail and G+ !!!
Right now I'm rebuilding all my circles because I had the very bad idea to do some cleaning in my GMAIL contacts ! Everybody was gone :-(
This game could be very funny, when Google+ will launch Answers (or similar name) in Google+?
disable the comments so people dont add their own I think!
I'm with Javier on that- lock the comments on the questions (also Q1 needs an edit)
Also, any prizes for correct answers???
It became available to the general public on February 7, 2007
Owww. Cant +1 comments with the android app
February 7, 2007 - wikipedia to the rescue
hey by the way .... what happened to the gmail ios app ? :)
Google should suspend its search engine during the voting :)
I love Gmail and knew it since 5 years ago!
I bought my +Gmail BETA invite from ebay. $1 well spent.
Wow just realized I had my @gmail address since early 2004 ! ;)
I remember going on the gamer forumz and begging for an invite when they were first available.
Beta invites must have been available in April 2004, I checked my welcome message the other day and was reminded I got an invite and signed up on Jan. 27, 2005. But I'm afraid "made available to the public" might refer to the public beta that did not require an invitation... which would be 2007.
+Oswald Alex lol, I remember that very well, in fact at that time I was considering bidding off some of the invites I had! It was ridiculous crazy! ;)
Can we haz cool shwag for participation? :P

Just kidding... this should be fun! :)
+Sarah Price looks like Tina Fey. There I've said it. Probably the third time now. :P
Over next few hours?
Sorry, but we have globalization, so I's rather difficult to spend next few hours not in bed ;)
For archiving, I realize e is the official answer, but I actually use keyboard shortcut y as it's more consistent when managing from within labels as well. Less strain on the muscle memory :)
Lunge and clap your hands over your head starts new email to God. ...or is it Satan. I can never remember They both use Gmail...that I do know.. lol
Erm... I feel quite confused... I thought that answer with "clap your hands over your head" was a joke... UPS! ;-))
Sorry to see that you're dropping support for the Gmail client on the Blackberry. Been wanting HTML-support for that client for years and now you're dropping it. That sucks. I understand the business driver, just don't have to like the decision and it won't stop me from using my Gmail. I appreciated the features and functionality it provided and will miss that on my Blackberry.
This is just further evidence on how desperately G+ needs a poll system in the posts. Come on, go through all this commenting system just to make a quick quiz ¬¬
My phone's Iris does it for me.
Q5 should be: how do you attach a label to a selected email before archiving it, all using only the keyboard? That would be a popular use case, I think.
Answers have been posted! Check each question to find out whether you were right.
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