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Improvements to Google Calendar for Android

Over the next few days, you'll see lots of improvements to the new Google Calendar app based on your feedback with more coming soon. Here are some of the highlights:

● See more events at a glance with 7-day week view and pinch-to-zoom
● Add Google Drive files to events. Drive will even check if everyone can open them. 
● Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings. You'll also see the same changes on the web next week.
● A new option to show week numbers in settings.
● Import .ics files sent to you in Gmail and other apps

You can download the app on Google Play:

PS: Yes, we're still working on Google Calendar for iPhone.  Stay tuned!
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Looking forward to that iPhone app :)
There are some deletions of people in my circles I didn't wish deleted! I've tried to add them back, but can't due to server problems...
now if we can import/export single contact cards easily
improved compatibility with Outlook 2010 please.  my appointments are showing up hit or miss.
Hey +Gmail the only thing preventing me from using the Google calendar is no dark option. It's just so....WHITE. Give us a dark option and I might switch. Even +Gmail has no dark option. 
Marvin R.
Month overview? Why do I need a third party app for such a feature?
How about editing or deleting events of Gmail Exchange service?
"Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings." - Thank you!!!
Looks nice. Integration with Google Keep reminders at some point?
Or how about the creation if G+ events?
Month view is there when you click the month name, but using it as a default view is not there. So yes, I'd rather see month view than this cut out words as the default view.
I would love have an ability to schedule phone call to a contact as appointment in calendar 
>See more events at a glance with 7-day week view and pinch-to-zoom   

THANK YOU. I just hope that pinch zoom lets me see at least 12 hours.
These are fantastic improvements, thank you so much. Removing G+ birthdays is great!
Month view.  To be able to glance quickly at a month and know what days are packed and when they're packed (depending on the position of the block) is extremely useful.   Showing just a single dot whether it's a single 15-minute event or 16 hours of appointments isn't helpful.

Also, the time of even is helpful.  To be able to find out "When in the next month am I free in the evenings?" is a good use case.
Show Birthday of selective circles only? I want to see it for my friends and family, but not for all of my circles.
Bring back an easier month view. The people have spoken!!
Still can't change calendars when editing events!? Would love to use this, but have to stick with third party apps until you get that fixed.
Hopefully I'll be able to mark myself as available/unavailable again. 
Month view on the phone, change event calendars, better repeat options, they would be great to add too.
Tom Kim
Maybe I'm missing this but is there any way to snooze a calendar notification on Android 5.0.1??
+Molly Stephens  Thanks for your feedback on month view. We're working on it.
Ugh yes know we've all been waiting for that month view, Google!
Pinch-to-zoom --> Yay! Finally - the main problem that I nad with calendar since it went missing.
finally the g+ birthdays. that was a bit of a mess. 
Great, but can we get an update to the desktop calendar please?!?
Hope this works as stated, will take a chance 
Good update, Just missing Month view widget. This seems so simple, why not have it?
Can you please ad a Month view that actually shows text in the day boxes? Several excellent Calendar app competitors provide this, and it's really the only reason I don't stick with Google Calendar. Yes, it can be hard to read sometimes, but it's now always about reading specifically, it's also about being able to see at a glance the status of a day. My days are not full, so there are days that are "unscheduled", so being able to see text on the Month calendar is invaluable.
Can we have a widget that displays the agenda view in a very compact form please? 
Right?  Why on earth did you guys remove MONTH VIEW from the Lollipop calendar app?
I can't sink my calendar in mobile with my Google Acountant. Please guide me
Why do I need a 3rd party app to swich the calendar after I created an event (e.g. from to or from to Come on, that's not that difficult! (As well as in webversion it works!)
About time! :) Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings. You'll also see the same changes on the web next week.
WHY WASN'T IMPORTING .ICS FILES THE FIRST BULLET POINT!!!!!!!! great update. can't wait. 
Add a month widget finally. People only been asking to have it for years now.
What I really cannot understand is why this app is not replacing the built-in Calendar app? Or update it, as it happens with Chrome, Hangouts (formerly Talk), etc. They even share the same name, only icons are different.Google, you should really do something about it.
MONTH view is accessed by tapping the month at top of calendar ( like say February) the other views are accessible by tapping the 3 vertical dots in upper R/H corner
Great improvements, that's how I like to see the updates for google products. Easy but so damn usefull for the user.
What about month view, as in the previous versions?
+Gmail​ when is web based calendar and contacts getting an material upgrade? 
Ahem, is Month View returning...??? I'm currently using Business Calendar until the "proper and useful" Month View returns. 
I wish I could erase the #pocketinformant app but so long is still the only true goggle calender app that offers a graphical adjustable and individual design with a unbeaten overview of a week for managers and people with several schedules at all.
We stopped training or clients with outlook years ago and switched to google calender but as an app there is still only the third party that satisfies our expectations on mobile devises. 
+Pål Nilsen And that's my point as well. There are several competing Calendar apps that provide excellent functions, some of which Google could incorporate while still maintaining a simple, elegant calendar.
It's nice that you've added back some of the features you removed with the lollipop update. Where are the full month view? The lollipop update crippled the app and even with this update it still is crippled compared to the pre-lollipop version or many third party apps.
Month view please! 
Thank you for week numbers. Saves my day, or week rather..
Month view as it is in aCalender please! 
Month View in Landscape is a must please!
I work by week number. Please bring it back!
Yes!!! 7-day week, weeknumber and pinch zoom, that's great!!! 
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"PS: Yes, we're still working on Google Calendar for iPhone.  Stay tuned!"

Thanks for the note.  I'm eagerly tuned.  :)
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+Gmail+Google+​ can you restrict the g+ birthday notifications on calendar, Google+, Google Now, by specific circles???

Since there is Circle sharing, with a click we can add thousands of people.
I just want notifications from my Friends, Close Friends, and Family Circles! 
Nice. And what about some tasks integration? People at Google don't use tasks? I would say so... 
+Tom Rodman That's my #1 pet peeve too.. which app do you use to move appointments between calendars?
I'm puzzled about the new zoom feature, why does it still not show a full day on my nexus 6? I still have to scroll up and down to see a full day.
Thank God the Web version gets an update long long overdue. Picasa Web version is long overdue for an update too. 
+Chris Tashjian All of the third party calendar apps I've tried do it. I settled on Business Calendar Pro.
+Gmail​ Add a meeting scheduler to the mobile app. I often have to reschedule meetings when I'm not near a computer.
I wish activities have changelog. Pretty useful with shared calenders. Next improvement maybe? 
Bring the month view back to phones please! It was completely usable on my Nexus 5 so it will be more than usable on my Nexus 6.  Not sure why you made it a tablet only option...
Seven day week is good, but I would like the month view back. Please and thank you. 
Sorry but I have to butt in. The icalender is better than Google calendar. 
+Gmail​ please add a way to move an event from one calendar to an other... I have to use a third party app for that... But yours should also be able to do it. 
I'd like to see the month view added back. 
Adam A
It'll definitely be more useful but not as pretty
Can you please make the reminders/notifications of events stay active until dismissed? They now timeout automatically 
Can we get a month view and a month widget instead of just the agenda??? +Google+​
It would be really nice to see and edit tasks on mobile. 
These are NOT improvements! Improvements would be to bring back MONTH VIEW! 
How about week numbers? Are they finally back?
D azen
I rolled back to a previous version when Google decided to have the stupid 5 day week. Last night I upgraded after reading a few comments that suggests that the 7 day week is back. Still not happened for me!!!! What version is the 7 day week calendar? Anyone knows?
+Mamdouh Neif
I'm with 4.20.16 and If I switch to week view it shows 7 days. In the settings I've ticked on the Week to start on Monday and to show the week numbers. I'm not sure if it's any help...
I like what they've done with calendar, however I really miss the monthly view.
it would be great if I could grab and drag a event for another day or time in the same day...
+Michael Stephens
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Please add notification/reminders to Birthday Calendar (from Gmail contacts). It's bad to forget a birthday for not having a notification.
Is there a specification on what type of ICS files are supported? I can't seem to get VEVENT to work in the app. It tries to open it but returns a toast with text "Unable to launch event".
Thanks, can you make calendar titles fit in the boxes better now?
Add the option to overlap the event in the week view, and let us change the font size and color (black please!).

Until then, not going back to Google Calendar.
If I could just get my corporate calendar to update to available
Awesome, now if only event creation on Android was usable again.
+Marvin R. Yes for right now you need a month view or a down load of the original I will link you to a post were ppl are helping me with it
+Alex Reusch it's really Cluny but if you reduce your all/your (can't remember which) circles in your g+ to just your family and friends those will be the only birthdays you see on our calendar
Then I will just miss Reminders that you can snooze. I really like the rest.
Finally .ICS support. Only, what, like 5 years after the app was first launched?
my calendar looks very busy and I'm not doing anything but is very OK! mwaite
Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings. You'll also see the same changes on the web next week.

Yeaahhhh ... you finally understood that we don't bother about this feature! back is exy mucho bueno
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when are you going to add week/month view to the widget?
U should also work for hangout it is not so strong to compete what's up
Yeah I believe there really is a lot of improving these phones can do even with their journal calanders!
Events from my exchange database seem to vanish and be back on random, but hey, i can see them sometimes now. Used to work smoothly on android 4.4...
Display of events are showing up half hour early in the overview 
and still no option "move event to another calendar" :(
Google Calendar would benefit from better stock widgets to truly maximise it's functionality. Can you make it happen please? Options such as the ones that Business Calendar have would be great. 
No way to remove unwanted accounts/calendars?! 
Please Please Please bring back Month view! 
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stop changing the apps! Just leave them alone. I'm tired of re-learning a  new UI every 3 weeks.
Unable to figure out how to import .ics files into the new version.  Could you please provide some info on this?
Month view on phone very much missed! If you have a large screen phone no reason not to have it. Make it an option thanks.
Even though I really love the GCal App, I can only use it 70% of the time because I have to use other apps like, Business Calendar, to have a MONTH VIEW! It's essential & even on a 5.5" screen in portrait mode I can still easily see the colors and text. There's no sane reason to not have a Month view in a calendar app! That & the fact that the widget needs improvement (check out Business Calendar's) & you really need a Dark Theme for all the Google apps, are the only reasons I have to use two calendar apps instead of solely using the one I truly love, Gcal.
Its improving. I still feel like the WebOS calendar was the Best UI design I have come across on mobile devices. Android's is getting to that level of function, but it sure is taking a long time.
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Mine won't work always says calendar has stopped working
The heck with the monthly view.  I'm just hoping that a new update soon will allow me to see my TASKS that I have. Currently, unless I send myself a separate reminder via SMS (or email), I have no way to see them on my Android phone.  To me, being able to see my TASKS is far more important that seeing a lame update to the monthly view.  I'm currently using a 1st gen Moto X 64GB on the +Republic Wireless network. 
Mine won't work on my gs3. Says calendar isn't responding. They all say that doesn't matter which calendar I download. What can u do???
The app has unfortunately still a very annoying bug: Google+ Events are not synchronized correctly. They will all be displayed as not answered, no matter whether you agreed or rejected. The result is: for declined events you always get a notification.  +Gmail 
I don't want to share my all my picture.what do I do
can any one please provide source code of google calender i want to display calender in my app based on dayView,monthview and weekview.
Yes, please have a month view for iphones! I recently changed to an iphone and greatly miss my android 😔
For repeat occasions please add yearly first Sunday of current month 
When do you expect to have month view for iphone? I lobe your schedule view and use of my flight details as i travel a lot, but i need a calendar this week and currently it doesn't look as if it can be yours due to delay - so sad. Any insight?
I could use a calendar where I can see the whole month on 1 page and events 
Far more than a year later and ICS support is still terrible. There are hundreds of "unable to launch event" threads over the net with no resolution to any of them. Every now and then it seems to randomly work, but largely not.
Editing start-end date of an event on a portrait small screen (320×240) has no “DONE” button. I have to rotate to landscape, then it's shown. Don't know where else to report it.
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