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Let's go back in time: Hover over the message count on the right side of your inbox and click "Oldest." What were you emailing about back then?

If you routinely clear out your inbox, try looking at your oldest "All Mail" messages instead.
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That would be on 5/14/2005. I was sending out Gmail invites.
Para: guz_quilmes
VICO VICO le ha invitado a crear una cuenta de correo de Google. -  

I was sending out Gmail invites too...
Mine to my husband  to say if he liked my new email address back in November of 2008!  Time to clean out those!
3/2/06 Email about a tour for my  honeymoon in Hawaii.
14/03/2005: avast! Registration
10/03/2005: conversation with some random girl xD
I was apparently chatting with my dad about movies. Good times.
Well that was a fun walk down memory lane, and a few laughs too.
Heh heh I looked back, good times with my friends...
Perfect! I found all these emails from my ex that will be excellent evidence in the domestic violence case against him,
thank you gmail!
Good idea +Wm. Mike Kostok Jr., Gmail should use the method that Google does with the search of skipping pages with the o's instead of pressing that arrow so much.
+Wm. Mike Kostok Jr.  you just need to hover over the mail counts (1-100 of 36547) and there it shows the options oldest and newest, that way you don't need to click a thousand times the arrow
Aside from the gmail invites, it was about my first parental leave, easily one of my best memories. Thanks for the tip, +Gmail ! :D
First message: Gmail is different. Here's what you need to know.
Second message: (to the friend the invited me) are you happy now
Third message: new email address (announcing my new email to my friends).

I thought at the time that your promise I'd never have to delete another email again was crazy!
I still delete a lot of my mail (old habits die hard). But I'm learning how to hang onto more of it!

When I go into All Mail, the oldest is from Feb. 2006 where I had sent some pictures to myself from my work email.
That's a pretty bad place to hide that option. I had to look back at the post after I couldn't find a "sort" button.

Mines a bunch of stuff from Universities trying to swoon me in January '07 and a few myspace messages from '06. Apparently I started using it 2006-07-14.
My oldest is from 9/5/2004, a mail about Ichiro Suzuki going 5-for-5 in a game vs White Sox. I still haven't deleted a single mail and now I'm sporting 72,411 conversations (45 % full).
If only you could do that on a large search result set.
A video game back on 6/24/04 with my buddy
10/12/04 license key for UltraEdit 8
Gmail I think u r awesome I love that u can change the background
+Guy Gordon We start showing search results as soon as we have the first page, so the "Oldest" button doesn't appear until we know what the oldest message is. You can still jump to "Oldest" for search results, but you'll need to wait a few seconds for the search to finish (you can go to the next page to refresh the "Oldest" button).
I moved all my emails from previous accounts into GMail, so my oldest email is from 1997, a welcome to Netscape from Marc Andreessen.
3,814 emails ago I was sending and receiving files related to the starting of my first business with a team from my high school :}
11/21/2010: Extending my friendship to a guy I currently don't know.
47,000 emails ago to friends and family with my new Gmail address...August 2004....
No fun for me. My inbox count is usually 0 because I use labels and I delete messages rigorously.
It would be awesome to see the emails by date, with a little calendar poping up from this button
+Gmail Well, on one search where the total results only had 150 or so results, it took about 15 seconds of flipping to the "next" page of results before getting an Oldest or Last option. However, on a couple less specific searches, when I get a "1-20 of many" on the results, it never seems to hit that end of search point and offer the Oldest or Last option. I just tried a couple that gave me the "of many" result and waited approximately 10 minutes, clicking the next option ever minute or two, and never got an Oldest/Last option nor saw a total number of results. Is there a maximum results point where it doesn't continue to finish the search and just leaves it with the "of many" tally?
Wow. That was surprisingly depressing.
Subject: Gmail is different. Here's what you need to know.

First off, welcome. And thanks for agreeing to help us test Gmail. By now you probably know the key ways in which Gmail differs from traditional webmail services. Searching instead of filing. A free gigabyte of storage. Messages displayed in context as conversations.

Gmail Team 6/16/04
Not to worry +Dave E , I cull from my archive every so often and the oldest email is from April, 2004.
I wish Google would provide a way for me to use the tar command on a bunch of emails so I can archive them on another disk. Just as I wish there were an easy way to encrypt mail. Never going to happen, I guess, since it would rob Google of the possibility to harvest from my mails.
why is not working in my gmail ?
can we have a "sort by year and month" feature?
Jun 21, 2004 Gmail is different. Here's what you need to know. - first of 374,650 (:
2011 :) Notification from Flickr. I had a major purge then. Before then it would have been about 2005.
Jun 27, 2004 - After thanking my friend for the invitation I replied: "acho q o google/orkut pertence a alguma organização que está
juntando informação sobre pessoas, seus amigos (e amigos dos amigos), suas pesquisas na net, os emails que recebe (todos 1 GB) para daqui a 10-20 anos utilzar essa info e dominar o mundo... imagina o poder..."
My first email was 'test" on 24/08/2005
11/03/2000 (I imported all email from outlook when moved to gmail) ... about some oracle client tech problem, with co-workers... long time no see.
I had a fling with Thunderbird between Outlook and Gmail :)
My oldest, The mail from the Gmail Team when opened my gmail account.
Ah, the days Gmail innovated on a monthly basis.
That's where it went..... Ok GMail developers, as I'm running out of space I need to delete space wasting mails. Is there any option in Gmail that adds a size column in the mail list or even sorts them by size?
Hey. Friends. Bored but sexy mizzing my future husband 
That's a good idea +Luis Diaz, would save having to search by attachment or image type. Mind you, it's not a problem for me cos I still have loads of space.
all emails removed what i do ?
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