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Last October, Google launched a new compose experience and an overwhelming number of you have opted to try it out. Today, that new compose is becoming the default for everyone. Over the week we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite features and sharing tips for the new compose. Learn more by reading the blog post below, and let us know your favorite features or tips for the new compose by posting in the comments!
Posted by Phil Sharp, Product Manager You are busy people, so it's no surprise that an overwhelming number of you opted to try out Gmail's faster, simpler compose experience after it launched last Oct...
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It's been great to use as it allows you to go and look at previous emails without having to save it as a draft!  
Alex Shaw
Some people never like change
I strongly dislike having compose shoved down into the lower-right corner, and I likewise dislike having my click-count doubled to compose a message center-screen where it belongs.
+Alex Shaw this isn't about change, it is about usability.
Usability is boosted with this change. I love it.
I hate the new compose... all my favorite gadget (CRM, Rapportive, boomerang) are not working with it :(
It's much easier to navigate.. Thank you Google!!!!
I don't understand why we can't make it fill the entire screen with a button, would that really be so hard?
It would be better if you could edit the subject when forwarding. 
I like the new compose as it improved usability for me. It also looks a lot better
me too i tried it for a long time i like it
i don't like that you can´t drag and drop files to attach them in the new compose design. now when you drop a file in the new compose window the pictures are uploaded into the email body, but not attached to it as it was with the classic compose design. please CONSIDER including the feature
+Nigel King You can. When forwarding, click the arrow to the left of the To field. It's a dropdown menu and has an option to Edit Subject.
I have been using this since it was launched last year in beta and have been happy with it. I'm glad to hear that it is becoming the official version. 
Zach Crum
Valiant effort; this is not a matter of "who moved the cheese". But it is a matter of how I use my computer. The little box positioned in the right hand corner of the browser window is simply too out-of-the-way. It's why I opted out when first asked to try it. I did, I didn't like it. I don't use the web-enabled chat for the same reason. I use a dual display setup, one centered on my desk, one to the right. The browser window can be anywhere on the 2624x1024 display space. So you see, a little popup in the corner makes the web interface harder to use. Please put your analysts on dual displays during the design phase if you haven't already. Thanks
+Mike Cooper-Hollis For all those people telling you to just "empty the trash"
Once you have done that, shut down and reboot your computer with kill-disk.  I would suggest seven passes.
Alternately, remove your HDD and chuck it in a casting furnace.
If the data is not stored on a drive that you physically control, then never mind. There is no way for you to ever be assured that data is gone.
Remember kiddies "Delete" doesn't wipe the data, it just removes the link.
Can't live w/out new compose. It's a huge timesaver. 
If I can get send button, formattion options...etc I mean full toolbar below of subject line & discard button on the top of the message line then it would be good as lots of emails are saving as they don't needed to be saved... & also one dedicate button for canned response as well... 
Too bad.
I don't like when I want to edit the title of message and still keep it under the same thread and it won't let me.
The previous composer allowed it (Chose "Forward" and remove the 'FWD' prefix and the mail stays under the same thread).
The old way ok but time to improve the way .. Maybe is take a little time to accept it....
+Royi Avital you still can do this. While forwarding open the little left drop down menu and click on edit subject
+Marc Thayer, Yet, If I edit the title / subject it creates a new thread.
With the previous composer I could remove the "FWD" prefix and keep the forwarded message at the same original thread. 
+Siegfried Hirsch, As I wrote above, I can edit the subject yet a new thread is created which misses all the point.
I want to remove the "FWD" prefix and keep the message under the same thread.
Easily done on the previous composer. 
Still haven't fixed the "wrong avatar" bug. The avatar shown is always your default email address's avatar, even when you are replying from an alternate email (with an alternate avatar).
New compose experience is good, but dropping one image into a window to attach it just gets it inline. :( Also, it would be great if you could rearange and resize chat and compose popups....
Gmail team, can you please fix when I drag and drop photo to go into attachment instead of body?
Yuck - have you ever tried this with a big inline image? Or tried guessing which of the recipients is in to/cc/bcc without clicking? Terrible new interface, sorry, but this is a FAIL.
One of the worst places that google has pootched this, is that the position isn't bad after you break it free of the corner, but there is no way to simply have it default to opening in the expanded position. 
This means that in order to get it to an expanded position, you first have to make a precise-click in the upper-left of your window (Compose), then a precise-click in the lower right (expand, nearly as far as possible from the last click) doubling your precise-click count to get back to "almost as good" functionality.
Total cockup, easily fixed.  Google could fix it without even requiring a new setting, simply by having the window always open in the same state as the last time you used it.  But, that would be far too easy, and has been declined.
Further, considering how much of a pissing match there was when goofle replaced all words with cryptic icons (finally grudgingly reversed) it is very annoying to see that even though I have "text" set in my preferences, I am once again stuck with icons.
Way to not learn guys and gals.
+John VanRoekel have you tried keyboard shortcut d. opens a new compose in a new tab. c just opens the inline compose. Or just Shift c
+Christian Waidner Yup.  Including myself, there are five people in my address book that map back to "John VanRoekel" (Got to love family names) so having the actual email address hidden makes emailing one of those people really annoying.
+Vaughn Cooper I have been using this since beta (day 1) and have never experienced anything strange. I'm just saying. This new version is in the right direction. We need improvements and this has worked much better for me. I'm sure, like always, if the are bugs, they'll get ironed out soon. 
Ctrl + tab to indent text while composing a message is not working.
The shortcut will launch another tab under Chrome
Not sure if ctrl + Tab
Not happy with this, the text area is so small and on the right hand of a big display, so all navigation and reading is on the top left and this little thing pops up in the lower right? Why not leave it as an optional display for those who want it?
The compose window should have an option to work on full screen, I particularly didn't like to multitask when composing emails, also the new compose will break many extensions.
+Siegfried Hirsch I have tried them, and I didn't find them hugely useful to be honest.  I actually like the fact that they are an option, I just don't feel like memorizing yet another list of keyboard commands, especially for a web-site. 
I use enough complex interfaces in both my work and personal lives, and I just want gmail (which I primarily use recreationally) to function without my having to really "work" at it. 
Memorizing lists crosses that (admittedly arbitrary) line.  Having my click-count unnecessarily doubled, drives a bulldozer over the line. 
I really don't like the fact that it is now easier for me to compose an email from work using outlook '07 then it is for me to compose one from home using gmail.  It just feels like a major step back.
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Never really got used to the new compose window, so I switched back to the old one. Not really happy about being forced to use the new one now. Hope one day will love it as much as others do! ;-)
+Chris Carr compose is the ugly red blotch on the left (as opposed to the ugly red counter of uselessness on the right)

(Edit to fix typo)
+Chris Carr "Compose" as in, to compose an email. The new pop-up system versus the original new window.
BOO! It's terrible! Especially on a 19" desktop monitor at 1660x900 resolution. BOO and DOUBLE-BOO again. Give me the old one back.
+Ian Samson you make me think of the dream from "Princess Bride" : )
While totally agreeing.
I like the fact I can see my inbox while composing, but dislike the fact all the formatting is at least 2 clicks away. I also prefer a resizable compose-window. Sometimes it's too small.
I really hate the new compose, it is  too small, I can not concentrate to write long mail, not useful, can not format email for a full screen, PLEASE let us choose between the interface !
+Gert van Vliet I totally agree.  There are some things that I do like about the new compose.  They are just overshadowed by flaws.
Having no choice to go back is useless for me as well. Knowing Google, they have a hard time listening to user feedback.
+Илья Найдов Yeah, I didn't mind being the product back when google still treated us as if we were customers.  Since they have started treating us like the product, things have been going down-hill.
Man, maybe I am just the perfect use-case but I really do not get the uproar; sorry guys. I love the new Compose, keep it up Google.
+John VanRoekel I don't think things are going downhill. Change is a good thing and Google is in my opinion the most innovative company around.
I just see some usability-issues with the new compose. But still I used the new compose all the time since it's been out and I don't want to go back. 

I hope Google will improve this version further and will continue to add new features to GMail.
+Gert van Vliet  The problem is that these useability problems were pointed out to google months ago (shortly after the beta), and rather than fix them, google has pushed the new compose out without any reply to the problems.
Change is not always good.  In-fact, when you think about implementation and re-training time (even if it is minimal) then change with out a clear advantage, is actually (nearly by definition) bad.
I fully support and strive for Improvement not Change.  it is an important distinction.
I can get used to the new compose UI.

HOWEVER, please allow us to configure the icons. 

Having block quote numerous mouse over actions away is a problem for my writing style.  If we can tailor the layout, then the new style isn't such a big deal.
Seth T
c&p images shouldn't resize (same as old compose experience)
+John VanRoekel I think I agree. Although for me the new compose is for 70% an improvement and for 30% a regression.
+Ken Files I think it's the other way around. When will Outlook support Google Apps?

For our company using Google Apps is exit Outlook.
+Valery Gulyaev short cut for quotes is [ctrl][shift]+[9]

Just learned that myself based on a similar complaint.
I believe making a Chrome extension out of the new compose feature will make it much more useful outside of Gmail.  
The new compose experience works fine, except for one feature, which is now missing: It is not possible to change the subject of a message when forwarding it or replying to it. When this is implemented, the new experience would be perfect.
+Matthias Carcasona +Hanz Geeratz "Not very intuitive"   I think that is the general theme.  

It appears the new compose contains everything the old one does except only 5 things are instantly available: 
- recipients,
- message,
- attach doc,
- discard and
- send.  

Everything else is at least a mouse over away - some many layers deep.  Makes it cleaner but discovery is reduced.
+Lance Long That is true. They should make all the submenus part of the tutorial, then I prefer the new interface, because all the most-used features are readily available and it does not look very crowded.
+Matthias Carcasona even better, Google has my entire history of email writing - use this to automatically float common tasks to the top. Best of both worlds. 
I didn't think I would like it.  Now I just assume daddy Google knows what's best.   
One thing I would really like to see fixed is the little mouseover menu. The "insert link" button is one of the ones I use most often (much more often than attaching files), and not having it there by default is a big issue.

Overall it's a great concept that's reasonably well implemented, but it has a ways to go before it's ready for this kind of roll-out. I do like the enhanced multitasking capabilities though, and those definitely outweigh the user interface flaws.
I like my emails front and center. I'd love if you would add an option to center the new window (without having to pop it out).
I opted into the trial but strongly dislike the noise/distraction of other messages in view when writing. A large, empty white space is much more conducive to concentration.

Any chance of letting the user choose which experience they prefer for such an essential function? Or (second choice, since it adds a click) a proper maximize button, in the same window. The current one needs two clicks - open new window, maximize new window.
Damn, I just checked this out on my widescreen monitor.  Horrible.  When I compose a new message all I see is the clutter of my inbox.  They just can't be serious with this one.
I tried out the new compose but went back to the "traditional" compose because I didn't like having to look at the bottom right corner of my screen when typing. I would rather have the compose window open up in the screen center by default. And I'd like it to be moveable and re-sizeable. Not happy about being forced back to the new compose. Hopefully someone will make a browser extension that can resolve this.
I`ve been using the new compose since its debut and have liked it so much more than the older page-dedicated compose/reply box. It's great for multi-tasking, and just getting the job done when it comes to e-mailing.
For me this is a definite plus on Google's part.
I really really really hate the new compose. I don't like shit popping up all over the place. I don't like my browser window trying to become an OS where I now have to manage windows within windows. The old way was perfect. Stop breaking shit.
It's really bad for consumers who use plugins like Rapportive. It kills rapportive, which is 90% of why I use gmail. If the two can work, I am all for it.
There is no option to pop out the window when replying. Other than that I like it. 
I don't like the fact it will not accept my "Font" preferences and I have to manually change them. I switched back to the original and it seems the change has made this a permanent problem for me...  :(
Email is robust. The new system turns it into a text messaging system. More hoops for the same result isn't streamlining anything.

Utterly horrid.
Another change for the noobs that screws advanced users. Just buy a fucking second monitor...
+Nick Johnson-Hill it is possible to pop out the reply box.
When the reply box is opened, there is drop down menu right before the contact name. Click the arrow and in the drop down menu you will see the option to pop out the reply box.
If you click on the "compose" button, it's because your primary objective, right now, is to write a mail to someone. It annoys the hell out of me that I always have to click on the little arrow in order to put the compose box in the centre of the screen. The box should be centred by default. - My two cents.
This is not natural at all. I am writing mail, not chatting. A mail needs a full window. All the context I need to reply to a mail is already quoted in the mail in current form. In fact, the new small window will make it difficult to see the received mail I am replying to.

In new layout, all the formatting options / canned response etc are in cascading menus which are difficult to work with.

I'm not opposed to changes; but this one is just ridiculous.
Eric Raue
The position of it is terrible for dual monitors and large monitors. I have dual monitors and my head is in front of my right monitor's left side so it's closer to the left monitor. This is idea for typing code and writing Google+ comments like this one. I have a 23" screen and it's very uncomfortable to compose emails in the far corner of my screen. At the very least give us an option to place it in the middle or left side of the screen. I'll be popping it out every time I need to write an email and I don't appreciate that.

As for the rest of the redesign, I think it hides too much just for the sake of being clean looking. My parents are lost when what they want is not visible on the screen. For example my mom was forced to the new Hotmail interface today and could not find the forward button, which is in the menu right beside the reply button. 

I was going to switch my mom to Gmail but I know she will absolutely hate this new interface. My dad already uses Gmail so he will suffer too.
Please provide settings so quotes are expanded by default and some visible way to distinguish To vs CC addressees if you're going to stay with having that section collapsed by default.
I've been using Gmail for a long time now and I've enjoyed every upgrade until this one, as others have commented, the bottom right corner is a VERY uncomfortable and unnatural location, especially on a large monitor,  I'm glad to have the 'd' shortcut but we should be able to set the default size and location, personally I would like the compose window to be much larger by default and the "pop out" feature should open a new tab (perhaps with a shift click), rather than a 1990's style floating window.  Overall I think this is a really strange design choice and a step backwards for usability.

[Edit] I see you can ctrl-click the Compose button or the "pop out" button to open in a new tab (although it doesn't switch to the new tab).
I think the problem here sounds to me like..
"Don't try to fix something that is not broken"
WTF!! Google, you've lost ALL of your cool points. I am soooooo tired of all of these changes! I don't have time to re-learn how to send email every six months. I was very happy with your original design. Almost everything you do is slowly becoming more and more unusable. What truly bothers me is that I KNOW that you don't care. Sure I can TEMPORARILY change back, but sooner or later you will force your god-awful changes down my throat. ...I wish I never got so entangled with you.  Get Bent!
Seems that I'm going back to a desktop email client. New compose will become new compost...
Awesome news! It's been tough supporting both views for us. 

+Yann Rousselot-Pailley Hi Yann - We (Boomerang!) support the new compose view. In addition to looking more beautiful than our old integration, switching to the new compose also enables our new Read Receipt feature! If you're having trouble please email us at

+Natalie Reynolds Thanks for helping folks out with Boomerang!

+Pascal Levy-Garboua The best workaround I've found for Rapportive is to open a conversation so the window appears, then focus the compose window and hover over the To: address. It should update! 
Bill Lacy
Can't stand it. Makes no sense to me. Its not natural to look to the bottom corner of the screen. Takes to many clicks to get to formatting  I am actually looking at other email options and testing out various clients because of this. 
I'm never using the new compose crap.  Thunderbird from now on I guess.
Talk about change and usability when so many people love Windows 8. Seriously. 
I like the new look and flow, what I don't like is that to cc or bc, I have to click the button cc/bc button. I should be able to tab into it.
I can't focus on just what I'm writing.  Its cluttered.
The user experience is horrible. There's no way to "scale" the window other than have it appear in a popup. I'd prefer to have more space to write an email that just the bottom right corner of the screen. At least add some sort of scaling ability or full screen option that doesn't involve a popup. And why the forced hand on switching over anyway? Is it that terrible to keep the old compose around as a preference for users?
Heh. Seems the new UI doesn't improve many's UX :P
i post a new video so read and like for you
I order the new way since it helps with seeing inbox content while composing emails. 
For those of us who don't use email like it's a Twitter feed, this change is atrocious.  I've used Gmail for years because it's interface DIDN'T suck to use.  I migrated all of my email correspondence to Gmail because I loved how functional and efficient it was. Heck, I created another email account to route my work email through because that interface was awful.  Now?  Really?  These changes hinder functionality and are not useful for those of us who need to use email to handle actual grown-up business correspondence.  Not happy that I'm going to have to find a different email client again, thanks to these changes being forced through.  Considering I also have 2 different websites that I manage through Google, as well?  This is going to be a HUGE pain in the rear.
Reply is missing the ability change the "send as" address like you can when composing a new message. This is a critical shortcoming of the new format.
+Melissa Carr Since you feel so strongly, I have to ask. How is the new UI not fit for "grown up business correspondence"? 

I can see how it promotes, simple and quick messages being said, indicative of your "twitter" reference, but what actual business related work can you no longer accomplish?

For me, it's generally the same. I can still attach large files of various types, search and organise communication into categories, sort through information, quickly and easily correspond with various people and groups of people, modify contacts and everything I used to do. It's just faster to do all of that now. 

I suppose I don't like having to pop-out the composition to get a larger writing canvas. There's an extra click there, butt yeah. 

I'm intrigued by the possibility of the new UI actually hindering your work. 
ya how is the UI marsh gosnell you are good man
I dislike like the new compose for several reasons:

1) It takes an extra click to bring up font/formatting. I use this constantly and it's an annoyance to have it hidden.

2) The indent buttons are hidden behind a menu and a sub-menu. This is ridiculous and a complete hindrance to my Gmail experience.

3) I will now have to use pop-out to get the window to a reasonable size. Some of us use email for more than one sentence responses.

4) When I drag and drop a picture in the "new" experience, it embeds it into the email body instead of as an attachment. This is beyond irritating, and may be the final straw.

I've been a heavy Gmail user since the beginning, and I've liked every change... until now.  Sorry guys, but if this isn't fixed, I'm gone.
Drag and drop picture is awful now.
How can we permanently disable this?  Or at least force it to use the old one all the time via an option?

I really DETEST the new compose window.  I mean A LOT.  The way I do email, I need the full screen real estate.  I'm seriously impacted by having such a small window.  I need the full screen real estate here.

If there was a -1 counterbalance to the +1 that G+ has for posts, I'd use it for this.
Lovely design. But your new process of attaching pictures is absolutely TERRIBLE!  The worst!  I feel like I'm back on Compuserve or something.  Old version was far simpler and superior.  

1) click on attach file
2) select file
3) file uploads and you can continue to edit email while it uploads


1) click on plus sign
2) slide cursor over
3) attempt to click on "camera" icon while trying very hard not to click on0"insert from drive" icon (I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE GOOGLE.  sneaky cats.  i am NOT uploading my pictures to your servers thank you very much.)
4) slide cursor halfway up the screen (what?) then click on "choose file" (what the f ?  we're already on step 4!!!)
5) select file
6.5) EDIT: just realized you can't select multiple pictures.  you have to select a picture, wait for it to upload, then click on file again, wait for that one to upload....seriously?!?!?!?
7) finally click okay

Gooooooogle.  HONEY. You went from a simple three step process to 7.5 steps!  That makes noooooooooooooo sense. Did you even try this before making it a default?  Were you drunk?  I know. It happens sometimes.  I get drunk and it takes me twice as long to do things.

Fix please? Okay thanks.
+Jessica Phu Uh..

"  i am NOT uploading my pictures to your servers thank you very much.)"

Yes you are - where do you think the file attachments go when you upload them to Gmail?
Aye dios, uh, mio.  You, uh, know what I meant, uh, sweetheart.  Let me, uh, rephrase that.  

3) attempt to click on "camera" icon while trying very hard not to click on "insert from drive" icon (I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE GOOGLE.  sneaky cats.  i am NOT uploading my pictures to GOOGLE DRIVE thank you very much.)

Uh, better, uh?
BUT.. You're still uploading them to Google.  If you're OK with uploading them to Google's Servers for Gmail, I fail to see the bru-haha over uploading them to them for GDrive.  They still have your files.
Oh honey.  I love how you're completely missing the point of my post.  My, eh hem, brouhaha is over the 7.5 step process of attaching a few images that I chose not to have on Google Drive.  Even if I DID want to use Google Drive, the process of attaching pictures is now more complicated.  Try it.  

It's also terrible on a large screen when I have the browser completely opened.  I have to slide my cursor all over the place.  
I also think you're missing my main point.  I agree with you on the new compose window.  It sucks.  

But the stance of uploading to one Google server, and not the other doesn't make any sense to me.
I'm going to quote another commenter here: "If I wanted to use chat, I'd use chat."  Seeing the inbox behind the tiny, unmovable, and horribly placed new compose window is a massive distraction. ("Cleaner" is hardly how I would describe this new interface).

I can understand its appeal for certain users, but for those of us who actually write letters via email, having the option of using the established version would be great.
My point was NOT server usage. I know my pictures go.  My point is I don't want to use another GOOGLE PRODUCT.  Google Drive is not a Google product I want to USE.  The new system of uploading pictures almost makes Google Drive pictures a default.
I tried the new Compose when it was introduced, and went back to the old version because I couldn't stand the new one. When I'm composing a message, I don't want to see anything but the message I'm composing. Having other email titles visible as I'm composing is an unacceptable distraction. Though it is possible to make the new Compose take up the full screen, it takes extra clicks and therefore extra time, and it requires opening in a new window. (From comments here it sounds like it can also go into a new tab, but to be honest I was too angry as I tried to make it work to thoroughly explore the options.)

If I could manually resize it and/or shift its position in the window, that would help, especially if it kept those size and position settings when I opened it next. I would still be unhappy with the change, but that would be a way for me to work with it.
google is getting arrogant and arrogant each passing day. I had been complete google guy from long time for only one reason... you let me choose what and how I want my things... now its just forcing everything on users.... you killed google reader and now this UI which most people don't like... remember +Google  think no evil !
^The new Microsoft Outlook is rather lovely.  I checked an old hotmail account recently and was shocked by the changes!   It's come a long way.  I might wind up with that, too.
This is just a small step on the road to Google's project "Babble"; The messaging client that will tie together Gmail, Gtalk, G+ Messenger, and G+ Hangouts.
I understand everyone's point about wanting to keep to the "standard" email UI, but many people are actually switching to "chat and IM" programs for short form messaging. A lot of my colleagues choose to use Facebook Messenger to send pictures to me for example since their photos are probably on their cameraphones anyway; I usually send people a link to an album in G+ thanks to the auto upload feature.
Google wants you to use Google Drive to host your attachments; it actually saves them bandwidth and saves you time if you're emailing the same files over and over again. No big deal there; I've been doing that anyway since I found out how much easier it is -- no more worrying about what version a file someone has. I just update the file, and send a quick email to the person that I've changed something and they re-download it. Job done.

As for the tiny compose window, will it kill you to click the "pop out" icon? I like how I can refer to a message thread and still be able to compose, personally...
Please do not make this mandatory. I want to have the option of using the old interface with a full screen. For writing longer emails, a small window is detrimental. Putting a new compose message in a separate window is cumbersome.

If you insist on making the new compose mandatory, please give an option to have it take up the width of the screen, like the old compose message. Writing a long message in a small window feels cramped.
I really like the new compose. It is less obstrusive
BUG: CANNED RESPONSES: for power users, once you have more than 5 canned responses you cant SAVE, DELETE, etc!!!!! 
Who on Earth thought this was a good idea? It's horrible.

Can we at least have an option so that the compose interface opens in a new window by default?
I HATE the "new compose experience".
I don't see why I'm supposed to waste 3/4 of the real estate of my screen when I'm writing a new email.

I hope someone will fix this "new compose experience" and make it full-screen. Or at least give me a button to push and make it full screen (or better, give me the option to made it full-screen by default)

I DON'T multitask when I'm writing an email.
I DON'T need to look at my inbox when I'm writing an email.
I DON'T WANT to see my inbox when I'm writing an email, and in the rare case I need, I'll simply open another inbox in another tab, but this happen only in, say, 5% of the emails I write.
In the other 95% of the email I write, I NEED ALL THE SPACE I CAN HAVE... and using 1/4 of my monitor real estate is a waste.

And, I DON'T WANT to open another browser window to have this new compose experience in full screen. Let it full screen inside the inbox!
I WANT A SINGLE browser windows, you shouldn't open new browser windows. If you really need, use a new tab instead that a new window.

Or, simply, let we use the "old compose experience", it's ok as it is.
And please, add a -1 button near the +1, so that people can express their dislike about anything.

With the +1 button your are only listening the the people that appreciate something, but in some case it's worth to listen event to the one that doesn't appreciate something.
I don't like the new compose experience, so I'll never +1 nor reshare this post, because I don't want to publicize it.

So expressing appreciation is easy, expressing not appreciation is hard, it take time, and effort.
So, please, add a -1 button
and weight the feedback you have, because a comment of not appreciation will outweigh many +1 and reshare click.
+Zach Crum As much as I am a "google fan boy" I agree with you Zach, I usually leap on updates but this one does not work for me ;-(
I run Gmail in a full screen window on a wide screen monitor, it is not acceptable to have messages forced into a tiny box in the lower-right hand side of the screen by default. If I want to chat with someone or send them a text message, I will do so. I don't need my email experience to be tweaked to match it. I've already ditched iTunes due to the dumbing-down of it's UI, and Gmail will be next if it forces me to use this.
How do I include original attachments to the email? and how do I change the subject line in a reply?
Although I like the new features, I don't like that the window is small by default.  I would like for there to be a feature to fill roughly the same amount of the screen as before.
Its horrible. Canned responses is forced into a tiny menu at the far edge of the screen (because of the ridiculous forced position) I have to mouse over twice to see the complete list. Time to try postbox
This new compose is absolute trash.  Please fix it.  What the hell are you guys smoking?
new one is really horrible.
make it optional again
Terrible!  After being a loyal Google user for close to a decade, the combination of the Reader decision and this dumbed down chat box have me questioning the value I get from the company.
So far I hate this; you say this is the new default... which implies there are other choices... can this be set back to the old way... I'

I frequently use control with a right or left arrow to move across a typed line... with this new AWFUL interface, when you do this, the screen flutters up or down a line at a time each time you advance or retreat a word... all this motion is totally unnecesary, distracting and which is literally making my stomach queasy and giving me a headache.... please please please correct this!!!
Why oh  why do they change something that works fine???? I teach Gmail to adults new to email and now I've got to re teach this!!! At least make it optional. Only for drive and Plus I'd be going elsewhere!!
I'm a firm believer in "If it ain't broke... don't fix it!" So why in the world have you destroyed a perfectly good interface with these new changes... not improvements IMO... please provide a way to decline these "improvements" and revert back to they good days of yesterday 3/28/13
Garbage. Total and complete garbage. There is absolutely no valid reason for refusing to allow the end user to keep the old format.
Just a warning: if you permanently force this new compose method on me, I will switch to a standard client and NEVER use the web client again. Thus, you will no longer be showing me ads.
Where are the settings?

I want the compose window to open in a location other than bottom left (as do very many people, according to this comment chain and the responses at earlier testing stages), and I'd rather be able to see more composition tools in the view.   

That should be a simple matter of making some changes to settings to suit what I want.   It's not complex programming, and it's basic customer service.
The new compose is much harder for me to use because it hides the From and squashes the To and Cc and Bcc together. Using the new compose means I have to do a lot more clicking to figure out what I am doing when trying to send emails.
Attachments are also a lot harder to deal with.
This is a big decrease in usability for me (and for users with accessibility issues).

I doubt anyone from Google will read this or pay attention to it anymore than they did to my previous feedback but just tossing this out here for the record.

If the old compose goes away I will have to switch to a desktop client which annoys me but at least I never have to see ads again that way. Sad to see gmail becoming worse and worse over time. It used to be the premier web based email.
I know it's hard to maintain multiple systems, but there's no reason that the compose window can't cover the whole screen.  I don't WANT more context.  I want to focus.  

I guess I'm just too old for this world already!  I'm a 27 year old graduate student in computer vision, I thought that wouldn't happen to me yet.  C'est la vie.  I guess I better find a desktop client.
My only issue with the new format is my inability to simply tab from the subject line to the message box. It seems like a simple thing to do. I can tab from the recipient line to the subject line, but I have to move my cursor over the message box to enter text. What's up with that?
Also, why in the world can't I see the email I am replying to in the text box anymore?
Why not just have this new thing be the "simple" mode for people who don't really want email but want offline IM and leave "advanced" (or normal) email functionality in place for those of us that need to use it daily like.... email.
I want a big window open when I compose email.  My email is not a chat message, and the smaller box makes my email look like such a message.  Is there a way for compose to default to the larger size window?  I'd at least be more comfortable with that.
+Justin V  The simple fact that I have to pop out a window and create a THIRD open browser is a problem.  I frequently need to alter subject lines on forwards, and having several extra steps (and once again, the whole thing getting popped out of the window it already was in, to a chat window, which I then have to pop out to a new browser) is a problem. Add in having to hunt around for the pictogram for adding attachments, etc.?  I deal almost exclusively with email for client communications, and send more than 50 emails a day, not including replies/forwards, and these are very rarely one or two sentences.  We use IM for short internal correspondences, and email for longer.  Where I am the Accounts and Billing departments for my company, I'm already short on time; having everything have even more steps to accomplish is just adding more work.  That's actually why I routed our formal email client to a Gmail address:  it's lack of streamlined functionality was creating extra work (for starters, it doesn't thread replies, and since the vast majority of my email threads end up at least 6 deep, I think you can see how that would be a problem), so I switched it to the system I knew worked well.

For my personal usage, I have the email for my personal email and both websites' emails route into one central inbox.  Same deal, I often have to write long emails for one of them, so extra steps and browsers is anything but convenient.  If I want to use chat, I will.  I prefer my email system to not be a chat window.
So continue the path of taking a useful usable product and changing it to stop people using it then kill it cause no one using it. This new compose UI is just terrible, starting to reconsider whether to keep Google apps for my domain.
I really hate the pop-up window, and the lack of easy formatting.  Let alone that it seems to be a much longer process to attach a document.  Thankfully only my personal email has been switched, when my business one is switched, I guess I will be spending some $ to get outlook up and running.   Really is not convenient to attempt to compose an email on a screen the size of my phones.
It annoyed so much I even joined Google+ just so I could post this comment.
Can you center the window, or allow the user to drag it across the bottom of the screen in addition to letting it pop out? Also, I don't like that the recipient email addresses disappear once you click outside the box, leaving only the names - this makes it hard to tell whether you've successfully linked the email addresses, or selected the correct email address for contacts who have more than one.
PLEASE do not take away the full-screen compose view.  The small window is absolutely aweful and makes gmail WAY less usable. Offer it as an option if you want, but let me keep the old option. Hell, I'll even pay to keep it the way it is.
I use Gmail mostly for the chat feature and don't really want to reopen 4 chat windows just because I want to fire off a quick email
Every day I'm trying to AVOID multitasking, especially being diverted by a new incoming message when I'm trying to concentrane on writing an important one. This is making it impossible.
Please leave the choice to user to revert to the old Compose in full-screen. 
+Anshuman Kumar for the moment you can keep the old one indeed, but a window says that this option will disappear soon. I'll resist to the very last day!
I like it... but it's your choice. And gmail usually has an old version button.. Why not this one?
(Only because I like seeing my inbox cuz I get super pissed w/o 17 emails a day xD)
200th comment YAY
I do not like it at all! It's not about change for me. It's about functionality. First of all I see no reason why Google wants you or me to see the inbox when composing a message. What purpose does that serve? Secondary to that, Gmail is one of the most popular email clients on the web. It became so because people enjoy the Gmail experience and its superior functionality.

For me, the "new" experience is convoluted whereas prior to the change my Gmail  experience had been intuitive. IMO the new inbox won't add to the legacy or good will Google has created over the years from making products that people enjoy using. I'll eventually get used to it. But getting "used to it" should be an option for and not a fiat dictated to me by Google.
The new format is great, except for one thing: it no longer allows you to attach multiple photos/files at once - in my business, I need to attach many photos to emails multiple times a day, and forcing us to click on each one individually is ridiculous. Otherwise, I love the new format, BUT I'll use the old one as long as I can just to avoid Gmail making this simple task take 10x longer than it should!!!
I don't like the new format.  I can't format my text, send BCC .  All I can do is compose.  I have a lot of groups that I correspond with in my business, in the breast cancer walk and just answering questions.  The new format is too blank and I can't find anything.  We should have the right to choose.  I loved Gmail until this change.
Oh, I found BCC right in front of my face.  The window was so small and on the right side of the page.  I was so busy trying to enlarge it when the little square was not there.  Then I got it larger, BCC and CC and any formatting options were not there.  I have a hard enough time seeing and figuring out things.  When I get use to how to use something then it changes.
To answer WHY Google is doing this, it's clear that they want everyone to use Google+ for everything, including email, and they can't integrate the existing gmail into the Google+ look and feel.  The new compose method is simply the first step in trying to force us to use Google+ for email.  I won't use Google+ for email, mostly because I refuse to use their silly chat-style window.  In essence, I think they're sacrificing gmail in favor of Google+.
+John VanRoekel icons (which i dislike) are to reduce workload for computer design and vehicle design professionals. icons on a car dashboard means one car can be sold throughout europe without needing to consider the language for each nation. icons in the computing world have the same purpose. they're lazy and make me feel like a 9 year old child. i'm a word-oriented adult. #GmailCompose
Horrible. I DON'T want to see other emails when I write--it's a lot more difficult to concentrate. Why does almighty Google insist, in the weeks to come, apparently, that we won't have a choice? Is that the spirit of Google? The internet? How is an "improvement" less space to write (on the screen) and no choice?
+Alex H Yong I understand why google wants to push icons (although the first time they tried to force them on us, they denied that the reason you give is the reason they were implementing them) I (like you) prefer to read the definite description of what the button does, rather than try to guess what the picture means.
Please do not get rid of the old compose. Having a complete, message-only compose experience is essential to writing detailed e-mails, as many of us do.
+John VanRoekel icons force me to get in touch with my inner child. i parted ways with my inner child decades ago.
+Gmail can you add an option to make the compose window fullscreen (and to set fullscreen as default)?

Also, the buttons seem too out of the way. Option to set where the toolbar is would be nice.
The real question is whether +Phil Sharp or +Alex Gawley have the stones to respond, or if they will once again hide behind "people didn't leave in droves, so they must love it."
I'm sure that even if keeping the old experience is too expensive or something, if you have the time to create an entirely new experience, you can add fullscreen and some customizability. And no, pop-out doesn't count as fullscreen. New windows and tabs are annoying.
This is a disaster for business users and shared email accounts. We rely on canned responses for every email, and hiding them under a few extra clicks wastes a ton of time. Stop removing customization options, and bring back the old compose.
for the first time since I have joined gmail, I am considering to leave it behind. why? because of this facebook-like-tiny-by-default-compose-that-i-need-to-click-everything-twice box.
HORRIBLE. If you take away the option to switch back, I will need to switch email providers, as this new thing is simply unacceptable for composing professional emails.  I need the whole screen when I'm composing longer emails.  (No, a pop-out is not acceptable.  Who wants a ton of windows open in the modern age - that's what tabs are for!)  And, the new way the "to/cc/bcc" fields are displayed is ridiculously complicated.  These are text fields that it should be easy to view and copy/paste from.  Are you maybe somehow not aware that many people need to send email to multiple people as part of their job??  I would think you'd have some concern for professional users now that you're pushing this as a paid service for corporations/universities to switch their email over to.

I'm sure some like this new format, so just offer two options.  Don't force everyone into something that is simply not going to work for most people who use email for work as opposed to just chatting with friends.
+James Sumners I wonder if anyone at Google is going to bother actually tracking the lost ad revenue from all the people who say to hell with this and start using something else.

Hey, Googs, if I wanted to use a grawlixing chat window to convey information, I would use a chat program to chat with people. Not being twelve years old, I would prefer to send an email, thank you, it's why I opened an email program.
The new compose and reply window is HORRIBLE.  Kinda hope someone gets fired for (1) thinking this was a good idea (2) actually moving it into production, and (3) forcing everyone to use it.  Seems like one more great reason to look for a new email service.
Yet another horrible change.  Why does it seem that no web or computer company is able to come up with a change that's an actual IMPROVEMENT?  I stayed with Gmail after the previous changes to the layout mainly because of the Stylish userstyle that restored the old look and functionality.  Hopefully someone can do the same for this turd.
Thanks +Marc Thayer I've been using it since it was first released and I've never spotted that little arrow.
This new compose experience is a nightmare.  I want the old compose/reply back.  I use GMail in my business and on my android phone.  If I want to send a short message to someone, then I will sent a text!  Google is making a huge mistake by making this the default.  Looks like I will spend the weekend searching for an alternative to GMail. Google is taking away choice and it looks like I have a choice to make!  Goodbye GMail!
I have avoided the new compose because I rely so heavily on subject line auto complete. Can we have this back please?
Hate it, hate that I won't have a choice about it for much longer.  I don't like having the formatting buttons hidden for one thing, as I use things like bullets, hyperlinking and italics a lot. 

Also, why does a sophisticated program like gmail still not have a way to turn off automatic quoting?  This clogs up every email list I'm on (yes, some of us still use those), as nobody with a gmail address takes the time to trim their posts.  And my signature automatically gets put at the very end of three pages of quoted text. Someone please tell me there's a setting somewhere that will let me turn it off.
Who thought it would be a good idea to write emails in a popup dialog box the size of a postage stamp?
Don't be like "Facebook".  If it's not broken, don't fix it.  It was fine the way it was.
The old compose was efficient, quick, and allowed you to access every tool you needed without having to navigate extra steps and buttons. The new one may be quick, but its tool use is far less efficient and the format is distracting
I PROFOUNDLY hate this. I have used gmail since 2006 and love it. This is an absolutely enraging change though. I'm just gonna wait for someone to develop and add on hack so I don't have to deal with this BS tiny window. At least give us an option!!!!!
The "new way" is extremely annoying, especially since it suddenly appeared last night when I was trying to  reply to a posting from a friend. Very frustrating. Us old people need the simplest way to correspond with our friends and we need fewer distractions and larger windows. Plus, I am very bad at multi-tasking. I left Firefox because it became too complex. I expect that I will be leaving Google very soon and canceling my gmail account. This will be a major pain because gmail has been my default email program for many years.
I have been using the new compose window since it first came out as an option months ago. It took a day or so to get used to but now I love it. It is so nice to be able to still have my main email screen available for viewing in the background, and to have several compose windows open at once if needed.
I also find it extremely frustrating. Not being able to drag+drop files for attachment (as opposed to including in the body) or see who I'm writing to wastes lots of time.
I'm not sure why I need to see my inbox while composing a message. Any message I would want to reply to I would see. I don't need to look at my inbox at the same time.
Also, if I wanted a "chat style" e-mail, I would go back to AIM.
I want to be able to full screen it, so I know what the e-mail will look like when received. I hate things shoved down in corners like that! Why revamp something that worked just fine before? Opting out for as long as I can!
I have no desire to multi-task and read the subject lines of other e-mails while composing an e-mail to someone else. The lower right corner orientation is annoying/oddly placed, and it's frustrating that it doesn't show all the formatting along the top. It's also annoying having to do several clicks to get it to be a pop out. Pop up windows are also frustrating.  First you announce you're cutting Reader, and now this...?   I already have to find another RSS; soon it seems I may need to find an alternative e-mail provider. 
I have a suggestion. Let's all copy our comments in this thread and paste them on Phil's page on his "GMAIL" post. ( He really needs to know and understand how much the new GMAIL compose feature sucks. Hopefully his ego is smaller than his ability to utilize common sense and leave the compose feature alone...or maybe Larry will see our comments and kick Phil to the curb for his utter lack of foward thinking in designing something that most of GMAIL loyal and used-to-be happy users abhor.
Anytime you want to look at your inbox while composing a message, all you have to do is open the inbox in a new tab.  For me at least, that's pretty rare, but I do do it, and when I do I often need to search through my messages etc.  It's a vastly better solution than this idiocy.
I see how this would be useful for some folks but I prefer a full screen for writing emails. At first glance I expected that the new compose window could be moved from the bottom right corner and expanded in size, I was amazed that neither is possible.  Seems there's still some improvements that need to be made so that this new feature can be tweaked to suit everyone. Until then could you please keep the option to switch back to the old version?
+Heru Ammen what's funny is Phil's blog post says "If you're already using the the new compose experience, you've probably noticed it's gotten a lot of upgrades over the last few months, from a new way to send files with Google Drive to much-requested features like pop-out replies." The 'much-requested' part makes me laugh. Anyway. I followed you on Twitter. anyone who'd wanna shove a reply to someone off to the side (literally) probably doesn't think much of you, or maybe they think you're lucky to even get a reply from them
Please make permanent the option to use the old way.
This new compose is absolute trash.  Please fix it.  What the hell are you guys smoking? 
It's horrible, difficult to use, and pop-up is for the begginers of IT... 

I move to because Microsoft seems to know what really is important to any company: the client feed-back. 
So, wee meet at 
This is a terrible UI change.  Why make it fixed size and position?  I use a desktop machine, like most people still do, not a tablet to struggle typing an email into.

Multi-tasking? Show me one user who can type into two emails at a time.  Draft is fine for me to go back to longer emails.

Layering? This is now a desktop style application with tabs and scroll bars inside a browser window with tabs and scrolls bars on a desktop.  What is wrong with the scroll bar provided by the browser?

Changes for changes sake make for poor UIs and bloatware.  I have moved to since google search has been bloated to the point of noisy uselessness.  I am beginning to feel like gmail is going the same way...
For me the new view is actually quite alright, since I don't use any of the incompatible third party plugins, or any special formatting except bold or italic, so easy access to this is pretty much irrelevant for me. At the same time it gives me the option of more easily navigating through emails while composing new messages, which is useful when information from multiple emails is needed.
No, No, No.  Do not make this the default.  You will drive me to MS Outlook.  Your small screen is a horrible idea.  You will lose me permanently if you make this mandatory.  The tiny screen is awful.
I've tried it and was immediately frustrated by how there are more steps required to do something (such as insert a link) when before all that was needed was one step. The new gmail is less user friendly. Less intuitive. The icons are too dark to see clearly, and they don't spring out at me as meaning "this is the one to use!" 

This is gmail now:  "for adding a link which you USED to be able to do by a simple copy/paste, NOW you have to do another step and click on this bloody icon which makes no intuitive sense by its image which will then make the link icon appear (because it's not even there to start)  and which you can't even see because there isn't enough contrast between background and foreground.  Oh, and the page is now tiny and in order to make it bigger you have to - guess what, click on something! - which won't make it as big as before either! Whereas before it was fine and with NO clicking necessary. AND, there's no way to change the subject line when replying to someone anymore. Have fun!"
+Gmail I agree. Very good observations.. I hope someone do something.... 
Very much dislike the new compose for all the reasons given by others. Primarily less intuitive, more steps and above all location. I live in email. This is not an improvement. Like others have said I will be looking to another client when this is forced on us. Don't be evil.
just so you know. i'd pay actual money to not have this improvement forced on me
I can't figure out how to use the canned response in the new version.  Help!
I hate the new compose.  PLEASE allow all of us who don't want the new version to stay with the old version.  Come on, be customer-friendly.  Pretty please?
I do not like the new compose.  Small window.  Also, cannot use blank canvas add on to customize signatures for different email address.  If you want the new compose, make it an OPTION.  The old version should still be an option for those  of us who  prefer it.  This should be permanent and not temporary.  The new version is a step backward in my opinion.
The new compose popout is a really bad user experience. I opted out when it first was offered at the end of last year, and I have opted out again now that it is the default. Unfortunately, Google says this latest opt-out will only be a temporary option, and then the new compose popout will be forced down our throats. DO NOT LIKE. Way too small of a compose box; I don't need to see my inbox while I'm composing; Lower-right location is horrendous. Please provide PERMANENT ability to opt-out of the new compose popout.
Please, please make it optional. Some people like it, and I respect that.

However I do not.
I love Gmail. I swear by it and recommend it to everybody I work with, hang out with, make an account with- everyone...
But I, for one, will switch if this change is enforced.

I don't need the box to expand while I type, I don't need cute little icons, I don't need to see my inbox while I write, or minimise mid-typing (what was wrong with just switching tabs?)... I want a nice simple interface with a clear window, clear options, drag and drop functions and nicely-sized text and buttons. My nan could use the old Gmail, and that's the way I like it.

All this fussing about will really rustle my jimmies...

Plus it's ugly as hell.
I agree. The new compose is simply awful. Google should consider making it optional or risk losing people. 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE retain the option to NOT use this feature! Why must we use this? Why does Google insist on dictating to us how we must use these products? What is to be gained? Why won't you let us opt out of this??? PLEASE fix this. I hate it.
But this new 'reply' format foisted on us is surely broken?  Whatever I do I can't get rid of the body of the old e-mail; it hides there as 'trimmed text' under the ellipsis at the bottom of the reply text area.  In fact, if I expand the trimmed text by clicking on the ellipsis, then delete or amend that text ... another ellipsis materialises underneath.  My first test reply message had six copies of the old message before I realised that Gmail simply wouldn't allow the old text to be deleted?!

This, then, means that we are being forced to top-post?  That's abominable.  Top/Bottom posting is something of a religious fundamental when it comes to e-mail message formatting ... I simply refuse to use a product that dictates how I must format my e-mail replies.
I do use the formatting toolbar a lot especially to emphasize what I mean. Fonts, bullets and numbering are so important for me. I find the minimalist approach with the toolbars to be to un-intuitive to me since it takes too many clicks just to indent/outdent, or to make bullets/blockquotes. I have opted to choose a fixed-width font as default and plain text as format since I can format my thoughts better  and faster with ascii characters than using your buttons. I'm even wishing for Gmail to allow Markdown formatting and I'll be very happy.

Please put the buttons back to a one-click position or you could allow users to customize the buttons or you could simply apply a markdown filter.
Everything Kyle Bottorff said. Can't use small screen to compose messages, need full screen. If this "change" isn't corrected, I'll have to go back to Outlook.
A poor solution to enable reviewing old emails. Its made it very incontinent to compose a response.
Do you see what you've done here, Google? People are switching to using Outlook. That is how terrible this update is.
+jmf reiss You can always set up GMail to forward to another address (at least until they take that option away in favor of a "new experience"), then set the reply-to on that account to your GMail address -- to your recipients everything will look the same, but you'll be using another service and saving yourself some headache!
+S Brodie I pissed myself too when I saw this new change! ;)
+Michael Hensley It's too bad I can't give this comment more than one +1.  I'd buy you a drink for your comment, sir.  Facebook f***ed over their users in the name of "new user experience(s)", and it looks like some crack fiend at +Gmail thinks this is a good idea.
Do not make this a permanent switch. Allow us to use the older compose. Because the new compose is f**cking annoying.
This new reply makes my eyes bleed. It's grotesque on a large widescreen monitor. Please allow us to opt out or at least resize and reposition the reply window!
+Jesse Jones
Doin' that the moment this crap goes mandatory.

Sorry/Not Sorry about the loss of pageviews for your banner ads, Google.
+Brad Rosser
 I have no problems editing the quoted text, replying within it, or deleting it altogether.  That said, it's still an extra click when you almost always need to see at least the last message you're replying to.
Hate it. It would be one thing to give us a choice, but forcing this pop up compose is intolerable. The page is too busy and it distracts me from focusing on the email I'm trying to write. There's a benefit in having it take up the entire screen for some people. If this becomes permanent with no option to revert to the full screen version, then I'm bouncing over to hotmail. 
The real issue is, I just don't understand what Google's motivation is with this.  If it somehow made them more money, I could understand how they could justify saying "screw the users, we're gonna do it this way".  But I don't see any way that it does.  Which would mean that they're either 1) making changes for the sake of change, even though it's a downgrade, or 2) deliberately shooting themselves in the foot.  Neither reflects well on Google.
BTW, you can still (for the time being) revert it: go to the little "more options" button on the bottom left, and one of the options is to revert to the old way. It says it will be going away permanently soon though.
I don't like the new composer at all. Requires too many clicks to get what I need. By default it opens 5x5 pixel area for writing, so first I must click to open it in new window, then I must resize the window, then click to get the full compose toolbar.... Terrible design.
+Karl Magnacca
They're doing it so that they can have one format across every product they offer, and the inevitable result of that is everything being optimized for use on a smart phone. If you're wondering why every new change they make seems designed to appeal to a teenager sending IMs and chatting in class... that's because it is.
well I tried the box for composing, i prefer the old way,not everyone is computer literate, the old way was easy , you young people dont think about the older generation, I want my old gmail back fuckwits
better still I go back to yahoo
The problem I have with new Compose is that on my laptop I lose the toolbar at the bottom - including the send bar - as soon as I type in an address.  Yes, I can click Ctr-Enter, but clicking the Send button directly was a lot easier.  Also, lose ability to make other changes to the outgoing email.  At some point, I'll just find a new way to send emails that is not Google.
It would be interesting to see the statistics of the X million "Active"  GMail users who;
1. Tried it out when first released, but immediately switched back
2. Tried it out when first released and kept it
3. Immediately switched back from the "Forced Update"
4. Couldn't figure out how to switch back

If I was paying for GMail, I would be demanding that I had the choice of the new or old version.  The full page of the old version suits the way that I work with email - single tasking.  If I want to refer back to email I open another browser Window - Yes you can open GMail more than once on the same computer!

Google would have learnt a lot if they included a simple "feedback" link on the new compose box whilst it was in development. A feedback form with "Like, Neutral and Dislike" options, plus a space to write how you would improve it.  If a Neutral/Dislike is selected, I would expect a case number to be assigned to my comments, so that at least I would feel as if I had been involved in the process.

In time I will get used to it, but there are better ways of introducing  change (e.g. update the old compose to look like the new one, changing elements every few weeks).

Henry Ford once said "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black"
- Wake up Google! - It's a technicolor world out there!
Be sure it will apear soon a browser extension if Google don't give a fuck about us, gmail clients..
It is your product. Even though you are courteous enough to ask for opinions, you anyway go ahead with the changes you desire and impose them upon us (Refer to Google Reader). The only thing we can do is either adapt or migrate.
Horrible. Please let us resize that horrid little box to at least emulate the old version of gmail, or let to pop out window retain its size and position after you close it. I don't mind change, but I use Gmail on a PC, not on a tablet or smart phone, so this change is just plain bad.
I've got a great idea for a new feature.  Why not open emails to view in the same way that the new Compose "feature" does.  That will save a stack of time and we will all be able to see all those other emails we need to refer back to, allowing;

*multitasking (oh wait this wouldn't apply to me as I'm male)
*minimise the message to the bottom of the screen so that you can come back to it later,
*tear it off, so that you can put that message on a separate screen.

This lovely new feature rich environment will be amazing, oh wait, doesn't M$ Outlook do this?  Now I remember why I switched away from Outlook! Keep it Simple Stupid!
Loathe it. I will be looking for something else.
Make the box a bit wider, and probably more people will like it.
this is good for networking but inefficient for formal composing
Some of my messages are really long. It feels odd to compose a message off to the side as if it were not important.  It is the primary content.
What is the reason for removing functionality that some people prefer? I don't care for the new compose window, and I HATE that I don't get a choice to continue using the old method. This is the strategy that Facebook has used, and it has caused their downfall.
The new compose window is really bad and you should feel bad for forcing it on users.
Babs Lee
such a small window. and sometimes i have rather long emails. not everything can fit in the small window. i don't care what's happening in my inbox while im typing a note.   additionally, i hate the format buttons are super buried - i don't think google wants us to format our emails anymore.  i think google wants us to limit our emails to 160 characters.

give people the option to chose whether they want this or not.  
I've given the new compose a go and I agree, it's more suited to short, sharp messages.  The problem is, they're the exception rather than the rule for my email coms.  I don't need to watch emails come into my inbox while I reply and I'm sure others will agree.  I need formatting at hand, not buried. 

Default? Sure.  Not letting me use the old method?  Not great service.

On the hunt for alternatives for my customers now.
Hate this.  The cc and bcc fields vanish so I can't use it at all.  I'lll have to find a new email system.  Damn you
I also hate that the cc and bcc fields vanish along with the formatting options. It slows me down to have to click several times to get these functions when before I could just use them immediately.

But much worse is that when my keyboard input is not accepted... I keep trying to type but nothing appears in the compose window.
Please give me the option to use the old layout permanently.
It's awful. Who wants to compose their message in the lower right hand corner of their screen. Surely the people at Google know that's the last place on the screen your eyes go. I get the desire for some multi-tasking, but this is a very poor way to implement it. If I want to look at something else while writing an email, I open a new tab. It's not that difficult. Putting so many parts within one browser tab just ends up being a mess. And any speed advantage of the new compose window is instantly lost any time a user wants to include a CC or BCC, or use any formatting options. We have instant messengers and texts for short, quick messages. Let us use those rather than dumbing down our email. 
This is only good for quick, informal emails. I thought Google was trying to attract more professionals and business to the company's suite of services. There is no way I'm using this to craft emails to other professionals. This might be OK if, when you expanded the "chat" window, a full-screen window, with full formatting tools would come up. But that's not what happens.

I really liked the last round of changes to Gmail, but this is silly. Please give us the option to switch the new compose on or off. It's useful as an option -- even as the default -- but it's terrible as the only method to compose.

I will look for extensions or move to Thunderbird or even Outlook if this is how it's going to be. I won't use this on a daily basis.
Been using Gmail happily for 8 years. New Compose is by far the worst decision you've ever made. Between this and Reader, not a good week for Google.
Not happy with the new compose mode. Want the old compose mode back. Why can't the new compose mode be made optional?

Why should somebody decide what is best for everybody?
For years I have been getting emails forwarded to me that contain confidential information.  The reason is Outlook, and this guy has the same name, so he thinks he is forwarding it to his other account when he is forwarding it to me.  And that is the main reason I hate this new compose mode.  It displays the name and not the email address, so I can't see who is addressed in the TO: CC: or BCC: fields.   

I want the old compose mode, or add an option to ALWAYS DISPLAY THE EMAIL ADDRESS and name!
I am not a google fan, after closure of Reader I am not even considering myself a loyal user of google products any more. However, I am quiet satisfied with the new +Gmail design. For those who complain, have you seriously & genuinely give a try?
For example:
1) want a re-sizable window?  try shift+c
2) need attraction-free full-screen compose window? try pressing d
3) navigate among different chat and compose tabs? try ctrl+, and ctrl+.
I appreciate what +Gmail +Phil Sharp have done. One could never satisfy the whole world, you guys have to live with that in mind.....
Joe Chang
I am disappointed Gmail has switched over to their new Compose feature. Composing an email is one of the most common/primary use cases for using Gmail and I think they've taken a major step back in the user experience. Reasons I do not like it include:

- Having the rest of your inbox in the background and other pop-ups along the bottom creates a lot more visual clutter and distracts from the primary task - write an email.
- Treating email compose like another pop-up similar to chat dialogs and the task pop-up causes confusion and makes it hard to find the pop-up you're looking for. If more than 2-3 pop-ups are open, things get lost very easily.
- Instead of the primary task being front and center, its now de-emphasized to the bottom right or left or wherever it ends up depending on how many pop-ups are open.
- Available space for composing your email is reduced dramatically making you feel constrained, and making it difficult to compose more lengthy/complex emails. Although you can pop into a separate browser window, its an extra step I don't want to do every time.
- Inconsistent with behavior for replying to an email, which is still inline.
- Pop-ups of various sizes jumping around inside the Gmail window causes unpredictable behavior.

Composing an email is something people do every day, often multiple times a day. It should be simple and quick. The new Gmail compose introduces unnecessary complexity that really adds no value. There are obviously numerous other threads expressing the same viewpoint and I hope someone from the Gmail team will seriously re-consider this feature.
I can't make paragraphs.  In fact I can't see more than one line at  a time and that one runs off out of the narrow little message box.  What were you thinking of?
Emails are not chats. When you write an email why do you make people turn and fix their heads to look at the corner??? Writing an email takes longer than a few seconds as in chats. I have never seen any software as bad as this? If Google want to make the change appealing why not make a light box popup in the center instead? You do not even need to look at other things while writing an email. Making a change just for the sake of making changes.
I wanted to chime in with those who would like the old compose settings to remain as an option. I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I find it very awkward to have a right-aligned compose box that I can't resize or reorient without opening a new window. The idea of allowing users to view other e-mails isn't terrible, but I really do not care for the execution. I also don't care for not having single click access to all the formatting and other options. It wouldn't be as bad if I could resize it or move it within the original Gmail window. For some reason having it over on the right really rubs me the wrong way. I've never liked that with Gtalk and I especially don't like it when I have to write something longer than a quick message. Thanks.
The biggest problem is that google has made it clear in the past (around the time of the last major redesign) that they program specifically to make things easy for the "ubur-user" not for the "Average-user"  Which means that these new changes are probably a radical improvement for about 5% of their use base, and a crock-up for the rest of us. 
This design philosophy would be like if Ford had the interior and control layout for a family car made to the exact specs of Formula-1 Cramped, difficult to get in and out of, and with a totally different set of controls and indicators.
I totally agree with giving ubur-users support, but don't force the rest of us to play that game.
I like my old system of composing emails, I would like it back please, you havent even given me a choice, just made it happen, typical of the younger generation in management positions, well at least I can always go back to yahoo. stick the new system where the sun dont shine
The good news is that we have voted overwhelmingly in opposition to the majority of the change.
The bad news is that this is not a democracy.
Eric H
The new compose is terrible for the same reason that google search has gotten worse in recent years: tasks that used to take zero to one click now take many more. No longer can you see which email address you are replying to without clicking. No longer can you change formatting without an extra click.

More clicks = wasted time. In an effort to make more streamlined interfaces, you are reducing the usability of all of your products.
+Eric Hoppmann the bitch is that google is focusing on visual streamlining rather than workflow streamlining.  The ultimate triumph of form over function.
I switched back to the old way (albeit temporarily according to Google).  I don't like having to look down into the small popup window in the corner to reply to an email.  I have no use for viewing other emails while I'm focused on sending an email.  Either make the new window full screen or at least put it in the center of the screen and allow me to resize it!  Usabilty is the issue here.  You've made it more difficult to USE gmail, not the right direction to go.  Hopefully the feedback on here makes it to the right person who can actually do something about it AND chooses to listen to the users.
What a train-wreck!  How on earth is a tiny compose box in the bottom right of the screen a usability improvement??
Phil Sharp: Since you are responsible for this and asking for our feedback, will you actually respond to the overwhelming feedback that is pointing out some serious usability flaws in this redesign?
My father definitely don't like this change. As an old timer he doesn't need minimalist or new age approaches, he liked the old Gmail just fine.
A bit of very old news on this, but important I think.  When the beta of this first rolled, +Jason Cornwell (a google employee) gave us a bit of insight when he stated that the new compose was designed to "subtly encourage people to write shorter messages" *
Which is effectively the same as saying that it is designed to "subtly discourage people from writing longer messages"
So, if you find the new compose difficult to write on.  Congratulations, google intentionally designed this to be harder to use for actual email length messages.  In effect, rather than attempting to engineer good email, they are trying to break email to get us to use chat.
Serious dick-move guys.

I can see how the new compose can be useful in regards to productivity, but it's not always preferable. Sometimes I really want to just to focus on what I'm writing, and forcing the new composed email into the corner is not helpful in this regard.

I don't quite understand why I'm being forced to do this. Surely it would not be difficult for users to retain the old method, or be able to switch between the two different methods.

While it is sometimes useful for companies to force its users to adopt to change, this is not one I think is all that necessary. Please bring back the old compose, at least as a permanent option, or I may be switching back to Hotmail/Outlook after using gmail as my primary account for 6 years or so.
I use a 28inch monitor.  I don't want the new compose window to be shoved down in the lower right hand corner.  
+John VanRoekel or maybe shorter emails might mean faster reading/analysis of our emails (by google) And re: your comment of form over function, well it's more like function over function. google's function is more important than ours.
I am NOT a multitasker, and I don't like being distracted by bunches of needless garbage.  I know who I'm writing emails to, and I know what I'm writing emails about, so I don't need to float around in a tiny box while being reminded of these things.  I would like to write what I came to write with NO distraction.  Where is my option for that?  

This new feature is playing the role of an overly attentive, but still unwanted and unneeded, personal assistant.  She works really hard, but only gets in the way, and keeps herself employed by hiding all my things so that I can never fire her.  Horrible.
+Alex H Yong You may be correct.  That would probably cross the "don't be evil" line (it would definitely cross the "Don't be dicks" line) , but you may be correct.
dislike. it looks like a chat window in the far corner of my screen. i want the old compose back. if the "expanded" version was default, it would be way better, but right now... ew.
+Danielle Schoeck even expanded, i'd be disgusted. well it's the forcing that's disgusting. the not having a choice.
The new compose method is absolutely useless. Phil Sharp is an idiot who will soon be looking for a job.
Dumbing it down, aren't we?

I am happy to pay money for the following extension / 'feature removal':
- remove the idiotic 'chat as mail!!!' feature and resize the box to something usable
- show cc and bcc alway
- switch the buttons to the top of the message

If more can be done, please tell me.

I have been a loyal Gmail user since 2004. Android user as well. By trade, I am a published author and teach people on how to use this stuff. Gmail has been my "no questions asked" recommendation for anybody who needed mail. Not anymore.

I do not want a small window of 40% for composing mails. I want the full width and size as before. And not in an extra pop up window which is as small sized but as a normal part of my workflow. I do not even want to have that as a new tab. I am a grown woman who has learned to keep an attention span of more than three seconds and knows how to use extra tabs and search if I ever need to have additional information.

I also would like the speed of loading mails of the old interface back, thanks. And why see the stuff you are actually responding to? What is another click the rest of the message ... referencing points is only something for the clever minded ones, and as we are in the tracks for dumbing stuff down to twitter level, this would only distract. What is next, removing the keyboard short cuts because it actually makes you productive?  As I frequently work in teams, I need to see if somebody got a cc.

Using the toolbar for formatting always has been a pain in the ass because it is so much work, reducing it even more to make it less available is supposed to be a good thing? Who needs indent? Quote? oh, only people who use mail as a productive tool.

The only 'advantage'? finally I can use send from wherever I am in the text. But hei, why make that something sticky at the top, where it would stay all the time and be a fixed point to quickly and efficiently click on? Nooohoo, can't have that. Has to be a moving target at the bottom.

Is it 'prettier'? Sure, much cleaner. Is it more usable? Yes, as usuable as the kindle app is for people who only read three books a year, only in serialized form and have not other need beyond just reading it one by one.
Too many additional keystrokes for the many emails I must send and read daily. The "most people write short emails" works fine for simple topics, but what about the 25% or so of my emails whic are not "simple topics."

Nicole hits about every point I could make, so I won't re-state; but please keep more of the features of the "old" Gmail compose.
Go back to the old way! Been using Gmail for many years to manage multiple email addresses and this is the first time in all that time that I've actually considered changing to something else.

Faster is not always better. Sure, streamline it a bit. But do you have to hide the formatting bar? How is that helping?

Also, don't nanny me into making shorter messages. You're supposed to facilitate my communication by passing it on, not attempting to abbreviate it.

What would be wrong with just making the new Compose an option vs a permanent feature?
Some changes dont come for good. This is a great example.

New composer has very bad design and takes twice the work to get something done.

Plus some plugins and apps dont work at all with the new feature.
+Hans Eisenman mainting two versions is highly difficult.

What upsets me - and I assume every other professional user - is not the change, but that the changes made are not made in itself options like you properly would do.

Make it a popout as default instead of using the full screen? Sure, make that the default toggle in the settings where we can set 'full screen'.

Hide the formatting options to make it easier? Sure, make it a toggle in the settings to have it shown yes now. I am guessing that people who do mind the small screen are the same ones complainig about getting rid of the formatting options.

Hide by default cc and bcc for everybody who does not want to see it? Sounds reasonable to me for many users - but there is not a fricking reason not to have an option in settings to have it always on or of.

This is the complaint. Instead of making it options, it is taking away because some kids cannot use mail. In the older days, that was called expert mode, it was highly hidden, but reachable for anybody who wanted to have it. It left the people not yet there in using the tools at the level they could take (like having bigger fonts and simpler wording on first grade reading books) and everybody else was able to make full use of the fetures available.
If I wanted to send a chat message to someone, I would. This is awful. 
This is single worst mistake I have seen from Google. I use my gmail account for both business and personal use, so I am actively composing and reading in my email account for up to 18 hours per day (I know, "get a life"). I am in favor of fixing things when they don't work. But these changes are not improvements. They show less information at a time, move it off center, and require more clicks of the mouse to get the job done. Try changing the subject line on a reply all email for instance. I switched to gmail when it first came out because it was intuitive and made it easier to accomplish what I wanted to do. These changes make it more time consuming. So what if the old compose window takes up screen space? When I am emailing I want to see my email. That is the point. I like to see all the information available to me, not have it hidden a mouse click or more away. I'm not a fan of Outlook but it's a lot better than the new gmail compose. And when Microsoft outperforms Google you know somebody at Google has screwed up big time. I can't shout loud enough: Don't force this change on loyal users! Make it optional, sure. But let us choose. If you force it on us without a choice, I am going to exercise my choice to use another email program. It reminds me of the new Coke debacle when Coke tried to be more like Pepsi. That took Coca Cola years to recover from. Google don't make that mistake. Email is not chat or Facebook. It's a productivity tool. Give us the option to retain the features that make us productive.
I thought the Hotmail to Outlook evolution was bad, but the new Gmail experience is so much worse! Would have expected more from the Google team in terms of UI, functionality, and intuitiveness. As Gmail is now forcing this on its users, I guess my "default" will be to switch email clients.
I appreciate that you are trying new things all the time, Google - it's how you've gotten better. (I am a user who processes around 100 emails/day.) 

However, I really feel this needs a lot of tweaking before you roll it out and won't be very good for your new users - it's far less intuitive than the older version.

I'll skip what I don't like, it's all been mentioned above.  Here's my suggestion - give people some "option" settings for how they like the new compose window to address the many shortcomings we've noted to date, such as:

-An option of "small, medium, large" for the compose window size

-An option to have controls (formatting, attachment, etc) show up fully, OR come from a dropdown list - your "streamline" approach is click-intensive and slows things down, even once I've learned where it all is

-An option on what drag-and-dropping attachments will do.  PDF and spreadsheets drag-and-drop into attachments just fine, but JPGs dragged in now embed, rather than attach - not useful for me, slows things down as I have to use "attach" option now

-An option to "open compose in new tab" rather than "pop-out" - "pop out" anything drives me nuts.  (This is just a personal thing, but I use tabs in a browser like items on my desk - I know the job's done when they are gone and I don't like having them hiding under my primary workspace.)

I like the inclusion of a couple of things -the "drive" and "invitation" buttons are nice, so thank you - but overall, today was a very frustrating day even once I go the hang of it.  I'm giving it another day, then switching back to the "old" until I'm forced over (hopefully you'll have addressed some of the many issues raised by your user/fan base by then.)
New compose ducks. Sucks also, thanks autocorrect.

Q: How can I choose more than one mail at a time in gmail app on android?
I mean like in a browser; click first one, hold shift & click the last one in range.
New compose is lame.  Give users the choice of continuing.  

Problems with it:  It's not intuitive.  Instead of easy-to-understand labeled boxes and buttons, it's just symbols.  If I wanted incomprehensible symbols that are specific to a single app, I'd use Microsoft Office shit.

But the biggest problem is that the window pops up in a single place, whether that's how we use the computer or not.  Yeah, we can make it pop into a separate window, but why should I have to?  The old compose experience is better, because it comes up right where everything ELSE in my browser comes up.

The new compose window looks like the kind of thing that some guy designed because that's how HE uses the computer and figures everyone else will want to use it that way.

Quit being evil, Google.
Once something has been developed, that cost is already paid.  Leave both options available.  Don't be like Microsoft and force everyone to a new style which is less effective in measurable ways.  Provide alternatives and CHOICE.  You won't hear users complain or see any leave if they have the choice to do it their way. And by the way, Hotmail just forced users to a new view and I know people who came to Gmail after years there as a result of that.

I personally like a large window format with all the buttons similar to typing a document in any office program.  I don't mind scrolling down when I need to see the past emails, although I can also open a second window if I really need to do that (easy fix and even more powerful with multiple monitors).  I can do the same to create multiple emails at once, or I can just save a draft and go back in no time at all.  So what do I gain for losing all the easily and clearly available options the old view presented? 
+Alex H Yong Yes, leave both options available.

Where are the canned signature options?  I cannot locate them anywhere.  I am ready to go to Outlook.
I want my old gmail back as it was 
well, looks like I am moving back to traditional email clients if Google is making the new compose permanent.
Why is it so hard to allow people to choose? Personally I Hate the new compose way down right of my screen. And having to use all kinds of workarounds is stupid. Bad move, gmail.
Sorry, no. Tried it in Opera on my Mac and it just didn't work. Lost the cursor, couldn't get it to reappear, and had no idea where next item would show up. Switched back to "old" Compose (which has its own issues).
Opera Version 12.14 Build 1738 Platform Mac OS X System 10.8.2
The new composer window is way too small. I hate it. Especially on large screens ( > 20 inch) its too far right to be usable). I would like to choose between the old and new style in the settings. Thanks!
Why does it have to be in the bottom right corner of my screen? I don't care about the changes other than it's not front and center where I need my compose windows to be. ARGH!!!
+Jon Bonner I totally agree with you. The worst mistake was making it NOT configurable in size and position. And using a popup is like using animated gifs for emotions. Feels like 1999...
"1999"? How about 1989? Very retrogressive step.
New compose bites, I don't like the auto right hand feature, how about making the default the middle?? I can deal with the stupid popup window but when I go into drafts and open a draft, the pop up edge ends up being behind the settings cog and totally unusable, have to reload gmail totally to get the window to go away. Please fix, I use drafts a lot and this makes it completely useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Heather Turner +Richard Raue I agree 100%. At least if they made the new compose window come up in the center of the browser window, I could live with the other changes. I don't want to have to kink my neck trying to look to the bottom corner of the screen. I mean, replies still show up basically in the center of the browser window, why can't the compose new message window do the same?
Let me list the ways that this 'upgrade' degrades my user experience:
(1) Formatting buttons are now hidden from view, require an extra step to access them.
(2) In the non-pop-out view, I have to click to see which identity I'm sending as when I'm composing.
(3) In both pop-out and docked view, the to/cc/bcc are compressed/merged, so that I can't readily see which are which.
(4) I can't manually move and resize and save the setting of the non-pop-out view.
(5) I have to do an extra click to see the text I'm quoting in the very message that I'm writing.

In short, you're adding steps to my workflow and saving me none at all. It's not a matter of moving my cheese. It's putting my cheese inside a matryoshka doll. And every time I take a bite, putting it back inside the matryoshka doll.
+Siegfried Hirsch
The d/shift+c trick doesn't work for replying. You still have to go through the rigamarole of popping out the window.
Serious question:
Has google made any changes to this compose since its October beta?
Because if they haven't, then they are forcing this public without listening to any feedback, which kind of gives the lie to the whole "We care what you think" thing.

+Alex Gawley +Jason Cornwell +Phil Sharp 
Thinks I dislike about the new compose: it goes to the right-hand side of the screen and is too small on my mini. It doesn't easily let me highlight email addresses when I use compose as a shortcut to find someone's address for another form. Too many things are hidden: I need to SEE what I'm doing!
I'm very unhappy with the change. It forces more clutter in my workflow, forces my eyes to travel farther (between the Compose button and the pane), forces longer mouse travel distances, has reduced legibility with grey text, and way more clicks for advanced features.

It's really awful for my workflow — and that's my biggest gripe about it. It's a one-size-fits-all solution to something that wasn't clearly a problem.

I'm also angry that Google has not listened to the feedback and considered moving the pane to the left, or jiggering its size, or played with the font colours. Many people have complained about the travel distance, and yet there has been no work or communication to address it. Deaf ears.

So why should I try out more Google products in the future?
Absolutely hate new format...looking for new e-mail server
Used it for 2 min.... could not even write one email because of the bugs. Who tested this junk?
Copy/paste is useless.
Cant use mouse to select before the first character in the first line. Plus the whole GUI is just rubbish.
I really don't want to use the new compose! I've tried it, don't like it, and would really love to have an option. Not sure why I can't!
this feels like a waste of 3/4 of my screen, which is very frustrating for someone who writes a lot of long emails.  i don't want to have to open a new tab, click around to edit formatting.  overall the whole thing is extraordinarily inefficient and if they don't make an alternate version available, I will absolutely leave gmail, and warn everyone off.  and i've been a firm supporter of gmail!  this is all very disappointing.  google: get it together.  listen to people and don't presume to know what we need.
thanks! maybe they'll change their minds and let us keep the old way permanently!
Yeah, I get that it's temporarily optional, but I HATE the idea that you're taking one of my favorite tools.  Don't be like Microsoft which redesigned Office and left a huge swath of experienced users in the dung-heap.
Redesigns are great! Let me play around with it! But don't FORCE me to use it!  Come on! 
Jess Ex
You made the compose window cleaner? Gee thanks for making life a little harder instead of a little easier.  
Yes, I'm happy that designers make assumptions about what cleaner means for everybody...   ANother note -- I abhor the "buttons don't show unless you mouse over" nonsense. Sorry, Google, I love ya but please let us keep the old compose as an option. 
I'm genuinely happy for anyone who loves the new compose! Use it in good health! Don't force me to use it!
I absolutely LOATHE the new compose. Please return it to being an option only!
i dont like the new compose, i have redirected email for my business to my personal email for easier checking, and it has no feature to change the "reply as" email. BRING THE OLD COMPOSE BAAAAACK!!!!
At the very least give us the option to choose which interface we want to use and don't force feed your way on us !
Just check how many people reverted back "temporarily" ...
DO NOT LIKE THIS!! I want my message full screen!!
Yes, definitely need a bigger compose window. I felt instantly claustrophobic. Please please please please, Gmail gurus. Pretty please. Let me opt out of new experience.
+Gmail  As I've pointed out elsewhere in the ongoing collective jeremiad against this absurd effort to dumb all users down to the level of teenagers chatting in class on smart phones, if you go to and search for gmail+compose+horrible, it returns 3.63 million hits. It cannot possibly be a surprise to Google that this is an overwhelmingly hated change. And yet, they resolutely ignore the most gaspingly obvious solution to this self-inflicted gunshot wound to Gmail's foot: Add a simple menu option to choose between old and new format. There! Done! No more complaining! Kids who would rather IM than send an email can haz their silly little cheezburger chatbox at the bottom of the screen, and grownups can send emails to each other like grownups.

...This is, however, Google ("We're The Microsoft Of The 21st Century!") so that's not going to happen.
haha Google ("We're The Microsoft Of The 21st Century!"). I like that one.
The new interface looks neat, but needs a full-screen compose mode.

What's the point of having a big screen when you only get a postcard sized place to write? Also, why place that window at the right bottom, where normally only unimportant things resides? This should be up in the top left area.
Why make the new compose fullscreen? The old compose already has it. If things didn't break don't fix. 
I hate the new compse.  There was nothing wrong with the old one.  The new one feels like the Windows 8 version of gmail.  We see very little on the screen and that is supposed to be good.  BS.  I want the old compose.  I want to be able to reply to mailing list items at the bottom of the thread, not at the top and hiding the discussion like the new compose enforces.  Please don't assume I'm a captive market.  I have options for email elsewhere and I'll move if this thing gets dumbed down.
I strongly dislike the new compose!

1. Why is it shoved into the lower right corner? I prefer to start typing in the upper left area of the screen. Why have this "window" float on top of Gmail? Then at least allow users to move it around!
2. The standard text area is to small! What's wrong with full screen? Now I have to click and resize every time, this is not faster at all! Or CTRL+click on the "Compose" button... but this is always more effort than just a normal click.
3. Those hidden icons are pretty annoying: there is enough space to show them all the time, thus requiring less precise mouse pointing to actually make them appear (by hovering over the plus). It also is not helping at all that the icons are below the text area.

I usually write one e-mail a time, so the ability to have multiple compose windows open at once is just a minor pro. To me this is mostly a case of one step forward, two steps back. Such a shame, most of the time I like your redesigns...
Thumbs down.  I strongly dislike this feature.  What was wrong with the keyboard shortcuts?  This is a much SLOWER way to compose an email, not faster as you claim.  Will strongly consider switching email services entirely if you do not allow people to opt out of this terrible feature.  
The new compose is awful.  Please restore the old way!
I want to be able to change the email address I am sending from.  This functionality seems to have disappeared :-(  Along with Rapportive.  Boo!  Sorry Google I don't like it.
+Ian Samson cool - if the functionality is there, please share it.  I couldn't find it.  Screenshot?
+Mark Rogers
 How do you put a screenshot into here? It doesn't have buttons and does not allow inline graphics. I'll PM you.
I prefer the old way - easier to see the email I'm typing if it is right at eye level and not off to the side.
You've introduced additional steps to get the same functionality as the old Compose.  I don't see any advantage to the changes.  Quit screwing up stuff that works just fine!
New format - terrible.   HOPEFULLY, Google will relent and allow all who enjoyed the previous version to retain that option.  It's always nicer for a consumer to get what they want rather than take what they are told they want.
If email is less popular than chat, you can either:
Reduce the differences: and by having email act more like chat, ensure that someone making the "Chat vs. email" decision has even less of a reason to choose email.
Or you can embrace the differences.  Say that yes, email takes more work than chat.  It takes more understanding, but it gives better results.  Chat is a casual option, and email is a power tool.  Most of the time, if you just want to say " 'sup?" perhaps if you are using email, you are using the wrong tool for the job.  Perhaps rather than 6% of messages (among the young) email should only account for 3% However, when the time comes for a power-tool, the tool you reach for should have the power to get the job done.
By reducing the differences, email has not become less work;  chatting using email (Using the wrong tool for the job) has become less work; but, actually using gmail  to write an email, a properly formatted, well thought out email that is worth reading, has become more work.  2-6 times the clicks to accomplish the same task.
This isn't saving gmail, it is nerfing gmail, and in the end, it is killing gmail.
If you really want to do that, just announce that you are removing gmail, and those of us who want to use a real email program will just go elsewhere.
However, if you really want to save email.  Don't try to pretend that it isn't a power tool.  Embrace that fact.  Give us all the power we want to truly express ourselves beyond the " 'sup?" phase.  And perhaps when we just want to ask if someone watched TV last night, we won't use email.  But when we really want to talk like adults, we will know where to go.

Originally posted here:
But moved to a higher-traffic location
The new compose is broken enough for me to revert to the old compose, made available temporarily.  I like "simple" when it means fewer steps, but this has failed. I require more steps to compose an email now because useful features are hidden.

This whole thing is likely tied to the smartphone and tablet markets.  You know how many times I get a message which adds something like "srry, tping fm my fone" to the email response?  There is a reason why grown ups are still using keyboards for their email.  When we have technical discussions, log files to analyze, etc., we're not doing this stuff with our thumbs.  There is a purpose to a richer interface, and it is being made more "default" oriented when that interface is removed or hidden.  Hiding the interface makes me operate the UI like a bird flipping over stones looking for the one hiding a morsel.  There is a reason UIs display commonly used options - it wastes less time and provides opportunities for the best capabilities in formatting to be realized.

There is a reason 3M banned Powerpoint from their meetings.  It was dumbing down discussions in a company that needed to dig into technical issues.  The world doesn't work the way Twitter and Instagram intends for it to go.  We need depth, we need keyboards, we need full documents, we need rich text creation and formatting capabilities.  Stop believing the world's needs are read only documents and one line replies.
Unfortunately I find the new editor to be completely inconsistent with Google's other products, (namely its own Drive apps) as well with Gmail itself. Considering some of Google's own posts admit that they need work to bring their products together what in the world were they thinking to add such a bizarre (default) editor?  I've tried it several times since it was originally announced and each time went back to the old editor.  You know, the one with all the formating and addressing options in plain view at the top of the panel just like most of their other products. I actually love Google products (I'm even a Google Apps admin) and their flexibility and extensibility is why I abandoned products like Outlook and other email clients in the first place. But now it seems I am watching them self destruct and back away from personalization. I hope they do a turn around from this seeming trend.
Good lord.  You took a perfectly good interface and turned it into some busy-ass, ugly looking thing that tries to be a chat window.  When I want to chat, I'll chat.  When I want to email, the last thing I need is to be distracted by all the other emails that I haven't dealt with yet.  
Why force this onto people?  
Might be time to bust out the old #mutt an  #alpine  binaries for an email experience that isn't just for attention deficit 12 year olds.
One thing google should remember: G+, unlike facebook, is tied to use of the google account.  If we leave gmail, how many of us will bother using G+?  Most people I know have accounts on both social networks, not just one, and we have contacts, not as many friends on G+, which we can easily do without.  We use G+ mainly because we are already here, not because all our friends and family can be found on G+.
So I guess I am switching from the Gmail web interface and moving to the eM Client software since it looks like we are stuck with this ridiculous compose window. I tried several other options but that seems to be the best so far.
New compose VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!  I use a wide monitor and have to crane my neck uncomfortably over to the right.. can I please at least move new compose window to the left??  Might work well for folks who are used to tweeting only short statements, but for those of us who compose longer messages routinely as part of our work.. this is AWFUL.
Amos Os
Just what I want from an email client; obfuscated tools, more clicks, and a tiny off-center work space.  Thanks for being horrible Gmail!
I love Google. But I strongly dislike this design.
 1) I agree with everyone else that creating an uncentered main feature is bad user design. I thought "Don't Make Me Think" was supposed to mean something for ux...
 2) While this may speed things up for some people, those who prefer to focus on one email at a time now have to take an extra few seconds to get to a full window. 

The solution clearly would be to give a choice in either docking or default size. What sells is customizable, Google.
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Just showed up for me today. After about 5 seconds, I absolutely hate it. Why must things that aren't broken constantly be "fixed?"
HATE HATE HATE IT ! Please don't make such changes to my mail as you do not ( Really ) understand how far you are pushing clients like me to find ANOTHER e mail that doesn't change......I consider YOU Reconsider before you lose your customers altogether !!!!!
well google the people are speaking , put it back the way it was, you know
google when you are on a good thing stick to it, if it aint broke dont fix
it, you morons going back to yahoo ive had enough
Absolutely worst interface ever. The new gmail compose sucks big time indeed! I did the 'Temporarily switch back' which wasn't obvious but I found it. If they force this on me I'm switching to yahoo mail (which I've had since 1998 but haven't used much). The irony is that the old compose was one of the best I've ever seen.
I've tried to use this and like it.  I really have.  I can't.  The new interface is so counter to the way it's been done, I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GET USED TO SOMETHING THAT WAS WORKING FINE BEFORE.

The Gmail Product manager wants people to think of Gmail more like an "Instant Message", eh?   Well, then use IM.  It's been bloody well built into Gmail for ages.  

Most people who are ranting about this are ranting for rantings's sake.  I'm not.  I live in Gmail.  I make a living through a company that does the overwelming majority of it's work in Gmail.  I'm not saying this lightly - the way I work is severely negatively impacted by this change.    We pay for this access through Google Apps, and there HAD BETTER be a way for paying customers to get what they want, or we won't be a paying customer anymore.   Which then begs the question, if this does happen, it will mean that Google will do what you want if you pay them, if the freebie users don't get the same choice.

To those who would say "Chill out, use the arrow".  Try doing as much email as I do, and the added step of clicking that, then having to resize the window to get it to the proper size is a big pain in the backside.  That's a lot of extra keystrokes and fiddling with window size to get to something we used to be able to get to just by hitting the letter "C".

Here's the bottom line, IMO..  Just like Microsoft, Google is starting to be a company that is doing stuff TO me rather than FOR me.   And that well and truly sucks.  
Way to go, Google.

You have shown us time and time again that you, in fact, do not have any one capable of UX on your team.

Yet I still use the products /sigh..
I miss dragging a dropping attachments into the new message pane. now it loads images into the message, rather that attaching them. in the classic view, one could drag and drop. Miss this feature.
I keep trying it out but something about sticking the compose window in the lower right corner really, really, REALLY bugs me. I really like the full screen and find myself switching back to it all the time. But with the announcement that the old will be going away I guess Google gives me no choice in the matter :-(
This new compose is a clear representation of everything that's wrong with Google. They've gotten to the point where they are now bullying us around. What about the users who prefer a more formal and large format email? I hate having to tilt my head to the side every time I want to write an email, and then squeeze it into a little box. There's a reason I bought a 26 inch monitor - I WANT TO SE THE FULL SCREEN. I do NOT want to have to pop it out and re-position each time I compose an email. While I understand that Gmail wants to progress, why can't they just let the user choose? I OFTEN use the formatting options, and I LOVE the old Gmail compose. Why can't the just offer the user the option of setting the new compose as a preference permanently, rather than "temporarily"? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - let us enjoy the gmail we've all loved for years.   
I use "Canned Responses" all the time.  With the new update -- it requires multiple clicks in order to get to the canned responses.  This may sound trivial, but it actually requires more time for me to put together an email.  Not a good option.  I am really not a fan of the update.  I will have to look into other options.
AGREE AGREE ! Stop pushing Cr** down the throats of people who pay your wages not to make changes but treat us as ( NORMAL) customers , I will leave FF and google if this goes into effect ! What rubbish !
In addition : People make a protest against this one before more muck is thrown your way !
DISLIKE the new compose window. Why so small? And I don't need to see all the mail in my InBox to compose a new mail.

If you want improvement, let user sort their mail by size! That would be something way more useful than this "useless" improvement!
until than i changed my gmail to new useless compose view i has been recommand gmail anyone who using other email because gmail was powerfull, but now i cant recommend this no-one ... sorry
Agreed...I would not recommend to anyone...You ruined a really good thing!
Why can't I give feedback on the compose feature?

I would like to highlight the entire thing and suggest it be removed.

The day when I finally can't avoid it anymore will be a day where I have to seriously consider a different email client.
People only "opted in" to try it because Gmail changed it for them.  I never asked to try it out and once I did try it for a while, I decided to change back.  I'll do so as long as it's an option.  
I love the product managers (Phil Sharp) comment above.... " You are busy people" !  Yeah Phil ! You sure got that right !  Too busy to cope with this BULL !!!! Sorry and apologies for the B word ......ooops ! Am i angry at some one ????
It is absolutely awful. I hate it. Horrible, nasty little window. Why is this being forced upon us? Why no choice? I feel like swearing.

I am a paying customer too. At least business apps clients who PAY for the service shouldn't be subjected to this.
Couldn't we at least be given an option to have it expand into the whole inbox window by default? I simply can't understand the motivation behind this. Why not give people a choice, its ridiculous. Just because one person with clout at google thinks it is a good idea, the whole world MUST comply. I very strongly object to this non-feature. It is a backward step.
I don't want IM. I want email. I don't want this kind of crap forced on me. For the love of God, make the new compose an opt-out.
+Guy Barry  question to ponder Guy Barry: is Google giving YOU leeway the way you're giving them leeway??? I'll answer for you. they aren't. they're placating many users by allowing the old compose temporarily. keyword temporarily. but it's a question you should ask yourself. #GmailCompose
Walt S
It's just too bad that it doesn't permit you to NOT automatically quote the message you're replying to... Seems like an incredibly simple setting, and the whole idea of quoting replies seems to break the way Google conversations are supposed to work.
We should have the option to turn off the message compose window and compose in full screen. These changes are being forced on us. What happened to giving users flexibility?
Walt S
How is Send As different from setting up Settings->Accounts->Send mail as? I use this with the new compose all the time and can send as any of a dozen different accounts and aliases.
I actually can't get my head around how poor this new compose thing is. Did anyone there actually even think about ergonomics? I use a multi monitor array, and having my email on the right hand monitor suits my workflow, but now I have to twist my head further and downward, and I can't see it properly all the way over there unless I pop the window out! How archaic. I simply know this is going to cause neck problems in the long term.

Just when I was beginning think it was nice to have Gmail and G+ integrated along with all the other Google Apps in Chrome, I am now thinking I will have to switch my email client to something like Thunderbird, what a shame.

The big professional interface of gMail has become a cheap and nasty little IM window.
The Biggest problem with the new compose is "EYE DIRECTION". It is just incredibly irritating to look at one corner of the screen and type. Bye, bye, poetry, and intelligent phrases, from now on, with the new compose, one would write their very worst. The eye is constanatly agitated when one needs to look at a corner, and type something important. Although it may work well for chat, it does not work well for long sentences and paragraphs. 
If you have written anything on your own profile, make sure to edit it and add the new hashtag #GmailCompose to be visible in the search.
It workable when you use the pop-out button to get a window in the middle of the screen. Would be nice to be able to set this as default when composing a mail. It solves the eye direction problem and puts your attention back to center field. 
Workable? Of course it is. Why on earth should anyone accept workable though? This is Google. Multi-billion dollar megacompany. They produced something workable? And then forced it on us all. Workable is not acceptable. I have already got clients complaining after I migrated and set up an entire company email system using paid-for Google apps. The thing that bugs me more than anything is the lack of choice.
Walt S
+Guy Barry Exactly right... This is supposedly no longer a beta product, and yet we still have dramatic changes being rolled out without user input, involvement, or control.
+Alfred McNulty
This is Google we're talking about; the only option for "feedback" on #gmailcompose that +Gmail is ever going to give you is the power button on your computer. It's their way or the Outlook highway.
For consumers with free access, well, Google can say "tough".

But what about those of us who work with Google-apps-hosted systems -Gmail is not a way for us to chat with our friends about cool things we've posted on G+, it's about getting work done without our tools getting in the way.

This change fails, dramatically. Every time I get pushed onto the new UI, I spend about 15  minutes trying to do common actions like bullet and number points ubiquitous in work emails, now hidden then give up and switch to the old UI, something that Google is trying harder and harder to stop people doing.

What when that option goes away, yet we are still forced to use it at work? Time to switch to thunderbird and IMAP access.
I am also looking into Thunderbird. The only thing I'm not sure of yet is if I can send from a group address, which would be an inconvenience. 

There are quite a few downsides to using a standalone mail client, but there is simply no way I can use this new compose box. It is absolutely pathetic.

I can think of at least 5 options off the top of my head on how they could have produced something useful with this change.

1: Have an option for the box to fill the compose area rather than squash it into the bottom right corner, or allow a size to be set rather than making people pop it out and reposition the window. What??

2: Have a new mail count icon which when hovered or right-clicked would show a snippet preview of the new mail (a form of which already exists in the labs).

3: Have the compose new box expand from the top-left of the inbox/all mail and other views where can compose from.

4: New mail arrives, have an option to fade the message under composition to check the new mail if required.

Oh, 5: Give us a choice. If some people like the idea of using email as IM rather than email, then let them choose the new thing, and let the rest of us use the traditional view. 

I will never get over how poor this is. I simply cannot understand the thinking behind it. I really don't get on my soapbox about things like this very often, but I am gobsmacked at the bad quality and apparent lack of thought that actually went into it.
+Dan Freedman thx. I'd just like to make sure that if people of google still read down this far, they understand that this is not single voices. :)
I really don't like the new compose window, why is it so small and hiding in the bottom right corner of my screen? If I could move and resize it, that would be an improvement. It's also now an extra click to add a link to a piece of text in an email, which I do frequently. I like the clean interface but the usability is much worse.
When I'm composing mail, I don't want to chat. There's enough distractions online. The new compose box is annoyingly too small, and the pop-up box is slow. I like the original, full-view compose feature just fine, and need every inch when I'm writing an email. I switched over to gmail partly because of this & the neat, clean look after Yahoo! mail became ugly and cluttered. Please find another way to make it easy & intuitive to be able to easily search other emails while composing (I'd use this function to reference contacts/facts from previous correspondence while writing), without losing the strong features people love.   Oh, & keep the full email addresses at the top.  It's very dis-orienting to not see them, and adds extra steps to make sure they're correct: especially when people have multiple accounts or similar names.  
Reb Roy
I normally love google, but what a great opportunity you've given yahoo  with this mandatory compose BS.  People want user friendly email that doesn't change.  Sure, change is inevitable in life - life is fraught with uncertainty and change, WHATEVER.  So I cannot think of a better reason to provide a service that does not change - the one thing you can rely on in your daily life to be consistent and familiar!  

Making this a mandatory change is what's really upsetting to me - to the point where I'm logging into my never used google + account to post this! 

Ugh, guess I'll start using MS outlook again.
Ugh, absolutely HATE it!  Change it back or I'm leaving.  I'd rather write a letter and lick a stamp than deal with the new format.
I would like the option to use the OLD format.  The new one is not neck-friendly.
+Alex Shaw
 And some people just can never enjoy something without pointing out a perceived flaw of all the people who don't.

Seriously, that sounds like something my mom would say.  "How can you say you don't you like Wagner?  Well, some people just don't appreciate the arts!" 

People don't only hate the new compose because it's a change, if you could actually read you would see that people have a variety of problems with the idea that it is a valid move to change the feature to a less comfortable format in order to 'encourage' people to write shorter emails.  In other words, the fact that the dialogue has changed is not so much the problem, the fact that the dialogue was made to change us is. 

Some people just love being manipulated, as long as it comes in a shiny new package.
+Dan Freedman there is always imap. and forwarding. currently I am logged into google 24/7, because I use it on all fronts. Not using gmail directly but through other means? No need to sign in.
Hate it. Get it out of that tiny bottom right hand corner space. Put it back up in front of me, where I was already looking. Full screen.
I strongly dislilke the "new compose".  From the hidden formatting icons to the default window size being too small to the fact the if I pop it out, then it's in a new window (I hate having multiple windows open in the same browser), the experience makes composing emails take twice as long for me because it's so non-intuitive. Also, it makes emails feel like informal chat messages, which I also strongly dislike.  I prefer a visual differentiation between informal communications and formal communications.  
+Dan Freedman
Your mention of AdBlocker touches upon what I think is one of the motivations of both this fiasco and Microsoft's recent-- and vastly less obnoxious-- redesign of Hotmail into Outlook: ads, and the way they are presented. The traditional banner ad is on its way out. Advertisers seem to have finally realized that nobody actually likes ads, and everyone uses some kind of adblock to get rid of them; that's why "adrevolver" is so common, because most people, instead of adding the source site to the block list, just block that one ad and have to reblock the next one separately and so on. These new webmail formats present ads in ways that aren't as easy to block/ignore, and still leave the empty space in place instead of collapsing it. It's the same reason popup ads are mostly java-based these days; ads that open new browser windows are too easy to block, it can be done with a checkbox in the OS's internet settings.
I'm not crazy about the new composer: it's small and off in a corner, and tools are buried in menus.  It's harder to compose formatted emails with pictures, tables and layout.  Most of all, I'm tired of wasting time re-learning something because someone decided it's good for me, like Microsoft's interface redesigns in Office 2010 and Windows 8.  What works great for some people doesn't work so well for others: I'd like to see Google offer a choice.
Give me the option of dragging and dropping attachments into an "attachment box" instead of the body of the email.  9 times out of 10 I'd rather the attachment not be embedded in text so you have effectively removed the drag and drop feature for me. </3

Other than that, I think its fine.
The pop out compose is a bit of a disaster. I don't mind all the other changes, but I need an email client doesn't function like IM. That is, after all - what I have IM for. It would be idea to have the pop-out compose as an optional feature as it's clearly a divisive change.  I love Google and have been an avid user for a long time, but this change is frustrating enough to send me back to outlook or Safari mail. 
I have loved gmail but really hate this update. It feels like I'm trying to write on a cocktail napkin.  I ditto what Jeff Austin said above. I'm sure some people love it, but why make it a forced change?
A feature that seems to be missing is the ability to copy the entire list of recipients as a comma separated list. I occasionally need a list of email addresses, and the easiest way is to find or create an email to all the people that I need email addresses, and copy the list.... the new format seems to be lacking that. 
I need to be able to keep the old version, I use standard answers A LOT, and they were one click away before, we reply over 5hundred mails per day, it takes lot longer to reach them now!
Basic functionality like include file now seems to be completely broken in a relatively up to date firefox.     This is enough to make me move everything away from Google.  Email should be simple and fast.
I have visual challenges.  It is difficult to use with my screen resolution.  I can't see at other resolutions.  It's much harder to use.
I hate this!  It shrinks all the hi-res images I include in my emails.
WHEN I click on the COMPOSE button, absolutely NOTHING HAPPENS.  I can't compose any email at this point.  "Instead of taking up your entire Gmail window, clicking Compose now opens a smaller window at the bottom of your screen. Here are some of the features that you'll see: ""  not for me !!   Please FIX!!  byrdlady2
I have been using the new gmail for months in hopes that it will grow on me. I hate it! It takes more time to compose an email. Please go back to the old way or at least allow users a choice.
PLEASE don't take away the ability to compose an email in a new window! The full screen option isn't good because you can't be doing anything else when it is enabled. For instance, what I do on most of my emails is open them in a new window and then I can reference other sources when writing them, such as other emails within my gmail.
The compose box is too small, and I can't switch between tabs. It sucks
I can't tell you all the things I don't like about the "new default"- tools hidden, hard to change the people to respond to - sometimes I have found out I responded to myself and not the person intended. Please don't make this standard.
Please give us the option to go back to the old email composure.  Now I have the extra step of maximizing the box EVERY time I write an email.  It makes me feel like I am instant messaging, instead of composing a full email. It makes sense if you are looking at other content while composing an email yes, but that is rarely the case for me. This was not the best usability decision.
Still prefer the old interface to the new one by far. There seems to be additional steps required when before there was a single click on the viewable window. First for forwarding emails please allow one to edit the subject without having to go through a menu. Next canned messages are now hidden away in a menu. For those that use it it should be an option on the viewable screen. Now it seems that Google apps that were on the top of the screen are now hidden away in a menu. Adding menus simply adds extra steps for things that were easily accessible making everything take longer. UI changes should be to help speed up the interface and not to slow it down.
I don't like the new compose window default,   Why fix was isn't broke?
I totally agree with what Brant Kim writes. Gmail has been a great tool, but the new interface is a step backwards.
i hate the new interface, can't get to see the mails as usually, lots of distraction and waste of time
wHEREE is gmail? How do I find the inbox?????
Sometimes, when composing an email, or better yet, an e-letter, I want the 'compose window' to take up the entire screen so that I can focus on what I am writing, instead of being distracted by the impersonal mail that normally dominates my inbox.  Unfortunately, I am not able to do this with this overly ultra-modern and impractical approach to composing email.  Come on guys! Some innovations loose more than they gain.  Simpler can be better.
I don't care what format the window is, just let me see the subject field when replying or forwarding a message, PLEASE!
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