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Do you use the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad? Valentine’s Day is a great time to try out Scribbles, a feature that lets you add drawings to your Gmail messages. Watch the video below to learn more!  And if you don't already have the Gmail app, it's available on the App Store:   #MobileMonday  
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Franko C
How about on your own platform? It would be nice to see Gmail on android receive a facelift.
WOW... a feature they add to the iOS version before their own #Android  ?
I didn't know you could do that in the app. Thanks for the tip +Gmail.
Its sad that Google has a lot of priority towards iOS, while Apple dont give a sh*t about Android. I mean Apple hasnt even done anything beneficial towards Android, but Google still keeps iOS HIGH.
I have a Galaxy S3. Cmon Google! Cater to the masses not the sheep...
+RiMzY Riza That's because Google wants their users to be happy.
Apple just wants their users using Apple products.
I'm confused, Google. So you want me to ditch my nexus and get an iPhone?
+Michael Anderson Sometimes I hate Google+ because I always read Apple or Facebook bashing - and these posts are even plussed by a huge amount of Google fanboys. Can't understand this childish attitude on this platform... 
+RiMzY Riza Their business models are different. Apple sell apple products, hardware and services that run on it's platform only. Google sell's products and services that are designed to run on all platforms. Apple wants to be everywhere on apple devices. Google just wants to be everywhere. The more people who interact with Google on any platform, the more value Google can extract.
Franko C
+Peter Schumacher Maybe you should have an open mind about these comments instead of trolling with fanboys. If you see the Gmail app on both platforms, you will notice that on iOS  is more eye appealing, easier to navigate & typically more features. You'd think they would release on Android first?... just for reference, I use iOS & Android daily (work and personal)
Think of it this way guys. Google makes a heap of money off iOS which they use to further the android platform and keeps things free. I've never seen an ad on G+ and my N4 cost peanuts compared to the competition.

I can wait for better Gapps. :)
Whilst it isn't an excuse for the lack of this functionality on Android it should at least be possible to obtain it.  Android gives you the flexibility to install a drawing app and for that app to appear when you choose to attach a picture to an email in the gmail app.  

This isn't honestly something that interests me so I can't name a drawing app that does this.  Still lots of file system apps (e.g. ES File Explorer) have handlers which appear on the attach picture screen, it shouldn't be pushing boundaries for an image drawing application to appear, let you draw, save the image, then pass it back to the gmail app.
Google are you Support more features for IOS and for Android why not?
Will this feature be coming to Android?
This is annoying. I have a nexus 4 I expect you to support it.
+Fer Bonve : But google should not abandon it own nexus at the very least if not possible for entire android universe!!
And have you seen how gorgeous the Google search app is for iPad?
Hey, Android users, don't you have these special funny animated emoticons that we miss on iOS devices?

Everyone gets what he deserves! :p
No matter what mobile platform you are using: gmail lacks on both, Android and iOS (compared to desktop version):

- you can't create/update filter rules
- advanced stars are not available
- notifications for new G+ posts always start at the top, instead of at the last post
just to name a few.

To solve this problem I sold the nexus 4, went back to iPhone 4S and ordered a Chromebook. I see myself carrying three devices now (number 3 is the iPad...).

Great, we know how hard it is to get stuff done on iOS so it is great that Google helps them so things that come easily on Android. We can just download one of the many drawing apps, draw, save, attach and send. :D
No, on my android phone (Aphone?)
being in Germany I cannot even see the video of this post: 

This video is not available in your country.

how sad...
why does g mail think its facebook now and wheres my fucking mail
This is cool. How about adding a feature that when I click the "Mark As Spam" button it actually worked and never showed me a newsletter like that again.
Google developed an app for the iOS for Apple ... ??? Still in shock...
IFK they are not promoting there own App store ...
na toll! "Dieses Video ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar!" Warum nicht?
please HELP - how do I import all my gmail contacts in to google+ in 1 time action ?
Thanks for the tip! 👍👌😎
It's been said before but I'll say it again: "This video is not available in your country." Well done!
irish d
Well don't forget s-pen support plus maybe some nice stationery when it finally comes to android. +Gmail 
is it true, that Google will no longer support the Microsoft Exchange Server, and there will be no possibility using gmail account (mail, contacts, callendar) on Windows Phone in "Push up" mode??
To all you Android users out there, you can also take advantage of Scribbles by accessing Gmail on your mobile browser. If you want to stick to using Android apps, you can also try drawing on any photo using the Gallery App and then sharing it using the Gmail App. 
+Zamira Karvani, iOS is the operating system that runs on Apple iPhone's and iPads.
I've just used it. It brings back memories of 1989 Mac Plus and having a drawing option in Word when I wrote dull report at work. I loved it then and I think this is a fun to have. So much so I downloaded gmail app so I could get it!!! Pathetic I know. 
mon lay
hay where r u?
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