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Switch Chat in Gmail to the new Hangouts experience to bring conversations to life with with photos, emoji, and group video calls. Plus, Hangouts is not just available in Gmail. You’ll be able to connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices. 
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Why not keep gtalk and add a hangout mode in it? my friends use gtalk on their phones because it's there and its automatically setup.

Doing this means they have to download something new? and a lot of them are fighting against g+, and this is a well known feature of g+.

Please don't break what's already working...
The Play store link doesn't work... What's up with that?
I was so excited about "babel", but if your merging everything into one, gtalk/gchat is much older and well developed. why not merge everything into it?

hell, it can even already do sms....
+1 for link not working for Play Store.

+C Jacobs , it's also an Android app.
Wait for one or two hours only. It takes time to upload it to Play Store
Hangouts transition effortlessly between desktop and mobile -- in fact, Hangouts will be available in Gmail, Google+, Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and as a Windows, Mac or Linux desktop application using the Chrome extension. You can start a Hangout on your phone, and pick it up in Gmail right where you left off! 
The iOS app is terrible. Google, your terrible iOS app design is not going to convince me to buy an Android phone; it's going to convince me to use someone else's services.

Ready for how badly Google sucks at app design?

The Hangouts App badge icon shows the total number of messages in every chat you're in, regardless of whether you've "Read" them or not with a default lowest number of 5. 5 is the number it starts with. I don't know why it's 5 but it is.

If you leave the app on a message "Screen" these badge numbers do not clear. You have to hit "Back" to go back to the "Start a Hangout" screen and then re-enter the Hangout before the badge will clear.

And then if you get another message in that hangout the badge starts at 5 again.

Yes, really.
How about +Gmail you fix the email inbox screw up that you guys have done on android 
The Play Store link isn't working.  Will this also integrate with Google Voice for text and picture messaging?
Please help me. If I try to open its always empty, just a blank page, a white page what I see. How can I fix it? Please someone help me, because it seems every official google blogs are wrong by me.
The Play store link works now, but somehow it is not compatible with Asus Transformer Prime tablet...
I deleted and re-installed the iOS app and got a different default badge number! This time it's stuck at 4.

If this is what Google calls finished code I'm embarrassed for them.
Awesome! Finally, a Great way to Replace Google Talk!.. Thanks +Google 
Will switching to the new "Hangouts" delete all my chat archive?

Because I installed it on my Android and I can't see the text archive of previous chats (Done using Google Chat / Talk).

Please clarify this.
That's pretty awesome news, +Google! I hope people will understand the huge potential that comes with this cross platform tool.
+Juan Romero unfortunately for Google I'm far more likely to ditch their web services than ditch my phone. Insert your favorite joke about G+ being a ghost town here.

Releasing outright broken apps to the App Store isn't a good marketing strategy.
Then continue using the inferior version, we don't care, as it's continuing to get harder not to use Google's services, it makes sense to use all of them instead of mixing and matching :)
Anyone else finding that they can't switch to the new hangouts app inside of +Gmail?  I've refreshed the page, reloaded the browser and no matter how many times I click on my profile pic I don't see the option to "Try it now"

+Juan Romero, thanks for the clarification.  The blogpost explicitly states that it's available "now" as an opt-in so thought I may have been missing something there.

I'll check again over the course of the next little while.
+Joe McDonald I'm having the same issue. I've downloaded the Android app and the Chrome extension,  and have also got the new New Feed in Google+ so Hangouts are there as well.

The only place missing is Gmail, and there it no "Try it now" link in sight :(
What???? +Gmail 
- Where is the voice only chat????
- All contacts are mixed! How can I see who is online, who has camera or not???

What a shame! I Won't update talk in Gmail and will keep using Whatsapp or Viber in Android.
+Oswaldo Agurto Voice chat is there - it's a hangout without a camera. You can start a video call and just 'mute' your camera. I suppose they removed it because it was duplicating functionality
I don't see a "Try it now" button in Gmail? Is this a staged rollout perhaps?
Personally I want the old Google+ chat back. With it one could be available to only certain circles and only those people would display on the chat bar.  One could also see when people were online. For that matter one could set himself or herself to "Available," "Invisble," or "Busy." This new Hangouts thing is actually a downgrade and very nearly useless IMHO.
It totally SUCKS!!!! I hate it.  Goodbye google.
Guys, don't get mad. In all fairness, merging many disjoint products seamlessly is really hard to do. 
There's a few glitches, but have faith that they'll be worked out soon. 
Give it a few days to settle down, and calm down.
You have to admit, persistent group chats are pretty nice.
+Joe McDonald , i'm facing the same issue, I'm assuming they're rolling it out in stages and they haven't got to us yet..
I never got a choice. I was running G-Chat as an app outside of gmail and I got this stupid new "app" that can't even sent an SMS. Not my choice, but I have un-installed the app. Hopefully, many g+ users will feel the same way and move away form google until they get their heads out of the sand. 
For those who got the upgrade inside Gmail.
What happened to your chat logs?
Were they deleted?
+Timothy Duncan why would you delete the app when nothing has changed. G-Chat just got replaced with Hangouts, so you've still got one app to chat. Texting wasn't possible in G-Chat either, so you're not losing any functionality, am I right?
I do not have the option to upgrade to Hangouts in Gmail.
where's the option to pull up the phone dialer in hangouts?
Just go into app settings and 'uninstall the update' for Hangouts. This will put the stock Talk app back. Then use Titanium Backup to detach Talk from the Play Store.
Wait wait wait.. Did gmail just get rid of the ability to make phone calls from gmail with the switch to hangouts? I can't find a way to place a phone call  from hangouts
I've declined the invite to use hangouts in gmail for mistake. There is a way to activate it manually?
Still waiting for the update to be pushed for me...
Seriously, how do I make phone calls from gmail now? This needs answered somewhere.
For anyone else, you can revert in gmail by clicking the gear next to your display name in the Hangout/Chat area.

How useful is it to have the Google number that someone can call me during a hangout, or I can call them once I get someone else to join me in a hangout, but I can't even so much as send them an SMS saying, "Hey, let's do a Hangout"?
It needs to be more obvious who is online.  The first solution would be to sort based on online status like the old google chat (online contacts on top).  The tiny little green line also needs to draw more attention to itself.  Other than that I'm fairly impressed.
+Noah Bradley  dont expect goodness in hangouts in gmail,, after i downloaded new android app in my mobile,, i feel it as horrible,, as i cant even see who is online,, except,, look for all contacts with small green line down, also no options to choose to display only online or dont display offline,, 
i feel it as horrible improvement by google,, 
i am really scared to continue using gmail if hangouts are like this !!
I am so dissapointed in the whole Hangouts suite (gmail, chrome extension, android app).
Not good, hangouts online/offline contact are mixed, total disorder. and no busy/away status???????????? old one was better for contact status
I cannot see online/offline status and its very confusing to understand how to use. Quite disappointed with this hangout upgrade.
actually first hours of my installation for chrome, it worked pretty good. could see people online/offline, their status messages and I could even edit mine. But then it just switched this. I've been waiting for a google talk standalone app for mac, but this also works I said. After it switched to this buggy style, I took my words back. You are google, think big.
I'm missing a "online indicator", which shows me if the person is currently online. would love to get this as soon as possible...
The green line below the contact picture is Online Indicator. 
+Mukesh Gupta well, you are right. However, the list is not placed with online-first. Lots of online people in gmail wont listed in the chat.
+Mukesh Gupta Ok, but isnt working as well as it could be. +Abbas Tolgay YILMAZ You're right. The line doesn't appear always. 2 friends are 24/7 online and the green line is shown only sometimes. +Gmail Would love to have a "point" like the old chat has, any a android-symbol too. Doesn't think thats much work for you - great work: one chat for each platform (g+, gmail, gtalk, ...)
Desktop notifications for Gmail disappeared with the new Hangouts
I generally like the new Hangouts layout but the gmail version is a step backward.  No SMS or phone calls!  When that happens, I'm in.
+Alexander Meinhardt and +Abbas Tolgay YILMAZ agreed it could be better.

What I can see here is google is rethinking the chat from ground. Traditionally we think chat as a way to see people are available and we can chat with them or not. But what google is saying whatever the case people are online always either on browser or on mobile, the green line here is to tell are they right now looking into the hangouts or not. Also you can see there is no idle state concept anymore.

User is always online. Green line to say he/she is available right now or not. Which make more sense when people use mobile devices more then PCs.
+Mukesh Gupta
Problem is, if you're dealing with time sensitive stuff, you kinda need to know if someone is online. I just had a problem with someone who messaged me, thinking I was online, and was upset because I wasn't responding.  The current methods aren't very clear if someone is around or not. Right now when I look at the talk interface, I see someone listed as online and available, but in hangouts it doesn't show anything different than someone who isn't online.
I clicked to try it out and now my google voice call icon is gone and has this "Something's not right.
We're having trouble contacting our servers. We're going to keep trying."
This is a trainwreck. Where is my old chat list? I never curated 'circles' (because really, all I want is more work) and now I've lost my shortcuts to all the people I need to check in with. Plus its is important to see if someone is online and if they are on mobile and now the former half is barely there and the latter half is very problematically gone. How do I change it back to old chat NOW? Even if just long enough to get my old chat list and laboriously put everyone in a 'circle'... or will that even help? There seems to be no logic to who is showing up in the list now and its definitely not who I need to be there. How do I control this?
New feature looks great! I'm having a hard time seeing the online contact notification though because that small green under bar looks so small and indistinguishable. Had to revert back to old style due to this. If you could only make it more user friendly, I'd be more than happy to use this cool new feature.  :)
Please how to get back to my google voice?
these hangouts are most scary of any google app,, after few days of usage on android, feels like total frustration n irritation is increasing,,
Google don't have habit of listening to customer feedback, if they have then lets see how they change this hangouts ,, 
+Lisa Antunes Click the triangle to the right of your profile icon on the left, and there should be an option for something along the lines of "go back to old". I don't remember what it says exactly, since I've already rolled back.
is just me or the new chat is not working? everytime i open a chat it crashes.
and it's incredibly slow
Not really interested in Chat from my email....?  Do other people really do this?
+Bill Verno not exactly. I've been having issues connecting lately, I've been getting messages long after they're sent (like the next day), and people are seeing me as online when I am not.
So no more SMS from Gmail? Rolling back to old chat. bye!
Achu GB
The new interface looks great but I'll only switch to hangouts in the gmail webapp once I can see who's online.
So, I clicked to try hangouts in gmail. I REALLY don't like it. I can't even see who's online! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! But now I can't switch back!!! HELP! I saw some posts that said I can click my avatar and select "Revert to old chat" or something to that effect. That option isn't there. It's about as "useful" as the new G+ layout: Completely useless and annoying!
Not connecting to servers...this is a do I switch back?
hangouts is not a replacement for chat as it does not support voice only

come on google, you can do better
+Gmail why no visible status in the new hangout (ie - no more little green/orange/red dots) - Now how am I supposed to know?
This is a joke!!! Switch me back Google, you screwing up my day!!!!!
+Roger Grayson a video call with a muted camera still is a video call with muted camera and not a voice call
+Gmail OK, Google. How do I keep contact with people who use third-party Jabber/XMPP services, if I have to switch to Hangouts both  in GMail and Google+?.. I have a lot of such contacts, but these are not accessible in Hangouts, only in the old GMail chat...
I still don't understand where i can check my video/audio settings.
If i switch back to gtalk i can check my audio and video, with hangouts i don't see any options.
I really don't get it.
Gtalk was simple, very simple, if I switch to hangouts in gmail I can't try my mic, check if my webcam is working correctly etc..
Any clue? 
One more thing.
Can someone explain Why i can't make a simple voice call? Why I have to make video call and then turn off my camera?
Should not be too difficult to just add a simple button to make a simple voice call.
Sometimes we are around with our smartphone and we have limited bandwidth and data, so is more convenient to make a voice call rather then a video call.
"Something's not right.
We're having trouble contacting our servers. We're going to keep trying." this is what I am getting with my gmail hangout, disappointing .
"Something's not right.
We're having trouble contacting our servers. We're going to keep trying." this is what I am getting after enabling Hangout and not able to revert back to normal chat.. Please help me out..
Gmail > Settings > Chat needs more options than just on/off? You could greatly enhance (fix) the UX by providing an option to "sort by online status." Other sort options possible: sort by frequency of hangout, sort by last name, shuffle. PLEASE add sort options!
"Something's not right.
We're having trouble contacting our servers. We're going to keep trying." 

There is something seriously wrong... any idea what went wrong ,  how to fix the same?
Yes.... i use gmail under my_domain
no more phone calls right from gmail? I use this feature ALL THE TIME. As in, daily. Hangouts seems like fail as a replacement for the old setup. I've already had it forced on me in G+, I do not want it forced down my throat in GMail.
It's a shame that I can no longer see the email addresses of the people I chat with. Or be able to quickly compose an email from the list -- I have to go through my contacts list, or saved chats, to do that :/
Is there any way to know if Google has seen these comments or will respond to them? This is NOT the right place to file trouble ticket / problem report / bug ??
+Monty Dickerson
Ah, that reminds me: You can give feedback to Google right in the GMail interface:  Settings Cog -> Help -> Send Feedback.  You'll be able to enter the description of the issue, and allow you to highlight areas of the interface that you are describing.

Also,  is the support page for gmail.  I don't really see a support ticket type of thing, unfortunately, I think the closest would be the Product Forum linked on the support page.
Why on earth are my hangout chats stored in my Sent Items    folder? Its so difficult searching for actual sent emails. +Gmail 
I just want the old chat....this one is to annoying to acthully read anything serouis....
I hate it truth be told :l we need a way to have BOTH on there, then ill be happy
Unfortunately I had to revert to old chat, only because the new hangouts in Gmail crashed all the time. And I mean, at least once an hour. It was unusable.  I finally gave up and went back, I'm just glad the option for old chat is still there.
Does anyone else think the Gmail app for iOS is incredibly slow in retrieving emails?
Please remove hangout history form Sent Items of Gmail. Its very cluttered and dumb thing to do. +Gmail 
Hangout's not that bad! :)
98% of the time Hangout does not load and I get "Something's not right.
We're having trouble contacting our servers. We're going to keep trying." i've never been so frustrated with google before. Please resolve this issue soon.
I used to have that issue too when it first converted.

I do wish that they would let us put emails in the userlist in the gmail interface. It was quite convenient to be able to have some of my more common contacts just a click away.  Oh well.
I still can't find my gmail mail to read with all the other bs on here
hello do u know any thing better but u r agree any thing person
Is anyone liking the "new and improved" ajaxy chat logs in Gmail? I fail to see the improvement. They now load much slower, don't seem to be compatible with Gmail on iOS (so I'm told) and I've no idea where it starts me off inside the log, a I feel like I always have to scroll up for a long time just to see my last reply in the conversation before I went afk.

Keep your fancy chatlogs to Hangouts and let Gmail process plain text e-mails.
Problems of Hangouts:
1. No option to see that I am not getting suggested to anyone (privacy concern)
2. No option to only show people that are in my contacts (if they use hangouts)
3. No chance of using the names, nicknames and pictures I chose in my contacts over those from the Profiles (so in Gmail the Hangout contacts look and are called differently to the Contact in the mailpane directly beside it... yey the fun: "oh - this is YOU?")
4. No status setting?
5. integration into multi-protocol-messangers OR integration of other protocols and a standalone application: either one would suffice to NOT use 2 or even more applications: gibberbot (xmpp+otr), imo/im+/trillian (icq and facebook and the likes, Hangouts (hangouts), sms-app... YUK. Its 1999 again.

1 MUST be fixed. as it's a serious invasion of privacy.
2 and 3 must be fixed for me to consider this a "as good as others" program
4 should be fixed to make it about equal.
5 is probably semi-out-of-your-hand but should be encouraged and supported.
Please fix the Chat history in Gmail (desktop). One long chain of hangouts with a person is useless and annoying.
Hi dudes...happy friendship day..
Sneha B
how can i chat with my friends in google+ plz tel me..
Hi... Everybody, how can I chat in g+?
Sneha B
well u can use google hangout to chat in google+...just click hangout
list in ur profile and chat with ur friends....its really awesome..
try out!!
I don't like the look of Hangouts both on my desktop and mobile. You need to really see hard to know if a contact is online, busy, away or offline. What happened to the nice red, yellow, green colored circles next to contact names? I want to see it that way :(. Gmail Team - please do something about this. I have already stated this in my feedback.
je suis du même avis du Monsieur , quant à langue , je souhaiterais le Français de France
pourquoi cherchez-vous la modification de mon commentaire
sorry, don't like the hang-out.  Used to video chat with family that live away and can't connect that way with hang-out. 
If you drop some functionality (like actually functional hotkeys we used to have in gtalk) could you at least make it work properly?
Poping-out the hangout into a new window does not work properly 4 out of 5 times. I do understand bugs exist but this just takes ages.
y not
tell something abou yourself
I as well am not happy that Google Chat will be going by the wayside in the new Hangouts app.
I just switched from the Old Hangout to the New in Gmail, and now it wont work.  How do I change back?
another asswipe update from google. yay
ahahah, silly me than, I was pissed of because of the hangouts version at gmail chat.. wait a sec. 
if this is 2 years ago, why my chat at gmail changed now to hangouts? after 2 years? 

hmm.. I reverted it back but anyway, but is there a way to change your availability at new hangouts, like busy, available, etc.
Damn,  people are using this for 2 years? eheh I really feel dumb sorry about that. heheh
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