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The new compose rolling out to everyone

A few weeks ago we added ( a full-screen option to the new compose. Now that that option is available, we're saying farewell to the old compose and switching everyone to the new compose over the next few days.

The new compose opens drafts as a minimizable window so you can write multiple drafts at once, keep an eye on incoming email, adds support for inline images and much more. See the original announcement for more details:

If you prefer a full-screen compose experience, you can click on the expand button in the top right of the new compose window to switch to full-screen and then set it as the default by selecting Default to full-screen in the more options menu in the bottom right.
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:( Its awful. Have you fired your UX team recently? Gmail, Maps have all gone down hill recently. 
+David Poole I agree. It looks like they are trying to consolidate the UI for a phone/tablet/desktop convergence and we are losing features.
Never understand why people dislike the new compose. It's a hundred times better and since you can default to full screen now, the main complaint against it is nullified. I love the new compose.
It was a poor option and I disabled it, I am disappointed to hear that I am forced to use the new version. Ever thought of actually asking your users what they want? You are starting to sound like Apple who make crap choices on behalf of their customers.
Every time a major company changes something they're criticised. Every time. I just don't get it. I hope it's not the same people that are constantly demanding updates. 
Molly R
Get over the change and be happy! They are providing you with a free product! (unlike apple)
+David Poole I actually love that new compose. Google is doing a fantastic job all over the place. What exactly do you dislike about it?
What have I missed how do people prefer the old one? The new compose is excellent have been using it since it came out for testing and it's so much better. 
I switched mine to the Default to full-screen and like it very much.  The one thing that has taken some getting used to is attaching photos.  Drag and drop is nice, but if you drop it in the message body area, it puts it inline.  If you drop it on the small toolbar at the bottom, you attach them.  Weird, but it works, rather than having to press the paperclip and browsing the computer to attach something.
See? Google doesn't care if you like it or not.
Bunch of whining and complaining over nothing. OMG something changed! I can't deal with adapting! Omg you suck you don't listen to me! Cry cry complain complain
+Jeff Earls I was referring to this +Gmail update. Peg Man may have gone MIA but the feature, StreetView, is still alive and kicking.
Loving the new Compose. So much better than before. Nice work Gmail team.
I had to adapt to the new Compose tool, but now I prefer it. But how can anyone complain about the new Maps?! 
I strongly disagree, +David Poole - Mail and Maps have become really great with the latest updates.
I would have to disagree with people who think it is a "terrible" update.  The changes have streamlined email composing, rather than being overwhelmed with silly features that dont get used very often.  The minimalistic approach to me is wonderful, allowing me to focus on the message rather than getting distracted with other things going on in the browser window(s).  Just my opinion.
+Stephen Hind When Google introduced the new minimal COMPOSE UI it was optional, that is no longer the case.

I preferred the old interface, specifically the text formatting which I now need to access via an extra step.  OK, so it's not a lost feature, more like a moved feature, but it has been frustrating. 
I don't like the new compose. I like the window in the bottom right corner to compose. That way I can see other emails that I am referring to as I compose.
+Jürgen Schnake The new Maps looks good, but the update on Android removed transit navigation. Not all of Google's changes recently have been without loss of features.
HA! Whiners whining about other whiners. Cry cry complain complain, huh?
It's always hard (if not impossible) to please everybody - but for me, both have become really great the way I use them. 
+Daniel W I know what you mean, as that confused me, too. The individual apps for Local and Navigation vanished, but the functionality is still there. It's just a little further away. 
+Daniel W If you slide the menu from the left side in maps it gives you public transit. That's from the main Page of the new maps app on android for me. 
+Marc Kevin Hall I actually like how Navigation is more integrated into Maps and doesn't feel like a separate app any more. But I really miss having my phone tell me when to get off the bus.

+Chris Thompson Transit directions stuck around, as did the transit layer. Transit navigation, with the device notifying you when to board/get off of vehicles, disappeared.
I hate this, but it's Google. They'll have an entirely different UI in two years that will incorporate the old compose as a "new feature."
I don't get it. When the previous compose (in the right low corner) was introduced, gmail team said you can now compose a new email and browse your old ones... Now the newest compose kills that relatively recently introduced convenience... 
Just remember everyone, Google services are all free. 
Can you at least enable options to show the "from email" and signature by default. I manage multiple email accounts and turned this off because every email took longer to do.
Either works for me.  I usually pop-out in a new window anyway.
I love new google maps and gmail anf etc. Much cleaner and nicer to use. I am a fan and embrace the change. Those with complaints need upgrade your browser because your obviously still using ie8 #baninternetexplorer
I'm confused about what changed except for a little extra flash
Props to you Gmail team.  I like this a lot.  And everyone in the office loves it as well.  I don't know why people on the internet are so negative.  But we appreciate your hard work and dedication to improving a product we all use daily!
I like it but my elderly parents find it harder to use. Not cool 
+Michael McGuire Couldn't agree more .. The same is happening for Hangouts which replaced Gtalk .. Unifying Design at the cost of functionality ..
+C-G Hanson Change at the cost of Functionality ? Loosing the useful features just for a new design will always be a painful thing for Google users..
IMO, one reason it's "awful" is because when I want to reply to a mail the expanded Compose windows covers up the message ... I have ended up copying the mail to an editor to be able to read and extract from it while in the new Compose.
+Daniel W no. Transit navigation is still in the new maps on android. I just checked. Never use it but went right to it easily.
Love this update!  Gmail is fantastic, I cringe when I have to use other clients...
Thank you for making these improvements +Gmail. I feel much better about the changes now that the full screen settings are available. 
is there a way to get a compose in a separate window? I mean a totally separate  floating window.. 
Oh really? Just take a look at older folks who got used to the old compose, when they start using the new one.  It really really confuses them. 
Shame on you Gmail, your UX/Interface designers are young and as a direct result they think only YOUNG people use the services they designed.
 That's a product FAIL. 
 (at least you cold have kept the old mode as 'Classic Mode.')

PS: you F--ed up G Maps also.
+Matt Keithley  He didn't say an improvement is awful. He said the new UX is awful. And it is.

Many of us don't want to compose opens drafts as a minimizable window, and we don't want to write multiple drafts at once. And if we want to "keep an eye on incoming email," that's what that Google alert system is for. And you already could add inline images.

Furthermore, what is being referred to as a full-screen compose experience is not a full-screen experience, but a slightly less cramped dwarfed experience.

I will be looking for a better experience, that isn't like a chat screen---if I wanted to chat, I would---for composing my professional emails It will take a while to find a better email service, for sure, but staying with Gmail under these circumstances sort of seems like submitting to a slightly fascistic regime.
+Stephen Hind
An engineer thinks of "features," a user thinks of their experience. The user experience has been degraded by a mathematical mind that thinks only in terms of 1s and 0s, and "features," and doesn't understand human beings.
+Molly R
 oh dear Molly....what  sweetie. Taking your data and leveraging and warehousing it for ads--and more--is far from free.
+Jeroen Pardon
In other words, bend over and take it up the ass quietly? People have perspectives and expertise that are not all in accord with your own or Google engineers and monetizers. Deal with it.
One aspect I dislike is that if I want to cut and paste between TO and CC in a multi-party email ... I can't in the new system because all the email addresses are individual objects or something.  
+Dave Hill Hi Dave, you can. Click on the first email address, than keep the Ctrl button pressed and click on the 2nd, 3rd, etc email address and so you can select many of them and move them together
If there's a typo in address you can't merely edit - you have to start over from scratch.
+Susan Doran Basically yes, or use a different service, use a different client, or build your own mail client. It's not like you're paying for it. And please, not the "my data is being mined so that equals paying" bullocks. You knew that from the start. No one ever promised you Gmail is designed by committee. Deal with it.
The new compose is awful.  The old compose was mediocre but somehow the Gmail team managed to make the experience worse.  

(The new handling of attachments is particularly a horrid and frustrating and time-consuming experience.  They should not be buried inline at the bottom of the message window. )
Al U
Why why why!!! Dont fix what isnt broken. I hate it hate it with passion.  Give the option to have the old compose back! you're not the only email service you know..
OK, so 'improve' if you have to-but why is there no option for people to continue to use the old compose/reply screens? Why not let the users drive the product rather than you drive the users? I appreciate and understand that some G Mail users will like and prefer the new screens. Great. But you are assuming everyone will prefer it that way. I really don't need to see if an E Mail is coming in right now or not! How about you opt for G Mail Classic and G Mail Standard or similar? Everyone has what they want, everyone is happy.
Just wish I could move the compose window around rather than be in fixed position. But it's tolerable. And why do we have to go to Gmail to compose a quick email when the new compose feature can be part of a default feature for the Chrome browser? Wherever you go browsing with Chrome composing a quick email could be just a icon away rather than head to Gmail to compose it. 
Don't like it, but this time I got no option to go back to the old one.
+Jeroen Pardon Why do you assume people aren't paying for GMail? It's part of the paid Google Apps package ... it's offered by my hosting provider as part of my paid-for domain hosting. It's often a paid-for service!
Please bring back altering the Subject without creating a new thread.
Oh, Lord, I'd forgotten about the whole Subject thing.
Here's a big problem with the new compose - with the old I could pop it out as a new window and look at other browser tabs. As far as I can see there's no way to do this in the new compose because the "full screen" window can't be moved.
Jay D
"Change!? Oh noes! Q_Q"

This rocks. Keep up the good work. Maps rocks too. Thanks.
Dan Mihu
Not for everyone. I'm opting out. There are other webmail services, you know?
+Greg Quigley If you replying to a email then yes you can open to a new window. Open the email and at the top right next to the print icon there is box with a arrow in it. Hover your mouse cursor over it and "In New Window" will pop-out. Click it and your email will open in a new window. The new compose feature is really for starting up a new fresh email. 
Thanks +Eduardo Feliciano. Wish that was possible with compose. Also don't get why reply keeps the original message at the top.
Your idea of full screen and mine are obviously not the same. I just opened my mail five seconds ago and discovered I'd been switched to the new Compose Window layout. I immediately tried to "revert," and when that didn't work, I opted for "full-screen layout." It's a joke. I want the old interface back as my default.

Are you brain dead? We've been telling you for months that the new layout is NOT anyone's idea of an improvement, and you did this anyway. 

Now it's REALLY time for me to switch to another provider. Oh, well. GMail was fun while it lasted.
Are you kidding me!  Now we actually have to use this miniature thing and can't go back to the good one!
No problem +Greg Quigley I too wonder why the reply box opens to the bottom of the email rather than the top of it. It make's it easier to reference a email from the top than from the bottom.  
Al U
Photobucket just did the same thing....worthless update that slows and makes people unhappy.

They must have too much money if they are paying for "upgrades" like this
Dan Lobb
Why did anyone think this was a good move? And your "fullscreen" option, isn't. It's just a slightly larger little window. Tell the design team to put the revert option back in, and then work on things people really want, like a sortable size column.
+Vincent Rupp Jr.
The new version is much worse if you want to include images in your letter. It won't let you re-size as well as the old one, and you can no longer drag and drop images.
I don't doubt that some people, somewhere, enjoy this new "streamlined" format, but I don't.  I don't see why I can't revert to the old interface or at least something like it.  I don't want to have to hunt for formatting options when I'm sending emails, and if I want something in "full screen" then I want it to fill the screen.  Why don't I get to make the decision on whether I want formatting options clearly displayed?  Why not leave the old format available?  None of the new settings help me in any way.

Pretty please with sugar on top, implement a fix for users who enjoyed the old format.
Why does the new interface allow me to repy on the same page but require me to open a new window, tab. etc to compose a new email?
Jeff F.
Still haven't fixed the poor way of surfacing formatting and other options. Bummer.
+S Datta
Thanks for the pop out tip.
Any advice on images in the body of the letter?
I'd like some latitude to re-size the images beyond the clunky small or large, and the new version won't  let me drag and drop the way the old one did.
I agree with  +Kevin Briskin.
Please leave us continue using the old interface.
I can not work with the new one.
Gmail is not forcing me to use the new interface, Gmail is forcing me to change my email account!!
Alex Plat
the new compose is like removing the q, z and j from the keyboard because not enough people use them, it is ludacris. 

by all means, keep innovating, redesigning, etc. but look at the forums and make "permanently switch back" an option. or put it in GoogleLabs. 

the reason I chose gmail over all others was that everything was JUST right, the new stuff is simplicity gone too far. please focus the hipness attempts at google+.
Has anyone figured out how to shut this horrid new compose interface OFF and return to the old compose?
bring back WAVE - it did all this and better
Fucking sucks!
They probably have forgotten about sending to multiple recipients.
When you want to add/edit a subject, the address field is collapsing and everything is moving up, then after touching the subject, I want to add another email and the address field is expanding again, as the result is moving down!
What a stupid transforming game around this pop up compose ?
+HAROLD HIRSCH I was composing a message last night to a friend and using the insert photo option ( i guarantee everyone to try this ) i inserted 4 pictures which were under 2 mb each. guess how much data it used to upload the 4 pictures? nearly 170 mb for 4 pictures under 2 mb each. Our telco providers are loving you google :(
+Harry Criswell Directions or navigation? If you found the navigation option, please tell me where it is. I haven't been able to locate it.

+Ken Howard I can still copy and paste in Google Translate, with phonetic typing turned on for Japanese, using keyboard shortcuts.

+Frank Lawton Wave was pretty awesome. It shouldn't have been killed.
One comment to Google. When you add an attachment to the email the attachment comes up BEHIND the Fonts menu so it appears that the attachment did not load.
Hey, you do too much, I don't like it.
Did the old format work too well?  Stop tinkering! You people are imbeciles!
Yes lets break something that doesn't need fixing!! 
So I hear you have been listening to customer feedback on the new design...well, want to know what is so wrong with the new design?
1. Lack of shaded background around reply message
When you reply to a message there is no longer a shaded area around it making it very hard to visually discern what is old text and what is the live composing text box. If you scroll up too double check something in a previous message and then scroll down again it's very hard to re-find the compose window because it's all WHITE!! Stop making everything white and keep some shading!
2. You can no longer scroll up the page by scrolling outside the compose window
Until now one could move the cursor of the mouse outside the compose text box and quickly navigate to the top or bottom of the page.
Now, no matter where the cursor is one has to scroll the text inside the compose field first before the rest of the page will start scrolling to top of bottom
3. If one uses full screen compose one can not chat anymore while writing a message!
Do I have to repeat this? ONE CAN NO LONGER CHAT WHILE WRITING A MESSAGE IN FULL SCREEN! What is wrong with you guys? Why would you eliminate functionality? 
4. Reply all now requires TWO clicks!
Yes, of course lets add more need for clicking and make it more complicated for our users to get to the reply all button! Really, google? Really?
5. Same goes for formatting options!
Yes, instead of all the formatting options right there, lets hide them in a stupid drop down menu and make things that much harder and time consuming for our user. How comes up with that stuff? And they get paid for this?
6. Once you click on "show trimmed content" you can't re-trim it!
In the old compose functionality one could re-trim old content in the email by clicking the little icon with the dots on it...Well, that just amde too much sense and instead now we have the pleasure of scrolling through through lengthy email conversions if we want to get to the email below because  => #2

Do you guys at gmail seriously get paid for this? Did you just wake up one morning and decide "Lets take a perfectly good product, one that is miles ahead of the competition and ruin it"
So congrats, google has managed to ruin the only decent product it has developed in the past 5-7 years.
Now excuse me I have to go and open a yahoo account... (just kidding).
I know Google is a smart company, and a lot of my friends work there (or have in the past), but just because you find a smart new way to do something doesn't mean you should automatically MAKE HUGE CHANGES TO SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE DO EVERY DAY, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY without giving any reason. A store doesn't just up and change where it's doors are, because yes, people are creatures of habit, and our habits help us navigate the world in an EASIER AND MORE EFFICIENT MANNER. I'm a tech person, and I'm used to changes. But that doesn't mean that I want to spend time changing my habits without any reason, or that I want to deal with the stress of having to restructure my brain. And the vast majority of people on this planet are NOT tech people, and will have even more trouble and stress. Yes, we all know you have the power to do whatever the hell you want to do, but must you really make millions of people's daily lives miserable in the process?
Bring back the old compose plz
People ask "what don't you like?" Well, I want it to share the screen with my other messages, not cover them up. And no, the new version doesn't share nicely. You cant't move it, it's too small (even in "full screen"), you can't alt-tab away from it to see your inbox. I hate it. Why can't there be a custom option for those who want the old version? Seriously, I have loved gmail, but I'm switching back to (hotmail) if it stays this way.
I won't try to debate the UX merits between the new compose and the old version. What I will ask is: why not allow the option to keep Old Compose? Personally, I prefer the older version (though I see why people would like the new one). So why not re-enable the setting for the old compose experience?
+Sean Casey +Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Gmail
Unfortunately the same reason the PM's BLOCKED (hid)--the ability for people to "Revert" during that period of time. They don't want the outrage up the stream.

If the leaders of this company simply used their own product I BET 1000000000:1 Brin and Page are using an IMAP client (Please let us know--and please don't make me use that Android Client

soon as I find a reliable desktop AND Android (Matching)--I'll move.
,   ----PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE---let us choose how to
HOW, HOW does someone think that "COMPOSE) (either full page (unable to see other emails) or the bottom of page--and IF using inline compose, bottom of page--AND in order to view the thread---it's INSIDE THE BOX---not even "Threaded"

do you guys even USE Gmail?  SURELY YOU ARE using IMAP PLEASE ADVISE YOUR CLIENT  ---Clearly lost the vision of what this CLUSTER STORM THIS  IS (HOW ABOUT USING YOUR OWN Search engine to see the OUTRAGE.
+David Poole this company *DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT UX/UI MEANS!!!!---Look at the new Navigation?
1-st they make the controls SMALLER (great for driving)
Prior version allowed for a THUMB SIZED icon inside the app (GO FIGURE)

I FREAKING HATE this company now---DESPISE IT
Have Duck Duck Go-=--as my Default Search IN FIREFOX

They are BECOMING THE NEXT MICROSOFT---we'll give you WHAT WE THINK YOU NEED--and customer be dammed (don't forget we most CERTAINLY ARE---a "Customer" because they "use us" as part of an agreement to use their product for free). "

NEVER--NEVER---JUST ONE MONTH AGO--arguing the merits of Android---I SURE AS HADES won't go to MSFT---but once I can get an unblocked Iphone to a "Bring Your Own" carrier....I'm DONE through with this CLUSTER OF A COMPANY.

Gmail Team, Your new compose box is SHIT!

This update is another change for the noobs and screws advanced users.
For noobs: just buy a fucking second monitor and learn how to write an e-mail (choosing the right length, learning how to handle with more than 5 buttons around the body of the e-mail, etc.).

Why does it screw advanced users? Here are the top 3 reasons off the top of my head:
- Most options now require to do an extra click or hovering somewhere.
- The compose box is obviously too small for medium-sized or long e-mails.
- Too many information is hidden.
Why the hell cant I get my mail from gmail???!!!  I am truing to run a business and cant get to my mail to pay my bills!!!!!
Bill T
Hey Gmail, ever heard the expression "don't fix what aint broke"? obviously not.
For all of us who don't want to deal with the new compose feature: give Gmail offline a try! It gives you a regular compose field, all the buttons are right there without having to click through drop down menus. Might be an alternative... Of course only until they ruin offline as well!
Are there any products left to ruin? How about Picasa google? That's one that still work reasonably well.
New compose SUCKS. Its AWFUL. Go back to the old one and stop making this shit mandatory.
+S Datta
Thanks for confirming this sad flaw.
It's very inconvenient. I guess I was spoiled by the previous version.
I can't believe, even pop-up mode is FUBAR. I'm really impressed, you've screwed every possible mode making it unusable. It needs skills indeed to make very good product into this crap.
The new compose is totally unusable for me! Why do you force users to use it and don't keep an old one as an option?
The new compose experience is a shit job! You guys will give the stupid excuse that people take time to adapt to change. NO! There've been other changes in the past I've embraced with open arms. But this one is truly shit. Too many clicks to reach many things that were earlier available in one click. Smaller click areas - it's more difficult to click on CC & BCC instead of clicking the wide-text fields. And popped out comes wastes so much real estate on the right and left..eye-sore! 
Darkening the rest of the screen is not what full screen means to most users.  Would you buy a 24 inch monitor that had a 22 inch bezel and 2 inches of screen?  No, of course not that is just stupid.  Well, so is this.
I absolutely detest the new compose UI as well as the new map and some other recent UI changes... Plz hire some real UX designers and UX researchers to fix it instead of engineers and programmers. 
This sucks Big time, rule #1 if it isn't broke don't fix it...this is really fucked up, don't like it!!!
Every change made so far has been for the worse... Still don't like the new compose. I am having problems every time new features are introduced to Gmail. Please go back to basics... 
It seems to me that a lot of compaints about Google updates is from people getting incorrect information, believing it without question, and not bothering to check for themselves.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry. Most people are fine with this and the service is very far from unusable.

Hey Google, stop evolving! Stop trying to make changes! I don't pay a penny but you MUST do things the way I, some random guy on the internet, says!

What has happened to G+? It's as bad as the website message boards I came here to escape.
This sucks! If you have a big screen, to compose an email you have to type in the middle, and look right of your screen.. 
Please go back to what is was...what is the problem.
This is a beautiful &charming scenery.Here hide some heartiest speech to the philosopher&poets.
If you prefer full-screen, just enable the option to not quite get it!
You've fucked up drag&drop too? In old composer photo dragged to message was uploaded and became attached one. Now the same photo dragged in the same way is added inline. Srsly? Are you insane? Do you ever heard about UX? Do you ever tested your products?

God, every company would fire such "pros" for ruining perfectly working product.
+Piotr Mikołajski Drag it to the bottom, it's attached.

Drag it to the message, it's inserted.

This was covered in the introductory walk-through that they gave when you switched to 'New Compose'.

Now how about you jump down off your soapbox?
I don't even remember the old version, I'm already addicted to the new one.
When I reply, the "from" email address and signature are now hidden.
Now I have to make extra clicks to make sure that I am sending from the correct email address.

It also now takes four clicks to get to the "Edit Subject" section (instead of the previous one click).

The in-line reply is terrible. Please add options to let us see and change this information.

A new style should not be implemented if it makes the product harder to use.
Its sucks really. At sometime in my life I believed at least +Google  'll not broke the things. But they are.

It would not be any problem if I don't use +Gmail as my primary id. I fetch all my accounts in it, use smtp to sent from it. Honestly, moving from Gmail is a big deal. Only Zoho (free) and Fastmail (paid) webclient has this level of flexibility over options at par with Gmail.

But yes, Googlemail, I will eventually replace you as my primary if I get quality alternative, until then you're safe.
+Chris Harris 
How about learning a little bit about UX?

In old composer dragging files to the "Drop files here" box results files attached to the message. Simple solution, no issues here, every box with "Drop files here" is expected to be working in the same way.

In new composer the same action gives completely different result. There are no new "Drop files here to be put inline" message but the same old "Drop files here". With old message you expect old working patterns.

Your "bottom" is invisible for user because this is toolbar. You don't drop files on toolbar because it never worked and toolbar is invisible in such action due to "banner blindness". Even message written there will not be visible - it's small and grey letters on grey background were never visible. But this is accessability issue and on this field design team pretty far from being "pro".

This change in "Drop files here" behaviour is just bad design. You don't make such big changes if you have not real and very important reasons. There are no such reasons in this case, there are no explanation for this change.

The same with most other changes in composer - were not tested with accessability and usability in mind, are not intuitive and are against previous working patterns.

Last but not least - if you need to explain basic functions in tutorials, this is sign of bad design. Writing mail is one of the simplest things to do and if you need to write tutorial, you've fucked up the design completely.
Since the new "fullscreen" feature, I like the new Editor.
WOW NICE. I have about 20px of screen when forwarding and replying to emails. We are moving away from Gmail as of today.
The new composed system is really great !! . we appreciate your effort. 
People who like this UI are people who reply to their parents or grandparents's "How are you emails."    The new UI is very anti business.

Imagine you work with 200+ emails a day, as we do.

1.  Your signature is HIDDEN. Good luck if you have more than one website, or email to make sure your signature is correct.

Requires 1 extra click. No way to make it appear by default.

2. Foward/Reply screen is about 20px in height. You  have to scroll down, then scroll back up to get a bigger screen, and then enter down your signature to have space.

Requires 4 clicks.

3. You cant edit the subject. You have to CLICK, then choose the option on the drop down, then CLICK again for a POP UP to appear, and then CLICK again to modify it.  Good luck in doing that 100+ times a day with high volume emails.

I guess the are more, but I stopped using Gmail after just these 3 points.
I'm back using a third party pop/imap solution.

I think Google is going the Microsoft path, as with Windows 8, where they focus only on tablet/mobile users instead of Desktop.
I would like to be able to print directly to my wireless printer from Gmail on Android.
Anyone knows how to view large emails on the gmail app. It keeps cutting them.
I have never taken the time to come here to write to Google before.  That is how upset I am with the new compose.

I am very disappointed that Google and Gmail have taken away the old compose option.  I do not like the new option.  I tried it when it was first rolled out and hated it.  I hate it still.  Moving the pop up window to the center of the screen does not fix the problems with the new compose.

If, as other users noted, the purpose of new compose is to make compose easier for tablets, why not leave the old compose for those of us who do not use tablets and let the users CHOOSE which version they use?  That would make the most sense and be the most caring about the customers.  Instead, we have been forced to go to a bulkier, less efficient compose window.

The new mail client also makes it impossible for me to access my mail through the Internet app on my non-android/non-iphone smartphone. 

I'm aware that, if I don't like something, there are competitors I can switch to.  I would hate to do that.  If, however, Google does not at least offer a better option more akin to the old compose, I'm afraid I will have to transfer my email to a new client and cut my ties with the Google line of products, because this new compose just does not work for me and makes my email experience exponentially worse.
Pop Up compose is aesthetically the worst and most pointless thing Google has forced outside of privacy constraints (pointless side complaint), it should be killed an infinite amount of times. 

My love affair with Google is over.  Once upon a time, Google could do no wrong, because they did almost everything almost perfectly right.  Fast, powerful, intuitive, with nary a bug or a glitch.  They made great products and gave them away for free before they even knew how they could make money on them.  

But now they're trying to make everything simple, dumb, and stylish, at the expense of functionality.

The user interfaces are getting worse and worse.  Buttons don't look like buttons.  Icons are indecipherable. You need to hover over something before you can figure out what it does.  Everything is floating in a sea of black or white with no lines and no structure.  

Their privacy protection is getting worse.  I can't share a document in Google Drive without exposing my Gmail address.  I can no longer make a purchase using Google Wallet without my Gmail address being exposed to the merchant.  They want my real name on everything I do, including my Google Plus account and every video I watch or comment on in YouTube.  (I know I don't need to use my Google Plus profile on YouTube, but Google frequently reminds me that they want me to)

And don't get me started on Google Plus.  They're trying to make Google Plus the centerpiece of all their products, and shoving it in my face at every opportunity. I understand why they're doing it.  They want a critical mass of people using Google Plus, and they want Google to be one-stop shopping for all of my online needs.  But let me tell you, Google: I DON'T CARE ABOUT GOOGLE PLUS.  My friends don't use it, and neither do I.

The new compose experience is horrible.  After adding your recipient addresses, you can only see them by hovering over or clicking each of them one by one. When you're not editing the recipients, it only shows one line's worth of recipients, it combines the To: and Cc: lists, and it hides the sending address.  Full-screen mode makes the compose window bigger, but there are still parts of the inbox showing around the sides.  That's pointless.  It's not showing enough of the inbox to be useful, but it's showing enough to be distracting.  I know I can open the composer in a new window or tab, but that's just extra clicks to have what was the default before.

Google is taking away useful products and features right and left.  Google Maps for Android: you can no longer star a location that's not a street address.  You can no longer share a location that's not a street address. (well, you can, but Google Maps for Android will show it at the nearest street address, even if the location was no where near a street)  Turn-by-turn public transportation navigation: gone.  Google Reader...

And if you encounter a bug, you'll pull your hair out trying to figure out how to report it to Google.  If you manage to report it, be assured it will never be fixed.

Google thinks they need to make all of their products simple and hide all of the complexity to make them accessible to the masses.  But that belies Google's monstrous success over the last 10 years.  Google products were so great because they gave you all of the power you needed, didn't hide anything important, and had user interfaces that exposed all of that functionality and information intuitively.  People loved it.  No one was put off by Google products' power and complexity.  People would always rise to the challenge of understanding what a product was doing and exploiting the power it gave them.  Because it really wasn't that much of a challenge - good user interface design made it easy to use.

Who was designing user interfaces back then?  Engineers?  Bring back the engineers, I say!  These user interface designers are a disaster.

I will still use some Google products, but I won't choose them blindly.
It only proves what I've wrote earlier: unnecessary, unjustified and senseless serious changes in working pattern plus no consistency in product.

Sorry, still bad design, still pretty far from professional approach, still no idea about UX and accessability. Fail, just fail.
Reading through this has confirmed what I thought, people hear something that's inaccurate, believe it unquestioningly, don't bother testing of it's true or researching further, get angry about it. This has been a real problem with the latest version of maps, Gmail and hangouts.

Funny / sad thing is, I've had no issues with these things, same as countless others, but people content with something are far less likely to take to the Internet send rant about it.

If you don't like change and risks being taken with products then Google isn't the company for you. 
Absolutely mail infinitive scroll compering to yours "master piece" looks like minor hiccup...
This is horrible - the functionality, the looks, the see-through background. Please tell me you're going to bring back the optionality of using the old interface for people that don't want to use the new one. You already killed Google Reader, are you trying to do the same to Gmail? Don't dictate your changes, let people choose what they want to use.
Dear Google, please allow us the option to use the original and better compose window.  You have severely limited my productivity and killed my multitasking work flow by removing the ability to open a REPLY in a new Window. I like many work on dual screens and reply to many messages at a time and I could before with each reply being in it's own window. The shortcut of pressing SHIFT and REPLY does not open the message in it's own window and there is no option to popup a REPLY message.

You have limited me to only replying to one or two emails at a time and also restricting access to my mailbox while replying. This is a horrific oversight and something I expected 40,000 Computer Science majors not to make. Please fix ASAP.

A huge Google Apps for Business fan.
I want to go back to my old cannot make people do what the company wants ...that is not democracym, but egemony
New gmail Compose is AWFUL!!!  Please make option to not have to use it.  No one wants a pop-up, or something that is squished in the corner of their screen, even in full mode.  Very distracting to have it not even cover the rest of my inbox.  And I can't make the compose screen as large as I want to, width or length.  You also can't move it to the middle of the screen which is where everyone prefers to work.

Gmail is too crowded and I don't want my gmail to become social media, at all. I want my email, period.  And, to be able to see which email address I'm sending a message to, not just person's name as people have multiple email addresses.
This is an ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE format.  Please make it go away!
Ug, I hate this. I kept switching it back to the old UI and while i new the writing was on the wall this was still a shock this morning. The new reply is even more awful. Can you please make both compose and reply truly full-window (not really full screen are they?) so that I have more space to write my messages/replies and less distraction of the content behind it that I have zero interest in referencing. I'd also like the quoted content to be displayed by default, not obscured by ... like it is now. Sheesh... :-( :-( :-(
Google should have an option to stay the way it was or change to the new, that way you don't piss people off having to use your product the way it is, there should be options!!. Some people will be so pissed they will leave Google and go elsewhere like me, I will research out my options. This is NOT how the world should run Google telling us how to use OUR e-mail.... F@#k you Google.
And if you loose market share because of this, Oh well you shot yourself in the foot, we tried to tell you and would you listen....oh no!!
How do you make a "reply to" an e-mail in a large window, compose is expandable to a point (not happy with it) but when you reply to an e-mail there is this little f@#king window at the bottom of my page WTF!!
Google is going downhill now. It reached its peak once but no more. The product manager of Gmail... failed. Product is only said to be improved if customers like it. Look at Google maps which is also going downhill. 
I don't like Google Chrome, Google maps.....well there is some funny shit going on with that. Now Google e-mail WTF get you shit together people what is wrong with you???
I don't understand why both Google and Yahoo insist on using the term "Compose" for "New email". "New" by itself would be enough.

I compose music. I don't compose emails.
+Stephen Bailey
Wha'huh? Not here laddie.. 'compose' is apropos and always has been? It's not like this is new terminology in the email realms after all.
Google, sorry I like Gmail but do not like the new compose.  Making this mandatory is a bad idea.  For someone who uses email all day long, it takes more time to compose now, especially with canned responses, etc.  Also don't like the send now at bottom of screen.  At least move that up to the top or allow choice again to go back to old compose.  I hope you listen to your users!
All Google Apps for Business admins please call Google Apps Support +1 404 978 9282 (United States) 0800-169-0455 (United Kingdom) and report new compose window as a fault to service. It is a fault as Gmail was working yesterday, but now it does not.  Maybe if enough report the 'fault' Google will listen.
Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts my friends! I have been using the new Gmail layout for months now in my business. And it rocks if you're an efficient keyboardist PC operator verses a slug slow mouse clicker; button placements don't matter if you're keyboard efficient.
right on people, I think google should clean house and get rid of the ass holes that make stupid changes and start at the top and work down!!
Thanks. First you took Sneak Peak, adding more burden to mail management, now simple plain text editing is a challenge. OK, plain Compose as it is now is really click–intensive. It's disrupting my workflow. I fixed most of it by modifying CSS (Stylish, thank you!), but the following things can't be fixed that way:

• Opening the […] in reply to see the quoted message — I hate top–posting, and in long e–mails it just doesn't work. Could you make it an option in settings to have the quoted text inserted open by default with cursor between the quoted message and signature? This is the most important thing that bothers me now. I'm in a middle of a long conversation, and moving to the state of old style reply requires two clicks and a scroll more each mail.

• Scrolling while replying to see previous messages in the thread — the reply text area is bound to the page scroll, and it's just confusing.

• For really long e–mails I no longer can use external editor binding to textarea (eg. Pentadactyl with Vim) — it gives HTML one way, it looses the formatting the way back. So I'm forced to copypasting…

• Selecting text with keyboard is broken — when I press Shift+↓ and pass the bottom of the textarea the text isn't scrolled into view. So I can't see what I'm selecting.

I could get back to simple HTML view (editing works there), but I'm too addicted to Priority Inbox. :)

PS: Yes, I get it that Jason Cornwell gave us permission to write shorter messages now (Oh my, I used to send mail where the subject was the whole message, was it a crime?!) — but can I please be given permission to write the long messages too? I don't have a blog to write long messages, and for the short ones we have Hangouts, Twitter, status updates on G+ and FB, SMS and i– messages, and I don't know what else. So, you see, for the short texts all was fine and dandy. You think Gmail should compete in the short messages market? Cannibalizing it's own Hangout? Really?…
Please make this optional. Do not force us to work the way YOU want, but give us the choice to work the way WE want.
Sucks, sucks, sucks.  New style is worse than useless and a huge PITA if you want to format the text in anyway.  Please make the old compose available again.
+Molly R I pay for gmail with the added storage I get that I only use for gmail. So your comment is null and void.
Terrible.  Formatting more painful, can't really pop out, Can't see attachments all the time, can't use as easily/check quickly who is copied, can't do lot's of stuff.  It's as though Google is working as hard as possible to drive users away.  Reader, Maps, Gmail, you name it.  F-  
+Hacim Llih
Change isn't necessarily a bad thing! Just because my comment is made several years after the term came into production doesn't make it a bad idea!
+Stephen Bailey
Indeed, agreed, and fair enough. My comment was not intended to flame via rant etc., to be clear as mud mate. ;]
+Amir Rehman  I dislike that I now have to click 3 times where one click used to be enough. When I wirte an email I want to see who I am sending it Cc and bcc, and not have them all on one line. I don't want to have to scroll down to the bottom everytime to check which attachments I have added to the email. I now have to click twice to switch from composing back to inbox. When I write an email I want to be able to multitask and not have google focus my attention to purely that email with a black frame around it. I dislike that the formating bar now overlaps with the editing field. Ah I could go on and on. It is aweful! 
This new interface is awful.  I alternate between different email accounts depending on with whom I'm communicating, sometimes BCCing other people.  Having all this hidden makes it really awkward to make sure I'm sending as desired.
Ugh! I LOVE gmail, and I HATE the new compose window! Awful, awful. It changes default behaviors, hides features I access all the time, and completely messes up reply / reply-all. Please, please, please make this some kind of option or give configuration choices for those who detest the new compose window!!
I absolutely hate the new compose interface. Of course my complaining is a waste of time, I know. Google doesn't care at all what I think.
+Nicole Spivey Gmail is not free for those companies that pay for Google Apps for Business. This change effects the Google Apps customers too.
My feedback is the same as everyone else's - please give us the users the option of NOT using this!!!!

The new compose is going to ADD a great deal of time and frustration to my day and for what reason? I will be looking to move my email elsewhere if this ridiculous change is not reverted within 7 days.
please give us the old compose back is so hard?
(Google, the New Microsoft). 

Microsoft 20th Century Myopia--We'll make it, you like it, because where else you gonna go?

Google 21st century mind set? We'll make it, you'll like it, where else you gonna go? Revert? Why keep revert?

and the BS HOGWASH of "well, we'll have to maintain---HORSE MANURE)--the code sits.---once it's "MADE"---unless W3 changes up...not much to change. 

Anyway, here's the FIX I came up with!category-topic/gmail/report-an-issue/composing-and-sending-messages/google-chrome/ilc0jdtsLvk
+Colin McCarthy (Hello Data) Even though you pay $50 per year for each user, it is still cheaper than building the same services yourself and paying someone to maintain it. Unless of course you have over 1000 in your workforce. 
+George Otoiu I say we start a CORPORATE CAMPAIGN---TELL ADVERTISERS--we'll boycott them, if they continue with Google's nonsense. 

Seeing how 98% of  GSOFT revenue relies on it?

FFS--this is worse than NEW COKE!!!
Stay away from private messages. 
+Justine OBrien
#Change for the sake of #change is not #progression .  Nor is change always a net improvement, even if it has some.  Lost productivity from having to re-learn (often at the most inconvenient times), lost features, moved features that reduce efficiency--all of these are just as important as "progress", if not moreso.

But, oh, we mustn't leave anything alone which works!  That would be boring!
Long time user here. Hate and despise the new format. Am I missing something or did we completely lose the ability to embed a picture!!
Long time user here. Love and adore the new format since it was enabled for me a few months back. Please keep it like this for a good while.
Used gmail almost since the day it came out. I won't continue if they new interface stays. Requires more clicks to do the same work
The new compose sucks. I left feedback when i first turned it off, and went back to the old way, but that was apparently ignored. Why is "full screen" overlapping the folder and label lists that i want to be able to read, and not covering up the inbox on the right and bottom that i really don't need to see? And why is everything else greyed out? It's really annoying.
+Donaithnen Keir Because you want to focus on the message? Why do people not understand the design principles at work here?
+Victor Zamanian  How about Google stops telling me what i want and instead just lets me do what i actually want to do?

And really if anything having the rest of the window change colors from normal to greyed out is even more distracting. The same way that here in G+ the bar at the top keeps disappearing and reappearing as i scroll up and down.
Anyone figured out a way to revert back to old compose? Is it even possible now that the annoying 'new compose' is forced on everyone?
hey Google! I bet you've realized that new Gmail sucks. Is just annoying and time-consuming. Otherwise you´re smart in putting on us non-requested advertising into "promotions"
If you want to enjoy the genius of the Google user interface masterminds open the tasks in GMail, open one or two chats and click on Compose - watch it dance lol
+Donaithnen Keir I don't think Google is telling me what I want. They are giving me what I want. Not everyone likes everything they do though, apparently. Maybe because change is frightening? Not sure.
If only someone at Google could explain any reason for making Gmail so much harder to use. What's the purpose? Anyone? Is there any reason at all?
B Y   T H E   W A Y.. huge time saving FYI for the lot of you on new Gmail.. when focused on the inbox, press Shift-c to open a fully independent compose pane that you can also maximize like a full browser pane or tab. You can also use Control-Shift-t to jump to main recipient field, Control-Shift-c for cc field, and Control-Shift-b for bcc field; and many more via Google typical Shift-? to see all the efficient ways to leave the inefficient mouse aside for productivity up-tick and time savings in Gmail! ;]]] Enjoy! (Mouse data input is the least efficient way to operate a PC humans! ;]])
Paul Cox
Hate.  Hate.  Hate.  Hate.

I hate it, which isn't surprising- some people are just not going to like new stuff, and I guess on this item, I'm one.

But what's incredibly stupid is that you are FORCING people to change.  Why?  Why, why, why?  All the arguments basically boil down to "we have decided this is better for you", which is an inherently arrogant argument and decision.

No matter how you cut it, you are forcing people because YOU think it's better for THEM, instead of letting THEM decide for themselves.  And that's not good business.

I hate it if for NO other reason than the fact that I don't want to spend the time to dick around and learn a new interface.  Why should I?  The old one functioned perfectly well.  Stuff was labeled and easy to understand, and I didn't have to think about it.  Now I have to think (oh, the horror!) and waste time doping out the new setup, and the only real reason why is because you decided to make me.

You're assholes sometimes, Google.  Bad enough you're letting government agencies snoop through my email, now you're making it a pain in the ass for me to use.
I absolutely detest the new compose and it's wrong that you don't allow people the choice
This is terrible. It switched today, and there's no longer an option to switch back to the classic compose. How hard is it to let the user have a choice? What you're trying to do is make everyone think of email as just another way to send an instant message. That's not how I use email at all. I don't want emails and chats to be combined, and imposing your worldview on me is really frustrating. I want classic compose. I want to be able to use my gchat while I'm writing an email, and I detest and despise lightbox popups of all kinds. This is a horrible interface and i want nothing to do with it. Looks like I'll be switching my primary email address to one attached to my domain, and leaving gmail behind.
I dont like it  dont like being forced to use it .  I tried attaching a photo I have never had a problem with and it wouldnt do it  saying it was un supported. what is unsupported is forcing it on users wether they want it or not
Now that Google has SUCCESSFULLY killed the old Gmail compose, what next now - the capability to view Gmail in basic HTML?
I understand. thank you so much.
+Jeffrey Hersch
I attach photos and documents and much much more to international clients and have not experienced this at all; could it have been a server 'blip' perchance? What file formats have you found unsupported?
currently have a baby with leukemia needed the help of all kind-hearted people. You can help your baby it is not? hope your kindness.
Absolutely horrible. This is not an e-mail anymore, just short texts!
I like the new compose i cannot stand that mouse over bullshit
Don't be evil.  What a terrible decision.
Like i said if it Isn't broken don't fix it, Google listen to the people who use it for a change. Give your head a shake.
+Victor Zamanian It is not that change is frightening, 'change for the worse' is frightening. Most people like 'change for the better' . The 'new compose'  Google wants everyone to use is not better than what it is much worse! 
+Arul Selvan But that's the thing. "New" is often perceived as "worse" just for the fact that it is just that -- new -- when it isn't necessarily worse once you get used to it. Took me no time at all to get used to this, in fact, because it makes sense to me. :)
+Gmail It's a shame the people who don't like something are the most vocal. I like the new compose window, and it makes a lot of sense when you take a full 60 seconds to think about it, and when we read your blog posts explaining the design changes it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for this change, a lot of us appreciate it even though most of the people who take the time to come here complain about it. :)
WHY ON EARTH IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO DIFFICULT for you, dear Google, TO KEEP THE OLD EMAIL COMPOSE TOO, as a "Classic mode" alternative?
Why dou you have to roll out such poor-designed features that pisses off a large number of your users? Why? 

Your new Compose simply sux. 
The simple fact of having to TEACH people how to use it, shows the world how you transformed a simple write-email experience, into something so minimalistic and yet with so many complications. You FAILED.
(and did you ever think of older folks aged 65+ how bad they will receive this new writing mode?)
+Victor Zamanian Sorry, it does not make sense to me and to the majority of us here. I don't think anyone is saying it is bad because its 'new' without trying it for a while. I am sure everyone (including me) tried this so called '[de|new] compose' feature and not happy that it is crippled; you can't get used to that. 
Hey look, you rolled out the compose as an obligation to everyone without fixing the problems that still remained. I still can't pop a reply out to a separate window. The format bar still sits overtop the compose area instead of taking up the useless whitespace in the bar that contains the Send button. 

Lets see how long I can tolerate being frustrated by something as fundamental as my email system. I already have my Outlook account waiting in the wings. I don't want to change email providers, but I simply refuse wrestle with email, when I send about 50 a day every day. 
Well, I've started to use very very old design of Gmail because from productivity point of view it's still much better than this new crap. If you need to use Gmail professionally on daily basis, you may try to test the old one here:

On the other hand I've added Google Ads to blocked by AdBlock. AdWords were always displayed by me but if Google said me "FY" third time this year (new look of G+, cancelling Reader and this "redesign" of Gmail) it's high time to say "FY" to Google too. Why should customers care about them if they don't care about customers?
I have a lot of users with my company who are very frustrated with this new compose window. While there is a default full screen option for compose, there is not one for reply. Most of our employees spend the majority of their time replying to email, and there are too many steps to get into full screen mode. I think that Google has made a big mistake by not including the full screen default option for the reply and forward options.

I also agree with other posters, that the new system is not nearly as intuitive and natural as the old way. Sometimes newer isn't better. Luckily most of my employees have iPads and can use their email client to get by for now. For those who use desktops I guess I'll be installing a client for them to use until Google comes to their senses and does something to fix this problem.
Any word yet on re-enabling the Classic Compose option?
+Sean Casey I'm afraid that the only word Google is able to say is no. Not because they have arguments but because they know better. It's very very sad and I don't think they change it even in companies paying for Gmail will protest and cease their deals.
+Jeroen Pardon alas, no Jeroen -- back when I got my invitation to join gmail when it was in beta gmail was not taking and leveraging data. That was when Google was in its apparently disingenuous "first, do no harm" phase of their identity. So, nope, I didn't sign on for that. This is not a case of informed consent and buyer's remorse. Why do you take criticism of Google so personally (other than you work for them)?
+Arul Selvan Well, the "majority of us here" being people who are upset at the change doesn't really say anything with regards to how many people are actually satisfied with the situation. You have to apply a bit of utilitarianism if you are Google.

Also I don't understand how the new interface is "crippled". This new interface is basically the exact same as before if you want it to be. You can open a compose window in a full-screen window just as you could before (with the D keyboard shortcut, or Ctrl-Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click on the Compose button), or you can use the full-screen-by-default option when creating new messages. You can also pop-out replies, in the new compose window or in a new window altogether. I seriously don't understand where the complaints are coming from.
What other email services are people moving to? Someone recommended fastmail but I haven't looked into it yet.
+Susan Doran I see people moving to Yahoo! and to I have Yahoo! account 16 years and maybe it's time to go back. But those who tested Outlook says that this is much better than Google and is real gem. I need to test is myself and probably I'll move there from Gmail.

+Victor Zamanian _I seriously don't understand where the complaints are coming from._

Probably because you have no idea and don't want to learn even a little bit how complaining people are using Gmail for professional duties on daily basis. They know exactly what they need and know even better how much new design is bad and make their life harder.

If you say "This new interface is basically the exact same as before if you want it to be." it's clear you have no idea what are you talking about.
Unfortunately it's even more clear that you don't read what people here and on Google forums are writing. Of course you don't have to but it means you should just shut your mouth and don't tell others how they should use Gmail, how much they should be happy and how much better new Gmail is.

Complaining people don't say you should be unhappy because you are minority who likes new interface. All they want is to get choice to use Classic Compose back if they want. And surprise surprise - you'll be able to choose too and you may use Excellent And Best Ever New Compose as long as you like it because nobody wants to ban it. Try to understand this difference and try to understand that choice is good for everyone.
+Piotr Mikołajski Uh. I use it for my professional duties on a daily basis, and I also work in the field of user-interface design and have gone to University to learn about that very field. If you say "it's clear you have no idea what you are talking about", it's clear that you have no idea what you are talking about. :D

I'm not trying to tell anyone how to use Gmail, I'm just saying the complaints I've seen so far don't seem to be valid in my opinion. People, to me, just seem like they don't want to modify their workflow to achieve the same goal. Also I appreciate if you don't tell me to shut my mouth, because I have the right to voice my opinion just as the other people do here, that are complaining. I'm not telling people they can't complain, unless you hadn't noticed. :)

The thing is, I don't feel like it's obvious that the people who like the new interface (or are simply fine with it) are necessarily the minority, because people who complain are usually the most vocal. That's why I feel it's important to voice my opinion and say that the Classic Compose style is basically still there if you are just willing to modify your work flow.
+Piotr Mikołajski Good summary, but it is a waste of time explaining to someone who thinks this new interface is awesome :) 
David S
This is the absolute WORST change you have brought onto the users. Go back or I along with many will have no choice but to change services :(
For new compose, can we at least have the option to set the reply-window default to full-screen as well? The current reply-window is so damn tiny... I feel like it was optimized for a 27" iMac screen.
Respectfully, I think this is a bad idea...
I'm really not liking the new GMail compose, and I finally figured out why. While I like having a separate "window" that I can see my email while I write my email, I had that with Popout, so it doesn't get me much.  What really bothers me is that the options are scattered all over now.  There are options in every corner of the Compose window.  In the top right is CC/BCC.  In the bottom right is plaintext.  In the bottom left is attachments.  In the top left is changing the subject.  I'm supposed to keep straight which option is where?  No, I think the bar was better.

Better yet, give me a ribbon.  But that would be too MS-like, and we all know MS sucks, right?  Except when they don't, and they have a brilliant idea LIKE THE RIBBON.
I figured it out - the static, rigid, unmovable pop-out compose box on a greyed-out background is apes the Facebook Message design - lol - and kind of pathetic, Google.
Even if the community is split between the two compose styles, there is a non-negligible contingent that really don't like the new compose (myself among them). A look at Google's forums very much confirms that. Why is it so impossible for Google to provide both? 

I would be happy with a feature-frozen fork of the old compose "experience" (sigh) just for the sake of my productivity and general usability... ie. pretty much what I had a couple of days ago. 

Now, I sadly now find myself resisting when it comes to replying to emails. I'm not a Luddite in the slightest, but this interface actively opposes how I work, and how I email. So from my perspective, gmail has failed me. If I can't work under the new environment, I will change. At this stage (and no kidding here), I would rather go back to using pine.
Ok glass... ehm...
Ok Google, I HATE the "new compose experience".
I don't see why I'm supposed to waste 3/4 of the real estate of my screen when I'm writing a new email (or 1/2 screen with the brand new "full screen option").

I hope someone will fix this "new compose experience" and make it full-screen. Or at least give me a button to push and make it full screen: a REAL full screen.
Oh, the new full screen option: this nice border tick about 1/5 of my compose window. This transparent grayish border around my supposedly full screen compose window, that work like a gigantic "send to Draft" button... is of no use.

Do your HDTV show the configuration menu around your favorite movie? or does it show the movie in full screen?
Whats the meaning of "Full Screen"? Half screen?

New math discovery: Full screen = Half Screen  :-|


I DON'T multitask when I'm writing an email.
I DON'T need to look at my inbox when I'm writing an email.
I DON'T WANT to see my inbox when I'm writing an email, and in the rare case I need, I'll simply open another inbox in another tab, but this happen only in, say, 5% of the emails I write.
In the other 95% of the email I write, I NEED ALL THE SPACE I CAN HAVE... and using 1/4 (or 1/2) of my monitor real estate is a waste.

And, I DON'T WANT to open another browser window to have this new compose experience in full screen. Let it be full screen inside the inbox!
I WANT A SINGLE browser windows, you shouldn't open new browser windows, nor a new browser tab.

Or, simply, let we use the "old compose experience", it was ok.
Really, it was ok.

P.S.: sorry for any typing error, this was a comment I wrote in march, and I fixed it for the new "full screen" feature :-|
For those who use Chrome browser or browsers based on it - there is extension Gmail offline -

Reply mode isn't as good as Classic Compose, has many flaws of New Crappy Compose (fixed width and unmovable placement on screen, waste of place, no proper drag&drop etc.), but at least has visible subject, recipients and toolbar.

This is interim solution until Google bring us back Classic Compose or until we'll move to another mail provider.
Two days, and tens of email messages later — could you please intergrate some kind of bug reporting system in there? — nope, it's not yet there. Yahoo!Mail — uh la la, you've grown up nicely my dear…

But no, unfortunately for me I'm in Gmail since Oct 2004 and I won't change email provider. But I'll change the interface — because this new compose is unusable. Inconsistent. Error prone. Full bug report you will have in customer feedback. Every. Single. Day.
Why didn't you just leave the compose alone instead of having to add the feature of a full screen compose back again after you take it away?  Still hate the new change.   Things I used to use are now hidden behind a click or two.  The "new" compose was forced on me again, and I simply clicked back to the old again...immediately.  No one needs to "give permission to write a short message", and the idea that a teeny tiny window in the bottom of the screen is a good and modern move is completely laughable.  Did you even test this before inflicting such things on the users??
I thought people weren't very bright, but I never knew people were so inept at using a new and simple user interface. Wow, this blows my mind. People have such... problems... with simple things. ^^ It's cute, but sad at the same time. New interface rocks, guys. Great job on it!
Victor Zamanian -- spoken like a true programmer....contemptuous of human beings, without capacity even to imagine the veracity of perspectives other other your own, very narrow, literal, apparently binary one, based on whether something can be used or not used. Rather than on something a bit more nuanced, like is workflow disrupted unnecessarily, does the change require more rather than fewer steps, is the experienced enhanced or degraded, is there more or less ease associated with the act of composing an email. The lack of cognition is kinda cute, really, in a sort of Aspergersesque way, but also a teeny bit sad :(
The thing is,+Victor Zamanian, we are pretty bright (I consider myself fairly intelligent and immensely tech-savvy), but what we don't like is regression in usability and function.

So... new? Yes, the interface is new. 

Simple? No. Fundamentally (and this is at least what is wrong) to do the same things as before requires more clicks of the mouse. Moreover I cannot, at a glance, review all the necessary important details of the communication prior to sending. This is fine for tweeting, facebook messaging and "hanging out" (sigh...), but sending an important scientific communication to my colleagues? No. 

Does this make me inept? No. I just expect more of my email client. The vast majority of users above, as well as 80% of those surveyed in the L.A Times appear to think the same.

...and if this blows your mind, you should get out more. Or maybe you were just being cute.
+Susan Doran You should click "Reply", otherwise I might miss any nice comments people write where they mention me. Don't worry about me, Susan. My field of work is user interface design, so I have zero contempt and zero lack of respect for people who are less than capable of understanding new interfaces, let alone for human beings at large. Clearly Google has made some mistakes here if people just don't understand how to use it. I'm just saying I like it. Not claiming anybody is less of a person because they don't like it or don't get it. I know first-hand how people seem to have problems using seemingly simple interfaces as I have done many user tests myself, and teach on the subject at university level!

You, madame, with all due respect, are therefore talking out of your ass, which is common for people who assume they know somebody's life story from reading a comment on the Internet. There is no lack of cognition, there is only further revelation on my part. This is rather shedding further light upon a problem I am already aware of when it comes to UI design. I was simply surprised how people can't seem to use the new interface even though it's basically the same as the one we had before, with the same elements, same keyboard shortcuts, everything. I thought it was cute, because it reminds me of my 80+ year old grandfather who is trying to keep up-to-date with technology and actually pays his bills online, does email and the likes. And I think it's sad, because Google seemingly put so much effort into this yet people don't like it.

So, be careful when you speak like you do about someone you don't know. Because you most likely have no idea who you are talking about. I hope you have a wonderful day now, ma'am.

Talkin' 'bout Asperger... This woman right here...
+David Murphy Well, I think most people consider themselves intelligent.

The fact that people don't understand user interfaces even though they feel they are intelligent doesn't blow my mind at all. Even if it did, I don't think going out more than I do as it is would help any, but thanks for that charming tip. What blows my mind is that people are having trouble with this interface in particular, which is the subject at hand.

In all honesty, it just seems to me like a "Facebook phase" where people hate it at first, then they are fine, until the next change comes along. I understood the interface immediately, and feel like I can overview the important bits of information at a glance, just because it is so similar to how it was before. Had it been very different, I probably would have had more trouble. So that's why I have a problem with understanding why people don't get, but I definitely don't refuse to acknowledge the fact that they don't get it. The fact is obvious. And not surprising. Computers are hard to understand. Especially when somebody doesn't know how they work on the inside and how the people who made the interfaces think. But I don't think this design is as much of a fail as people make it out to be. That's just my opinion, which I realize I don't share with many who come to this post to complain. (Why else come to the post to comment, right?)
Ugh!  I was just "Upgraded" to the new compose against my will.  I told myself to breathe, that there is a full-size screen default available.  That it would be okay.  IT'S NOT OKAY!!!!!   The "full-size" screen doesn't even take up HALF of the screen.  What a horrible detraction from what used to be an awesome user experience.  Yeah, I could "Submit feedback", but I can't click the little gear with my "half-size" window open while I'm trying to write email.  I never thought I'd say goes.  I hate you, Gmail.  (Can't believe I had to say that....)
I didn't even know this blog, or any method of feedback, existed until a few minutes ago when I searched for how to get back the old Compose window. This clearly wasn't easy to find back when people who didn't like the new compose were trying to find a way to get you to listen.

Terrible design, not intuitive or usable. Slow on my not slow at all computer with plenty of processing speed, so it must be slowing down Firefox, which...really?

I now understand there are other view options and designs, but none of them are easy to find, except full screen, which isn't really a design or view style. So, now you want me to hunt around for hours just to figure out how I can make this screen that's difficult to read, and to discern between a recipient, a CC, and a BCC, somehow easily readable again?

How about the menu on the bottom. Are you familiar with the psychology of  design and the unwritten rules of expectation? It's the same reason you don't reverse the hot and cold tap on a faucet. At some point people look for things in a certain place, and you don't reinvent the wheel unless you have a good reason, which you didn't. Every other email interface offers the menu on the top for a reason, and it's not because they're old fashioned.

Is top menus an option on one of these other interface views? I wouldn't know. I don't know how to find them or test them out.

Given the recent news of Google's willingness to share our Gmail information with the government of your choice, I'm not sure this was a great decision right now.
Okay, here's one: how do you make attachments not inline? If I'm sending large photos, or a video, I don't want them in the email. I want them as an attachment. Who wants giant photos flooding the screen when you need a client to be reading the text about said photos and looking at the photos later? I also don't need clients doing something like right-click-saving and ending up with an inferior image which they'll then complain about because they're not that computer savvy and don't know they have to download. It also means spending more of the client's money and time explaining these things when I should have the option to disable it if I prefer.

Do you get what I'm saying? Forced inline attachments are not good, and I'm going to have to find a new email client pretty quickly if that's the way it has to be now.
Months into it, and every time I use this new GMail interface, I end up shouting at my computer screen. It's damn awful. email for people who don't use email.
A former neighbor here in San Francisco who's a Google product manager told me a bunch of us over drinks that Google employees laugh at our [i.e., users'] reactions to their shitty new rollouts. Truly. This change was driven by greed -- cost-cutting measures to squeeze every drop of profit they can by not creating and maintaining separate experiences for computer, tablets, and mobile, fully recognizing that what is provided will be more appropriate for some modalities than others, but not caring. "You wanna leave? there's the door." I'm considering the alternatives now.
+Susan Doran Behaviour you are talking about is typical for mental youngsters and I'm not surprised seeing it in this case. It fits to arrogant censorship on Google forums, to equally arrogant "give us feedback but Classic Composer will not be bring back" etc.

It seems we are in this business long enough to start looking for better alternatives because Google will not change anything. For me these are quite clear signals this is beginning of the end of Google era. It will take some time but all empires driven by greed and arrogancy have to fell.
Many thanks for the "Default to full screen" option, this at least makes the new interface usable again. Still, not that much of an improvement over the old interface....
Maybe you could make the "full screen"  mode overlay the message list, and not shadow the background, so you can click through etc.

Also if the amount of "wigglyness" in the new compose could be reduced, that would be nice: currently areas collapse and expand automatically, stuff moves around, and all that for no reason as the amount of available space for writing isn't really improved.
I did not think the new compose and reply would ever come to fruition, it is not really an e-mail account anymore, I have been with gmail since startup,and now, the best e-mail service has just shot itself in the foot, plus, on the same day, that they implement a huge change in their service ,the news comes out that they read gmailers e-mail routinely.

 Well, the government reads our e-mail, share it with everybody. Right now, Gmail or Google really needs to do some damage control. They made their blogspot blogger a lot harder to use recently, but that is different, I keep my Blog simple. I can't do all of the stuff that I used to, but it still works. 

So, what's the answer? ,I don't know, I can't read peoples mind. I know this, I thought gmail was the best service in the world when I first signed up for it, but I cannot use it like it is now,without a decent compose page or reply page.

Yahoo is most likely what I will use for e-mail, I have had an account before gmail existed, I will hang on to gmail, hoping that one day, google will one day change to a traditional e-mail account. For daily use, I will use yahoo.

Good luck Google.
There are over two dozen usability regressions in the new Gmail window which make e-mail a LOT more work than it was 2 days ago. Everything requires more clicks, more pixel hunting, more hovering, and more mouse movement. It is a LIE that the Gmail Compose window allows multitasking. It does not. Any click anywhere outside of the box causes it to minimize, and using the inaccurately named "fullscreen" Compose window (which only takes 50% of the browser space) greys out the rest of the Gmail window.

On Tuesday, to reply to a message, I could see:before this change:

The name AND e-mail address of who e-mailed you.
Their message.
Their attachments.
The Formatting bar.
Today, I must now click on or hover over 5-6 different UI widgets and corners of the screen to acquire this information.

Another regression, the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields are now all collapsed once you start composing your message, making it difficult if not impossible to verify whether sensitive e-mails will go to the correct recipients or be misdirected.

The new Gmail Compose window is designed like a Chatbox or Tweet/Text window and is anathema to getting any serious work done. It seems to be designed as a throwaway chat system for a 7" tablet, even though Gmail's business users are writing long form compositions on 17-24" monitors. Now it's just a toy.

Further, some 60 pages of reasoned, appropriate, on-topic posts have been deleted from Google's Product feedback forums on this topic. Past topics with excellent feedback have all been shuttered in a censorship purge as Google tries to sweep the wave of negativity under the carpet.

But you go right on resizing the Compose window and thinking you "fixed" it.!topic/gmail/yl_XPO5Hw6Y%5B301-325-false%5D 
Menaces to Society: Gmail Design Team And Larry Page

How can you be so stupid that you screw up gmail 

When is Larry Page going to fix damage wrought by the new Compose disaster?
I do not like this New Format. I want the old one back or I am considering changing my email Account. This New way for me send my emails to be to be perfectly honest SUCKS !!! Contact me or I will go to Yahoo or Cox or someone I am more comfortable with.
Chris Shrader
so, the UI 'designer' says it is all about "multi-tasking' - what a crock... desktop webmail is not Mobile and those who 'mulit-task' never get anything of focus accomplished.  imho. 
Dear Gmail, I love all of the new features. Do you have a forum where I can make feature suggestions/optimizations? I looked and wasn't able to find one that I can easily contribute to. Since I manage a lot of my other emails via my gmail account, I would love to see some optimizations so I don't have to go into accounts -> check mail now everytime I am expecting a new message. Thanks!
+Nancy Xu I thought pressing the Refresh button (with two circular arrows) fetched mail from all accounts, even POP3 ones. That doesn't work for you?
+David Murphy I and several people in these very comments seem to like it. So definitely not a 100 % opposition.
As a non casual user I need the subject and email addresses NOT hidden by default. 
Like many have already said; the current reply system should be some sort of toggle option and there is no good reason to force this dumb'd down mode.
Also as a dual monitor user, these forced extra tabs are quite a hindrance.
Compose in full screen mode isn't even a true full screen size with a bunch of wasted grey'd out border space, the result being a similar screen size to the old compose with less functionality!
Switch it back to the other format and ask your customers what would be a better model. No warning this was going to happen very poor customer service and poor marketing plan. Whose brilliant decision was this????????????????????
Don't like it at all... Google has to understand that email and chat are to different features... I don't want to have a conversation, I want to send and EMAIL... Chat or Message are complete different... but Hey... Have any one had a response from GOOGLE Support... like it or NOT they are becoming the next Micro$oft...
I am so frustrated with this new piece of crap format! I have no switch back to old compose button on my gmail compose box at the bottom. Give me my old compose box NOW!! This new format sucks!
Why do people make a big fuss about switching to the competition. Just do it quietly, please. Or, I suspect more likely, don't do it. But do it quietly either way. 
I agree with David Young, if it bothers you so much, don't use it. Google is all about innovation and trying new things, sure, some of them might not be exactly what you want but at the end of the day it's a fantastic service.
Do you both ever heard about customer feedback? This is customer feedback, people complain and some of them paid for Gmail. I guess they have right to complain?
Please enable the ability to go back to the old interface. From my understanding of user interface design, the point is to minimize the amounts of clicks a user does, not play hide & seek and click multiple times to get to something as simple as formatting. 
The new compose is a radical step backwards. As so many others have commented, it's a huge degradation of function in exchange for a moderate improvement of form. I had enabled the ability to revert to the old interface, and I wish I could continue to do so.
+Victor Zamanian For a "teacher" you have a very poor grasp of statistics. Where did I say 100% didn't like it? What is evident, despite your protestations, is that a large fraction (I would go as far as saying the majority) of users on this comment thread are complaining about it.

Now, I happen to have a fairly decent grasp of statistics, so I know this is clearly a biased sample, namely consisting of Google acolytes (such as yourself) and disgruntled users (such as myself). Ditto the Gmail forum, except considerable more tilted to the latter.

Nonetheless, all we are merely asking for is choice to be able to write emails in the old environment - an environment conducive (in spite of your claims) to easy use with minimal interaction with the "interface" you keep banging on about. Be clear on this: overwhelmingly (IMHO), the people on here complaining don't give a damn about "understanding interfaces" - we just don't care. We just want to write email. Gmail's new design is an impediment to that, relative to the previous design. 
+Victor Zamanian Now, as for "most people considering themselves intelligent",could you be more condescending and arrogant? You call +Susan Doran  out for making assumptions about posters here, yet you sit on your small-time "teach on the subject at university level" throne thinking you are an intellectual God looking down at the poor peons who can't fathom what is a botched flawed upgrade. I won't trade "credentials" with you - frankly it is beneath me, but trust my intellect is neither self aggrandised nor limited. Nor should I need to as it doesn't require a great deal of intelligence to make judgement - it is a user experience. If users are having problems with the design here, it is evident the interface is poorly executed. Why place blame on people "for not getting it" rather than the tool they are using? You can teach, preach, lecture all you like, but the whole point of an interface is interaction: if that interaction requires more labour on the part of a user to perform the same task as before, it has failed.
+Brian Harrod's points are spot on. It takes longer to reply. What I could do with a quick sweep of my eyes over the page before now requires me to interact with all these widgets. I would prefer to use the old interface for my email, which is almost entirely business related. This may be a simpler form to port to mobile users, but in practice, I only make a quick response through the phone interface to be followed up by a detailed response from the computer. This eliminates much of the benefits that I had from using my computer rather than adding anything to my phone user experience. I'd compare this to watching football on my phone vs. watching it on a big screen tv. I'd use the former only when I can't use the latter. This change in design feels like you've replaced my home tv with a smartphone screen. The smartphone is not the best tool for everything. In fact, its only ever as good as the second best tool. Ditto with the new disfunctional gmail interface.

a. When editing in plain text mode, why isn't a fixed width font used?

b. (This applies to very few people, but) If I edit the message with an external text editor (there are Firefox addons that make this possible), the new composer eats all the newline characters.  What possibly could be the reason for doing that?

c. What other people said.
Where is the response from Google?  Why silent G, you think the complaints will go away with time? i doubt that very much. 
+David Poole
I hate the new reply screen and new environment, and please don't talk down to me. I may not be a high tech person, but I use google mail all day long personally and in my business... must have been beneficial to corporate in some way but definitely not to me.... at least give customers a choice! 
Please let us use the old compose interface!
+David Murphy Geez, cool your jets? I wasn't trying to be condescending with that -- just saying that "I consider myself to be intelligent" doesn't say much since we all do, right? :) I do too, but I'm probably pretty slow compared to some of the great minds out there. Aren't we all? It was only a small comment and I didn't mean anything by it. Sorry if it offended you or anyone else.

Regarding your credentials: It's okay, I never asked for them. But I definitely trust you that you are intelligent. Don't you worry, you seem fairly intelligent to me. (No sarcasm, I promise. I know even that sounds sarcastic, but I'm really not trying to sound sarcastic...)

I'm calling Susan out because she was talking out of her butt about me, and that comment about teaching on the subject was directed towards her and nobody else. Thanks.

And finally (definitely hoping this will put an end to this business), I'm not saying the interface/Google hasn't failed nor that the users are to blame. If you read my comments thoroughly I do acknowledge the fact that clearly there's something wrong if people aren't getting it. So... you know. Maybe chill out? That'd be great for everybody involved here. Let's not make this about us, but keep it on-topic regarding the interface. Nobody wants a damn flame war up in this piece. I never meant to be rude, so apologies to anyone who ever took any offense. (Even Susan... Yes.)
Thank you Google, for reminding me of the joy of using your ad-, nonsense-, and bloat-free Basic HTML version.
I reply to a lot of emails and need to edit the subject line for each one, my one change would be able to set a default for REPLYING to emails. I would like to default to the right pop out instead of having to click "Edit subject" every single time.
Not an improvement. too many steps, too much clicking to do simple things. Horrible. Torture. not user friendly. lacks functionality. discard problems. cc and bcc problems. ANNOYING. full size is not full size. reply problems. hate reply. Please bring back previous compose.
[1] the pop out arrow changes the new style window in 3 different ways in Hangout, Gmail/Compose and Gmail/Reply - why the inconsistency?

[2] replying to an email with a subject line that is longer than the width of the popped out Reply window will make the 3 bottoms at the top right of the window: [Minimize], [Full-screen], [Save & Close], in accessible. Thereafter there is no way to turn the Reply window to be a stand alone moveable window using SHIFT-Pop out. This is a bug.
The real issue is the fact that it opens as this little box in the lower right of the screen.  Or, you can cover everything, or you can open a tab/window.  Why not make the Shift + Compose the default option.  Or give me the option to make Shift + Compose the default?
Failing that, put it back the way it was. 
I generally don't mind change, but this is Windows 8 style change.  Poorly thought out, quick we need to do something, lets break something people are used to and have used for years kind of change.

By the way, I'm now over at GMX importing my gmail.
The start of this thread is hilarious, the fans of the new compose (every single one in the whole world in attendance by the looks of things) whining about people "whining". Irony! 

The thing is that PCs are not tablets, and email is not chat. A lot of parallels with Windows 8: streamlined interface which departs with convention but which unfortunately fails to improve upon it; form over function and the minority of fans getting VERY touchy about the justifiably hostile reception to the product.

Redesigns are important but you need to be careful to not to remove what made your product good to begin with, Gmail doesn't have the luxury of Facebook of being a virtual monopoly. Hedging your bets and being able to make tactical retreats are necessary.

As for what can be used to make the new Compose better. It's simple and some steps have already been taken (formatting options seem to be expanded by default now, which removes one of my largest issues). But many issues remain:

i) Full screen mode needs to actually be full screen mode.
ii) To: Cc: and Bcc: are all displayed simultaneously by default in most email clients for a good reason. The "cleanness" (I would call it bareness really) of new Compose is not a good enough reason to break with this very practical convention.
iii) The little bar with the plus sign on it needs to be expanded by default.
iv) Some features, such as manually saving drafts seem to have vanished altogether.

Resolving these would make it usable enough for me to actually consider staying with Gmail webmail a worthwhile option in the long run, though I would still prefer simply reverting to old Compose even after all of this and I am still looking into migrating from Gmail. Also, the new Reply is even worse than new Compose and needs much more work. Utterly useless for what I personally use it for.

As far as it goes, I think I'm losing faith in Google. Between this and axing Reader, as well as the change in philosophy (removing 20% rule, axing Labs) I can't help but think that since the change at the top there's been a very negative change in the company, making it a lot more like ... well Microsoft. Search, Maps, Android and Chrome (after a shaky start) are still good but it seems like Google's magic touch is gone. More flops, more following the crowd rather than leading it.
The new composer is horrible. It's not usable. Places things in the wrong places (have you ever seen an "editing" program with editing tools in the bottom?), hides important informations (e-mail addresses of sender/recipients for instance). You need an option to fix it or a large part of your userbase will migrate to other services (both hotmail and yahoo have a better compose window now...) or use GMail only through an external client (I'm trying right now to switch to thunderbird + IMAP).
I agree.  It is horrible.!  I'd like to know how to get rid of it permanently !
I'm seriously thinking of dumping Gmail and use Yahoo exclusively.!
any chance to return to the old, better UI?? 
I have just reinstalled MS Outlook to send emails "normally" without this catastrophic gmail compose interfect. I haven´t used outlook in more than 2 years but now reverted to it. Does that tell you something +Gmail ?! -Outlook !!!
When introducing new ideas to old services companies should really ask themselves a couple of questions:
1 - does it improve the service in any way?
2 - will it annoy / confuse our old users?
In this case the answers are 1 - No and 2 - Yes.
It seems to me that somebody at Google is trying to justify their salary ... now they have something they can say they 'achieved' at their end of year appraisal.
I wish people would stop calling the new composer a POP OUT WINDOW.  there is nothing that popsout.  it is a CHAT window.  A popout as was before and still is with a shift click has the ability to be moved around.  at the very least Gmail should have a 'real' popout.  
Give us a reason WHY you needed to change this.  Do you have one?  It appears to be change for the sake of change rather than making my life easier.  
This is like the horrible ribbon that MS introduced in Office.  It feels like you've just moved the window around and hidden stuff to make my work flow more painful.  
Did you even test this?  I would have gladly tested a variety of compose windows and given you my feed back; instead you've just dumped a huge pile of garbage in my lap that defaults to popping open in 1/6 of my wide format monitor.  If I wanted a terrible and hard to read mobile experience, I would have opened on my phone.
+Molly R Google isn't providing a free product, YOU ARE the product that they are selling.  If I'm going to be monetized, I want it to happen without being stabbed in the eye.  
New compose is still terrible. I've had to start typing my emails in a word processor and then copy and paste them into the tiny box (and yes, it is the "full-size" pop-out!).  UGH!  Starting to HATE GMAIL.
I hate the new compose style. Is there anyway to change back from this option?
Hey that would be great, and I appreciate that you're trying to accommodate people who preferred email the way it was, but "FULL-SCREEN" IS ONLY HALF THE SCREEN
This is truly horrible for productivity.  I remember when Google tried to remove "chrome" from around a user's experience, but this is reducing my usable screen size by HALF, and that, only if I expand to "full screen" mode. #fail  
I too strongly dislike the new compose. To make everyone happy, why can't we choose? 
+Gmail & +Jason Cornwell, I just spent another day with your new design. Again, I'm sorry, but I really can't get used to it. It is unintuitive and cumbersome. It is losing me productivity, and I still find myself putting off emailing, as I'm resistant to using the interface. Not a good position to be in.

For those mentioning petitions, I'm aware of one here:

...though I personally am in favour more of "give us the choice" rather than take the choice away from users that like the new design (they do exist, as this feed shows). Again, this is why I advocate a broad 4-5 option poll pinged to all gmail users, when they next login. 

Meanwhile, people are tweeting under #NewComposeSux  if you want to make representations there. 

FWIW, +Jason Cornwell does appear to be replying to people on twitter, but claims Gmail cannot keep both composes running forever ( I have to ask: if they have been for the past 6 months, or longer, why not? Freeze the old compose, do not develop if further if need be, but at least let us use it! Are you really suggesting to us that's beyond the capabilities of Google?!
When replying, the original message is hidden in a three-dot box, encouraging the big no-no of top-posting. How can I make that three-dot box automatically expand, showing me the quoted text?
I hate it! It's so non-intuitive. All these stupid little icons you have to click on to get what you used to have visibly. And have you tried editing your e-mail after writing it and before sending it? Blasted mouse cursor doesn't work. I have to step along the lines with the direction keys!
You bastards for making it obligatory! Grrrr
The full-screen option isn't. It covers about a third of the screen instead of the piddling little 3 inch square bit. I'd like a proper full-screen option that I can actually read, please. And icons that mean something and are large enough to see.
well there's nothing I thing you can do about it
Except perhaps vote with my feet... Does anyone know of a good serious e-mail provider, suitable for business correspondance, to replace Google, who have gone seriously down-market, trying to outdo Facebook in touchy-feeliness-chat-to-anybody-happy-birthday mode?
I really wish there was a -1 button for this subject as well. This is not a fear of change, change is good if it improves the item . I have yet to see how this new compose is better. Moving all the formatting and send button to the bottom makes no sense when the area you are typing is 4 inches above. This really is a defining moment in Google history, listen to what their CUSTOMERS WANT or not give a damn and become another bloated behemoth corporate giant like microsoft.
This is definitely the worst change you've made to gmail since it was created. Well done on screwing the pooch quite so hard.

Are you really going to leave us with this crappy implementation?
+Gmail +Jason Cornwell +Phil Sharp 

Given that a significant number of users find that the new compose and reply do not suit the way they use email, will you please reinstate the option to revert to the old interfaces?

A swift answer on this would be appreciated—your current silence leaves an unhelpful level of uncertainty.
+David Poole I agree on Maps.  Hell, I have told them on 3 seperate occasions in the last 3 months that they have my company address in the wrong part of town.  When I search by address it shows 25 blocks away at an unrelated address with an apartment or suite number of my company
+Gmail , this is just stupid. Who the hell needs a full-screen size compose? Why don't you listen to what your customers want, like the comments shown above? If you don't fix Gmail, I will move to Microsoft's Hotmail.
Mine Pops Up at the bottom right side of the screen and I lose the tool bar for text, links, attatchement as it goes behind my windows toolbar. I have to expand it to use it. A quick email to someone is impossible now. I don't like it.
Who needs a full-screen size compose, Mr.Aghajani?  People over 40, like myself, whose vision is not as good as it used to be, and can't read tiny writing onscreen. Ctrl+ works most of the time (when the programmer hasn't been thoughtful enough to provide a magnifying button) but not on Google! How old are most programmers? Under 40. qed
Molly R
+Aaron Ciuffo and any other ppl being unhappy... I have one thing to tell you... DO NOT USE GMAIL. You do. I do too. They have great products. Can't keep back.
Please add the ability to insert tabs when composing email. having to use Alt+009 is just impractical when making lists with multiple columns. 
Sorry, +Stephanie Campion. I did not realise that some people need it. I was just expressing that it was a bit of a nuisance for us young people. All apologies to people that I may have upset over my comment.
To Domingo ruiz christina wants to say to domingo ruiz sweretie that do love domingo ruiz sweetie close friendship forever and sorry for what took place today
I hate it!  Even in the Full Screen mode.  Get BACK the OLD Compose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope that the small on the corner composer doesn't go away, also a html editor would be good
Seriously, not being able to pop replies out into a separate window is making me insane. 

I remember a time, not so long ago, when I could have my inbox side by side with the reply I was writing. It was glorious. I had all this space to work with, I could compare what I was writing to what I was reading without having to minimize things (because I have three massive monitors). 

Oh, and it didn't screw up my email notifications, like the current "experience" seems to do. 

Ugh, the big, white wall of stone silence makes me rage. 

Understand that you have removed working functionality and only thing you've added is a changed UI. What does Google have so much contempt for its users' needs?
+Gmail  I did not feel like +1 this post so here is my  -1. I will be talk direct. Dear Gmail do you want money? If yes tell me I am ready to pay subscription charges provided I am able to stick to the old interface. Or do you find it amusing to make peoples life terrible? By not offering any way to select from old and new compose.And knowing that people hardly change email address and they will be stuck with your UI changes no matter what. Currently I am using Basic HTML version of Gmail. I have been using Gmail since the day of invite only joining. But if you ever take Basic HTML out, I will have to leave all your Gmail service and stop using all Google service in future, not only service hardware included. 
(Yes I know this wont affect your business, but I will stop using those services because who knows suddenly one day you may think of updating the UI in those services and products in such a way that it becomes terrible to use)
Molly R
wow! didnt know some ppl still use html view...
Molly R
just looked at it, I think this is the perfect version for anyone who doesnt want change...
I am also not a fan of the new compose screen, particularly for replies. I especially dislike the way it hides everything by default. I really do want to see the message I am replying to; clicking on the ... to make it appear is annoying. Ditto for the address and the subject. I just sent a message to which I attached a file. It hid the file, so I wasn't sure whether I'd actually attached it, until I attached it again. Just add a button to show everything you're hiding.
How about an option to show the "from", cc's, and subject without multiple clicks?  Epic fail for gmail (and I've used it for YEARS).  Outlook is even looking good right now...and I hate Outlook.
if it ain't broke, don't fix it.   The gmail I most enjoyed was about 10 yrs ago.   why not do something useful rather than push social networking??   I've gradually moving to icloud email -- I think they have too many other worries to spend their time experimenting w their email service so ....  it's genuinely less complicated.     
Please stop upgrading beyond most of our operating systems. My gmail has been a slow boat since the last one, hear it a lot.
If gmail want to upgrade then they have to tell us
I'm now on day 11 of using "the new compose".'s more like day 20...I tried multiple times when I had a choice and continually switched back.  I am both a user of free gmail as well as paid versions for business...have been for 7 or 8 years.  Gmail has provided innovations for me over the years that clearly have boosted my productivity.  Threaded email, for example, was something that felt awkward when I first starting using it, but once I started getting a number of messages on a thread, made perfect sense and allowed me to process more efficiently.

So...I get that sometimes change is difficult to accept and get used to .  That said, there are just things about this that continue to not make sense and clearly make me less productive (and always will).  Specifically:

1.  Placing the formatting options as a hidden area at the bottom of the screen is different than other google products (document, presentation) and as far as I can determine, different than any (or at least most) other products on the market.  It is harder to train users on.  Full-screen technically brings back the formatting bar (still on the bottom), but that's even worse since your experience in composing a message is different than that in responding to a message (hidden in reply while shown in full screen compose).  

2.  I find myself going to the mouse to click far more times than in the old interface - simple formatting (lists), highlighting portions of a response, etc.  More mouse clicks will always translate to less productivity.

3.  At times, I occasionally appreciate being able to see my inbox while I am composing a message... however, it is usually to find another email that I want to read for reference.  When I do that, the email opens, but 90% of the time my compose message blocks a portion of the message I am trying to reference.  I find myself scrolling to read the message that is there or ultimately popping out the compose message to its own window so I can see what I originally searched for...(popping out was my solution in the old compose).  It's like looking through a straw - incredibly frustrating.

4.  When doing a reply on a message with a number of threads, the entire window scrolls so that the one-bar (black menu) at the top of the screen scrolls off the page and I can't get to things like drive to go reference documents.  I again have to pop out to get the one-bar back.

5.  In order to CC someone, it requires me to explicitly click the CC business, more of my messages have CC than ones that don't...again..these are things that will always make me less productive 

6.  When responding to messages, I am guessing that 3/4 of the time I have to click on the "..." button as I need to respond in-line or copy part of a response and respond to it.  Many of my users don't even know that you can click on the "..." and they have been using the new compose since we switched to gmail (jan 2013)...they complain that there is no way to respond in line.  My previous advice had been for them to switch to the "old compose" as a means of solving.  Regardless, once they know how, now it is an extra mouse click.

I recognize changes like this tend to be emotional  --  I've let this thing germinate for the past 11 days.  The first two days I couldn't write an email without being incredibly frustrated....on day 11, I unfortunately find myself in much the same position.  The emotional aspect has faded, but the fact remains that my experience is degraded significantly.  I've worked 10+ hrs a day in this environment so it isn't a question of not knowing how it works or "getting used to it"...the reality is that it simply does not match how (and I would guess many others) work.  Unfortunately, the only thing I can point to that works better is putting photos inline to a the old world, I had to use the insert picture button and associated dialog.  In today's world I can drag and drop a picture directly.  Fantastic.  Only that little optimization is something I do maybe once a week - if that - whereas points 1-6 above are things I do constantly all day long.

Is anyone at Google listening?  Is there an official place I should log this to?  Am I that different of a user from the masses to where I could be so unhappy and everyone else is just thinking the new compose is great?  What am I missing?
the margin top of full-screen is too big for my minipc.
Could you reduce it, or allow us to parametrize it?
+Mike Verdeyen - no, Google are not listening. That much is plain to see. +Jason Cornwell, presiding over this trainwreck, deleted the negative exchange on his Google+ feed, no doubt as it's "bad publicity", and despite "monitor[ing] social media response for patterns and stories", hasn't seen the vast quantity of users here and elsewhere outright rejecting the new "experience".

+Gmail just want you to shut up and let your data be collected by the NSA. I guess now we have "permission" to write smaller messages, the NSA don't have to buy such large hard disks to hoover all our stuff up.

My long-term plans are: move my data plan from Google Drive to Dropbox (Not strictly more secure, but I can actually use it in Linux: google - are you taking note?!). Move from Gmail to pine until I determine which mail platform best serves me in the way Gmail used to before it started catering to teenagers and google's (failed) dream of Social media domination.

That said: kudos to Google for one thing: Since I joined Google+ a few years ago, I've never used it. Now, I'm posting (only) here complaining about your cruddy product. I'll be back on Facebook when you need me.
I absolutely h8 this new compose window. It defaults to a tiny "window" on lower right, there's no way of editing the subject when forwarding or replying to messages, one always has to click the "expand" arrows, and it takes longer to send messages than the previous version.
Ok, this is a beautiful change, but you did that new compose window design as a "chat window" or "task windows" so we can make searches and read other emails without lose it of focus. Is this change... just the opposite to that objective?
This new compose "feature" is the most aggravating user experience. When I want to forward a message and modify it, it takes several extra steps. The old system required 1 click and then I could edit and send. Now I have to click forward, click edit subject, click full screen, then edit. How is this helpful? And each click is on a different part of the screen. How is this some sort of great feature? This sucks! Are you guys realizing that you are becoming Microsoft with every forced UI change that DOESN'T take the user experience into account?
THANK YOU for giving us an option to back to writing an e-letter if we want to instead of being crammed into an IM format.  Even with the option to go full page, its aesthetics left me cold.  I really couldn't stand being confined to the bottom right quadrant of the page for business letters and such.  THANK YOU!!!
I just love having to add an attachment again to see what files I have already attached. I had so much idle time that going thru these extra steps to insure my attachments are there is just the thing to eliminate that idle time! Note to Sheldon Cooper, yes, this is sarcasm.
+Dan Lobb , it's the subtle things I like more. The 2-5 seconds of utter confusion trying to figure out how to cc someone, when there are no cc or bcc fields. Then curiously clicking on the name of the main recipient (of course, they are not labelled "To:" or anything, that's too "pre-Twitbook+"). I really like that split second of further confusion until I realise that +Jason Cornwell, that cheeky chappie (for whom I should adorn eternal praise for "permitting me to write short messages"), has put a little button waaaaaaaay over on the right hand side of the "full" (snigger) screen. So I should just now be moving my mouse over that way to go clicking on it. Then I can cc someone - woo! I hope I don't want to edit the email address of anyone I just entered in there though! That would be a little irritating having to type it all in again just because I put a "dot" in the wrong place. Of course, it won't separate out who the main recipient is, or who the cc's are - but that's OK. I don't need to know that! Wasn't that a nice game!

It's like a brand-new learning experience each time. I love learning, so it's all fine with me. I have plenty of time to play with trying to figure out the cheeky ways +Gmail wants to catch me out.

F*cking idiots.
Everything is hidden and needs more clicks. It reminds me strongly of MS Vista. Sure it had improvements but many things were buried under more clicks and more mouse movement. I hope Google comes to their senses quickly. Or maybe everyone in their management uses tablets for 90% of their work now and they are out of touch with people who use a mouse and keyboard with a “real” computer.
The new compose is terrible. I can't do anything involved in writing e-mail easily anymore, much less anything 'advanced' like, oh, changing the subject line or seeing the details of where I'm sending a mail. I use gmail for work and actually had to put a couple of emails ON MY TO-DO LIST rather than getting them written because despite a reasonable level of digital literacy I couldn't figure out how to do what I needed. Please, please, please bring the old compose back. It worked. The new compose doesn't. I don't need my gmail to look pretty, or whatever it was you thought you were doing.
I hate the new compose.  HATE IT.  It is fine for my personal account, where I am mainly replying to one person in an email that doesn't require any formatting, cc's, etc.  but for business it is a HUGE PROBLEM.  It takes too long to find out how to add cc, bc, and to insert a canned response takes way too many steps.  It is very uncomfortable and I HATE IT.  Did I mention I HATE IT?  I'm researching other email options now because I cannot live with this for my business accounts.
How does one default "pop out reply" and then have the pop out reply default open in full screen mode rather than chat mode? 
What can I say here that hasn't been said already?  This is truly a sad day indeed for all Gmail users.
Every day I use it, I find something new to annoy me.  If it makes so much sense to see your inbox when you are composing a new email, wouldn't it make sense to see it when you are composing a reply to an email?  
+Mike Verdeyen That's been my experience with the new compose, too.  Always something new to annoy me.  
i have enough of gmail upgrading without our permission
This new forced change is horrible. Give me my old interface back. The window bounces around depending on if you reply or have to edit the subject line. Every feature is hidden requiring extra clicks. Attachment magically disappear after I click send....DISLIKE!
This compose feature and general inbox layout that wastes too much space on search bars and other title bars reduces my productivity.  If Gmail took some cues from's clean layout and full screen compose feature it would be great.
Why do they keep calling it full screen?

It is a just bigger popout, and all the useful tools are hidden away, and you can 't see any fields, and doing anything takes clicking clicking and more clicking.

Google, Email is not a toy, or a game, many professionals rely on it to get their work done.

You have just made that more difficult, and everything takes longer than before.
The original compose was much better..with this one its impossible to initiate a chat as everything else is disabled apart from your compose window..
An option to use the original compose screen should be provided if you don't intend to do away with this interface..
+david vincent You will continue to eat sh*t yourself. No matter how many times Gmail go through changes, you will continue to use it. Make sure you feed yourself by the scoop full. 
Hey, +Gmail, +Jason Cornwell - glad you're "monitoring social media response". You'll have drawn the same conclusions as everyone else to this wordle:

In case you're having difficulties. The "BIG" words are those used most frequently in relation to the topic (in this instance the new Gmail compose). Let's take a look at some of the BIG words....


For fun, let's try and make up a sentence from these. I'll (guess) some of the words in-between....


Are you getting the message yet?
Please please please bring back the old compose window.

This is not nearly as good has the one it replaces
The new compose is utterly hopeless... unresponsive, no highlighting when you're trying to cut/copy and the attach file thing only works if you click it a few times and then rescue the email from drafts...

Not to mention the utterly unreadable subject line (black on black? Useless! Have you people never heard of contrasting colours?)
Count me among the users that despise the new compose format.  My company switched to Gmail a year or so, and comparing to Outlook Gmail was adequate at best.  That was prior to the new Compose feature.  Now, in the context of applying it in a business environment its an unmitigated disaster.

I'll start with the new compose and then air some of the my other grievances i had with the product.

1 - The lack of a true pop-out function for the new compose is a big issue.  The new 'full screen' function is useless because you cannot click anything else when you are in it.  When this was first rolled out a few days ago i nearly lost my mind.  After wasting 10 to 15 minutes searching on a way to roll-back i found that if you hold the CTRL key while clicking the compose button you get a compose form in a new tab.  Similarly, you can hold the Shift when clicking the compose button to get a new window rather than tab.  I'm not sure how many users know of this.  This is the only thing, in my opinion, that makes the new compose useable in my opinion.  There should be a way to set either of these as the default behaviour for the compose or have a clickable option on the screen.  Expecting the average user to remember key combinations just is not practical and adds unnecessary complexity to what was previously a simple action.

2 - The default field for a reply is so small as to be ridiculous. For business emails that have multiple screen shots and long threads its utterly horrific.  Sadly, the CTRL or Shift key features mentioned above don't work quite so well with the reply feature.  Holding the CTRL key while clicking the reply in the received email has no effect.  Holding the shift key while clicking reply gives you a small window in the lower right of the screen like the new compose.  From here you then can use either CTRL or Shift key options to get a new window or new tab.  This again adds complexity to what was previously a simple task by making the user remember keys, and adds multiple clicks as there is no one click way to perform the task.  You have to click again and again to get the desired result.  No way to set these actions as default.

3 - When replying the original text gets dumped in both the new window and new tab mode.  This is particularly irritating since the old pop-out mode for replies allowed you to see the original text.  Again, in a business application with long threads you often need to go back and read the original email while composing.  Fortunately i have 2 screens at work so i can use the new tab and then have 1 window with the compose tab and one with the original.  However, this means i cannot see other applications at the same time as i am forced to use 2 screens to do what i previously could do in one.  Additionally, not every user has 2 screens, so i can see where the new feature would be particularly frustrating for users that have this same complaint but only one screen.

That is the glaring problems i see with the new compose after only a few days of using it.  Some other issues that have always bothered me with Gmail are as follows:

1 - Lack of 'format painter' tool.  Its included in the Google docs clone of Excel but is curiously absent from the email UI.  Why???

2 - Lack of tab capability in the compose window.  I know we cannot use tab in the window because its web based and tabbing moves to the next field but please give use some substitute.

3 - Attaching an email is ridiculous in Gmail.  First you need 3rd party print to PDF software.  Then you need to print the file to PDF, then go back and attach that printed PDF file.
You can't go back to old compose. That's why we're all so annoyed
+Molly R It may be free to you, but many of us are paying business customers - we pay for Google Apps.
The new way to compose my mails SUCKS!!!!!  and the fact that im forced to use it sucks even more..  I HATE IT i despise the damn pup up on any way!!! besides who said this is practicle to type?.. is anoying ! at least if you are making changes to earn money leave.. the damn old funtion available for the ones we like it and find it practicle for the things we use our mail -_____-
I am still wondering what kind of drugs the Google designers and programmers are on out in California.

Gmail was not broken and did not need this crazy so called "fix". 
The compose window is one thing, the reply screen is brutal, at least give us a default option to get to the reply screen back with full menu options, formatting, subject, etc...
I know. What was wrong with the old one?
At best, the full-screen option is patronizing.  The gray borders make it modal, and also take away valuable edge space.  The old Compose page, nicely integrated into the workflow of Gmail instead of being its own isolated window, was far superior. 
Gee ditto all of that this new style is frankly the pits..I am sending emails all day for work and it really isn't a very friendly improvement 
Another reason that the bottom toolbar causes issues...if you are replying to a message and have an actual chat window running, then your trash can icon (the one sitting demurely in the bottom right) to discard the draft is occluded by the real chat window.  In searching the screen high and low, there is no other way to discard the message. go and find a way to pop out and then discard.  So it's possible...but it is incredibly awkward.

I really am just astounded at how this entire compose experience seems to be a) inconsistent within itself and b) just so poorly thought out. 
That new compose window is useless when you are writing long emails.
What kind of idiot invented the fullscreen mode that's not really fullscreen?
I'll have to go back to using Thunderbird. :/
Big Merl
Come on Google, there is a reason the basic email experience hasn't changed in all these years.  If it ain't broke don't fix it.  Don't try to teach us a new way to use email, nobody wants it. 
I love how there are 500 comments, virtual all negative about +Gmail New Compose, but no response from Google. I think +Gmail and +jasoncornwell have heads in the sand if they think they can ignore paying users for ever. One month after forcing on us they must now have coded an option to at least fix some of the glaring UI bugs.
i'm totally lost! all i wanted to do was check my mailbox, and i can't even find it... i may have to go to another user..
Someone should expose the moron who designed this garbage and turned gmail into a product that sucks. 

This guy seriously should never… EVER… be allowed to work on anything remotely close to user-experience design for the rest of his life. 

Of all the things that google has changed, nothing comes close to how annoying this gmail compose is.

It is the fail of all fails, and will go down in history of HOW NOT to design an email interface.
Hey +Brian Harrod the person you need to talk to is +Jason Cornwell ( but he's not talking to anyone. It's possible his head is in the sand and he does not get cell reception there. Though that is unconfirmed and only a rumour. 

Did you read this article? It sort of explains his thinking and reasoning behind the new UI, but it's liking to only anger you more.
Dear all - if you want your old gmail compose back - here's a non-Google Chrome browser extension:

They require you to "tweet" or "Facebook" about it (no option for G+ - hmm...) before you install - a small price to pay IMHO. Plans for Firefox as well I believe. I am now free of +Jason Cornwell's "creation", and very, very happy. I hope this extension continues to function.
Why must I "sign in " every time I want my E-mail in Google  
I agree.  I can't even figure out how to get to my mail, right now.  They think it's progress to muck everything up.  I hate this.
No kidding Im still searching to figure out how to get to my email.  This isn't facebook!  it s email
Who can I talk to about e-mail problems that are not listed in Google Help? An e-mail from yahoo was sent to a Gmail that does not belong there.
I'm having serious trouble with the new compose. It's really messing up my workflow. If you would make the compose window moveable it would be a huge help. Right now whether in regular or full, my send buttons are always hiding. I have to click and click and click to get them to show and it's a huge time suck and super frustrating. Letting us move the window up would solve it.
I can't even find gmail - ridiculous. Plus I'm starting to feel overly controlled which increasing the sense of all of our emails 'held' by Google...


First your designers and developers screwed up Google Compose and my wife moved her personal and business accounts to

She did not want a chat window and did not want to spend her precious time trying to figure out the hydroponics in this new chat themed gmail. 

She was pleasantly surprised at well the service worked for her, because it was so easy. 

Personally, I also hate the new gmail compose, because everything requires more clicks, but I have not gotten upset enough to migrate all of my personal and business accounts elsewhere. 

But I am getting closer to migrating elsewhere.

Today I went to go update a building service contractor business blog on blogger and wanted to add a Facebook widget to it. Only to discover the email and Google account is some how suspended with no explanation.

I now have to start the annoying process of getting the account restored and sending you this little note. 

I would rather be working as a a building service contractor right now.

Previously, I had a hobby on blogger of building hyper local news blogs in and around New York City, but all of a sudden last spring my blogs were suspended.

I spent months going through the annoying process of getting them restored. 

But while I was getting them restored I discovered Facebook pages and all of a sudden my news pages were being followed by 59,000 persons and my posts were on people's smart phones.  

So I started building all of the new hyper local news pages at Facebook instead of Blogger. 

My Google Analytics for my blogger news pages never had more than 30,000 unique monthly visitors and most of those visitors came from Google search. 

The other benefit using Facebook is that there is all of this engagement that I never got on blogger. 

I have experimented with the Google+ Pages, but the Google+ platform seems to be slower than the Facebook platform and lacks many of the features at Facebook. 

Lately, I have started experimenting with Facebook Groups and have been amazed at the number of members that have been attracted to the Facebook Group News Pages I created. 

I have used Facebook Groups for posting Advertising and Marketing News items

Mobile Marketing Roundup
3,454 members 

Public Relations News Roundup
756 members

Search Engine Optimization Roundup
6,536 members 

I also recently started Facebook Family / Christian Groups 

Christian News Headlines
1,639 members

Christian Videos
2,711 members 

353 members

Family Entertainment News
1,330 members 

Family News Headlines
377 members 

Positive Headlines
1,583 members

Why can't Google+ Plus work this well? 

Who wants to worry if their hard work will be arbitrarily suspended at Google, thus causing a ton of unnecessary headaches.

I would love to do similar things at Google+, but for now I have decided to take my news page hobby and experiment with making LinkedIn News Community Groups. 

I have never had any of my accounts suspended or messed with at Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Google needs to stop with all of the gimmicks and start listening to users.

The clueless designers and developers you have hired do stupid things like remove gmail link from the Google home page,

This is just making users waste more time learning to click on an Apps button in the bookmarks bar.

Gmail now reminds me of Microsoft's latest failed versions that require people to go through extra clicks to do the same thing.

The old way...

Google > Gmail

The New Way

Google > Google Apps > Gmail

Search has also went to Hell on the Google Home page.

Why in the world did you take away the image search link?

The old way

Google > Image Search

The new way

Google > Do A web Search > Now Click On Image Search 

Google News search is even worse.

The old way 

Google > Google News Search 

The new way 

Google > Do A web Search > Now Click On Google News Search > Now retype the news search terms > Click the news search button. 

If you do a web search you don't just type the search terms in the search box and hit the search button.

No your clueless designers and developers have had to slow down the process with extra Rube Goldberg steps.  

First, you start to type the search term in the search box, then Google Home Page screen flashes after you type the first letter.....,,,Then all of a sudden the first letter and cursor is now in the address bar - now you can finish typing your search term and hit enter.  

Just what kind of LSD are Google's designers and developers using to come up with these Rube Goldberg methods of doing simple searches?
Do you hold monthly Rube Goldberg Contests at Google to add extra clicks for simple searches? 

I am visually impaired and used to think Google was the greatest thing since sliced cheese. It was how I reached out and communicated with the world. 

Now I feel like Google doesn't care about users and feel pushed to other platforms to express myself. 

If you want people to learn about apps, put the app button in the address bar, but don't remove search links from the Google Home page and make users go through extra clicks. 

Make the new Gmail Chat Theme an opt in theme and don't make business users go through extra clicks. 

If you stop sucking the fun out of Google with unnecessary hassles and improve customer service I might once again start using your products more. 

Facebook is friendlier and easy. Google+ is often an impersonal hassle that has turned off most of my friends who have tried it.

You automatically set them up with accounts, but they mostly sit there dormant with no profile photos. 

On the positive side, 

The rocks and I use it at Facebook, LinkedIn and the other social media platforms I use. 

Please don't let your current crop of Rube Goldberg Designers and Developers "Improve" the

I may even once again start using my blogger news blogs, but right now I am still mad at how horrible your blogger team was last year. 
I absolutely agree.  As a user who has certain functions I want to continue to use, I actually resent being sorted through a serious of of other "features"  I have no interest in.
agree. I can't even find my emails even tho I'm logged in. Why all the drama? Keep it simple.
Xia Li
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