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Did you remember to sign out of the public computer in the internet cafe? Don't panic -- use sign out all other sessions in your last account activity to clean up where you're still logged in. 
What is 'Last account activity'? Last account activity shows you information about recent activity in your mail. Recent activity includes any time that your mail was accessed using a regular web brow
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I love that option, use it all the time just to make sure
it works only if there was no person who... did it first and changed your password :)
That's why I usually don't check my gmail or facebook on public computers. So I don't have to worry about whether or not I logged out.

Nice option though!
That's so awesomesauce! I have never had to use this but I think I'm going to RIGHT NOW just because...then never use it on anything but my phone and my laptop...and my tablet when I get one. ;D Not a fan of public computers... Too many things could be accessed by someone else. >_>
Greg M
Hopefully you were not using #Chrome's " Continue where I left off " option on those computers since it by design no longer logs you out of say #Gmail or other secure websites, even if you did not specifically tell Gmail to keep you logged in.
That activity list is also useful if you think you've been compromised because it shows all the ip addresses your account has been accessed from.
You should also use 2 step verification
+Greg M if you use the option to log you out of gmail you need the password to log back in.
Will this sign you out of your account on a phone if you click it on a computer?
I don't think it will, no (not on an app anyway)
Recent activity includes any time that your mail was accessed using a regular web browser...
great function, saved me from getting hacked a while ago, didnt even know about it till i got a notification about a strange ip address trying to log into my acc. GO GOOGLE
i dont log into anywhere public. i either use my phone if i dont have my laptop. but i can wait. what ever it is that somebody sent me will be there when i get back. but thank you anyways Google Plus. 
hey +Gmail why can't i chat with my contacts aren't on G+ ? please help me
The only reason for public workstation use these days is for access to encrypted secure sites and bulletin viewing for non sanctioned jobs. With SDR in and out you're harder to track. :P
Not sure if I forgot or just didn't want to.
Nav Gi
I love this feature though pretty old in Gmail ;-)
Just used it and Had to change my password.  Thank you
i am using this for a long time :)
Dude,its like safesex anymore-lol
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Very useful feature. It helps me find out if someone else logged into my account.
Hey +Gmail please implement a way to alert me the minute I log in that I may be logged in more than one location (like how AIM does) then direct me to log out of other sessions. If you want me store all my info in the cloud, you have to do as much as you can to protect me... even from myself.
I thought this is set-up by default? Why would anybody change that fact...
Well germs on a keyboard how's about lime disease?! <> <> I'm watching you!
For some reason Chrome session cookies last beyond the session. Even if you don't check the 'keep me signed in' box Chrome will keep you signed in because they know that's what you really want. The Chrome team choose convenience over security.
NOOOOooooo!!! I will go for security over convenience everytime! If I want to be left signed in, I will make that choice thanks, Google!
How to use special symbols here like love symbol above...
I'm paranoid about such things, so I check the Last Activity on a regular basis.  Though one time it simply something like "Unknown Session", and I could not find any useful information on what that meant.
Jade M.
LOOOOVE gmail!
I was 666th to +1 this. I hope that doesn't mean anything;)
library, cafe, and hotels ? and the funny part is why on password is required for this website, that website, this yahoo, that msn... can you all guys not shake hands in this century? do it! one login and we get everything.... well, google servies only for now... that's not bad. but shake hands with apple too! lol! days are coming guys when if they fail to shake, they break.
I always use chrome incognito, but it is a good option to have.
+Gmail  is so much more secure than hotmail, I fail to understand why people still choose to use those other services.
I'm single are they eny singly weman on there
I'm using incognito mode almost every time so I guess I'm safe, but still that's great. 
It would be perfect if i could do it from my phone
Good backup plan. 
yup! this is useful. one click on the sign out all other sessions button bring  all other gmail sessions to the sign in page.
but i think it worked only for gmail the last time i tried. gcalendar cant refresh automatically to change to sign in page.
N i also love this option cos its safe for my ac.
That's a cool but very old feature as far as I can remember!
I offer safety scenario for signing in to the Gmail account from an unfamiliar (public) computer.
Now that is good to know! Not that I ever use a public computer. Oh, and by the way! who says we cannot learn something new every day. I just did!

Easy safety scenario for signing in to the Gmail account from an unfamiliar (public) computer.
Gmail states - The user is trying to sign in to Gmail from an unfamiliar (pubic) computer.
Gmail asks - "Is this a public computer?" (or something similar)
If the answer is "yes" - Gmail sends a public access password and access code to the person's mobile phone, defined previously in account settings (like as 2-step verification). Before that the owner of the account must set idle time after which the account is blocked if the code&password is not inserted on time.

If user wants to continue working with Gmail - Gmail must send to the user's mobile phone an access password and a new access code (one more time).
This opition is not bad!
+Jacob McClain  When you sign out from your g+ session automatically gets cleaned. Although its good to have such option on g+ board.
This is one of the best options for security after: 2-step verification, way to go Google.
I'm new at blogging or anything to do with internet,thank u google
Thank you. Had my laptop stolen last night, and it was good to know I could immediately remotely log out before changing all my passwords. As feedback, changing your account password from your phone is not that easy
the place is always cold and its too many people are coming this month
I have been signing in to chrome browser and forgetting to log out, there has been nasty activities since my account has been open. what should i do?
does it work only for gmail? or google+ as well?
Someone's hacked my account no I don't know what to do
no matter how many times i log off a customers computer it keeps login back on and they are useing my gmail acount
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