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A few months back we talked about how our friends at +Magabot are using #GoogleChat to create a robot that can be controlled by simple commands. They've decided to put this to a noble cause, allowing children at the “Dona Estefânia” hospital to explore a museum as if they were there in real life by controlling the +Magabot themselves. Check out the video below!
This time we have done something different, we teamed up with “Dona Estefânia” hospital and “Pavilhão do Conhecimento” museum, to let kids who were on the hospital to visit and explore the museum with magabots.

We used Google Chat on +Gmail not only to trasmit the video and sound between the computers but also to send the control messages.

The experiment was amazing! While they were kind of reluctant and confused at first, once they started exploring the remote museum their faces were filled with wonder and joy. All of them, without exception, had a lot of fun and we could see how much more relieved they were than before they tried it.

On the other hand, the kids that were on the museum appeared to be intrigued by the robots at first, but when saw that there was a kid on the other side, they flocked around it, and started to talk to them.

Watch the video ;)
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The children really must have had a good time with something like this!
It's very cute and interesting but it's not a good and understandable reason to through out Skype and start use Google Chat.
I just don't understand how i should promote Google+ and Hangouts to my friends and family.

ps: What i really want to see it's video about how GMail team upgraded Google Tasks. First time at last 3 years....

Sorry if it's rude.
+Serge Matveenko It's not good reason too..
ps: PC without games it's just a huge tablet. So i dreaming about Chrome OS with Stream, OnLive or something like that. And while it didn't happen i'm on Windows.. and everyone from my 'friends' and 'family' too.
pps: Web-based Skype will rape Hangouts. Not because of technical stuff... just via "everybody is there" like with Facebook/Google+. And it is really sad for me. Google just don't want to be popular.
+Serge Matveenko With that preferences i hope you have GUI on your PC.
ps: You understand what is popularity? And what is Linux.
I removed Skype almost year ago when MS bought it. Hangouts is better. I know that. And Google+ is better than Facebook. But need better reason for majority of people to change one almost the same to another one..
Creepy Tasks and Scratchpad it's... And Google has dozen of examples like they are.
And 0 changes or upgrades means Google think they are perfect. I don't know maybe it's just me.
pps: Or NFS or Minecraft.. you aren't person who will understand me.
+Dmitry Zuenko I'm. Just trying to look from the other side.

Google Chat, Hangouts, Plus… There are too many instances. This is the point. People need somth' all-in-one. It's just separate tools now. And it is bad. There is no such thing from Google now like something skypish.

And there are people who changed to use Hangouts instead of Skype indeed. You just don't know them, are you?
+Serge Matveenko I know that! I know Google is better and i use it almost 6 years. But people don't. Skype has 40kk online. And it will keep grow. While Google posting things like that and can't upgrade tools like Tasks and etc.
I don't have accounts at FB or Skype. Why you talking with like i have..
ps: Google talking about "we've learned so much from Apple". No they didn't! Almost every Google services is creepy, geeky and not easy to use in simple actions. That's why we see huge popularity of Evernote, Pinterest and etc. All of that can be done via Google services. But even in official extensions (Screen Capture) Google don't have "share via Google+" and etc. We should use 2 different services for bookmarking (Google Chrome Bookmarks and Google Bookmarks). It's simple? One is easy to use, one is able to share and another one has nice organisation tools. And Google has dozen of that examples!
pps: But if you think Google is good enough that's mean i wrong. But how you explain number of active users on all others services.
ppps: Omg i should have opened 7-8 tabs at my browser for use Google services only. It's simple to use? It's not even an ecosystem!
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