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Persian Calendar now available in your Google Calendar

While many of you may be familiar with the Gregorian or Western calendar, the Persian, or Solar Hejri, calendar is used by many Persian speakers around the world. Starting today, you can display Persian dates alongside Gregorian ones in your Google Calendar. The Persian calendar begins each new year on the vernal equinox as precisely determined by astronomical calculations and observations. Each of the 12 months corresponds with a zodiac sign; this month’s zodiac is Aquarius, which corresponds to Bahman, the 11th month of the Persian calendar.

To enable the Persian calendar, go into Settings and select it as an Alternate calendar under the General tab.
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Mosafer M
مرسی گوگل :)
"Yea' The Older King James Bible Say "yea" Amen. "Yea" I like The Jewish Calendar and The America Calendar and Thanks For the Persian Calendar Thanks Google Yeah Amen.
Yea Preacher McCauley Is Thankful for "Google Waze Mapping and Tablet and iPhone yea that great coming out of The Promise Land Israel Yea Amen.
Yea When Will Google "Waze" Computer be here in USA of America for Sale but, I am on fixed income anyway but, preacher and my older man friend he is able to buy several "Waze Tablet" Amen. (Yea Preacher McCauley lived in Jerusalem Israel in March of 1992 but, that was before preacher went bankrupt and the finally papers was done Date: 8/8/2012 and time was 11:11 AM EDT Amen.) "P.S. Thanks For The 'Great Google Teams' for helping this 72 Years Older Widower and Free Preacher here in Kentucky and "I" been living by my self for over 31 Years every since those two women was killed in a car and truck wreck at noontime June 4th of 1982 and now they are "enjoying Jesus Amen!"
thank u :) now i can replace it with the paper calendar that already using :)
تبریک می گم به تمام فارسی زبانان دنیا، مخصوصا هموطنان عزیزم
Hi +Avraham Serour. If having the Jewish calendar is important to you, I encourage you to use Send feedback in Google Calendar to send that request directly to the Calendar development team.
Pouya P
مرسی گوگل جان. 
Leili S
جریان چیه
Thanks, but it still has little bugs: I don't wanna see the Georgian calender mixed with Jalali calender.there should be an option to change this. Besides mini calender is still Georgian and there's no way to change it. 
+MOhAm Mad
 داری به داستان ورود ف به جای پ به زبان فارسی اشاره می کنی!!!!!
boong lu, sampe skr yg msh kepake utk internasional kan julius caesar punya, vernal equinox cuma soal sekarang seharusnya sekarang bukan buat jilat memek nonokan
boong lu, sampe skr yg msh kepake utk internasional kan julius caesar punya, vernal equinox cuma soal sekarang seharusnya sekarang bukan buat jilat memek nonokan harapkan langit lain mengalami autumn equinox selama emanasi sdh diberlakukan
Thank you sooooooooo much google!!!!
The world should know the PERSIAN♥ calender!
قربون داداش!!
زحمت کشیدی دستت طلا!!!!!!!
+Jonathan Gullett
Der iranische Kalender ist über 2600 Jahre alt.
Man muß unterscheiden zwischen Kalender und Zeitrechnung.
Die richtige iranische Zeitrechnung hat nicht mit Islam zu tun.
Nach der iranischen Zeitrechnung sind wir im Jahre 2572.
Vor genau 2572 Jahren ist Iran gegründet worden.
Der iranische Kalender aber stimmt mit den Jahreszeiten überein.
Das iranische Kalendejahr beginnt mit dem Frühlingsanfang, jedes Quartal geht mit einer bestimmten Jahreszeit zu Ende.
+Daniel Caples
300 ist für Kinder und Jugendliche.
Ich glaube nicht, dass Du aus Afrika mit Geschichte zu tun hast.
+Jonathan Gullett
Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass wir unsere Kultur wegwerfen sollen.
Wir bewahren unsere Zivilasition, Geschichte, Traditionen und Bräuche.
Wir bewahren unsere Nationale Identität.
Sehr wichtig, das alles hat mit Islam und Arabern nicht das Gerigste zu tun.
+Jonathan Gullett
What do you mean ?
Wie groß ?
1,73 m.
Die Maßeinheiten in Europa sind auch anderes als in den USA.
Du gehst von dem falschen Standpunkt aus.
Kultur, nationale Identität kannst du nicht vereinheitlichen.
Das ist was anederes.
cand eram mica imi doream o papusica acum ca sunt mare imi doresc o sarutare.
در ضمن این افزونه روی کروم از «جیسون ساوارد» هست که داریم فارسی‌اش می‌کنیم. خیلی خوب و کارآمده.

این هم افزونه همون آقا برای جی‌میل‌بازها است که فارسی شده.. اشکالی اگه داشت بگید.
Every day Rouhani calls for the destruction of Israel. He claimed in Farsi to have deceived the West. Iran is building ICBMs whose only purpose is to carry nuclear bombs. Iran is going to nuke Israel, and when they are done with the Jews they will nuke the Christian West.
Great! Thanks Google.
تشکر فراوان :)
It can be useful. Thanks google but what about google market and play store which are useless for persians :(( and yes we can see u +Benny Powers
پرچم بالاااااااس 
Thanks u a lot +Gmail i like u alot thanks 
+samira beiki I know you can see me, but do you see yourself and what your people are doing? You will be guilty of nuclear war.
+Benny Powers why always there are some people who use even tiniest second to speak about politics (even their wrong thought) when this post nothing has to do with it. 
+George Microwind you are a collaborator and a present day holocaust denier. The Iranian government ITSELF has publicly declared many times it's intent to destroy Israel and has even declared on state TV that nuclear weapons are necessary to put Israel down. Open your eyes.
Still so many google services BANNED for my country ( iran ), so there is no +1 nor "Thanks" for the most precise calendar in the world that you added to your system and you must have done it a thousands years ago !!

?!!YES DO YOU REMEBER "403. That’s an error." NOW!!


"We're sorry, but this service is not available in your country. That’s all we know."
It seems that you know more than that.

به چه دلیل از کمپانی که هنوز هم بسیاری از سرویس های کاربردیش رو بدون بیان دلیل واضح و آشکار و مرتبط با کاربران، به روی کشور ما و کاربران ایرانی بسته باید تشکر کرد؟! هیچ تشکری یا +1 ای بخاطر اضافه کردن دقیق ترین تقویم دنیا به سیستمشون نباید صورت بگیره، بلکه این کار رو هزار سال قبل باید انجام میدادن.
کمپانی به این بزرگی که چنین تبعیض بزرگتری بین مردم یک سیاره برای ما قائل شده شایسته هیچ تشکری از جانب مردم ما نیست .
+Mostafa Karimi Farani Google is not the problem, it's your murderous and evil government. When they stop building nukes and threatening to attack other countries, the sanctions will be lifted. 
You have to accept real things that are true,honey.
+Benny Powers  Either you do not live on eath or you don't know the definition for muder and being evil. Improve your knowledge. that's it. and respect my country. I respect yours.

+Gmail Thanks for the calendar. but really I guess the sanctions on software was lifted. wonder why we cannot still download from +Google Play  WITHOUT VPN?
+Benny Powers With all do respect Benny, This is what they made you think of, can we build nukes with "Google Audio and Video Plugin" ?!!
This is all a misunderstanding that caused by ONE stupid person and i think you know who!
He is gone now and we're trying to say that for the past months.As you may saw on the news there was an agreement on the nuclear program in the past few weeks with a year long time,and according to that plan my country did its own part perfectly to gain the trust of the other part. what do you except us to do ?!This is the right thing and the new goverment do it.
For more information about our nation's culture i strongly recomend you to see these pages :
This is our Nation's Culture and Humanity Rules.
Search in history of countries and wars and find the last time iran attacked a country!!
+Benny Powers look....
Iran does not have any nuclear bomb but Israel has it...
Iran has not attacked to any country since 200 years ago.
but Israel attack to Gaza strip just 6 years ago.
Iran has not any Weapons of mass destruction but Israel has and used them in Gaza war.....
Iran has signed the NPT protocol but Israel has not and does not allow the IAEA to visit and observe its nuclear facilities.

and  finally Iranian people lives in peace with Jews and christian for example i am working with a kind christian woman in my work.
+Mahdi Ameri on September 6th it was reported that an Iranian official ordered troops in Iraq to attack African forces.
In 2011 Iranians attacked and ravaged the British embassy in Tehran.
Iran attacked Iraq in the 1980's as part of their war with other.
And who could forget how your current government attacked the American embassy in Tehran in 1979.
Today Iran is heavily embroiled in the Islamic religious war and Syria and Lebanon and sponsors terrorist attacks in the middle east and indeed around the world.
In 2012, alireza forghani, a chief strategist for your cowardly dog of a leader Khamenei, whose memory shall be utterly erased, published the Islamic religious and legal justification for nuclear war with Israel by 2014.

You are a liar and a coward, and your cowardice is matched only by the incompetence and degeneracy of your leadership. Give up your fight against the Jews. It didn't work for Haman and it won't work for you.
سپاس گوگل!
ولی تقویم در جدول زیر دکمه ایجاد و تقویم «از» و «تا» در صفحه ویرایش رویداد هنوز شمسی نیست!
+Benny Powers  Below a gmail post of new calendar features for Iranians you are spreading lies and hate! 
You are offending Iranians because "they are trying to achive nukes! and as they've not yet, you call them "incompetent" !!"

According to your logic. of course israel is competent! they've got many nukes from france, etc. 

I don't think my country is trying to make nukes. but I think if there are enough stupid peolpe like you in that  pseudo-county's government we have to build it to be kept safe from psychopaths like them! 

Iran is a dynamic society with a history recognized by humanity and friendship. and COMPETENCY. Ignorant will ignore.
We do not support extremism. We will not. and we are advocates of freedom and peace and life for humanity. for those innocents who are under cruel siege. innocents that you are blind to see them. those who are called Palestinians.  the word that we will not forget as humans.

we are under sanctions because we do not ignore Palestine. every one knows we are not about nukes.  We are accused of terrorism support because we support the Palestinian dream. every one knows we are againts alqada and terrorism. but they ignore it because it doesn't satisfy their interests!  they are ashamed to admit it. 

Rage on those embassies has nothing to do with building nukes! though was a wrong act.

Iran has not started war against Iraq.  

Degeneracy of Iranian leadership!! 
our biggest enemy who has always threatened us is Israel and nowadays is in near-total international isolation.
we have been under toughest sanctions ever imposed on a country, but still strong. and sanctions are cracked now. 

"Today Iran is heavily embroiled in the Islamic religious war and Syria and Lebanon and sponsors terrorist attacks in the middle east and indeed around the world."

O really!!?   
what is exactly terrorism? huh? Militarily supporting some psychopath groups who are tagged as religious islamists! and when they get out of control calling them terrorists?
this is the exact story. for syria. for alqaeda.
and then accusing others as supporters of terrorism because they are independent muslim countries? Or their acts doesn't favor dear izrael!!! 
ممنونم ....خیلی تو زندگیم بهش نیاز دارم
Vahid K
thanks google for supporting persian people
Amir Gh
Thank You Google ♥
My very important gmail
I was using it for paypal, for many websites , blogs, many ecommerce sites, now my gmail disabled. Must be must bug updates. Please gmail team investigate this issue.
+Benny Powers
Iran is not building nuclear bomb.
Iran does not have nuclear bomb because Iran don't need to nuclear bomb.
But Israel has many of it.
The people of Iran hate from Zionist Jews not all of jews.
Israel is a spurious country that made by Zionists.
Therefore the the people of Iran hate from Israel .
Please improve your knowledge and don't say lies.
+Benny Powers in what way are contributing to the original topic of this thread? This is about the Persian Calendar. There were absolutely no political statements. Please post your propaganda/spam somewhere useful like in the youtube comments section or something. 
+mahdi parsa
1) Rouhani boasts about lying to the West regarding his efforts to build the Bomb.
2) January 9th. Rouhani violates Geneva agreement, continues to build the Bomb
3) CIA: Iran is a nuclear state and can build bombs in a matter of weeks

You are a fool and a liar, Mahdi Parsa.
+Martin Rogalla You are ignoring the worst evil of this century. You're too foolish to recognize it and too cowardly to do anything about it. Be ashamed of yourself. 
+Benny Powers
You are a rude person realy that discussion with you is vain.
If you open your eyes find out reality.
Israel is evil not Iran.
+Pamela Peterson Want to know about America universities, their academic culture. The optimism the picture reflects is infectious.
+Benny Powers Apparently you can look into the future and see all the evil that's going to happen in this century. You are literally quoting blog posts from very subjective sources as references. You refrain from entering a normal discussion and start insulting people and tell them they are a fool, a liar and that people should be ashamed of themselves.
Learn some etiquette before you continue your journey. You're wasting my time.
this is so fuckin gay how the fuck do i even check my mail
It still doesn't support creating events with Persian Calendar!
We (persians) all appreciate it.
Thank you for this noteworthy work...
thank u so much google. you are the best:) thank u thank uuuuuuuuuuuu
Thanks Google For any services but i`d liked to create best devices.
the beginning of the titledoes not compliment with the figure. I don't understand how does it feel ifussually don't recognixw the people this the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy 
I thought the new Yahoo homepage was worthless, but Google+ has shown that something can clearly be worse...
Nik ir
+Muhammad Ibrahim  Don't take this the wrong way but the name is on it, The Persian Calender !!
Not Muslim calender !!
not every Persian (Iranians) are Muslim !!! :D
Just so you know !!
Best regards
We sleep and wake up everyday. Someone make the Sun and the Moon to
move around our circumstances. We forget former things or want to make  plan. Because     if we lost this cycle, we feel lonely and lose hope and confidence. The calender gives us the way to live on the earth. And so it
has deep meaning which we cannot find out everything!   Thank You !!    
thank you so much and this means a lot to persian people especially Iranians. I hope in the near future the whole features of Google become available for Iranians.
Tudor the same past, the Facebook group, which was a good day a
I'm really sorry for those who think Iran is a dangerous country
and I hope that idea will change .....
I have acquaintances from Iran and they are some of the best people I know.  Hopefully, people will realize that a few crazy people don't represent the whole culture.  I also know two brothers from Iraq and they, too, are really good people.  It is difficult to change perceptions, once they have been formed, so I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. 
how-re you doing i hope you re doing well
this is Benjamin joel from Ghana west Africa here for friendship and business as well,this is my email thanks a lot hope to hear from u soon
please add the Indian(hindu)calendar too..... very important here in india
Hi +manohar s.v. If having the Indian (Hindu) calendar is important to you, I encourage you to use Send feedback in Google Calendar to send that request directly to the Calendar development team.
+Leily R Maybe I think that your government is trying to kill me because of the daily, repeated, constant, clear, and outspoken threats against my life and the lives of my loved ones. You make me sick. You are a propaganda puppet.
A step in the right direction!
+Leily R I intend to insult you and your country because you are worse than the Nazi dogs. When the Revolutionary Guard is done congratulating your patriotism they will torture confessions of subversion out of you and your friends.
ı dont know even how to read ın persian
این ارور های 403 رو هم برداری خیلی خوب میشه.
به هرحال تشکر همه جانبه از شرکت محترم گوگل
واقعا چه خبره خیلی شلوغه
+Hamid Salehi
سلام آقا حامد
من چیز زیادی نمیدونم از ایمیل. لطفا راهنمائی کنین
+mahdi parsa i think you are a cyber army from iran i m a persian nd ihate my govermen because that is tru iran soport terorism dont say no that is tru
+Eloy Soledad
I? Cyber army?
That is joke
I'm a common persian person.

It's false, iran not only doesn't support terrorism, but also fight with terrorism
hello madembesat.
how are you?
i am in the iran.
where are you?
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