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Pop out reply into a new window
Do you love how easy it is to reference other conversations when using the new compose? Well now you can do the same thing when replying to messages by popping the reply out into a separate window. To pop reply out into a window simply click the arrow on top of the reply box and select "Pop out reply."
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Also, can we get the ability to forward an email and change the subject please!?!
I would love to see the same UI of compose in adding data to contacts. That is, that we don´t have to copy data, go to contacts, paste and return to mail again.  
I'm not sure but I might actually prefer the pop out to be default.
Alex W
Great, thanks!
Instead of "new window" how about NEW TAB? Tabs are in, additional windows are OUT!
Agree +Darrin Rich Why not leave GMail the way it was without all these finicky things that only slow the browser instead of making it faster? GMail is worse than dial-up POP3 these days..
+Ian Samson My gmail is not at all slow.  How fast is your computer? what browser are you using?

I have a 3 year old, dual core AMD CPU, and run chrome [at work] and my gmail is very speedy and snappy.
I don't have this option in my Gmail interface :( only in english ?  (I'm in France)
It seems a shame that option isn't available when first choosing to reply to an email. The current approach requires a click to start the reply, then another click to choose to use the pop out box. It would be convenient to have an option somewhere, when choosing to reply, to choose to use the pop out at the same time.
+Ian Samson - I like tabs as much as the next guy, but you can't drag and drop from tab to tab. And I think the idea is also to be able to see stuff behind while you're typing up an email. Switching to a new tab would make anything like that impossible. Personally, I like the new compose window about the same as the old way. No big preference either way. It's mail search in GMail that is the killer feature anyway.
Shift-click "Reply" will open it in a new window.
+Dru Walstrom that kind of pop out reply is not the same as the one that happens when you select 'popout reply'.

I prefer the one nested in the gmail tab, not the one that literally creates a new window.
That should be the default. The small reply block in the lower right of the screen is a pain. 
+Tim Glaser - I hadn't noticed that either.. and what makes it even more funny is that it's in the screenshot of this very post. LOL
you could do this in the previous version of gmail
It's nice to add all these extra features, but forcing discussion view in the Android Gmail application, with no option to turn it off, makes the application unusable. I'm not alone in the thought that having to skim through a whole discussion thread just to find the latest response is unproductive (and pretty darn annoying!)
Thanks, but I still prefer the old compose/reply method, worked fine for me many years. (Funny thing, this "new feature" was already present in the old Gmail reply)
Didn't know about this, it would have saved me a lot of headache.
I wish the "New Compose" allowed forwarding with the ability to remove the "FWD" prefix and still keep the messages under the same thread.
Finally - that is the thing I was waiting for since the new compose window! =)
I agree +Markus Bux, I would like it as a preferrence in settings to ALWAYS have reply, reply all, fwd all be pop up like sending new email.  If not then I would like them to just put a simple icon the upper right corner of the reply, reply, fwd screen instead of having to click the menu, then click on pop out.  by the way clicking edit subject did the same thing for the most part, that is what I was doing since they started the new setup.

Have a good day!
That's a good feature, just realized you could do this just by clicking edit subject, and not actual editing the subject. But this is more intuitive thanks
+Gmail No changes on my gmail either - is this USA-specific as usual?
You have to click 'respond' first. And then, while in the response edition, you can pop-out it.
Counter inuitive, as often with Google...
I actually don't like this and didn't find it uaeful. Tried it for about a week and disabled that. 
This helps a lot! I think its kind of weird to have the reply box at the bottom of the screen and so small
Finally! After using the new compose (it's cool, by the way), I thought to myself, what if 'Reply' opened up in a pop up? You read my mind Gmail. Make it the default!
Thank you soooo much for this!!! I was waiting for it!
+Tim Glaser That's already available, under the same drop down you can select edit subject or forward or reply all
Awesome! There have been so many times that would have come in handy. I'll be using that plenty from now on I'm sure
I hadn't noticed. I've been too busy diving around switching to Plain Text mode every single time, then mucking around bottom-quoting like a civilised human being not some brain-damaged Outlook-impaired idiot, and then moving the text I was typing back up from below my signature where some glitch keeps moving it.

So no, on the whole, not loving the new compose. Hating it, actually.
That's odd - I've never had a problem with it. I guess that's why there's an option to switch back to the old version, though.
You know how many times I've looked for that button? C'mon why hide it there?!
Nice new function. Would love to have a keyboard shortcut for this.
I love this feature! I love this feature. All I need now is invitation acceptance in the Gmail android app.
At last! It would be even nicer to have the option one click away... (top right "More" arrow or in the "Click here to Reply or Forward" window below the message
I think Gmail has abandoned its official blog without an official announcement.
Hi Gmail could you please help me out with using Google+. I'm not really getting it. 
Thanks, I'll use this!  It might be nicer to have it in the message menu (top right of msg) before even clicking reply?  Users might have a better chance of finding it there?  'Course I've often wondered if a msg tool-bar won't maybe be a good thing?  That menu is getting big.
I have this feature on my personal account but at work we don't have this option. Is it not being released for business? It would be really handy if there was a shortcut to do this by default as well because we have to respond to long emails and it's a pain scrolling when the reply area is at the bottom.
+John Hinton Your admin may not have "Rapid Release" set on for new user features.  You should get it eventually.
Hi google - any news on a keyboard shortcut for the pop out reply?
Good questions. I don't know the answers but like you, I wish they could be done as well.
Thanks Bradley for you explanation. SHIFT COMPOSE and SHIFT REPLY do indeed pop-out a compose window but unfortunately only open the compose window at the bottom of a thread of mails. In order to get a clean and neat new window, you first have to hit reply or type "r" then use the mouse to click "pop out reply" then use the mouse again to click on the arrow top right. Only by doing this do you get a completely clean new window and that's what I'd like to be able to do with a keyboard shortcut. I do hope Google comes up with a solution soon! Thanks anyhow.
Shift Clicking a list view has always popped a new window, but with the new compose window this doesn't do the same thing as the new "Pop Out" option. (ie the reply windows is still collapsed which is a bit annoying and not very useful) Agree a keyboard shortcut would be excellent.
+James Carberry +Bradley Hennenfent, M.D. +Barry White James it used to be default but then stopped working now I learn hear that I have to select the "Pop Out" but is there a way to make pop out the reply default.  I just saw that pop out is different from having it pop out in the gmail window and that's how it was initially.  Is there a keystroke for that?
Totally agree with James Carberry. Give us one of the three options Google..
I just noticed the "d" key will open a compose in a new tab. I don't see that there is a way to do this with replying yet.
I also don't see a key short cut to reply and get a popout window. I have given this new feature plenty of time and I find it more redundant than the old. I have to make extra clicks and popdowns just to change subjects, get a separate screen when replying or forwarding. Disappointed in the overall  functionality. I am sure for some this is useful but Fail for this person who sends out 200+ emails a day. 
google labs !!!! please make me a "pop out reply by default" option.  who wants to work in the claustrophobic lame little bottome of the acreen that i need to scroll to?   

Google USED to be cool.

: P
 "pop out reply by default" option please!!!
Yes, please!  let me edit subject in all situations and give me a keyboard shortcut to pop-out reply if not default there.
Yes, looking for a pop out short key or default would be great! 
Really, really, really want an easier option to change subject line or at least make it visible when replying and forwarding.  I understand other people may not think this is needed because of "the new way" of doing things is always better.  OK, no big deal, just give us both what we want.  Add the feature and let the user decide if they want to hide or show it all the time.

Add this and you'll have dealt with at least 90% of the gripes out there.  We'll learn to "live" with the other "updates", but this is always been a super annoyance since it's inception. 
Agree - this is more than an annoyance - it creates real risks when a subject line that was meant for some eyes is unwittingly forwarded to others.  Please fix this.  It is a foolish limitation.  I've heard the argument, but it doesn't apply in too many situations.
agreed. I hate that I have to scroll up and edit to read it. 
All messages should follow 1 process from now on: they should ALL popout by default
Holding Shift key then Clicking on Any of options like "Reply" "Reply-All" or "Forward" will take your mail in popped out window.!! :) 
kewl. there should be an option to set this to "always on"
Yes, please please make an "always on" option for this OR for making a subject line appear. Why do you not see all the use cases where not seeing a subject line leads to bad communication?
What is the difference betwee "pop out reply" and "Edit Subject"
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