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Yesterday, we announced the introduction of Gmail Tap. People wanted some more information, so we're sharing an in-depth interview with our product lead.
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It seems Mr. Cool J can do just about everything!
yea, and you know what i keep thinking when he says, "you can tap in the kitchen, you can tap in the bathroom, etc. etc.?" - lolz...hehe, still chuckling a bit.
I am Admiral Taptap and I approved this message.
B. Hold
"You can tap it in the morning, you can tap it in the kitchen, you can tap it at night."

As soon as LL said this, I thought, "That's what she said."
T Ma
LOL!!! Tap it
you can tap it in the movie theatre, you can tap it in the hallway! IM to the next level LOL!!!
Tap it like it's hot!
Still trying to download Gmail Tap? Check back next April 1st to see if it is never know.
All I want to know is how did Todd get a job at Google??? lol
lol LL Cool always has the edge on Tap'g
You can tap it in the kitchen.
Tap it in the hall.
Tap it with your finger then,
wipe it on the wall.
--. -- .- .. ... - . .--. .. --- -.-. -. ...
This is a cool concept... can't wait to try it!! But I must admit the ad is funny....can't wait to try out TAP!!
I be tap'n while I be gell'n! Oh yeah!
Joe Tee
time to let it go
Todd Smith could get a better paying job as LL Cool J
I tried it. It's a whole new language. A series of taps and dashes to learn (morse code). I uninstalled it 5 minutes later. I TAPPED out!
I am so surprised that he kept a straight face throughout lol lol. I love it!
more revolutionarily technology from the visionaries at google. they truly are changing the world.
Why can't April Fools be all month long!!
chad o
The way he deadpans that is pretty funny. But Morse code is actually meant to be done with just one button, actually.
really.... can you guys release this app, it would be funny as hell to had people my phone and ask them to input their info
I have been asking for a morse code on cell phones since before smart phones. I know i could learn it and it would faster than any other keyboard on a two inch space. I would even switch over to a all touch screen phone if I could get a morse code button.
i fell for it but at first i didnt understand how u type then i found out it was meant to be morse code.good one google.
when i tried to download it it said'google tap is too popular right now.try again next year'
Worst commercial ever.What the hell was that about????
This is almost hilarious. If it wasn't so loaded with double entendre, cheap innuendo and rude jokes, this would be a great gag set of commercials. I'm sincerely hoping this is a gag. Higher technology by using lower technology? Really?
oh my god. it's an april fools joke, they totally got me.
Of course. I'm an idiot. April Fool's.
A little late for April fools don't you think?
If only this were real, I'll tap that all day. 
... --- ... .- .--. .. .. ... ... --- --- ...
absolutely. i even went to google play and attempted to download the app and everything.
I miss the days when Google released actual products on April 1.
april fools to the next level..
Did he say you can tap it in the movie theater?? Thats some freaky deaky stuff right there!
I love how there's actually no information on how "a dot and a dash" can be interpreted as letters...
Just got the update so I can type "Z" haha. I was wondering if that was part of the prank.
Morse code. Really? HAHAHAH!
This actually makes typing more tedious. Think about it...
I agree 100%. WTF is google thinking...and it's bs that I had to log onto google+ to voice my opinion because google+ is crap too
heres a cool april fools prank- bring back sharing and commenting in google reader
I'm trying to download but it says try next year :(
Brilliant - LL doing a list of 'tap it's
Nice. They missed by a day. But I've seen worse delays.
Wow..LL Cool J is a Product lead at google..that is cool!
Who cares if they missed a day. They knew that most people wouldn't be on Sunday and Palm Sunday too.
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Sala TOI mein padha .. mamu banaya inhone .. :P
I watched it and I still have no idea what Gmail Tap is.
yes, I loved it too.. using morse code :)) now we have to remember the morse alphabet:))
A traditional morse code only needs 1 button this seems inefficient to me.
u can tap it in bathroom, tap it in theatre, tap it at night, yeah u can tap it every where , just tap it :D
Incredible. Lots of hype, no info. This was an Aprils Fool's joke right? And if not, it should have been.
Yes +Charlene Amsden - it is an April Fool's joke. Google release about a dozen jokes over the weekend (Gmail Tap, driverless race car, interviewing employee's dogs, etc.). C'mon - did people really believe this stuff? For goodness sake - that is LLCool J in the video!!
+chad o look up a CW bug or paddle keyer, it has two keys one for dots and one for dashes, vibroplex is one such brand bencher is another so yes in its early days it was one key but now most HAMs use a paddle keyer... 73 VK3FWSP
You can even Tap that when you are " High on Android"
Ill be tappin that everywhere. Tappin that on the farm, in the ghetto, on my roof, in the bar just gonna tap that till I cant tap no mores.
I cannot believe that you actually received serious questions about when it will be available. "Tap it in a wheel barrel" definitely my favorite.
Agent Hanna is obviously undercover on this op.
... --- ... . / - .... . / .- .--. .--. / .. - / .... . ... .-. ... / -- . / ... --- / -- ..- .. .... / .-- .. - .... / -- -.-- / .. . .. ... -.-- / -.. .. - .. . ... !
... - .- / -.- . . .--. / ... . .. -. -. / -- --- .. . / -.. --- --- ... . .. / . ...- . .. -.-- / ... .. -. -. ... . / -.. . -.-- ! :)
Nice April Fools joke, G! :D In the end, this joke makes sense... I'd release the app. Just for fun :)
Rubes M
this happen to me too a while back .. I had to start all over again with a new account.. good luck getting a response from Google.
Amazing. I am learning the morse code for amateur radio test. Bad news, 24 years a go.
Lol. I knew this was fake...but they got me on the driverless car... I was ready to hop on that. Or tap it...
lol you can tap it anywhere :P ohh todd you
You have fooled so many yesterday ... why did you post this again? April the Fool day has come and gone ...

My comment from yesterday was:

"Great trick. I believed it until Reed Morse introduced the bearded Morse on the wall photo as "my great grand father's grand father brother". That was when I became suspicious and knew that was an April the Fool joke. That was a really well played and executed joke!

Now start working on the next year's April the fool joke ..."

I love Google!!!
Yeah...but what he's talking about "tapping" isn't a smartphone
Tap that ass.... I mean phone
hhhhhhhhhhh :D :D ...who would get deceived with this :D
'you can tap in the bathroom'.... 'a wheelbarrow'.... 'a station wagon'...... please don't
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Damn LL looking old in this ad.
I've been trying to download it since yesterday but no luck :( hahaha. I think I have to Tap Tap Tap! Hahaha
I envy those who can tap while they tap. Very efficient. I wonder if they'll have vibrate mode to receive tapped messages on lap. It's like machine code vs js. And bikes, dandified horses? Can you tap while you bike? There will probably be a time when small cars that run on batteries are thought of as silly when we have personal flying machines to tap in. On the other hand, an app for drawings? A thousand words in a picture. aun
I know its an April Fools joke but if it were real I would totally use it, this is cruel joke.
lol, I remember last year was pretty cool april fools too.
keep tapping and ONLY tapping! have a tapping life!
no tapping it in the movie theater...that's quite frowned upon
you can tap an iphone keyboard in any of those places
LL, you douche. Don't use your phone in the movie theater!
Seriously I missed this yesterday. Funny ha-ha. These days I tend to believe anything. Really LL Cool J?
How is this meant to be "in-depth"??????????????? It does not even describe what tap is on the surface.
This has to be an April joke, surely.
So, many people in my Twitter feed fell for this.
When did he officially become Todd?!!!!!
hmmm...I'm gonna try it, just cause i wanna see what its all about. but it seem to me that Morse code is the exact same thing... so really the title of this video should be "Turn your smartphone into a telegraph!!!"
LOL funny stuff... they need to actually make the app!
Yes it is LL Cool James
What was the purpose of that commercial?
"You can tap it at night. You can tap it in the bathroom." Seriously?!
L L Cool J! He's is amazing! Ha ha ha ha
"You can tap it in the morning, you can tap it in the kitchen, you can tap it at night, you can tap it in the bathroom, you can tap it.., you know.., on a seesaw......" - LL Cool J
you can tap it in a car, tap it in a bar! you can tap it with a dog or tap it on a can tap it real fast or tap it kinda slow....just make sure you wrap it before you tap it or it might just get tapped out!
OMG! I have never thought about that but that is so cool! I wonder how it works with only two buttons! Peace out!
This is actually genius. Too bad it's a joke.
Who wouldn't tap that Sylvia. Very fine man for his age.
Momma said TAP you OUT! Long Live Cool James...
Not as good as original but still funny. Like the play on words, you can tap it anywhere
DAFAQ? how in obamas career does this work??
10 things we'll need to know about Gmail tap .-.
Is this LL Cool J or a dude who just looks a lot like him?
This has GOT to be an April fools joke!
Google fooled them all by making 'em think it's an april fools joke - although the product exists since 2009 - made for the competitors jailbroken device.
Or did they trip over their own joke…?
That is LL Cool J and that was funny as fuck. Well played, Google.
Tap it on a seesaw! LOL LL!!
I like to tap it in a wheelbarrel. Ll taps it in the bathroom.
I trust Larry Wilmore. Can't wait for the Gmail Tap.
"We suggest you try downloading it again next year." - Really. And this after you are asking us to learn whole new language?
Does anyone else think Todd Looks an awful lot like LL Cool J???????
An excellent app! I'm already an expert. You guys really are the best!
If you keep this up, you'll have to produce a product!
the app is good, BUT if you dont know Morse code and have any reference to what each letter/number is you become lost because their is no guide to learn the code within the keyboard itself.
Im in process of rebuilding all my browser
With google help ok
I love the idea of bringing Morse code back google tap serene very cool
Is that a joke for April fools or does that actually exist?
Todd Smith seems like a great addition to your team. Does he have any other talents, too, that we might know about?
your are better off learning the keyboard, with so many codes to learn per letter...not good...what about the slow person, or handicap person....
Yeah, no thanks. I'm pretty good on a keyboard.
Being a amateur radio operater this sounds great!
- .... .. ... ... --- ..- . -.. ... . .-- . ... --- -- . .--. .. - -.-- .. - ... .- . . .--. .. .. ... ... --- --- ... ... .--- --- -.- . .-.-.- -- .- -.- . .. - .. . . ... -. --- --- --. .-.. .
lol everything old is new again!
Morse code for a smart phone! WoW! I still prefer a straight key.
I saw a video of a morse coder beating a kid in a messaging competition. Be interesting to see how this actually works.
Is there a Siri parody as well somewhere?
Yesterday I tried to download and it said try April 2, I pressed retry to see what happens and it said " it's still April 1 try april 2 "

Ok I try today and it said sry try next year

What the heck??? First they are rude R-U-D-E
The best part is LL Cool J saying "you can tap it in the morning, tap it at night, tap it in the bathroom..."
I want this app! I actually do Morse code on Amateur Radio and this would be great!
It's Amazing.

-sent from Gmail Tap
You can tap it while you tap it.
but i know this is going to sound stupid but i heard its gmail tap was fake it was april fools day prank am i right or wrong someone please tell me.
Jason Hearne, humans are fools while on earth.
Danielle, this is totally real. Just like the Google Fiber product. ;-)
The feature if real, but the humor is the morse code. The ad is about that IM would be faster, but you still need to look at your touch screen. One letter at a time, common people.
Wow! Sam Morse had a touch screen!
It's totally fake! They didn't even credit LL cool j they made him "part of the team" but it was HELARIOUS!
How'd he keep a straight face! Power of ..-
Watch out ! Spelling police is on patrol i see
Funny...thought it was LL Cool Jay at first too:)
Ok !!lol they me going with this a first!! April fool joke!!!
It was kinda lame. Disappointed. Couldn't you have done better? Had a whole year...
Hit the G-dot when you tap that ... Or G-dash 
First thing I thought was April fools! The common simple minds of today wouldn't be able to learn the old ways of Morse! Ppl are too simple today!
Nice, "8 emails at once" while having a conversation in a movie theater!!! Pay even less attention to to things right in front of you, Brilliant!

Are people really that excited to learn a new language just for texting? Isn't voice recognition/dictation much less effort?
That's a great April fools joke! I wuz had (except a day late)
April Fool's, right? ;)) ... they almost had me...but the people looked so strange...and that guy Todd going on and on about where you can tap...;) "in the morning, at night, in the bathroom" good one!...i almost posted this on my fb page without thinking. ;) ...
FYI to the people on here who say can't wait to try it. It will be available when the Easter bunny brings the eggs, the cows Juno over the moon and finally when jack frost bites your dumb ass nose off
You can type 10 msg's at once with the new slide tap no contact whose. In't science brill :)
Gmail tap was on google play for a day before it was taken down. If anyone really wants it i can email it to you
Funny as hell! Im going to tap dat right now.
A Google product on April 1st.... let me think otherwise
Fake. G+ers please, you would at least need a third button for entering spaces and special characters.
Best April Fools jokes are the ones that are actually useful at some level. I would love Gmail Tap, or, well, morse-code-keyboard natively in Android. And not just morse-code-keyboard but, perhaps, a morse-code controller across Android, so you can do things without looking, such as 'tapping' to start recording a song. Maybe tie this with volume control rocker (two buttons) and make it work while screen itself is off.
why LL Cool J look like an uncle who be at the bar scoopin young coody cats...hahahha. But seriously, he look good. Do't know what this tap is all about though.
when I first saw the ad, I was wondering if I should relearn morse code to use "tap"... a good one from google.
And from this video I understood absolutely nothing about the technology and/or how to use it. Stupid waste of time.
This is a follow up to the first video explaining tap, released on April first...need I say more?
Mik M
Nice one Google....a true Tech gotcha! :)
Its very revolutionary product. Congrats google..........
Keep doing best
i am at the next cool:)
Can we not just have a service where you leave a voicemail message and somebody else types it for you then sends it in type? Untill someone invents voice recognition that works!
Anyone noticed the date!! And would YOU believe someone with a cloth cap doing Andy Capp impersonations? Nah, nor would I!
Oh this is RICH! We are going to bury this innovation and show Google what a real innovation is!! Just you WAIT Google TEAM!! Team MessagEase is coming with their own counter punch in exactly 354 days. Hint: it's a keyboard with exactly ONE key that types everything! All letters, numbers, punctuations, smilies, cuniforms, you name it, you get it with just pressing ONE button!

MessagEase of is where the true innovation is at! Eat your heart out TEAM GOOGLE!
It's so amazing, I once typed entire sheets of Shakespeare while I was in the movies...didn't even look at the screen.....sadly, that would have been nice, then I would've seen that I was tapping on the back of my phone. :P
I always read April Fools' pranks two days after the actual 1st....... Makes you forget anything might still be a joke
so... LL Cool J is a project lead on Gmail Tap? How the heck did that happen?
Mari T
its the Kangol hat he's wearing. the product lead needs shell tops, a crate full of records, and a boom box and he'd be stylin'! : )
btw--cant wait to try tap!
It is a nice idea, but typing will be too long.
I have an idea for you: make your own language.
Count it as an upgrade to morse code, similar to Octal and Hexadecimal being an upgrade to Binary- same purpose, but simpler.
It can have 6 symbols and each letter will be a combination of 2 symbols, the English letters will take 26 combinations, and there is still 10 left for '!,.' and so on..
I hope you will see this comment and consider it.. Lior Ribak
Is this available for iPhone?
LL COOL J - too funny.."#tappingthat!!
The programming is not of a big deal
but the innovation and the name GOOGLE is
The funny part is if this was real I guarantee you people would be using it to drive and text which we don't need, so as far as that goes it's a good thing it's a joke.
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