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Send and archive, Quote selected text and Default reply to all graduate from Gmail Labs  

The option to add Send and archive and Default reply to all to compose and reply are now both available by default.  These time-saving features are useful if you often send and then immediately archive or always reply to everyone.

In addition, Quote selected text's graduation means that when you highlight text from an email you want to include in your reply, and then click reply, the compose template will be just what you selected.
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Nice...Gmail just keep improving!
I was wondering when these labs would graduate. I think it's about time. Thanks Google :)
Some things feel like they have been in there forever, I am starting to think Labs was just a holding area, for something to deal with when the time was right.  It is nice to finally see some development in Gmail.
Been using all three for a while now. Glad to see they are here to stay!
Please have replies to threads pop out of the thread conversation into a new window (like composing a new email). The window is so small on tiny screens.
Take care of the Chat History and the Threading bugs.
I'd forgot send and archive was a lab. I've had it active forever.
Looking forward to send and archive.
I love Google iterative approach. I get something new every week! 
+Gmail Help...
When I start to write an e-mail address
Appears a list of different email addresses

How do I delete some of these e-mail addresses
On the list. 
Well, is there a chance to turn off Quote selected text somewhere? This (new) feauture is annoying... :-(
What's the keyboard shortcut to send and archive?
Default reply to all is a terrible idea, but I guess I don't have to enable it. 
Ability to change Subject in replies in new interface please.
You can still change the Subject in's just hard to find!  Click the arrow icon on the left side of the address bar.  There you will find the menu item, "start separate conversation (new subject)"
I don't like the "Quote selected text's" feature, should have a config for that.
More great function becomes officially part of GMail.
gmail, please bring a "sort by (sender, subject)" feature
Please add a way to quote only the most recent message in the reply.  Right now, when I hit reply, it will include everything that was in said message, including previously quoted messages.
Send and archive was probably one of the most useful labs for me. Glad it's there for everyone to get easily now. 
Why there is no announcement in Gmail Official Blog? Google wants to kill Blog too? Or wants to kill Google Reader too?
"Quote Selected Text" drives me batty.  I often copy stuff out of email to research it before replying, and this feature ensures that every single time I reply to a message, I'm going to go "What? Why'd it only quote that one word?" discard the message, click somewhere in the email to de-select text, then reply again.  I really, REALLY, want to disable this feature.
James Neal...  I agree!  I hate the feature.  I keep sending partial emails.  How do I disable it????  Help Google!
James, John, another one here with the same problem! Still couldn't find how to disable it... :(
ok no he entes res pero bueno...
dear Gmail team,

I love gmail but please add possibility to turn off "quote selected text" feature - it's a real disaster! this feature steals lots of my time and makes me really annoyed when I need my concentration the most. please!!
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I'd really, really like to simply be able to turn of quoting the original message in replies entirely.
is there any way to disable/turn off this quote to reply feature? I hate it.
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Is there a way to turn off Quote selected text's??
Second that - can there PLEASE be an option to disable Quote Selected Text?
The quote selected text is just buggy, I always get something mistakenly quoted and have to discard my message and start again. Please let me turn off this annoying feature!
Thank you google for moving quote selected text back to labs!
Thanks for listening Google!! It's great to be able to disable Quote Selected Text via labs
Not too shabby feature but how about eliminating the conversation view in mobile mode ? lol.   Send+archive I can live with or without but I stopped using gmail mobile due to the lack of disabling conversation view.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me either! I just want my email, I AM searching for my email and unfortunately this is turning into facebook, I want my inbox!!!!!
Is this still available? I can't see it?
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