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Starting now, you have the ability to use Hangouts from Google Calendar!
Now it's easier than ever to schedule a face-to-face interview with a candidate located hundreds of miles away or plan a date to catch up with your buddies.  To do so, make sure you've upgraded to Google+, and then you can add a hangout to any calendar event with one click. Everyone you invited will be able to join by clicking on the calendar event and selecting Join Google+ hangout.  

Learn more here:
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Anyway to invite people/circles from G+ ?? Only see email option??
Is there a video on this I can send to my apps users?
Love this feature. Glad to see some of the more business oriented features coming to consumers.
I really wish they'd decouple Hangouts from Plus; it should be a standalone tool, something more like Etherpad.
I seriously tried to click the x in the image >_<

Anyway, most awesome of this is the ability to schedule recurring hangouts. Woot!
Okay, well I guess I take back my last post about timing hangouts... thanks plus.
I want the chat window in youtube.
Love that all Google services are even more integrated over time. It just make things easier and more practical for everyone!
Does this mean I can set my Android phone to remind me so I will quit forgetting to go to them?
hallo,can i hve with u a cup of coffee
Very cool, cause me a me pals always have hangouts and we were just talking about something like this, thanks +Google+
me to...........crap is bad yo
This is why Google+ time saver will always beat Facebook - no use time waster.
that s cool i wish u cold bring earlier.thanks
Anyone else think it's odd for the Gmail account to post this? lol Very cool though! Please don't phase out gTalk!
Google: We're the best at giving you things you never knew you needed, because you don't.
awaiting to see Messenger/Talk integration and wide usage of these features.
+Casey Rhodes actually I think that's a pretty handy feature for the kind of people who use tools like calendar and hangouts. "*I* don't have any nails; so who needs a stupid hammer?" ;)
Is there a way to make a hangout ring? I sat right in front of my Computer working and missed a lot of hangouts, i'm not in need of another calendar seldom use it. An Ring tone would work best for me.
A small but great step to bring whole of the google ecosystem together :)
Chris Hoffman--spell check should be integrated from your PC; or chrome browser already--are you using a Mac or mobile? 
@ Chris Hoffman I use Chrome for my browser and it checks the spelling in G+ give it a shot.
Noooooo no spell checks ..... lotsa funny comments are derived from misspellings, and they give clues about the demeanor of the poster.
Just getting all of these Google services with my new phone lovkng it

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 2:15 PM, Ethel Poon <******@****>wrote:

> really cool
Any chance I can email a group yet from Mobile Gmail?
hello email me and chat with me
um....not reallly. wats weird is how it keeps popin up in my
inbox......emailand message me
How do i chat directly w somebody? Can anyone tell me
+John Amuso Start a hangout and only invite the person you want to chat with to it. Is that what you are asking?
Can you vidieo chat ppl on it?
how does i feel like crap mean something good? i feel lik crap to.
That's nifty.  I'll never use it, but I can see how it would be useful.
can u tell me how can i make google as my home page??
hi friends i wanna join this room..
This is awesome ...... could become vvvverrrry interesting ... nice going team
New tech and some art that is out of this world
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you're kidding me right, +Erochikku Yama ?
On youtube app on Android, watch video. Is it awesome enough for sharing? Hit the share button on the top right corner. Choose G+ App. Share away! ;)
How do I connect with video on google+?
I really need to get a laptop with a webcam.
Tom from MySpace?  Is that what Google+ does with it's time now?
He has two first names haha..
lale d
u r doing great...
I have this feature on my phone, I think it's pretty sweet!!
Does clicking on that link now register that the hangout is the one for the event? Rather than you joining a minute early then getting a reminder that the hangout is about to start?
Enable dial in from a mobile/landline and it would be perfect. Even as "good" as MS Lync!
Love it !! More Google awesomeness !!
Its actually quite sweet, I used it last night, didn't even realize it was a new feature. Now, they just need to increase how many people can attend a hangout to at least 20. Now that would be even sweeter.
Who's cool to hangout after 2 pm eastern time lets make the spit big 
Google is really cranking it up!!!
I am Myanmar
you know Aung san su kyi
Great tool! Unfortunately the Hangout link doesn't come through on the mobile calendar event. Any way to grab the url to the Hangout to email out?
I don't see the option when I setup a meeting. Is it Chrome only?
por favor enviar los mensajes en español. gracias
not that am angry or complaining but can somebody tell me what is this...i am kinda fucking lost
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