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A more seamless experience in the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad

Starting today, it's now easier to access other Google apps right from Gmail app. When you click on a YouTube, Maps, or Chrome link you'll go directly to that respective app if it's installed instead of opening the mobile browser. Of course, if you prefer you can turn this off using the in-app settings.

If you are using multiple accounts, today's update also lets you choose to sign out of of a single account instead of having to sign out of all accounts at once.

You can download the latest version here:

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And why can't I save Picture Attachments in the App?
Kar Bar
I hate when I click and it opens a browser, glad for this change. 
Be nice if you could choose Safari as the open-in-browser browser.
It would be nice if the GMail app for iOS were 50% as fast as any other app, and didn't require full startup/login every time you open the app. dog. slow. I ditched GMail app for @mailbox 
+Kevin Sandlin that's because it's written in HTML/CSS/JS. Apparently the Sparrow team are assisting in writing it natively for iOS.
I would love to have labels notifications in iOS as we have in Android.
+Soumyajit Chakraborty Android has allowed you to use third party apps as official apps for maps/browser for a very long time. I am not sure how this feature is not available to you on Gingerbread. 
When should we expect Google Talk for iPhone? Would be a nice addition to the awesome Gmail app. Something like swapping left like Facebook would be really nice.
+Leonardo Giovanetti if the rumours are true, Google's new chat service, to replace Google+ Hangouts, Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and possibly SMS, will be coming to iOS. It's apparently going to be called Google Hangouts.
I wonder why the gmail app for iOS is better than Android, I mean easier to use and atractive..have you ever considered to make gmail for android like iOS gmail app, this one is really well designed 
Nice work. However how about repeating notification bug?
+Jeremy Helsel Babel is Google's internal codename. the final name will apparently be the current Google Talk name (i.e. an update to Google Talk) or Google Hangouts.
Sweet. Google's way of going around the limitations/lock downs of iOS.
"sign out of of a single account" - prayers answered, wishes granted!
Ha ha ha only Google has the brains and cunning to infiltrate iOS users without them even realising...and so the Google dominance continues! Would it ever work the other way? Nope! 
Doesn't google now do this anyway? 
Why are so many people only complaining about what is missing in the (basically) free apps we get, in this thread and others? Let us also be happy about what they have delivered to us over the years! Thanks +Gmail +Google !
Great update. What Google needs to do next is update their other apps to do the other direction:

Allow Google+/Maps/Chrome/YouTube to open the Gmail app when you want to share something by email, instead of the native iOS mail app.
apple should do that dont you think?
Jayda S
is your picture sopos to be a creeper
Not having label notifications on the IOS GMail app is a severe limitation.   I just moved from a blackberry, and this is a real roadblock for me.
can I put a gmail icon on my desktop?
Why can't I get my gmail to comeS when I sign in to it,NOT  200 DIFFERENT GOOGLE THINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE!  ITS REALLY AGGRAVATING, WE KNOW YOU ARE GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!
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