Compact density now makes conversations more dense

Gmail has “Comfortable,” “Cozy” and “Compact” display densities so your inbox can adapt to your preferences or screen size. Starting today, we’ve extended the “Compact” density setting to make conversation view more dense when you open your messages. Just as your mail appears closer together in your inbox, previously read messages will now take up less space when you open up a conversation, too.

If you're already using Compact, or you have a smaller screen, just refresh Gmail to see the change. Otherwise, you can try it out by switching to “Compact” density or resizing your browser. Of course, you can still use “Cozy” or “Comfortable” to keep it roomy, and Gmail will continue to automatically adjust based on your browser size.

To the fans of the “Compact” density setting who made the suggestion -- thank you, and enjoy!
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