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Compact density now makes conversations more dense

Gmail has “Comfortable,” “Cozy” and “Compact” display densities so your inbox can adapt to your preferences or screen size. Starting today, we’ve extended the “Compact” density setting to make conversation view more dense when you open your messages. Just as your mail appears closer together in your inbox, previously read messages will now take up less space when you open up a conversation, too.

If you're already using Compact, or you have a smaller screen, just refresh Gmail to see the change. Otherwise, you can try it out by switching to “Compact” density or resizing your browser. Of course, you can still use “Cozy” or “Comfortable” to keep it roomy, and Gmail will continue to automatically adjust based on your browser size.

To the fans of the “Compact” density setting who made the suggestion -- thank you, and enjoy!
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Was the +1 comment in the thread a hint to a plussified +Gmail future or is my brain in the clouds as usual? Blink twice if you can't say but confirm.
Nice! This is what I was thinking about this morning and you magically made it happen!
Is this what caused the outage earlier today? lols
Would've been nice to see before and after in the shot, but I like the change nonetheless. Using a netbook, so every pixel matters ;)
Summary: Google rediscovers what Gmail looked like before the G+ changes, and for most people without 1080p screens. So much for the previous "we tested for every screen density and size" hubris.
Good, but i dont know why but it seems something is missing in gmail's design
I absolutely love Compact Density, and would love to see it on Google+ and other currently-bloated Google UIs.
I agree with with +Dave Jacoby. Maybe it will reduce or get rid of the #whitespace entirely.
Compact looks great on the email view. If I could keep my "cozy" inbox and use "compact" for the in-message view that would be perfect.
+Gmail It would be great if the black bar at the top did not change with change in density to keep its aesthetic similar across all Gmail products. In Google Reader, change in density does not affect the black bar or the search bar underneath. Please try to keep these two elements across all the products.
+Mayank Patel You are definitely thinking wrong. We WANT the black bar to Compact. The difference is, I think EVERY Google product should offer Compact, so it can be consistent. I hate all the bloat up at the top, and love how much Compact fixes that.
Compact bar in Gmail is a little too skinny for me.
ok, now it's time for the HUGE buttons (archive, back, move, delete, etc) to get smaller as well!
Are you guys kidding? That's not compact. It takes up far more space than the "old" Gmail design. You still don't get it. Bring back the old Gmail team, the people who made it in the first place. They "got it".
Now that we have "Comfortable" in the new +Google+, add in "Cozy" and "Compact."
Your compact setting is still less efficient than the old version.. Please bring back Gmail Classic!
Seriously is it too much to ask to retain the old look? Maybe not everybody wants to switch or likes a change. I find it hard to differentiate between conversations no matter what style I use, it's crap. Productivity gone down by 2%
thanks for your valuable feedback....
After playing with the new gmail; we've concluded that the new interface wastes about 50% more time than the old one. What took 20 minutes now takes 40.

As there is no contrast or patterns to hold the eyes, they constantly wander looking for differentiating factors to find key points of information.

Is there any plans to make the new gmail actually useful?

We're examining Office 365 to transition all our apps customers (and ourselves) there as the new UI wastes so much time.

Google launched instant to save everyone 2-3 seconds searching each day. The new Gmail wastes 1000x more time than Google instant saves.
+Brad Geddes What exactly wastes your time about the current Gmail interface? Functionally it seems little changed from the previous interface.

Office 365 isn't exactly free, nor is it as platform neutral as Google's offerings. Out of the fat, into the fire....
I want classic back! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate the new one... shouldn't we have a choice?
+Terry Traub The main issue is a lack of eye focal points. Trying to scan email for key points, conversations you want to easily find and respond to, etc take longer.

In addition, and this might seem odd; but since there's not a left side border - the eyes often end up in labels instead of in the email.

Lastly, the screen is so white (or so blue, green, whatever color you use as a background) that its really hard to focus (with white you get blinded). Gradient colors, textured backgrounds, etc go a long ways towards keeping focus on the text of an email and not all the other background info.

Our employees usually have less than 20 emails in their inboxes (I have 13 right now) as we really try to keep inboxes clean and move email to PM systems. So, its not like we're trying to pull info from 100+ emails; we're only looking at a score or less; and yet its taking longer.

There seems to be a movement to 'borderless' input fields and I really don't get why as its much harder to use.
I absolutely loathe the new Gmail themes. It looks as if they were designed for and by 12 year olds. Grrrrrrr.
And also, I don't know that white space is the new trend... (Seems to be at least the trend of Google products)
the new trend is minimalism, which imho kinda sucks. compactness and fit more info into the same space ftw. ala old style gmail.
The new theme is unusable -- can I switch back?
This is still really inferior to the old view with no (mostly empty) avatars, colour-coded names and a genuinely compact view. But hey, not to sound completely ungrateful - this is better than it was for sure.

For those of you, like me, who want to extend the old view absolutely to the last possible moment.. try this:
If you dont like the new look, switch to IMAP. Thats what I did. Thunderbird, or for those in Linux like me. offlineimap + mutt.
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