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Cleaner conversation view, improved multi-select and more for Gmail on Android

Starting today, Gmail for Android is getting a new, cleaner design for its conversation view. The update also includes a number of additional design tweaks such as checkmarks for multiple message selection so you can easily see what messages you are about to move, archive or delete.

As an added bonus the app will now tell you, right in your inbox, if account sync is off so that you won’t accidentally miss an important message again.
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Les H
Great conversation improvement.
Love it! Will we see something similar for iOS?
Will we have both delete and archive buttons available again? Miss it like hell. Have an huge screen and have to open the menu to pick archive :-( 
I'm reserving judgement on this until I start getting email notifications from the other sorting tabs. I miss many emails because Gmail no longer notifies on the reciept of all emails.

...or at least give me the option to turn on the notification for those tabs.
Yaaaaaaay Thank you SO much Google! =0)
+Doc Harvard You can actually turn on notifications for the different tabs. In settings, go to manage labels, and you can turn on "label notification". You can actually pick a notification sound for each tab separately there. 
Looks very good (from your screenshots).  How about bringing back a normal Google Chat feature instead of requiring that Andriod users resort to the (it must be said, godawful) Hangouts app.
Yaaaaaaay Thank you SO much Google! =0)
+Fernando Miguel Have you checked "archive and delete actions" in the general settings? I think if you set it to "both archive and delete", both the archive and delete buttons should show up. 
If you don't have pictures set, those icon blocks are annoying
Birthday dinner? sweet. I will pretend I didn't see this :)
It's about time! you need to this in the website too..
So, I see this isn't for all Androids... Why can't you make a nicer and updated version for Androids with older operating systems?? Not everyone can afford to upgrade their phone with the newer versions!
When I look at this it makes me sad that I have so few (real life) friends on that actually have profile pictures. 
My email is full of colored squares with a letter in it. 
Looking at my Gmail right now, and I really don't see any differences.
+Heather Ashby I suspect it's because the market is fairly small, and shrinking. It's inevitable that older technology will become obsolete, but I agree that a longer life span would be welcomed.
Wake me up when you have added a 'Mark all as read' button.  I'm not a big fan of having to touch each of the 8 groupon emails in my promotions folder in order to mark them as read.
+Doc Harvard You can turn off the categorization in the gmail-web that would  throw all your emails in to the default folder with your default labels if you want to stick with standard notification.

However, if you want to, you can set up notifications manually for each of these folders.
Pictures can be turned off, +Paul Morris . But I agree, gmail is one of the few core Google apps that's getting more and more cluttered on Android. Would love for Google to clean it up a bit..
I've noticed that a lot of criticism Google apps get lately are regarding demands for features that are there but require 10 seconds of effort to actually read the options in settings? It's a shame really. 
+Gmail   please add a box for "all unread" below "priority" and "important." This would make things so much easier for me. 
+Gmail is good news for them some still keep run Gmail, self i give up Gmail becouse of the limit them accept for the emails adress. 
+Imre Vogelezang As long as Google keeps the options available to turn things on and off, I don't mind that they keep adding new features.
"Cleaning it up" by removing features is the crApple approach because they don't consider their users clever enough to decide for themselves. - Let's not go down that road!
Wow, I really liked... But, how about change the android icon for the same in much clean! Guess you guys are holding that for Kit Kat...or at least is what I hope for...
+Paul Jewkes Well, they're in your contacts, aren't they? You can add profile pictures for them. Terribly unflattering ones.
Where's option to delete ? And drop down for selecting mails/conversations ???
Its high time Google came up with a unified inbox like the one Blackberry had when it was born. We should be able to see calls, SMS, Mails, Gmail all at one place instead of switching around.
+Viktor Sarka i guess its coming later, Google pirotery allways Androd first i guess, them some run IOS i guess need to wait a while longre. ofc them pirotery the higest market share allways for roll out to so many as possibol first. 
Add left swipe to delete and right swipe to archive please!
+Gmail I would like to be able to delete or omit my emails in a conversation. I don't need to see what I wrote, I already KNOW what I wrote.
Been waiting for this for so long, can't wait to try it out! 
Please add an option to turn off conversation view. I get lots of emails with the same subject and they all get bundled in together. Or even better, allow us to turn off conversation view on a label by label basis.
Can we disable Conversation View yet because that's the only "Improvement" I'm interested in.
Them should bound everysingel conversation frome email adress vs and vs 

So man can follow same people converstion under one, and if man speak about samething me diffrens people its become diffrens groups. 

Windows Live email has like that. Is easy to serch and find between the groups. 
Please stop it with Cards. Fire Duarte.
Good, now please cardify Google Calendar (both mobile and desktop)! It needs a facelift.
Add left swipe to delete and right swipe to archive please! +Jason P  well said, I second!
Would be awsome if them get support for downloads zip files to we are in 2013 now and downloads zip file should has ben work for long time ago. 
Is this version available for Android 2.2? Because I don't see the update :-/
What about RTL Encoding support? If I write on the Android Application in Hebrew and then look at it in the browser the encoding is LTR.
Ugh. kill the card layout with fire. It's fine until i have to zoom in, at which point I have gray bars down the left and right.
+Stuart Kerrison I don't care about the options, but it's the general UI that still feels a bit cluttered. Especially the inbox is a bit messy. It would be great, if sender, subject and message snippets would be distinguished more beautifully ;-)
Lovely improvement. Next up should be composing rich text emails on Android. I hope Google starts to focus as intensely on design on Android with Cards UI as much as they do on their refined design on iOS.
And yet, I probably still can't use my normal HTML signature on Android like I can on my iPad.  How long does it take to implement something so simple?  Especially since you did it on iOS already?
Sorry, +John Doyle I think Hangouts are here to stay. Even in Gmail on the Web it's called Hangouts now.
When are they going to update the widget?
Is there any way to create new labels in the mobile app now? 
+Laurent Saplairoles Not that I've seen, but you can use your browser to visit, go to the desktop version, and enter settings to manage labels and create filters. 

I wish they would add the ability to create and manage filters on the app too.
Does anyone know when I can expect this update for iOS? Still didn't learn what's rhe update gap between Android and iOS....
+Fernando Miguel  the archive and delete buttons are there! Go to your settings > General Settings and in the first option "Archive and Delete Options" select "show archive and delete". I've had to point this out to many people - not sure why the Gmail team did this - the vast majority of my email gets deleted not archived.
Please add the option to turn conversation mode off!
ooooo love the multiple message selection thanks +Gmail team 
Google's surprising us again!
I think I'm one of the few people who generally dislike the gmail UI- both Android/iOS and web. I prefer the clean stock Android app.
I'll get excited when they add a snooze (email) option which temporarily takes it out of the inbox.
still waiting for this update
T-Mobile, UK
Swipe to mark as read option would come in very handy.
I alredy have this update frome yesterday apk file :)
Still no unread message count on the app's icon? Boo... Other than that, great!
There is "and more" in the post, but no details. 

Does anyone have the "and more" portion?
dear +Gmail developers, can you please bring back the multi select function for delete, archive ect. to Gingerbread?! hopefully, yours robert 
I love Android but the GMail app has always been unusable to me since it does not allow to view email messages in a normal view (disable conversation view). Google! Please give the user a possibility to disable it!
Hate to be the ignorant one, but do I have to do something to get/see this new behavior? My gmail app shows it is updated as of 9/27 (although I didn't see it in the update list), but I don't see any of this. I have Gmail v4.5.2-714156 on Android v4.2.2. Thanks for any assistance.
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+Don Livezey It's a gradual rollout. You'll have to wait for it to be pushed to your device.

Some sites are offering up an APK file, but there are reports of boot loops and other problems experienced by some people that went that route. Recommendation is to wait. 
If ads start showing up in the Android Gmail app I will never use it again.

Please bring NO Ads in Gmail... This will kill the App. 
If only filters and labels and auto-organizing into tabs actually worked well and I got my mail delivered as I have it set to be..... it'd be great.
hi  friends..............................................................................
until I can delete a message within a conversation without deleting the entire conversation this app is useless to me
Has this rolled out for everybody, yet? My phone says its using the 9/27 version of the app, but does not reflect the most recent changes. Is it available for everyone? or is it still rolling out?
Jeff F.
+Jesse Contreras , me too. I'm updated on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus, and there is no change at all. No card look, no check marks... What's up +Gmail ?
Still waiting. I hate waiting. This rollout is taking forever! powt
This rollout sucks! A week, and still no update. 
+Jesse Contreras
Exactly! Same here! What is going on? The Play Store claims that I do have the latest version installed - and my Gmail app shows the correct version number as well -  yet no visible changes!!!
Really, Google?
I hate conversation view. Let me turn it off. 
Jeff F.
Finally got my update today.
I have this boot loops! It's really annoying... I can't use my phone now!
updated 2 days ago, nexus 7 now stuck in boot loop, unable to start in safe mode or do a factory reset, have read on other forums that many other people are having the same issue with various android devices, wish I hadn't accepted update. now phone is pushing update as well, will not do it until this issue is sorted out, absolutely no word from anyone at Google to acknowledge problem.
+Gustav Gansted Agree with that comment, gmail on the desktop really is horrible.  It just looks completely archaic compared to what's on offer with Android.  I can see why Google would favour investing in Android over the Windows PC but what about Chromebook users? Does anyone else feel that Chromebook users are kind of the poor cousins of Android users in terms of Google development effort?
Jeff F.
Over Windows PC? The desktop is a browser version, not a Windows version. It doesn't matter which platform you are using.
+Jeff F.  Agreed, it's the browser version which isn't good which seems a bit tough on Chromebook users who have invested in Google and might have expected to get more back.
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I absolutely hate 4.6 Its is completely dominated by the stupid floating bar that has a giant letter on it or picture. please give us a way to disable the damn thing. it takes way too much screen real estate and makes reading email in Gmail client completely unbearable on a phone or tablet.
Google, you should specify which versions of Android OS this pertains to b/c it's NOT available for all of us!!
Kool I need something more exciting than that 
Has anyone else noticed that the "Send As" feature in the Gmail Android App is no longer working correctly? It was acting up even before I updated the app today but now it doesn't show any of the pop3 accounts I have set up in a particular gmail account like it use to.

Updated: After reading some similar issues with I cleared the cache and data on my phone, which forced a reset of the actual phone and resyncing of my accounts. Afterwards the "send as" feature was behaving normally again.
I just want to the newly wasted space in the reading pane to go away. Its total crap! I dont need a big letter to taking up a ton of space.
Id love to see the task list... i use it heavily when using windows OS and cant find when using android. thanks .  Michaela
Same conversion email I want to delete specific conversion then that delete options not shows can you try to provide this option in your next revision in Gmail apps right now this option available when we access account form Browser. 
Please add an option to turn that conversation view off
 is there any way to do the two step verification with the gmail app on android phones and tablets? I really like the added security when viewing gmail in a browser.

Still waiting for differentiation between wipe left and wipe right (why am i forced to choose between delete or archive globally). Look at sparrow for iOS, look at Boomerang for Android, they both have it, and I assume tons of others also do. Sadly the quality of those apps are not nearly as good.
wheres my mail!! this is so stupid!
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How abot the functionality to TURN OFF THE CONVERSATION VIEW
i dont like it on my phone, i want to delete a SINGLE email, not the whole conversation...
saves me from having to do it from outlook.
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