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Gmail's new inbox now available on Android, iPhone and iPad

Last week we announced that Gmail has a new inbox that puts you back in control using simple, easy organization.  New versions of the Gmail for Android and Gmail for iPhone and iPad apps with the new inbox are now available. 

If you'd like to try out the new inbox on your mobile device, click on the gear menu in Gmail on the desktop and select Configure inbox. The next time you use your mobile device, primary mail will be shown first and notifications will only appear for primary mail. It's easy to access and keep track of email in other categories by opening the menu. 

These updates include some other new features. On Android, you'll get a new design with profile photos, a navigation menu, and more.  On the iPhone and iPad, you can choose to receive notifications for all messages, only important messages, or no messages at all, on a per account basis.

You can update or download the Android version here: 
You can update or download for iPhone and iPad here:
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+Gmail your next update should make swiping both functional for archiving and deleting at the same type.( i.e. swipe right to delete, swipe left to archive). A bit annoying that we can only use one or the other. delete button should be there by default.
I have to pull a really really long way down to refresh. But like the update
The new Android app is really really nice. The iOS one is veeeeery slow (like before the new update). 
Updated this morning. Loving it Quick, sleek and sexy
1. In the android app I see the contact photos, but where to enable that in the web version?

2. In the android version , when I sent a mail, I do not see my contact photo, just a placeholder
I do like the look of the new app but the UI icon for labelling mails has vanished and instead is now on the context menu. Also, the checkbox for selecting mails to delete has gone and now deleting a batch of mail takes way too long. So some good and some bad.
Also, I would really love if you could also add a tab to simply show all mail from all of the tabs. I prefer the original, unified inbox prior to the update (which I still use), though really like the pretty colors and filtering that is done with the tabs. I would like to be able to use both if possible. I like how the app still uses the colors to distinguish types of emails even if you have the tabs disabled. 

I would really like to be able to do this via the web as well. I unified option in addition to the new tab options would be wonderful for me. And yes, I would really like the option to swipe right for archiving and swiping left for deleting. 

Edit: Actually, the color options are already possible on the web as well. So it's perfect as is for me, actually! <3
Is any one else not seeing the badges anymore in iOS since the update? I have badges turned on in my Settings > Notifications on iOS and I have Gmail set to notify for "All New Mail".  Any thoughts?
I like it a lot. Helps me separate what's important and what's not. Google keeps innovating. Impressive. 
+David Enzel I certainly can see this, and appreciate why they're going this direction. However, everything is important to me. I would still like the option to filter via the new tabs, just not be forced to use one or the other. 
I don't know how to make an email to a calendar event in the app
Preferred the check boxes! Delete is an additional step!
Gmail on handhelds is still limited.
Mine is updated to 4.5 but its nothing like this!
Do I need 4.2.2? Mine is 4.1.2
What Ray said + I love the new Gmail! Thanks guys 
So when is this coming out to Nexus 10 and Verizon S3 owners?  I haven't seen a thing.
How can I switch it to the dark theme that is displayed in the pic?
I just enabled Priority Inbox and it's great. As soon as I togged it on in my desktop, the Gmail Android app updated its view.
How would I switch to the dark theme?
I'm still waiting for the update on my gmail desktop inbox... :( I hate getting social notifications on my inbox... but I do love being able to comment directly there...
I've noticed few issues with the last update on iPhone (and could be also on iPad) which is related to the notifications. First, I don't receive notifications on all emails - though I've updated the in-app setting for this option. Second, when I open a new email, I still see a new email notification center. Third, the application icon doesn't display the number of new emails I have. So, your latest update has three issues related to the notification.... Hope you look at them quickly...
I really really would like to delete straight from my trash can please.. the One thing that all of us users would like and you keep ignoring us on that.. please add a delete from trash feature... PLEASE..other than that it's ok. I don't like how I have to select and email now to delete it..
Between iOS, Android, Google, etc is sure is an exciting time in consumer electronics.  
Meh.. If only we can create our own tab, that'd be nice
make the priority box available in the primary inbox then its perfect ;)
+Alan Switzer It is true that many Android phone manufacturers are late with Android updates, sometimes ridiculously so.  Android is an operating system that is available for many people to use as they see fit, which has its ups (you can do a lot more with it) and downs (so can phone manufacturers), so there's a significant variety in the look and feel of different phones.

This difference in look and feel also has its ups and downs.  You have much greater choice in user interface decisions, sizes, etc, so you really can pick the Android that fits your needs.  But it can get confusing.

Most (not all) Android phones can also have their factory-issued OS replaced with a third-party build which generally looks and feels more "stock" (that is, closer to the way Google delivers Android).

And speaking of which, Google also sells their own line of phones called the "Nexus" line, the current model is a 4-incher called the "Nexus 4", and that runs Google's version of the Android OS with no manufacturer or carrier modifications.

But Apple makes a pretty awesome phone, too, so if you're happy with what you have, that's cool too.
.... i don't have that gear icon... um???
Agree with +Pete Slater on the batch deletions - it was one of the main features that I used every day.  With that was still there.
Now for the wait on desktop 
Hate the UI on IOS? Should have bought a android the ui for any app on their is pretty expected .
found another bug:
 I get this post in my social box, great !

In web version, i see all you guys contact it should be.
If I read the same  message on my n7 I only see placeholders
Am I wrong that it seems like the new tabs dont get notifications? just the primary tab?
+Isaiah PEz Did you look in the settings drop down for "configure inbox"? If you have that you can turn it on on the PC. I got that before the app update.
Its very confusing. Why they remove the count of unread message from the tab top once I visit that tab. Now we have to check 3/4 places in place of one for checking email.
I missing the delete button. But its really nice and fast
I love the new design. Really would love to be able to quickly delete mails, though, like +RAY BONES suggested.
+Mukesh Gupta Exactly (and +1'd your comment) -- IMO, the unread count should decrement when an email is opened -- not when the tab is opened.
+clint child select the tab you want notifications for and hit the menu button and then choose label settings and then turn on label notifications. 
Pictures are for those I chat with, things like Re: mails are shown as Colored letters/ or in plain text on desktop
This is definitely brilliant, I just love the update. Now I get notifications for important mail only, no clutter just sleek and clean. Thanks Google /Gmail
The aspects are the same but the design is different categoriezed 
+Cameron Eagans Dont you just pick the emails and then hit delete? There isn't a check box but it highlights each email and then deletes them after you hit the trash can icon.
Basicly Desktop is the same but now you can neatly have mail auto categories to social, updates, all , what ever you want. While the mobile version got a ui post with letter color text, colored tags for mails from schools or family etc. 
Terrible, uninstalled it. Before I used to be able to select the tickbox for multiple e-mails and select label(s) for them. The new version I have to open each e-mail individually. Ain't nobody got time for that!
Now I have to learn my inbox again. :-(
How can I select all the messages from a label and not only the top 100?
+LL Chapman have you tried just holding done one email then taping the others till they are blue 
+Lloyd Soulsby You tap on each email then hit menu (3 vertical dots, for me at least) and change label. I can do it on mine without going into each email.
Next moan, why has Gmail started adding labels to my e-mails for me? I'm quite capable of doing it myself and have filters to do so. Now I automatically have stuff like Social, Forums, Updates. Anyone figured how to disable this yet?
Still no "unread first?" We need more sorting techniques.
Just tried it... It's excellent! Good work! 
Gmail's new inbox on the Samsung Galaxy Gran GT-I9082L (android 4.1.2) work very well, it's really nice.

Thank's Google!
We have started using this in the office already, not sure how well it works for us at the moment
Does this basically undo any filters we have put in place?
Great! I really like the new look, especially the new way to update update mail and the icons at the left, which, when touched, selects the conversation. Many +s!
control using simple, easy organization. New versions of the Gmail for
Android and Gmail for iPhone and iPad apps with the new inbox are now
the gear menu in Gmail on the desktop and select Configure inbox. The next
time you use your mobile device, primary mail will be shown first and
it is really nice, but now using the swipe to delete feature is out of the question, because everytime i go to open the new sidebar, it deletes an email...... :(
+RAY BONES You can swipe to delete, the default is to archive but you can change that in the settings.
Go to settings, General settings, then select Archive & Delete options, select show delete only. Now when you swipe it will delete, with the option to undo.
If you get only a few emails a day this new inbox is not for you, just like the "priority inbox" google introduced a few years back
You can still do multi-select and delete like before, just press on the colored letters to select messages then press the trash icon.
+Luke Sandoval click the gear and then select "Configure Inbox" and this will activate the new version (on the desktop). 
+Spy Equipment UK It looks messy in my inbox because the tabs must be based on smart labels, which then apply labels to the emails. So it looks like duplication.
I like the new version on the desktop and Android. It cuts down on inbox clutter. And allows easy access to the different email categories. Great work from the Gmail team and a worthwhile update. :-) 
Got notification option. Great!
I hate that I now have to take extra steps to delete an email, please put the trash can back on the main screen! 
+Marcel Timmers I can hide the tabs and hide the categories but they are still automatically applied to, for example, Facebook notifications.
This new desktop inbox just divides a cluttered inbox (unlike mine) in five parts.
I like to use the Multiple Inboxes Lab on the desktop instead. Can we get custom configured tabs in addition to the current black boxes? 
I get ALL my Contact pics in the Important Tab, but only some of them in the Primary Tab. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
Wow this is awesome. I got the update on my nexus and I like it.
Er Vin
Goodness that pull to check email
The configuration option isn't there? 
I like gmail . because he killed comprehensive messages .
What's the point of the color squares next to the messages? I turned them off, they were annoying.
Don't know what your talking about. No updates are available. What gear?
sucks... give the option to show more emails per screen... smaller fonts on android please...
I only have it on desktop. The categories option not there on Android 
+Fleur Crowe If you're referring to the "configuration option" as the option to remove the new automatic inboxes, it's there. Or you can simply ignore the new inbox by not configuring your inbox at all (from the desktop website).

To remove the new inbox:
1. Touch the menu button from your device.
2. Tap on "Settings".
3. Tap on your email address.
4. Tap on "Inbox categories".
5. Deselect the categories you want to remove.
6. Enjoy!
Cee Bee
I like it looks good and functions well though i do think a garbage can icon needs to be part of the menu bar for quick deletions
Need Left swipe to archive and Right swipe to delete please!
Bring back the trash can on the quick bar.
I installed the updates this afternoon and within hours uninstalled the updates.


No delete or Mark as spam in the inbox, no easy way to archive or delete (left or right swipe mentioned above), and I don't really care for the avatars in the inbox. ..

It is a miss
android: To archive an open message I have to tap Menu then Archive. So annoying! (Please add a button to archive tapping that button)
It's too bad you can't search based on Donkey-Words task verb request context [go, create, make, get, pickup] etc... applied to (you).
Aaaah a nexus 7 I see. Best tablet in the world
I prefer the old version with the paranoid android layout on the n4.
A delete button on the top would be nice. Or at least swipe delete, who archives emails anyways?

I need a delete that isn't a two step process. Bring back a delete button, please.
Thanks for giving me a choice. How about an uninstall button?
You can configure your action bar to show either Archive, Delete, or both. Go to Settings > General settings > Archive & delete actions, and pick your favorite configuration.
At last zoom capability
Just got on my phone. Ugh.  Like I need big graphics tying up my real estate?  I liked the "select" button.  I turned off the big dumb graphics, and set default to delete (not archive) - and it's nearly the same. Just slightly less functional.
Useless until there's an option to turn conversation mode off. 

I am not like most people that only get five emails a day ... hundreds daily usually for me. My thumb is going to look like Popeye's arm soon!!
I miss the batch delete... Please bring it back.
WTH!!!!!!!!! I need the delete botton!
If you have sender images / big colorful squares showing, you can tap on them to select/deselect messages, so you can tap to quickly select a bunch of them, then batch-delete/archive.

If you have sender images / big colorful squares hidden, then you can long-press on any message to select it, then tap on additional messages to add them to the selection, then batch-delete/archive.
I like it. Now if Google would just buy Boomerang and incorporate it into Gmail. Gmail needs an integrated tool such as followupthen or Boomerang to make its Gmail even better. 
At first, I was like "Whoa"! Now, I'm like "whoa".
+Gmail what is the point letter in the big colored squares, to left emails. Also, why do I now have to open a message to delete or archive it? 
Sean G
Well done & glad your giving Apple updates too. Smart 
Desperately seeking sorting by sender.
Not sold on it yet but we'll see. For example, why do I have to go to a separate menu to delete an email? It should be one of the main options.
Fucking crazy big letters! It's MORE CONFUSED THAN BEFORE.
+Venisa Ruff long press on an email from the list to see an action bar, with a delete option, at the top.
Gmail is now two weeks old, (Forget the old look)
Updated on my Android device, but I want this on my desktop now! :-)
Blows, needs massive delete feature...mute
Blows, needs massive delete feature...mute
The new tabs are not showing up for me. Any hints?

Yes, I have already enabled the new tabs for PC...

Something I noticed: I don't have a "Primary" inbox. Only have "Inbox" and "Priority Inbox".

Very frustrating
Hey, if I want wall to wall ads I'll stick with TV (or Facebook). If you want Google + to mean anything get this advertising crap out of here. 
Can i have this on my desktop as well ? Works amazing on my nexus
Sweet they just keep rolling out the cool stuff. 
+Dendro Turang You can activate it if in your settings button there is an option to "Configure inbox". Been using the new Gmail for a little over a week now, only got the app on my GNexus this afternoon.
In your desktop browser, open gmail:

Settings --> configure inbox --> [choose tabs of your choice] Save

Voilà, new gmail!
Dan Cho
I love it, with this update I left to use smart labels...
It finally worked +Ikaika Arnado ,I just kept refreshing the web app and it finally showed up on my phone. Thanks!
Installed it, hated it, reversed it. This is the first Google update I have reversed. Please put the email delete button back on the first right click and shrink the icons. I want more content on the screen than just icons.
+Derrick Davis to disable the sender image, settings > general settings > uncheck sender image.

adding delete button back. settings > general settings > archive & delete actions > select either archive, delete only or achieve and delete.

Hope this helps.
Got the update, it's great! Keep going Google! 
+Moosa Mahsoom the time is relative to the android version 4.2. I just found about this when people saw a screen shot with 4:30 assuming it was the allusive android 4.3
I need some way to keep all my starred emails at the to on the list...
it would be great to create own tabs 
I think we need the ability to create our own tabs and it would be awesome e
Hopefully as time goes on we will be able to.
Is the new Gmail app hogging your battery? 
+Ajith Jagadish never thought to look but currently it has used 9% of my battery. I am on a low charge but will defiantly watch to more closely.
How do I know what colour is for what?? 
All the colored letters appear to be random but the color on the tabbed categories will be like pictured above. 
Please add the ability to create new labels using the mobile app. 
I hate this new look/design. Its TOO BUSY, colorful, & loud for my liking. I preferred Plain Jane with the option to delete multiple emails at a time without having to open up each message to do so. Plus, it looked better when it showed each persons picture versus a giant letter with some color coding thing going on. Noticed too that the unread mail count disappeared... Ok, that's about it for now. Hopefully it gets better from here! =(
Google releases the new GMail App for iPhone but not for GingerBread? #unfair  
+S Jereos you can change all those settings. Look at my comments above. You can select multiple messages either by tapping on the letter or persons picture or by long pressing on a message to select one and to add additional just tap. 
Right now this look makes me feel as though I'm looking at my little nephews & nieces ABC blocks. Not happy about this right now. 
+S Jereos To change those ABC block, Settings > General Settings > Sender image uncheck. 
Does anyone else not get push notifications from gmail since this update? Its really annoying me! Using a Nexus 4.
Why did they hide the DELETE button in the Overflow Menu? I don't archive shit, I delete it!
What happens when you press down to select a message/multiple messages, then click on the 'done' button?? They disappear & I can't seem to find them... Where are the selected messages sent to? Help please.
+Oscar RdG You LEGEND! Thanks mate! I will check before crying like a baby in the future :)
Is it just me (but I'm pretty sure it is) but in the latest update, is there an option for adding a new label?
Where is the bloody settings button gone
Am I the only one who is confused I am just getting use to my new Mac book pro... and don't have everything downloaded yet. .. but even on my Samsung G
III-I am very confused-just updated Facebook at sametime. ..I feel like an idiot... can't figure out how to delete on Gmail. .i use to delete a ton of emails everyday. .. can I still do that in bunches-like I use to??
& how do I get back to my photo albums that went into Google+ that i wanted to share on Facebook?
Very confused and overwhelmed!!!!
Any advice I would be very grateful for!
Где иконка "Удалить"??? Как теперь письма  удалять?
+Josh Phillips +Jeremy Granger It is quite simple. Tap in the photos thumbnail of the email. It turns light blue. Keep taping until you have all of the emails you want to delete selected and than tap the delete icon on the top. Simple.
Deleting multiple emails is too long of a process. I'd rather have the check boxes back. 
To get your delete button back look under "general settings" and then "archive & delete actions". Then you can select multiple emails by tapping the icon next to the email. Your trash can will be at the top of the screen again. 
Than you this detailed presentation.
Does anyone play with the settings before whining and uninstalling? You can add the delete key and turn off icons right there. 
Than you this detailed presentation.
Than you this detailed presentation.
Delete button?! Don't like to open the menu. Was better in the main screen. 
Thank you for this detailed presentation.
Thank you for this detailed presentation.
+Gmail Gmail why ? I dont want mobile UI on the tablet... :-\ please change it 
did you guys hire the layout team from facebook?   the update...well how do I put it nicely..............SUCKS
I'm digging it personally... It is making me rethink my emailing habits and that is a good thing! 
Okay so now I can't delete 20 messages quickly and I can swipe to archive but not delete....I haven't archived an email in 20 years
How about a visual refresh to bring the aethetics of the iphone version to android
Uninstalled back to factory version again. Why take away simple handling and visible buttons... I do not like it one bit! Please bring back the old look with buttonoptions..
I love it... Great job Google :-) 
It's been a week or two that i can't open Google play application on my nexus 7. every time it throw me out:-( anyone idea of joor it can be fixed?
Terrible. Turning gmail into a cartoon.
Iam fun, exciteing.message me and you will find out.
Deleting email and getting to labels is now substantially more effort.  The photos icons are a waste of spce.
Why arent I getting push notifications in this update??
Dear Google: I want to delete emails. It's a natural thing. You may want me to archive them. But please don't let this get to the point where you're forcing me to archive!
Like the new look and colorful. Wish there was a delete button on the home screen. Extra steps now to delete.
Shall I send all my unwanted mail to Google so they can delete it? Really people on a nexus 7, this 'feature' is elusive. Until fixed/improved how do I revert to the program I know how to use?
Love the profile pic feature: I can quickly see my conversation context! However, where did the checkboxes go? I frequently use it to quickly perform actions on multiple conversations.
Liking the new Gmail but I cannot seem to get new mail notifications on Android. I have the check in the box for all new messages but still nothing.
When "better" is fighting with "good", the result usually is victory of "epic fail".
In case of this so called upgrade to Gmail it is simply unbearable...
I like the pictures of my contacts next to my mails, but the big first letter of all unknown senders is so ugly, I had to deactivate the whole thing.
Ric T
I see the new labels in the GMAIL  desktop version.. but not on my Android (jelly bean 4.2.1)... why?? 
Thumbs up for the new look! +Ric T I think you have to select the labels on your phone separately as of now.
I don't have the new "tabs" (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates). Why not?
To people complaining about how it's harder to delete now and easier to archive: in the settings, there are options that can make it easier!
Ric T
+Ujjwal Pradhan I tried.. but I dont even see the new labels in the configure labels tab...   weird.
+JD Thayn I have the same problem on N4 I cant configure new labels on N7 looks fine.
Ric T
+JD Thayn I finally have the new tabs on my phone. I logged off from gmail on my desktop.. and turn the phone off. Then I turned the phone on... and the tabs appeared. Try it.. it might work for you!   Good luck 
It's very colorful and works nice, good job! :D
Is there any significance or meaning to the COLOR of the icons that are being assigned. I get it that the letter in the icon is the first letter of the sender's name, but I can't figure out whether the colors are supposed to tell me something or are merely random.
+Ric T +JD Thayn you have to select the new inbox type on the desktop too. It is very weird though. I had the new mails first inbox on desktop as soon I switched back to default inbox my phone showed the new inbox.
My Nexus 7 just got the update. I also have a phone that runs Android 2.3. I hope that one will also get the update. 
I can't get the inbox categories to work on my Nexus 7. I followed everything I could find to get it to work. Any tips?
I have the update on my Galaxy S4 and my Nexus 7 tablet, but neither looks like the screenshots that are at the top of this thread.
So now I have an extra step to find the delete button... and when in an email you can't delete without going to options first? come on Gmail, you've missed simple UX stuff here.
+Spencer Clark One solution:  don't delete. Archive instead. Then do mass deletions from the archive once a month or so. 
+Spencer Clark Another solution is to go into settings and set it so you can swipe to delete (like you swipe to dismiss a notification)
Google didn't make this as easy on users as they could have...
I like the look and the organization aspect but I really miss my check boxes - deleting was so easy. Bring them back please 
Totally dislike the new UI on my Android phone. Doo-dads that don't add functionality and missing things that worked well before.
Honestly... Too much flash for me. Would prefer it the old look. 
There are only two more things I ask of gmail. 1. Let me create my own tabs and 2. The ability to turn incoming emails into tasks our schedules
Jason P
UPSET!!! :(  Where is my delete button gone to on my tablet.  Someone help!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH
+Jason P Go into settings and switch from Archive to Delete (i mean, unless you use archive alot). otherwise, hit the menu key.
Am I the only one that doesn't have the categories (primary, social, promotions, and updates) on my android phone and tablet. In the play store description it say if its enabled and I've been trying to figured out how to do that. If anyone is having the same troubles or knows how to fix this please let me know
+Shawn Holmes No your not. To enable it, you must go to Gmail on desktop and enable it there.
Jason P
+JD Thayn thanks a lot.  It is so greatly appreciated.  I never knew you could change that.
Anyone can help me please ? Why am i not able to see my account picture into the app or in any conversation ? Thanks a lot ! 
Gmail update. Does anyone else not like it?..... Looks like a child's app and is less user friendly, imho. 
I enjoy the icons, and enjoy the look, but now gmail for android no longer bothers with notifications for any email that goes to the other "tabs". For me, that's about the most broken functionality possible for a mobile email program. 
I have both the Galaxy S3 and N10 and the 'Swiping Conversations List' setting doesn't appear on either. Anybody else experiencing this?
I'd really like the bin button brought back and the selection box alongside each email. The delete process is too long winded now.

I don't like the new app at all. It is actually worse than Yahoo's mail app now.
I set the default "swipe" action to default, and turned off the goofy pictures.  You have to long-press a message to go into "select" mode, but now the trashcan (delete) appears instead of the achive icon.  A little better - but I think I liked the more obvious "checkbox to select" action.  Now you've got to do the long-press, and if you wanted to archive (or use your non-default action), you've got to wander around a menu.  Not as efficient.
This version should be released for pre-ICS Android versions also. My phone now displays all the automatic social media and promotional shit in my inbox.

I read those but I don't need to be notified of them.

Now I get ten notifications all day and nine out of them is stuff that's not important.. 
+Pete Slater I might be mistaken and I apologize in advance if I am or if you already knew what I am about to tell you, but you can add ''delete'' button in General Settings of the app. Furthermore you are able to quite quickly choose multiple mails by clicking on the newly added people's images. Once you've added delete option it is quite easy to delete them all together. You can even set a confirmation in settings so you do not delete something by accident. I hope I correctly and timely addressed your issue. 
Thank you for your comments on my gmail post. Meanwhile, please stop sending me email notification to give me time to sort out a few things . Thank you for your cooperation. Bye for now.
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Thank you for your comment on my gmail post. I want to use a few days to set up some things. Please you bother to send any notification there. Thank you your cooperation in advance.
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This is good for inbox workflow, just maybe.  It would be good if we could also to select a filter and have all results in a tab. 
Not thrilled. Ditto on the comment about the delete icon. Should always be visible by default
Looks nice bit I miss the delete button. I don't like I have to tap twice to delete a message
Love it, works great as usual. I'm sure many of the smaller issues people are having will be fixed in due time, so don't stress over the change friends. :)
+RAY BONES Thanks for pointing out the swipe right/swipe left thing. It makes it marginally better but still forces an extra step when deleting from within the message.
+Gmail 打开长图片的附件,图片显示不清的问题还是存在
It's still not possible to chose a contact group as recipient!! Why not!! Common +Google  +Gmail !!!
it's still missing a good implementation for selecting messages (Select all - Select unread etc...) and why does not the app automatically updates messages when launched?? At least put an option...
I'd love to have the new design with unread first option...
sorry, don't like it.  Considering not using gmail any more. May be extreme but , Can't get use to it.
Oh, and now I'm remembering the lack mark as unread option.
+Daniel McEwen  Open the email, in the top right there is the closed envelope icon which will mark it as unread.
I have an iPhone , and still have my mail box with yahoo, outlook and gmail , and I just downloaded the new gmail app too , and I don't have any problems , and I like the new app coz it has more functions than the gmail I have In my box , I just had to go to menu and do some small changes so , no problem so far !!!!!!
I can't figure out why my contacts pictures show up on the left side, but not my own picture.  I just get the first letter of my name for my replies instead.  Also, I'm not sure we they swipe to delete or archive is tied to the setting for showing delete or archive in the action bar. Makes no sense.
The new inbox is very annoying...I can't just select multiple then delete...I get a lot of junk mail so having to delete them 1 by 1 is
irritating :-/
press 2 or more at a time
I don't like this new update. It gives the product a Fisher Price "My First Email" look and feel. Like the Compose option in Google's browser client, I'm tempted to revert back to the old version and I'll just ignore updates.

And why hide the delete button? I don't want to archive crap emails, I want to delete them!
I can't find a place to submit a bug report. That's problem #1. Problem #2 is the bug: the "mark as unread" button doesn't work for me. I click the icon, and the email stays "read". Please fix.
Would be nice to have an option for smaller contact icons.  Takes up too much screen space on smaller smart phones.  I have a Galaxy S3 and think that is way too much screen space even for that phone.
Congratulations on making the mobile AND web versions of gmail a useless piece of shit. You know what I will never, ever fucking need in my life? Contact images on email. You know what else I never, ever need? Big, fugly Fisher-Price scrabble tiles next to my email. And I sure as fuck don't need or want you to automatically sort my mail. I know you think you know what you are doing, but you don't. With this, and the ingenious "either listen to our incoming message noise, or don't receive any notification whatsoever on any device at all, ever" of the new +hangouts, googles dev team is really fucking the dog. Focus on making useful, usable products. Not dumb them down for the retarded children with an iPhone.
I find it interesting that the majority of issues being reported here would be avoided if Google communicated how the new features actually work. 
Also, why the hell does G+ not put newest messages first so I don't need to scroll through a hundred messages to read the latest posts? 
It's horrible. No delete button. Colored letters (first name not last!?!?)
you can actually freeze the app with a third party application and then use another email program
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The sweeping function should go to next and previous messages 
The sweeping function should go to next and previous messages 
Would really appreciate the ability to switch conversation view on/off like the web version...
Dont like the new update. It has gotten harder to manage my emails. Trying to swipe to show the sidebar and I end up deleting/archiving emails. Trying to select multiple emails, opens them instead. Downgraded back to version 4.2.2
Really missing the delete button being on the top bar. Can it come back out from the sub-menu? 
Bad update. Missing the trash bin and tick box. 
Ok the delete button can be activated via general settings. For multiple selection, tap and hold the message. Why does Google need to change things that has worked fine? 
+Jon Janego activate multi-select by tap and hold. But it takes longer now when we don't have the tick box. 
Gmail needs a delivered/read receipt feature.
+Gmail I don't know what happened but since I updated the new app on my android Gmail no longer seems to automatically check for mail which as you can imagine is frustrating. I haven't had this issue until the latest update.
I just wanted to share my enthusiasm and gratitude for the new Inbox Tabs feature in Gmail. I'm a huge fan. It's made my inbox actually manageable and fun to use again.
My inbox has been a nightmare to navigate through for the past few years before the Inbox Tabs feature was released, mainly because I don't delete anything and I'm signed up for so many darn newsletters and other promotional email lists in the hopes that I may find a decent coupon to use every now and again. I consider myself EXTREMELY organized, but despite my best efforts and continued inbox vigilance, I've found myself losing control of my inbox more times than I care to admit. I'm drowning in the sheer volume of custom Labels and overly-complex filters that I've built-up over the years. It's hard to make sense of it all anymore. And all the while, new emails keep on coming. It never ends!

With the recent release of the Inbox Tabs features, I don't dread opening my inbox anymore. I've gone from email bankruptcy to email heaven! It's no longer the chore it used to be to sift through all the useless junk to find the few emails that actually matter. I'm no longer overwhelmed by the onslaught of mostly forgettable emails that I receive throughout the day. I can't thank the Gmail Team enough for releasing the Inbox Tabs. THANK YOU! :)

I'm such an avid fan that I hope the good folks at Google are planning on expanding the program to include a few more Inbox Tab categories. Personally, I'd love to see a tab to encompass Orders, Receipts, and Shipments. I know that's a little long for a category name, but it could easily work simply as "Orders". Afterall, one of the most important uses that I get out of my email is receiving Order confirmation details and receipts, as well as shipment and delivery notifications for those orders (if applicable).

Another category I'd love to see featured with the new Inox Tab system is a category for Finances. This is one of the other main uses that I get out of my email. Bill reminders, statement releases, account notifications, transaction receipts, etc. This could all fall nicely under a Finances tab.

Anyway, that's just my two cents. Hopefully you guys are working to develop the Inbox Tab system further, and maybe you'll even take one or two of my categories into consideration :)

Keep up the kickass work guys! You continue to give me hope in the fight against email overload.
I like this version of GMail on my Android device.
+Gmail why is the Gmail app icon different with the new web and google+ icon? It’s not really important but I think it's inconsistent.;-) 
Not so helpful... Is that the most concrete you can get? If I had found it
easily under settings, I wouldn't have asked.
Why "Auto-advance" function is missing in Gmail App for iPhone? Is there any restrictions in iOS to make it be hard to implement than other platforms?
Why, oh why do I have to manually setup notifications for each category?
What you have done is ensured that 90% of people will now miss many emails until they realise that the app is no longer notifying them!
Very short sighted and verging on amateur.
+Lloyd Soulsby No you don't have to do that, you simply touch the contact icons in the exact same way. It does tell you that at the top of the screen on first use.
its not work in my mobile micromax q5
For the record, I actually do like these categories. The filtering is surprisingly effective and has replaced the filters & labels I had manually created.
My problem however, is that notifications are off by default AND are switched off again if you change your inbox type to Priority. This is an instant headache because I know it's going to confuse the vast majority of people who have no idea why they don't get notifications any more.
Does anyone know why not all my emails are being shown in the tabs I need to select the category on the left to view all mail in those categories...
This is from Margaret Atwood (author) on Twitter (@MargaretAtwood):
"Twitter, we have a prob. We set up a second gmail account and now we can't find it. Helpful tips? Instrucs online somewhere? Tks!"
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Would be nice to create your own "Tabs" using filters!
Nice idea just badly executed, fixed names, fixed amounts and fixed orders.  Never going to work well for this many users.
jab teri se dil k bato  karna chata hun to ap chali jate ho
I really, really miss the DELETE icon.  I hate having to click on other stuff to delete things!!!  Please bring the DELETE button back.
Can we get some consistency when deleting mail? Using the "menu" touch sensitive button within an email to select delete and having to select the email from the mail home screen and choosing delete from the upper right hand corner and not having the "menu" touch sensitive button do anything is quite frustrating!  #GalaxyS4
I have only one inbox and I got rid of all the other inboxes.  I have never seen this icon.  I just needs to be there all of the time and not just when someone selects multiple emails.  I'm not a fan of the new inbox at all and neither is my less-tech mother.
  I appreciate your help +Ian Jones !
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where is the themes section?  Also, bring back the little checkboxes next to each message!!!
HATE IT. As noted above, the logic is flawed if you want to disable this feature on Android device.  Do you guys ever test with real world users?  I suspect not!
I love it!! thank you guys!!!!
how i can back the notifications for Social and Promotions mail?My android shows only primary email notification.? tks
Not sure the point of the tabs, since I already prioritize messages and use folders. The tab splits are rather annoying, really.
The new inbox options are needless and intrusive. I know I can turn them off, but now my inbox is called "primary"? A good thing is being meddled with.
The only way I could get those ridiculous tabs turned off was to turn them off on the desktop version and it finally synced with my phone. The check boxes kept rechecking themselves. Also when I had the tabs activated gmail put very important email in the promotions tab. Things from my school like crime alerts (gunman on campus, lock down) and stuff from my bank. 
Tabs are great, so far.  Now... Let me make custom tabs. :o)
I like the web-version, but it's not availble for my phone (2.3.3). In this case, i found it useless unfortunatelly. I've to "roll back" the web version, to have same function on my devices...
What a pity... :-(
No comment ... audio says mesage but inbox does not follow suit.

please dont make apps heavy.............
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