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Windows no longer cover the chat roster
For those of you who enable the Right-side chat lab, you may be happy to know that now, your chat, compose, and task windows will no longer cover the chat roster, making it easier to find that next person to chat. 
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I assume I will need to do a restart, since in both Gmail and G+ it is still covering the roster.
I was seeing this yesterday hoping it wasn't a bug that would go away today. Good move.
when is google chat + google messenger going to be the same?
Edit: seeing all the +1s for this comment and that of +Sharif Shajib Ahammed  this is really something that many people want so please +Google+ +Gmail make us all happy :) 
in google + chat you should provide option to update the status/custom status messages
That's great & I appreciate the improvement. One thing badly required is unified Talk/Messenger. Is there any hope for this most awaited feature of Gmail & Google+????

What I could really use would be an open compose window that persists on all Google pages, not just Gmail -- Calendar, G+, etc. Handy for referencing information. 
Gmail screenshots - the only place, where people's names are always different
Erich W
wish we could just have an option to select a few names that we contact listed instead of everyone 
Cool! Now when can we get a better chat system?
I would like for any innovation you provide, a switch off button, so that it fits everyone's needs and noone will complain about it
A right side chat?, I am one step back :P I'm getting old hehe
great thanks!  now if we can get the profile hover card to not pop up so fast that would be good too. I often find it pops up and gets in my way...
Can we have the same status icons in gmail that we have in Google plus for chat?
Brad G
a nit for sure - but totally welcome...
Realized that and was about time. Thanks +Gmail . You guys should think of bringing Auto-Correct while typing or word suggestion while we're editing out email. 
Maybe it's time to update the chat box? Like adding icon pictures of our contacts. Or the very least the choice to do so. It is social era. And we could use the same for the inbox as well. 
+Eduardo Feliciano Can't agree more, instead of having to install 600 extension allowing us to do like rapportive etc.... Absolutely +1
Finally, now I can re-enable Right Side Chat :)
When I read "Windows no longer cover..." I immediately, for two seconds thought.. "... oh no, now what with Microsoft, again...."

Luckily... not the case ;) 
that is one of the step great development  of steps that google go across up a stair .. thank for producer 
Get right side chat out of labs! :)
Awesome. Please graduate the lab. Also in the process change the look of the "chat roster" to look like the Google+ "chat roster". Thanks!
Awsssommm!!!!!!!!!!! GOOGLE KUNG FU IS Great!
I noticed that earlier today - thanks guys!
Ooh, thanks Gmail!! That always bugged me!
Still no way to move between chat and compose boxes, when multiple are open?
The broken concept of having g+ on your phone use a different messenger than the one that appears online in gmail and G+: that needs addressed immediately.
+Gmail that's awesome.  Now can you please tell the folks at +Google+ to get rid of that stupid blue mobile icon that covers up the status in the Google+ chat window, please?  I care much more about whether someone is active or away than I do that they're on mobile.  I can't understand, for the life of me, why the Chat icons wouldn't be consistent between the two programs anyway.
Where's the -1 button? I dislike this change.Now the chat window covers emails.
How do I remove the "chat tab" altogether?  I'm not going to chat using Google+ yet I have this annoying chat tab cluttering up the right side of the screen (and blocking content under it).  The tab has a - (which has meant minimize for a long time) but instead of clicking that eliminating the useless tab it open a bigger window for the chat I don't need.
So now you can find someone more interesting to talk to WHILE you're talking to some boring friend... nice.
ger tee
yo stop changing. SHIT .......LEAVE IT ALONE.....
Yuer Yu
we need unified messaging, not small update 
G+ Messenger, Google Talk, Google Voice, Messaging App...

"Chatting" is kind of confusing on Android phones right now. I hope they come up with something cool for Google I/O 
good to know, thanks for always improving.. G!
Have been waiting for this ever since I switched to Right-side chat. Great work!
Tell Paul I said he's a dick, he'll know what you're talking about.
+Gmail has the font changed recently in the Android app? I'm not sure if it did or my eyes are playing tricks on me. 
Everytime I get on a google service it has minor changes, impressive, I love the life they put into their services they, makes me feels as if the service is developing based on feddback, and it is, and very quickly. Thank you for being so awesome.
I was so happy when my tasks was moved. xD yay! Now +Gmail, edit the page of contacts. I'm using a 1048, in terms of width, screen and the contacts' page looks really ugly. it overlaps on the chat list. I would be really happy if that too was fixed.
Why in the hell did google cut in to my telephone call with ad for chrome! I am pissed!
We really need you to do a make over of the Chat History. It's a mess!
All these years... And this is the only major update? 
why does it open a new email when I click on an offline person in chat. It's a completely stupid behavior. In G+ it perfectly opens an offline chat, in Gmail a new Email will be created (by pressing on a person on the chat list!)
Oh Nice! I assume this is only if you have 'Right-Side Chat' enabled.
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It's not working for me. Even after a Restart of Chrome, my compose window still covers my right-side chat window.
There r to many people in this conversation
Gmail is that good
It would be even much better if the layer with personal info that appears when stopping over a Talk contact, would not cover the list of people to contact. For me it is annoying.

Good work!
Dear Gmail, is it only my opinion that the android version of gmail is not well readable in tablets? I bought Note 10.1 and of course the resolution do not satisfy me at all, but the graphic of your app is not clear and nice to operate on. Do you expect some improvements in this metter? soon?
It would be great if Right-side chat becomes disabled by default when the screen size is small. So in that case the chat box goes to left instead of staying in the right side of the page.
i need one help, Leave notification reply mail goes only to the sender and not to reply all. I want the leave notifcation mail to be sent to all cc 
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No, I am not happy. Want it back where it was ;-( This is so awful I have now disabled right-side chat. I guess I dislike it partly  because I am normally chatting to people <i>about</i> e-mails and now it sprawls all over my e-mail pane, but also there's just something disconcerting about the way it moves around as you resize the viewport.

Better move would have been to make chat list respect the size of the chat entry pane.
The scroll bar for the e-mails pane would be better to be moved to the right edge of the window after the chat pane. because its not convenient now specially if I'm using laptop without scrolling facility. But, over all the feature is great (Y) 
On a related note, What's the difference between the Blue "Send+" button and the plain "send" button in the new gmail compose?
Just figured it out. It means "send and archive".
I despise this new feature. I can't have as many chat windows up!
I don't like this at all. I use a short chat list length because the long chat list is annoying and I like having my first chat window in the bottom right. I thought this was a bug that had cropped up by mistake. I used to love Right Side Chat but I will be disabling to get rid of the offset for my chat windows.
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We waiting for a unic chat for all google world...
Yeah, but when will we get back the pop-in button on popped-out conversation windows? 
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