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Gmail hung out with 12 people.Rhett Robinson, Nate Klee, Mayur Kamat, Mitja Veil, Jonathan Seyghal, Timothy Choi, David Razloga, Arman Keyoumarsi, Sid Burgess, Joseph Cappellino, Jason Price, and Enrico Lamperti
Chat with the Google Chat Team
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I was hoping to make this hangout. Hopefully we can still contribute.
can i join a hangout and just spectate? i dont have a camera!
Why when I hover over the people in my chat on G+ (to the right side of the screen) does their profile teaser not pop up?
Sigan mejorando el Chat y la union con Google Plus...
On Google Gmail plus instant messaging and
yup! should be able to mute both camera and mic
Would love to use Google vido chat from iPad. I use chat and video via Gmail on my computer nearly every day.
Anything new coming down the pipe soon that you can share or tease us with?
Amith F
The messenger in the Android G+ App still does not sync with G Talk 10 months later!!
how about google talk for windows desktop? Will there ever be an update to that? Like adding video, group chat, etc.?
Today I've tried to hide my "off-line" friends in GTalk (in Gmail) but it's impossible!
I use Google Chat and Talk a lot to communicate with family and friend (on my Chromebook, on my Ubuntu laptop, on my Android phone and on my Android tablets) - but I hardly use it at all to communicate with my G+ contacts
Gmail Team. here is a question for you. Why is Tasks buried inside of Gmail and nowhere to be found on android? It would be really nice if users could easily view their tasks via a desktop client without having to have Chrome open. Better yet, a Google made Android Tasks app that included a widget would go a very long way toward making this gmail feature usable. There are several third party desktop clients and android apps, but it would be very nice to see an official Google product that would allow users to take advantage of this great feature.
Mark P
The problem is that some of my family and friends are using iPhones and Gtalk keeps login them out, so they are never online. Why cant iPhone users stay online on Gtalk? is there a way around that? Please help.
Mark P
What app Gtalk Mobile App should iPhone user use??
Only one request: Rage comic faces in Google Chat please!
Merge with Google+ Messenger on the mobile app!!!
Will be interesting to see how chat evolves with the introduction of Hangouts. I used Chat to video and voice chat with family, friends, and coworkers daily. But now I am wanting to migrate to Hangouts. Especially now with the mobile enhancements.
"Chat with the Google Chat Team"

We must go deeper.
+AbID HuSSaiN QuResHI There's a feature that extracts your contact's birthdays, and puts them on your Calendar. The only missing piece I guess is to put in reminders for those birthdays.
It would be really nice to have Google Chat and Google Messenger to work together so that I have my messages in both places, so that we can continue, and all via your mobile phone when going from your computer and vice versa
I think Messenger should be a stand alone application for Android. I think it should have the same people on it that chat and gtalk have. I've had people ask me if it's possible to filter the chat in G+ for a specific circle; this would be particularly useful for people managing contacts or chat driven by multiple G+ pages etc.
one plus that open in plus then shut in gmail, or vice versa. I get panicky over flashing notifications and I frequently have plus and gmail open at the same time. It makes me feel like I'm behind.
Another mistake in Gtalk: when I add a friend in my Google Contacts, he don't receive a notification to add me so he never turns online in my chat! the process of add somebody is ineffective.
My contacts in +Google+ should be automatically add in my Gtalk.
Would love to have either the stand alone Google Talk windows application updated to include video, or just a stand alone browser "app" that I could open a chrome window and size it JUST for google talk. At our office we use google talk for our internal "and external" instant messenger, and it is nice to have it always on in the system tray instead of having to have a browser window open to gmail/plus.
As an Apps user I use chat status a lot? great to let people know I's om a conf call or in a meeting.
The application of Google + Android messenger like gtalk improve...
I was hoping to ask about suggested contact in the gmail chat window. Those of us that send a lot of email the list gets extremely long and "never showing" them takes a few steps and is a real time waster.
Can we have delivery reports and integration of text message on android?

If you guys could get together with everybody else and setup some standard like SMS is now, completely cross platform, but with extra features like position sending, photo, file, contact sending.

im bored of all these different IM programs, It would be nice to be able to choose the program you like and be able to send to others.
during chat if some body go offline message not sent as offline message in G+
When are we gonna see Google Talk, GMail Chat, G+ Chat, Hangout Chat, and G+ App Messenger all merge together as the same service?!?
I would like a easier way for my contacts who are online to show up on chat. Currently its showing popular, so im wondering if I change it to every contact on gmail would that show every one who is online? Because I have no intrest in seeing who is offline. I like that about facebook chat because I can see who all is online at one time and not every one of my friends. If any one has any suggestions let me know.
Are you guys also responsible for the Video Call feature of gTalk on Android? I was wondering if it will be implemented for ARMv6? Until now, I don't have it yet on my Android phone. Though I like that message that when I send a chat to an offline contact on Android, tells me it will be sent as soon as the contact becomes online. I don't get that on other IMs. I like it!
One feature I also like with gmail chat is that it allows me to go online on multiple devices simultaneously.
Idle related to chat would make most sense if it only commented on whether one is focused on the chat console but doing nothing. It should not be a comment on whether one has a console somewhere nearby but not using it. Offline should be automatic if no console is currently available. Some of that might have made sense. Tired.
it would be very helpful to have a "stand alone" application that does not require you to be on a browser....(if you guys have this, pls let me know how to get it). I currently use a mac.
Standardise emoticons! Eeep! ;-)
Multiple way video chat, without a hangout so I can chat with non - google+ users.
+Jeffrey Piermont There are a few of them. On a mac you can use iChat and link your google account to it. I'm sure if you google you'll find a few google talk clients for mac and windows.
+Nate Klee +Katherine Gramann If we have G+ accounts activated, please allow to make a Gmail group chat into a Hangout and allow the chat in the Hangout to connect back to the Gmail's chat history for each user and not have it "Off the record."
Is the chat history on Android saved on the phone, or is it just downloaded on the fly? I don't erase my chat history.. so I'm just afraid my chat history would consume a lot of storage space.
Google needs to stop using two different brands/products for the same underlying network. We have Gmail Chat, we have Google Talk, and now we have Google+ Chat. Unite that.
I experience the same problem.. so I had to log out in G+ chat, and stay Logged in in Gmail chat. It's a bit annoying to have 2 alerts at the same time.
+Katherine Gramann What happened to the option to change the size of the chat list? How about the option to hide the offline users like I can do in Adium on a Mac?
What's the recommended Gmail client for WP7? #seriousquestion
A filtered list of "potential chat users" would be far better than the current contacts list. The current contacts list handling is really sub-optimal and could be done far better. :-(
When will Google+ Messenger and Chat be merged? That's what we all want to see.
user pictures in 'Chat for Google' Chrome extension would be very nice. I mean profile pictures. sending files (pictures) would be amazing too. By the way this extension fixes army of popups in gmail and g+ tabs (since i have them open all the time).
In chat yes, but not in the extension
+Adrian Mowrey yes, in Gmail they have. Not in the extension. And it(extension) is very cool, solves a lot of annoyances for me. But I sometimes confuse chat windows because of the lack of pictures :)
Why are chats with some people automatically off the record (and can't be put on the record) from G+?
I use google chat from GMail but the G+ chat is much better now. Why can't we have the same chat experience both places?
The only suggestion I have is to fully integrate chat. Make g+ chat, gtalk, messenger, all synced and the same.
And bring the "Android" mobile indicator to G+!
+Gmail +Google Plus World I would like to be able to see all of my circle's on the far right column, just like it is right now on GMail, to show whether they are available, busy, or offline.. custom message would be cool. Also, same subject, to hoover over the circle/contact and to be able to see Option's to Email, Chat, More/Ect. Thank You.
I gmailed a message to and it was received. I posted in G+ and included and it was not received. Is facebook blocking G+ ? ? Somebody respond!!
There seems to be inconsistency with Chat window in Gmail and Google+. If you signed out in Gmail, then it doesn't sign you out in Google+. I think there should be synchronizing between both and chat should visually appear similarly in both products.
Put gmail inside google plus... all problems solved with chat ;).
On chat list i need to view all contacts online and not only the most recent...
Dear Gmail, strongly suggest to keep the classic or old look. We love it!!! -Yalong
I like the grass theme background so much in old look, but the new one is too ugly to mad me! What a pity!
ocete li vi dfa radite neku muziku-ili...-?!
had a great time watching the hangout.

i concur on the multiple windows of chat opening in different services ie Gmail/G+

on the busy status, it'll be great if we can set custom duration of busy, let say 1 hour and then it'll keep the busy status and then it'll revert back to available/idle
I'm curious to know how Google Video Chat compares with Skype Video Calls with regard to dropout frequency. Sometimes, I experience more than half a dozen dropouts per 30 minutes with Skype Video Calls.
Can we first and foremost integrate all the chat services. Even with a a google android phone, you have google talk, g+ messenger to deal with. It just gets things way more complicated, cause people tend to use gtalk, and then for the group , you use g+ messenger.

Bottom line, strongly recommended to have unified messaging instead of various options.

Also, FILE SHARING SERVICES! Lets get the oldest requests in and out sooner rather than later.
Mr T
lol @lucky lucie, and my login and password gets email to ur bogus email
i bought my 93 yr old mother a chromebook and need to keep it simple so how can she us skype?
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