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Save time with Maps autocomplete in Google Calendar on Android

Since December, you've been able to create events faster with Google Maps autocomplete on the desktop  ( Starting today, you can save time (and tapping!) when creating events on the go in Google Calendar for Android. Using the power of Google Maps, Calendar autocompletes addresses as you type so you can quickly and accurately add locations to your events, ensuring you and your friends all end up at the right place. 

You can download the official Google Calendar app from Google Play:
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About time. These little differences in functionality have always baffled me. The things the mobile versions of apps can do that the desktop versions for some reason can't more than anything, really.

Now they just need to go the other direction and make the desktop version of Calendar autocomplete addresses based on your contacts like the Android version has been able to for ages, and it will all be evened up. Mostly (there's still the thing where editing a repeating event on Android with update all selected will undo previous edits to individual instances, whereas the desktop version will keep them).
That's a nice addition, but the one thing that still drives me crazy about the Android version of GCal is that you can't change the calendar when editing an event!?

That used to work, but it broke somewhere along the way.

Until then, all of the third party calendars still seem to have the functionality. I'd love to come back to the "official" app once they get that fixed!
I'm using "Digical" since I don't like the Google Calendar widget.
Hi +Cory Lui. I that capability is important to you, I encourage you to use Send Feedback in the app to send your request directly to the Calendar team.
It's a start, but this app needs a lot more work.
When are your contacts address locations going to show like this?
Yes. But it doesn't work when you add an appointment within an new Gmail message... :'(
+Ryan Brown You could already put a contact's name into the location and have it insert their address.
Why you don't want to upgrade Google Task? Why you don't want to upgrade Google Task? Why you don't want to upgrade Google Task? Can't believe this... It's been how many years since the last updated? Do you need help?? 
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Hey +Gmail, I actually noticed this the other day as I swyped in the location name. I think I may have actually said "wow, nice" aloud. 
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 let me translate: aim not on face book! lol
Has anyone actually done this without disasterous results? I haven't....remember those commercials???
It would be awsome to have autocomplete based on our contacts
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+Gmail I have just shifted from your calendar to S-Calendar by Samsung default. Google calendar, I don't know why, is worse from almost every side in compare to S-Calendar. Samsung really knows how to make Google apps more convenient for work. With Google Calendar I even can not see events' text on "monthly view"
+Chris Eckeard great, but with Google calendar we even cannot delay an event as we wish (eg.20 minutes)
thank you for your feedback :)
Thanks for sharing .This is an excellent choice for me.
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