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Thirteen new languages for Gmail
No matter where you’re from, language shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to keeping in touch with the people you care about. Gmail is already available in 58 languages and starting today, 13 new languages are joining the Gmail family: Afrikaans, Armenian, Azerbaijani (Azeri), Chinese (Hong Kong), French (Canada), Galician, Georgian, Khmer, Lao, Mongolian, Nepali, Sinhala, and Zulu. 

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In Hong Kong we use traditional Chinese, not simplified Chinese.
When will we have the correct language in Google + notification?
Hi +Waiting Fok. If that would be important to you, I recommend using Feedback (at the bottom of the Google+ main menu) to send your request directly to the Google+ team for their consideration. FYI, it is best to make only one suggestion in each feedback so suggestions do not get lost when the feedback gets categorized. 
+John Skeats I know it seems annoying to post it here. Sorry for this.
But we Hongkongers in Google plus circles have reported this issue numerous time in the official way for months. We got no response.
This is so great news. Do you remember the testimony from John and Mark and other aposles about people talking in tongues? Thank you Google and all of you who are making it possible with God
Dear,Congratulstions Google Authority.58+13 languages are going to be available with Gmail family is a giant and herculious undertakings,indeed.Though I still do cherish a concept of one Global language and that is English Language.Please,one Global language concept should not be abandoned for credible valid reasons.One humble request to Gmail Team,with each language instant English translation option always should be available at the bottom. Thanking you very much Gmail Authority. 
+Waiting Fok Although Google generally does not reply to feedbacks, they take them extremely seriously. One of Google's Product Managers told me that submitting feedbacks is even more effective than telling him something personally.

All feedbacks go directly to the product team for the product in which the feedbacks were submitted. Google also takes note of how many people send feedbacks for for something, too, and that is a factor in their planning.

For what it is worth, a request for one product submitted on a post by the team for a different product stands virtually no chance of reaching the right people.
+Waiting Fok When the notifications come in simplified chinese, are you able to understand?

That means anyone who speaks and read traditional (for me i call it Original) chinese is also able to read and understand the simple chinese, but obviously not vice versa.

Tell me if im wrong.
How long will you allow China to f* around with you Google?

Please change those IP addresses and make Gmail wholly accessible in China again before you lose the entire market here.

In case you missed it... now I need to be connected to VPN to even access my email.

I give this issue a few more months before I get totally tired and end my relation with Google mail since it was still in early beta... This is beyond regretful because I am a major fan... but right now I cannot even sync to my phone because Gmail is blocked, I lost my reason to buy Android too.

By the way talking of Android... Your OS is soooooo raped here in China it is sad to see. Full of bloat and hacked Chinese markets... and of course all Google services and framework completely removed. How regretful... really...

Just start self-censoring some stuff already and get back into the Chinese market because Baidu is getting way too much ahead of you too (also on your back).
धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद गुगल र जिमेल टिमलाई !
That's great!  Now, when are you going to let us sort our inboxes instead of having to search for everything?
Wow Gmail has introduced Sinhala! That's unique considering the size of the population that actually uses it. Thanks Gmail for adding my mother tongue!!!
Es muy importante qué este medio llegue a más personas, incorporando nuevas lenguas o idiomas. La comunicación es un medio esencial entre los seres humanos.
k sai
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