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Tomorrow, Friday April 13 at noon pacific time a few members of the Google Chat Team will be hanging out from the +Gmail page. They'd love to hear how you use Chat, where you prefer to Chat from, what you like about the product, and what you'd like to see improved. We're also happy to answer questions or take other Chat related feedback you have!

Leave a comment with the property where you typically chat from (Gmail, orkut, iGoogle, Google+, 3rd party client, etc) to be invited to the Hangout. We'd love to have you join us!
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since the G+ update, I've been chatting from G+, but prior to that, I was mostly chatting out of Gmail as the platform appeared to be better/more stable. Would love to be a part of this conversation!
irrelevant but by the time they update the gtalk for mobile and pc to send files photos videos ...
I'm with Matt: I always used Gmail, bc I wouldn't have that annoying "this chat is no longer off the record" or whatever. But now I'm starting to use it inside G+ more
Gmail when on computer, Talk on Android. Tend to ignore G+ as it confuses things and it is Gmail I always have open, not G+.
New J
I typical chat from Gmail, yet I find myself using Google+ chat more often nowadays. I guess Google+ is becoming addictive. :)
I would love it if they made this with E-mails, Schools block Facebook and Gmail, this is like Facebook- i want to send e-mails off here... and why cant i see pictures on here??
Groups! and the ability to run a chat from two different accounts!
Google+, Goole Talk on my Xoom, or Empathy from Ubuntu.
Utilizo el chat principalmente cuando estoy en mi casa.

Me gustaría saber si implementaran las videollamadas y los hangouts a través de WebRTC..
Does it have to be strictly chat related?
Google+ and Gmail. Wow! All you guys are going to come to chat?
Ben Clapp
I would like Google Chat merged with the G+ messaging from the mobile app.
I personally like to chat in my gmail tab. I am using G+ mostly as a blogging/publishing/curation platform, and not as a messaging/social networking platform, and the chat tab mixes these in strange ways.

I don't think my thoughts here are clear, though, because the hangouts do seem to belong on the G+ side, and not on the gmail side.

In any case, I have definitely noticed a lot of work over the last few months to make chat unified and consistent across both platforms, and although it is still buggy (crashing a few times a week), I am definitely seeing improvements. Moreover, I think I have a good sense of Google's coherent vision for the social web, and that makes using all its services in conjunction easier and more fluid.
Get rid of g+ messenger. It just conflicts with Google talk and you have to add everyone again etc.
just merge the two with hangouts so you end up with multi-platform multi-person video and voice chat Everywhere.

Then integrate that with Google voice
Gmail, because G+ chat is annoying. Can't spam escape to close all tabs. Constantly get a "this chat is no longer off the record" every time I open a chat.
I use Google Talk on my SGS2, Google+ chat when I have it open (which I admit is most of the time) and KDE's Kopete via the Jabber protocol if I'm somewhere I can't use my phone, have Google+ visibly open, or Google+ web is blocked

I'm with +Ben Clapp in that I'd like to see the Google+ Messenger (on the Android app, not looked at iOS) integrated (or maybe outright replaced). Seems redundant to the point that I think I've only used G+ Messenger before Google Talk/Google+ Chat was integrated therefore auto-including mutually circled people.
Since I always have gmail and Google+ and Google Chat and my Android phone on - every chat comes in via 4 channels. We need to be able to have fine & central control of where it pops up
Mostly from Gmail. However, I would much prefer to use a stand alone program (Google Talk?) but it MUST include the Green Robot lab, Invisible status and the ability to manually set Away status. Would prefer that it didn't automatically change status to Online just by clicking on the open Gmail window. I want to be able to set my status and have it stay there until I change it manually. Also, BADLY need GChat app for Windows Phone (preferably one that integrates with the People Hub like FB and Twitter do).
For mobile, I use IM+ on Windows Phone and Beejive on iPhone.
3rd party client on Linux desktop
Generally from a mobile device (SGS2 / Transformer Prime) using either Gtalk app or via Trillian. Wishes we had Google Voice over in the UK :(
Gmail, Google+, or the Google Talk app for Android.
If I have both Gmail and Google+ open, the chat window appears in both locations. And if I have Google Talk running, it pops up a separate window. And if I have Pidgin running as well, that's another window. It does get a bit overwhelming.
I won't be able to make it, but I usually use Adium on the Mac or Pidgin on the PC. That way I can see all of my IM contacts in the same interface.
I chat on the desktop version... google talk... it's oldie, but I really love it
Google+ web or Google Talk Android app. But the Google+ web is a bit uncomfortable. If you open three or four conversation windows, you cover the web.

I'd recommend the usability of Tuenti chat:
- Use TAB for change to the next converstion.
- Use SHIFT+TAB for change to the previous converstion.
- Use ESC for minimize the conversation.
- When the conversation is minimize, only display a small avatar of the contact.
- Show if the contact is from a mobile device.
The Google Talk app for android needs to support multi accounts like the Gmail app does.
Dan C
linux needs support for voice calling and google talk plugin in pidgin
Most of the people in my circles are people i follow or are only vaguely interested in. Why do i have to have all my circles in my chat contacts ?
+Dax Kelson it does support it on the tablet app but it really neeeds an overhaul for android.
+Ben Clapp that is something I would love the most from Google Talk, merging messaging, google talk, hangouts into one system across the board.
MMS style chat in Google Talk. That would be sweet
Most of the time it's from the gtalk app on my Android phone and sometimes from desktop gmail or g+.
I use Gmail and one suggestion i can give is to improve emotions other than than gtalk rocks
More emoticons. Also, the g+ chat is a little messed up (different chat interface, says, "this chat is no longer off the record" when it opens, and is not so consistent w/ gmail in general. make the g+ chat the exact same interface and such as the gmail one (which i find to run very smoothly). that's pretty much it.
I use Pidgin for all of my IM accounts together. GChat, Facebook, AIM, all one buddy list with merged contacts. That being said, the chat things built into the Gmail/G+ pages are more of a nuisance to me than anything else. Gmail has a clear "turn chat off" setting, but G+ does not.
I agree that the "off the record" comment is weird, but I actually like the look of the G+ chat window better. Whatever, just make them both the same.

Would be wonderful to get G+ posts in our Gmail inbox, everything in the same interface.
I usually chat from Gmail, and sometimes G+. I prefer that the G+ chat look like the Gmail chat though, to be honest.
Please make the right-handed side chat lab feature permanent!
Gmail, Android and G+.
I use chat mostly from Gmail and my droid. I usually talk with my family and coworkers. Count me in :)
Like many other users, what I would really like to see is all the various different chat elements streamlined and integrated.
I usually chat from gmail or from the Google Talk app on my Galaxy Nexus.

My main request for chat is to combine all the best aspects of gtalk, messenger, and voice.

Google Talk for the webcamming and ubiquity of it.

Messenger for the group chat aspect and the "read" status indicator.

Google Voice for contacting those without smartphones.

It would also be great (if Gtalk and Voice were combined) for Gtalk to fallback to SMS when data isn't available.
G+. Used to be Gmail but G+ is better looking and easier to use.
Oh, and another request. Please let us be able to switch through chat windows in G+ using the Tab button like in Gmail.
I'd just love the Chatback badge created chats to work on Android phones: reported well over a year ago and still not fixed! Now the Chatback badge also echoes everything I type so it appears from the guest.
Official Google Chrome extension is a favourite but I predominantly use Google Talk for Android on both my phone and my Tablet.
I chat via Gmail primarily, but I also use the Talk app on my phone. I would love the ability to expand the chat window in Gmail!
I've taken to using the official Chrome Extension because it works like a desktop client. I also use it frequently on my Android phone instead of texting.
Never had the opportunity to use chat. Who'd want to chat with me anyway. If they'd bother to fix the contrast issues with Gmail, maybe I might be encouraged to use Google Chat rather than Yahoo or Skype (both of which I presently use).

Although Google Hangouts appeals to me more than Google Chat....if they could get a text dialog running for those without cameras or mics then that would be great.
Gmail and Google+ usually when I'm at my desk, and Talk app on my Android tablet when on the go. I agree with +Timothy Choi on the switching chat windows option. The more universal you can make it across all the platforms the happier the user will be.
Prefer the Google Talk stand-alone client. Used Google Talk Labs in the past, but that program quit working. Although many have posted comments about Google Talk Labs no longer working, Google has not responded.
I usually chat out of my gmail out of necessity. But I also keep google plus open. Google plus does not show all of my google contacts in chat, which is why I keep gmail open. I don't know if this is a glitch, or intentional. I've also (regrettably) imported my aol chat contacts into gtalk. And now there is no way to remove them.

I've got so much to discuss. I would love to be in this hangout. 
I do use the extension in Google Chrome, I do use the chat client on my Android. I wish more people utilized it though.
Google+ or gtalk from android
I used to use Google Talk all the time but I've switched over to Google +. I use both desktop and android device. 
I use the Blackberry app, Talkatone on my iPod (you need an official iPhone app) and the desktop program too! :)
Google Talk Android App on Galaxy Nexus and the GMail Chat Widget. (invite please ;-))

I love Google Chat, but all of the clients lack a couple of things:

1) Hide offline contacts. This is available in every other messaging client. This is especially important in the Android app due to limited sorting options.

2) The ability to send images. Thus would be nice as an MMS replacement feature.

One of the things I really love is conversation syncing across all devices. This allows me to start a conversation on one device, then continue on any other logged in device.

Keep up the good work!!!
I thought google stopped development for the desktop application.

I also agree that chat, hangouts, and messenger should all be unified. But, there should be a distinction to what device the person is using. I'd like to know if I'm chatting with someone on foot or at a desk. (you guys already do this to an extent with the little android robot icons)
Chrome Extension: Chat for google, It's very useful
BTW:could you embed GTalk to Google Latitude
Make a gmail icon in the g+ menu (left menu) and open gmail inside the g+. All services integrated with g+ with the same chat...

G+ is the plataform to centralize all services!! In this manner i dont need to open several tabs.. one for gmail, other for g+, other for calendar... all services open inside the central "frame".

Please, merge gtalk with g+ chat... it's really nonsense in android two applications for the same goal.
Call me old school, but I still use, primarily, the desktop Google Talk client for Windows. It's fast, snappy, doesn't fill my Gmail or G+ windows (or even require me to have the browser open). And the icon is the best "Hey, am I having connectivity problems?" warning sign I know.

I also use the Android Google Talk client when not at my keyboard.

I think having access to talk/chat from other tools is fine (and they desperately need to be consolidated), but I would really like to see the desktop client kept up to date.
For a long long looong while I've used it with Aim because I didn't like staying in a webpage for so long. Then I used it mostly in gmail because I didn't want to constantly download aim when on the go but now with G+ I find myself slowly moving towards G+ though Gmail is still more office/school appropriate ;)
I typically chat from the Google Chat extension for Chrome.
I use it primarily from Gmail, secondarily through the Google Talk Android app. Love the ability to chat on multiple platforms. Would like to have the ability to share media/files via Chat.

Is the Google Talk Android app still supported? (It was preinstalled on my Droid X, but I can't find it in the Play store.)
Ability to boot people from group chats (maybe with permission from others as well)
Possibility text and video chat at the same time on Android (especially tablets). It's frustrating when you want to reply to someone else or just write something the other can't understand (especially when learning a new language on Google talk) and you have to pause the video just for that (which in the case of replying to someone can take quite some time).

Also a better Chrome app would be nice (but that would require better "panels").
I think the hangout technology should replace video chat for good. What is a gtalk video chat if not a one-to-one hangout? Then you can include all the hangout apps in the conversation, and should you want to include another person, it's just a button away :)
Gmail, though recently using the chrome extension more.
Hi we use chat all the time at work since going to google apps, the only thing we'd really love to see is the ability to create persistant chat rooms. Other than that, keep up the great work.
I would like to hang out. I am an Apps user at I use the chat client in Gmail. Please invite me.
i can't no longer hear sound in google+ chat :( the sound is important, should be customable and volumable
I know that hangouts can be used in this way, but I'd really like to be able to have group calls on google talk.
I use iGoogle at work, and Talk on my phone most other times. But I don't like how I have to go to Gmail to see who is mobile or what there status is because G+ and iGoogle doesn't show that, and iCS version of talk no longer has the mobile icon on contacts. Or am I missing something.
Google+ or GMail depending on the tab; but, usually i use kopete if i'm at main computer.
Generally Gmail or the Google chat plugin for Chrome.
Leon M
Talk on Android. Gmail for keyboard shortcut functionality (chat is best for multiperson, fast communication - I hate clicking the mouse), G+ is occasionally open so the chat comes in there too, but if Gmail and Calendar were pane options within G+, and its chat accessibility improved (including call to phone), I'd rarely need to open Gmail or Calendar.
I #GoogleTalk with some people but it lacks features such as buzz and the ability to go invisible to only some people while still seeing what everyone's status is. If those functions were added that would be great. I prefer #yahoomessenger because it has those features built-in.
the only problem that i see is that on my pc I dont know if I'm talking with someone using a mobile or a pc...
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I usually use chat from Gmail and Google+ only !
I mainly chat from Gmal, and sometimes G+. I would love i chat was available on every google products (Greader, youtube, etc.) or even, always accessible from chrome.

I would love to have access to hangouts from outside G+ (and with my friends who are on Gmail, but not on G+)

File transfert would also be great
Talk on Android, and gmail on chrome.. I would love to be in the Hangout!
Gmail for SMS to other countries, but mostly Messages (Beta) for it's ability To aggregate gChat, FB chat and iOS messaging (of my close friends I'd say 60% or so are on iPhones so its pretty useful).
I've been chatting more and more from G+. I like the design of the chat box a lot more. I wish I could "undock"/"unlock" the chat and resize it and move it around the G+ page (like meebo). When you have more than 2 chats going they start to block your screen.
Mostly Google Talk on my Galaxy Nexus but sometimes Gmail. I haven't really been using IM that much over recent years... I use emails, SMS and Tweets more and if it's an urgent matter I normally ring.
I like the new version of chat in g+ (is possible to send files also), but in gmail I can add people to conversation, in g+ not :(

Often i use chat from my phone with
I used to use Pidgin, but recently switched to Empathy.
On my phone and tablet, I use imo.
I chat mainly from Gmail, and sometimes from G+. I'd like to be able to chat from other Google services (reader, especially) or to be able to chat from every website (with chrome). I would also love to be able to hangout from gmail and use hangouts with people who are not on G+
I use google talk....i love it, but you NEED to do an update it has been the same for the last, what 2 needs to be able to talk to other IM services, it would also be nice to have a real chat client on iOS (although i am moving to android anyways)....i dunno, i use Talk everyday and would love some updates to it
Please merge the talk and g+ apps whybhave 2 diferent app for chat?
iChat usually. Occasionally from Gmail or G+.
iChat, Gtalk app, occasionally Google+ and Mail.
Thanks all! We'll start a bit after 12 pacific (closer til 12:30) Please keep an eye on your stream for a Hangout invitation from us.
'Google chat for chrome' extension, and Android 'talk' app of course.
Hey +Gmail and +Google Chat (no plus page?), when did the Chat for Google Chrome extension get released? I don't remember seeing it announced anywhere. Also what's the position on +Google+ Messenger+ on mobiles? Will Messenger+ and Chat merge? Will we get Messenger+ on the desktop? I love Messenger+'s little icon to show if a message is read: can we have this in Chat too or will there be a merger?
novac hi how are you i am new to all this g mail too maybe we could lean togetherand become freinds let me know,
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