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Some improvements to Hangouts in Gmail

Starting today you’ll see some changes in your conversation list in Hangouts, including message snippets and the return of green “availability” bubbles to make it easier to see which of your friends are currently active. With the new search icon, you can see a list of all your chat buddies and find other friends on Hangouts. And whether you’re happy, grumpy, or any of the other seven dwarfs (plus a few not in the storybook classic), you can set your mood using one of 80 emoji. Your friends will have no problem guessing how you’re feeling that day.

These features will be rolling out today. If you’re not using Hangouts in Gmail already, click on your profile picture above your chat contacts to “Try the new Hangouts.”
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Can you not sort the people who are available at the effin' top of the list?
Is Hangouts slowly getting all of the features that Talk had years ago?
Google made this hangouts as creepy improvements,, old style is  much better,as i can see all online contacts who are busy or away,, but this ,, no such options,, 
I Think...This is beginning of Re-Design of Gmail (Blue Themed) as of Google I/O !
Only for Gmail and not for Google Plus??? 
Please +Google+ give us a real Hangout update for all devices and platforms.
- Open the chat and see from the last mesage  read
- Give stickers to Android!!!!
Yaay for the green status icon
i happy with that
One of the reasons I didn't shift to hangouts...! You can't see who is online :/
Thank You Google.
Very good, what a wonderful update!
What about the legacy Green Robot/mobile indicators?
If one can make a Google Voice call on desktop then why not on mobile app as well? Please!
voice call is a necessary capability and Hangouts doesn't have it still.
+Siamak B You can phone call someone from Hangouts on desktop!  Just use the dropdown menu option from the hangouts list or just type a number in and call!
Andy P
Looks good.
It's definitely an upgrade
+Rudolph du Pwhat's on ur mind looy 
Please add this green “availability” bubbles to the Hangout app too. It is only visible when I want to create a new hangout, but it is so much needed just in the list of the conversations.
Good morning. Every one today started off grate all applications a go
Yet it still launches and has to load a FULL BLOWN HANGOUT window just to answer a phone call in Gmail. :-/ It sometimes takes 5-6 seconds to answer and you miss calls because of it, even on a fast machine. Unlike the old XMPP way where you would hit "answer" and it would actually answer immediately. Can't that still be implemented? All we are transmitting is audio, there is no need to fire up a full Hangout window. And also no "busy/in a meeting" presence support... :(
And the availability green bubble is back. Thanks god!
We're constantly talking about Hangouts to be a seamless UX across devices, the same app wherever you are, and you still go on adding features on a particular version and not to the others...

edit: nevermind, it's all in the Chrome extension too, I just had to "reboot" it, sorry :P
The fact that Hangouts is still limited to:
1) Running in a Chrome instance at all instead of just a simple webview-wrapped application.
2) Only the main account signed into Chrome.

is a complete joke. Multi-account support for the desktop version of Hangouts is EASILY the most requested feature, and a huge number of Google's other (included newer AND older) products already feature multi-account support.

Why in the hell do I want to have more than one Google account (and hence feed into your advertising business in multiple ways) when the newest, most important services don't even freaking support it?
+Will Presley My workaround for this is just to create multiple Chrome profiles, and have the Hangout Extension loaded in each. That way, I will receive Hangout messages to whichever account gets them sent to, without even needing to have a Chrome window open...
Amazing feature +Gmail . But before I start using #hangouts  , please +Gmail TEAM, bring back the Invisible Status Option. Why do we have to stay always connected everytime??? That's the only reason aint using hangouts cuz the moment you logged in your gmail if you switched from Old GChat to Hangouts you always stayed connected. Don't want to get bother by people every second.

Great improvements here still :-)
Right off, I notice the Call feature is gone.  I cannot call someone directly from GMail chat.  Please bring that back!
+Karl Hansen Try to write the number in the 'Search for people' Log in the chat and 'Enter' and it'll call. 
Where's the phone button to make calls from Gmail??
I know so many businesses that use Google Talk that will be happy to know they can upgrade and understand when their fellow employees are available online. This has been a huge problem since the Hangouts upgrade. I might upgrade my Gmail finally, however, the same problem remains with Inactive and Busy statuses. Why can't we have the ability to see if someone is Busy so that they aren't disturbed? I know there are notification snoozes but why bundle all other statuses to basically appear offline?
The history log of the Hangout / Google Talk are still "Confusing".
Could you collect all messages for each contact under one long thread?

Thank You.
+Karl Hansen Click the search button next to the account drop down at the top of the list. At the top of the user list window is the phone icon that was also in the same spot in the previous version. At least it is for me and I can make calls from there.
J. roto
Those emoji really are the cornerstone of business professionalism. I can see myself and my colleagues using them, well, never. Can we PLEASE have a more elegant & professional solution for Apps? Bring back busy & invisible as well. 
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+Daniel Nicolaevsky Texting isn't invisible. You ALWAYS get a text. So why does it matter if you can be invisible here? Simple fact of the matter is that you have no obligation to reply immediately. If you want to be invisible 90% of the time, why even bother? Just switch back to SMS and let people text you. This is such a small problem, it's why they don't even acknowledge it. The fact that you completely disregard a powerful communication tool because of this miniscule issue is confusing. You can also snooze notifications.

I will say they should have a "busy" tag. For workplaces. 
I really don't understand the requests for invisible status. This isn't the old days of MSN or ICQ, where you couldn't send a message unless someone was online. People can send you a message whenever they want, as they should be able to. If you don't want to deal with messages from people until another time, simply "Snooze" notifications for the amount of time needed.
Nice, but you should make emojis available for email ;)
Happy with that... I'd like to get voice call and the possibility to send video... ;-) 
A step forward, next can we please get bubbles for all statuses? Option to sort by status? Option for a compact view? Federation support like we had in GTalk?
If u have an iPhone just get emoji font
+Gmail - nice updates to #Hangouts today! The circle indicators are a welcome return to replace the thin green line.

Any thoughts on making the 'last message' display configurable? It was good for unread updates, but it keeps drawing my eyes away from the center workspace when present on all hangouts.
Well, some progress, finally... Now invent a mechanism that will allow us to take full control. We'd like to decide who's visible in our lists and who's not. But alas, as of now it's Google who makes this decision... And in Android application too :(
Good old Google Talk had it all. Green indicators, minimalism, elegance, convenience, small footprint, smooth interaction. It took several years to cajole those green indicators to be implemented in "hangouts" (what a pathetic name...)
Wow, was going to share the post but too many utterly rude comments.  People work really hard to make these improvements.  Don't be so quick to judge a company that gives you everything for free.  They have brilliant engineers.  
Glenn F
Great, would love my SMS messages to show up in hangouts just like on my phone so it's a seamless experience. 
Can we get desktop notifications like old GChat? It's pointless without knowing when someone chats you.
Nice! Good to have the online status back. But the thing I´m much more want to have it back is the simple status line. I h8 the thing with that mood smileys, it´s useless. ! For those who like em: good for you, but whats the problem with the old status thing? Bring it back pls!
Hello, Thank you for the update.
Please allow me to say my very humble opinion.

Status is NOT present (even in the previous version we had a green bar). The only difference is the shape, from a green bar to a green circle. What everyone is asking is to bring back the status of gtalk (green for active, orange for idle, red for busy and grey for offline). 

The invisible mode is still not present.

+Joe Wehry I understand what you are saying, still to me (and to many others) having statuses is important.
E.g I am starting a meeting I put the red colour so that people know that I am reachable but busy, etc...
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This removes click to call from your computer. The older version allowed you to click on a number anywhere on any website and choose, call with google talk. switch over to the gmail tab and handle the call. When will this be integrate so you can click to call through hangouts? This is a must feature for me.
The search for people function needs major improvement. Totally failed me last week when I had two chats going but could NOT add either contact to the other chat. I could only see my (linked) phone contacts, which were apparently "not using hangouts" yet. A day later the correct contacts appeared among the available choices, but it was too late. I deleted facebook for less!
It can not be returned after click on an option 
Google, you just shouldn't have taken that feature away.
Awesome update, but the mood/status emoji is missing "busy"/"Di not Disturb".
+Jeff Wilson I completely agree! 

Bring back desktop notifications so I get an actual POPUP telling me when someone messages me.

I am not always in my gmail interface, and I use two monitors, so having the hangouts app (which semi solves it since it pops up whenever it is messaged) doesn't fix it since it shows up on my other screen...
+Vincent Costa that sounds like a Google voice feature which Hangouts will be taking over in some form (whether that feature will be I don't know we'll find out!)
good job!! you are finally reinventing good old Google Talk... now you have only to add
1) orange idle bubbles,
2) gray offline bubbles,
3) cellphone,tablet or pc icon,
4) option to display all online/active friends,
5) option to decide how to display friends (alphabetical or online first), 
6) the ability to send files (drag and drop),
7) invisible mode,
8) when searching friends - there should be a good idea to subdivide search result to friends, friends of friends and others (like in Facebook chat),
9) option to rename contact would be also useful...
and the application will be perfect :D :D :D Thank you
+Matej Števove Really, the big pet peeve I have is that for whatever reason they removed the desktop notification.

Honestly I am good with how it is now, although the things you mentioned WOULD be useful they aren't critical or even something I would 'demand'.

I just dislike having to rely on a small sound and hoping I remember "Oh yeah, I have a message to look at".
The one thing I want is to be able to turn off hangouts only for some people and circles (so they don't appear on list and they can't see me) and to be available only for some people and circles (so just those people and circles can appear on my hangouts list I choose while others can't see me but can message me)... I like to follow interesting accounts but I don't like to see in hangouts people I don't know in person. 
Still the worst emojis ever! :S
it's really good feature thankyou...
Can we get back the feature of setting a status message?
Thanks for the improvement! To know the online people is really useful. :)
Theres a nice birthday gift..
+Sale Petrovic you can set it so only certain circles are allowed to send you a Hangout message, not everyone you follow 
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Only shows for people in list who are using Gmail interface. For example I'm talking to someone who uses a tablet, but they seem neutral in my list in Gmail. This makes the feature unreliable therefore useless. Come on it can't be that hard.
What about the Kindle? I have a Kindle Fire HD, will that work? Thanks for the Gmail update, it seems to work on my PC.
The availability bubble! Thank you! Thank you very much.
Looks simple and easy ;) :) good job Google 
I won't be using this until there are "busy" and "invisible" modes. It's just useless without these features.
Is there a way to disable the snippets on non new messages, similar to how it was before?

My Hangouts sidebar has gone from clean and simple to gibberish.
that new way they have it on gmail is very wierd to me 
I hope you won't end google chat soon. It is even hard to revert to gtalk on gmail once you change to hangouts. The option is hidden and written in small letters.
Now for my SMS conversations to show up there...
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While hangouts provides a great video conferencing service, as a private messaging service, it's absolutely horrid. No ability to prevent an automatic window popup, displaying contents of your private message (not appropriate in any environment). It also lacks the ability to turn off that green bubble they're boasting about, without completely signing out of chat.

It's 2014 - better instant chat options have been available for over a decade. Please catch up google.
+Gmail, please give us the ability to prevent Hangouts automatically popping up messages. It's very privacy intrusive! And give us the ability to to go invisible. Please!
My hangouts went back to the old one. How do i update it again?
Hi people why are you sending me crap?
weez google all your latest moves with g+ hangouts etc, have been AWFUL..., why do you hire all those super programmers if you don't have creative and mindful people behind the decisions_?
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