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Gmail in personal search results

You can now sign up for the field trial to include your Gmail messages in your personal search results at It makes search more comprehensive by including content that's relevant to you. If you join this trial, Google will include relevant emails and information from Gmail in your private search results -- visible only in your account. For more information, check out our post on the Official Google Blog.
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Is there a way I can make sure this never happens to me? If I want my email, I'll go to my email. Thanks, though.
Nice idea. But a way to use wildcards within gmail search would be sufficient to me ...
signed up also, but no response yet!? To many candidates?
How exactly do you signup? I do not see any button on that page! 
I signed up too. Or at least I clicked on the link to sign up and the link switched to a "Thanks for joining!" Didn't have to type in my email address or my name or identify myself in any way. I love it when Google synergy takes over! (Slightly freaked me out too though)
Ah, the button is not visible here in India. 
+Gmail, why can't I see any signup button on that page?
Google is taking over the world....and I don't really mind.
+Charles Winin  They have failed a number of times and that's being nice! Google X, Google Catalog, Wen Accelerator, Video Player, Google Answers, Google Wave, WIKI Search, Google Audio Ads, Dodgeball, Jaiku, Google Notbook, Google Page Creator ECT......  They have had there problems but technology is on there side now. I'm still a fan but with a success rate at about 50% I would put my eggs in any basket :) Cheers
Well Google is doing really outstanding work , bringing the technology which we never could imagine and these all just for our service.
I'm not sure it's such a good idea.

It soundד good when you try to show that your results are personal, but when I see the public and personal all mixed together , it's a bit disturbing.

It's like a toilet that one side is a mirror and the other is transparent ;)
I love Google and I love Gmail, but I really don't want to see e-mail messages all over my internet search page.  I'd be trying to search the INTERNET, not my mail...
I'm with +Kate Sears  (her comments are above).  Isn't that what the search feature in Gmail is for?  How about just improving the Gmail search feature?  Why would I ever need to search the internet AND my email at the same time?  The problem I usually have is with the existing search feature in Gmail that makes it difficult to find what I want in my email unless I am VERY specific.
You guys need to understand that this would be an opt-in feature. Google has been very careful about what is enabled on user accounts. 
+Sushubh Mittal That's good to know; that it would be an opt-in feature.  I must have missed that explanation in the article. Thanks for the clarification. :)
Unified search, docs,calendar,gmail,g+ etc, all personalized, and secure, I don't want much, but I want it a long time ago.
I like the idea of using the Chrome omnibar to search through gmail items but for me it would be nice to just have a link on the left to show the results rather than have them show up every search. It would also be nice if it sped up the actual search since gmails in app search isn't as fast as google's web search.
Signed up! Very excited to see how it works.
This is an awesome new feature I'm loving it.
I don't want to be bubbled in my search results, so no thanks really.
Good stuff - let's see how this will pan out :)
As usual, not available on Apps. 
While I think it would eliminate a step searching your inbox I can also see how it could create major privacy issues. Its an interesting concept but no thanks.
The link to sign up for this trial just takes me into my gmail account.  I don't get an option to sign up.  Is this trial limited to those in the states?
Had the my activation email over 24 hours ago, but it's still not doing anything.

Any ideas +Gmail ?
ok i sign into my gmail an it says web page cannot be found wtf happend to gmail
I received a notification regarding Gmail in Personal Results Field Trial...but when i logged in and started searching...the results didn't appear as promised. Help Please.
Trial...but when i logged in and started searching...the results didn't
appear as promised. Help Please.
post. Mute updates to this post. Change what email Google+ sends you.
+Siddhant Desai It does not seem to work on Indian IPs. I have seen it work when I search using an international IPs. 
+Siddhant Desai i do not see it working from indian IPs no matter what version of google i access. 
Search cards for Google Reader Starred items and +1's next please!
Can it enable to search all mail if I have two Gmail accounts? I dont want to search for a mail in two accounts. All i want is I can search from one account to other.
+Avenue Media Group that makes no sense, really. All the huge services and products they have out and you name some pretty obscure ones and call it a 50% success rate? Pretty sure their successes far outweigh the few random failed ones they have.
Please include Contacts and Calendar!
Google Apps users left out in the cold.  Again.
"not available on Google Apps accounts"  Google, you have failed again.
Is this experiment still functional?  I just realized that I haven't seen these results in quite some time when searching from Google.
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