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Gmail for iPhone improvements

Today we released version 1.3 of the Gmail app for iOS.  We've made a bunch of under the hood changes to improve animation, scrolling, and responsiveness on the iPhone and iPod touch. 

You’ll notice that many events in the app are just a little bit faster and smoother. Buttons respond to presses a little more quickly, scrolling is smoother and new views transition faster.  With this update, we tried to make it a little better with every touch.

We’ve also added one popularly requested feature - when viewing a picture attachment, you can now use a long press (touch and hold) to save it to your photo library.
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Better than it was, but still some work to do.  Keep it up and maybe apply some of these changes to the desktop.
Спасибо за обновление, но вот бы исправить один мелкий баг при использовании приложения на iPad.
Thanks Gmail staff! Wub you berry bunch!
hey the 1.3 update for minecraft is tomorrow lol
mani r
can we add support to multiselect photos/videos when choosing attachments?
How about support for multiple accounts?
I use gmail on everything but y do I need it when the iPhone forwards my mail to me anyway 
I wish i could open attachments ( using pages, adobe reader, keynotes) from the Gmail App and not having to open my account from safari
Who would possibly use Gmail now that mail is available?!  Gmail's going the way of the Dodo!
Excellent! Now we just need a great Talk app!!
Still no multiple account support, still a crappy webview wrapper. You guys bought a fantastic native iOS Gmail client. USE IT!
Oh wah. A google product doesn't work well on iOS? Oh gee whiz, I wonder why?
Do I have to download an update to the app to get this?
Feature request: Remove lockscreen notification when the email is read elsewhere - this is how the native email app performs.
Jeff, there already is multiple account support. It was added a while ago. You have to set it up on Gmail using a PC but then you'll see it in the iOS app.
how about normal email? i mean, from web browser :D
Nice evolution but still not on par with the native iOS client. 
fast google...micro is launching *outlook*
Apple people finally getting press-and-hold to save things????  I'm so happy for them!
not very regular on g+, just one thing I dont know if its been mentioned before, its a pain to sync google contacts with iphone(then back it up), anything can be done with that ?  bit easier ?please ?
Until it adds multi-account support it's not useful enough for me to use. Here's to hoping that change arrives next!
Wow, like Gmail was on Gingerbread, iphone users must be delighted today.
Yes, I second being able to have multiple accounts on the gmail app. Until that happens, I'm stuck with the crappy standard email app that comes with the iPhone.
odd that spell check works in G+ app but not Gmail app.
I will only use it if it allowed multiple accounts. Not worth it otherwise.
How about saving documents and stuff to the iBooks?
Thanks +Arsham Skrenes, for the comment.  I have 2 gmail accounts and I'd like to be able to toggle back and forth between them within the app.  So far as I can tell, that is not currently possible, but hopefully will be included in a future update (I'm looking at you Gmail team).
Lol..someone said that the native ios app was better...
@jeff hosking, I set one account up on the standard iphone mail app, and one in the gmail app. Not ideal, but its nice being able to tell via notification tone, which email account just received mail!
I don't prefer the light gray color. can I change it?
SendAs for multiple alias/nicks?
I'll try it again, but my personal favorite is Sparrow.  Awesome features!  Granted.... Google purchased Sparrow, so there may not be anymore updates forrthcoming, but at my last use the Gmail app still didn't have the features, ease of use, or just pure coolness factor of Sparrow!
great improvements, would love to have integration with iPhone Calendar and google reminders..
...and still not up to Android standards...
I don't use email clients for mobile; I am mostly online on the computer. Gmail is the best among all email services as far as you are using it on computer(i am unsure about mobile apps).
Tnx for the update, gmail running smooth as silk 👌👌👌
Thanks, when I can use it with multiple accounts I will become my default mail app - I really like the layout..
This is why I loved Google since I was 14 years old. 
iFans don't need Google stuff!
Google, e-mail is patented by apple.....they will sue You :D
give us some droid updates :D
apple is a bitch. yet google is still being kind. up yours apple fans
Already got the update!
Android fanboys are butthurt.
where is the gmail chat on that app?
The Android version imo is very clunky,could do with total redesign. Use K9 mail instead,its just smoother..
Gmail is crap when it can't handle extra loads on Macs. Mine is locked solid these past two weeks. If it wasn't for Sparrow mail I'd have been rightly banjaxed. So feck-off Gmail and fix the real problems you are patently ignoring and cut out your pussy-footing about with buttons . . .
Yeah the Gmail app is better I use it all the time
So rather than giving us multiple account support, which many people have been asking for since day 1 and would be the difference between being a curiosity and a usable app for a large percentage of users... you decided to make it animate prettier? Good job on the feature prioritization, guys.
So... is this still a WebView or?
Wellcom Google a pince n a punc for the 1st off the month n now return s augest weath sould get a little warm n cool er ,
Just updated and I agree it is faster thanks.
Going to download this app- didn't knew it existed. Cheerio! 
Is this a blend of native UI with HTML/JS?  Is there a post somewhere that goes into some technical detail about your implementation?  Nice work!
I can't figure out why anyone would troll iOS/Mac/Apple posts like their lives depended on it. I have better things to do than troll Android/Microsoft posts. Do you need a job? Sorry, I only hire out with Apple users.
Did this guy just said he only hire Apple users!? Is that real? 
No offense, would you change that ugly app icon first?
Dear +Gmail engineers, PLEASE add an "email this post" option to posts within iPhone, since if we WANT TO SHARE a post with someone NOT on Google Plus — we should be ABLE to share that. Who knows, they might join as a result... Now, you DON'T ALLOW THAT — WHY?
Does anyone else get the inherent irony of google making apps for IOS?
I would really like to be able to send mail to my groups from my phone.  I am currently not able to do this.
Like it... just wish there was a 'mark all read' button.
Multiple accounts!! I really miss that from my old android phone. The Iphone email client sux.
I just want to know why I can't properly accept calendar invites through the gmail or the calendar app?!?! So frustrating!! (Verizon Galaxy Nexus)
Do this for Chrome. It's much less responsive than Safari on iPhone.
For all those that asked about multi user support: it is not available in the Gmail app (yet), but it is available in the Gmail web app (just point your mobile web browser to From there, you can quickly switch between accounts.
Rather than creating Gmail app for more platforms. I would suggest 'Google' to revert Gmail UI to old interface if they aren't able to make better UI. new UI is much better but i can't switch to it :( As Gmail is one of my primary email address for personal and business communication.

I wish they #Gmail   could hear me this time. Thanks.
I just wish GMail would take benefits from the #sparrow Team they just hired / bought. +Sparrow Mail is just a hit and the GMail App wouldn't be harm to take a lot of ideas from it !
Can we get a google calendar app +google
+Lance Victor unfortunately sometimes it's not that there isn't an official Google Calendar app, but rather that Apple prevents it from being in the App Store because it resembles their own ...
Huge upgrades (and long overdue)! Kudos google!
can you please make the touch to save feature available in the Google+ app as well? 
wei geht, I know pokito(little) German.but I am good at Conversing with others.
And still, you forgot to make the UIWebView buttons retina.
I use send mail as feature - so when ever i click reply all my own address comes in the receipient list. This does not happen with symbian app & gmail desktop version. Please fix it
Please add the web version's keyboard short cuts. It would make the bluetooth keyboard/ipad combos really efficient.
But can you login with different accounts at the same time ?
30+ day review.  1.3 is much more stable, and a bit quicker than the previous versions.  I am very happy with this release.  Good work Googlers!
u aa right dear may god bless their work
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