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Introducing arrow key navigation in Gmail
Now you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate your labels and threadlist rows in Gmail. When you navigate using these keys or other keyboard shortcuts, the browser will focus on selected items, enabling screenreaders to read out what's selected.    
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trying it out now... great!! the blue like bar keeps going up and down... cool!
keep up the great work!  I'm happy to be a beta tester for G glass.  ;)
and how can i disable arrow key navigation?
Yay, finally! What I don't understand is why it took them so long... I've been waiting for this for a long time. Now let's hope they fix the custom shortcuts lab experiment (I can't save any changes), or even better, graduate it :D
Great!!! Now you are one step away from enabling complete HJKL-keys navigation.
Hjkl q was better now I can not scroll down in the letter 
Fantastic feature! I've been waiting for this for a very long time :D
I never noticed, but it works pretty slick on G+ too.  Nice.
? I don't understand? Is this one huge chat? 
If the gmail folks wanted to do something useful they could add a switch to remove all the keybindings that are there now and masking much more frequently used editing keystrokes.  Why can't I use my emacs editing commands for killing a line (C-k) or going to the previous one (C-p) or going back a character (C-b)?  Each of them pull up some lame function that I might want to do a few times a week.  Please fix these while rooting around in the keybindings part of the code.
I would always use the arrow keys to scroll down the email list. Now it takes longer for the scrolling to begin. Is there any way to disable the new feature? Please?
ARROW KEYS? Ugh, that's so conformist!
i think it would help some context submenus just like dropbox, so easy navigation. Thank you
Also to add the hotkey change option on other keyboards
I never knew somebody would actually put hi and 5
Thanks for making it more accessible. The disability community is glad to see there is such movement especially since there are plenty of work yet to be done on this department for all of Google's apps.
PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE turn back on swipe gestures. Removing them was the greatest travesty ever to befall Gmail.
Become more user-friendly..
Gmail can only improve its interface. I am appreciative to use it, but usability sucks 
How do I disable this feature? I don't need arrow keys for selection; that's what I have j and k for. I want to be able to scroll incrementally with the keyboard without having to wait for the selection to catch up.
Great feature! Add shortcut to DELETE button to move email to trash.
+Gio Nadirashvili +1 !
Shortcut to DELETE would be great !!!
But remember, Google doesn’t like to delete datas… This DELETE button wasn’t even here, at the beginning of Gmail !
I have to say that I find this highly annoying. Please add a feature to disable this behaviour.
Would be even better if you could introduce the option to disable conversation mode :-) 
As others have said, really need a way to disable this!  Major problems scrolling with the preview pane lab.  I have 'j' and 'k' for this.
+David Beke  I agree 100%, David. They've totally screwed up the ability to scroll through a message in the Preview Pane.....which, in my mind, was the most efficient way to work through my mail. 
I used J and K keys for moving through the message list.....and arrow up/down for moving through an individual message. 
They've BOTCHED it, as far as I'm concerned.
+Aram Sajedi You CAN disable it, Aram. Go to your settings: it's sitting right there: ON/OFF
+Frank Schröder You're right, Frank, this is a Royal PITA.....pain in the unowhat!! Now there's no way to navigate through a message in Preview Pane, which was the most efficient way to read messages while still having the actual LIST of message open beside the pane. (which could be navigated just fine with J and K keys.) They've screwed this up; I hope they fix it.

Unfortunately, what you CAN'T do now is scroll through a message in the Preview Pane using arrow up/down. That WAS one of the most efficient keyboard functionalities of Gmail. NOW IT'S GONE!!
I used J and K keys to scroll through my message list........and arrow up/down to scroll through the body of individual messages. It was a great combination of commands that did everything I wanted. NOW IT'S GONE!! 
Google............YOU GOOFED!
+Lars Helmuth Probst Hi, Lars. I'm curious to know: what's nice about it? What can you do now that you couldn't do before? I used to use the arrow keys to scroll through the body of a message in the Preview I can't. That's NOT NICE.
+Nate Wynd Hey, Nate, what's up? Curious to know: what device are you using for Gmail and what was it you couldn't do before that you can do now? Some detail, please....and thanks.
+Adhitya Asmara Hi there! What exactly is cool about it? Do you/will you actually use arrow up/down? What did you use before?
+Dan Auiler Why is it great, Dan. (Some detail, please.) What device are you using? (It makes a big difference to any conversation about keyboard functionality.) The change they just made has totally wrecked my ability to scroll through an email message body in the Preview Pane on my I'M not impressed at all.
Just want to strongly agree with Michael Scott that not being able to use arrow keys to scroll through a message in preview pane is a HUGE pain. What workarounds have people used for this?
Do we have any update for Preview Pane users? (Which  google just turned into Preview Pain)
Wow, this change is really frustrating. All the more reason to keep the inbox small, I suppose.
arrow key navigation now works in everything except the preview pane, which is the only place I want it to work - a big step backwards for me... and I can't yet find a way to get it back :(
You're right, Morgan, when "they/we" already had keyboard shortcut-style navigation in the message list (via J and K keys) why would they MESS with it and defeat scrolling in you say....the most important place it could be!! They goofed at google......who'd a guessed!?!?
I have the same problem. I used j,k in the list and arrow keys in the preview pane. No I am unable to scroll a long mail without using the muse clicking the scrollbar. VERY VERY irritating )-:
If the don't fix it I have go back to my hotmail. 
Spit it out, Soltan........did you have a comment to make?
Don't worry, never fear.  Google will refuse to acknowledge our complaints, but may end up fixing it sometime over the next several years.
This new, "non-navigation feature", eh "annoyance" has been driving me insane the past few days. Used to I could buzz through a hundred emails in a few minutes. Now, it takes me probably 20 minutes or so. I get thousands of emails a day and this new "feature" has crippled my productivity.

The blue bar may not be soooo bad if it stayed in the same place, but when you view an email and then return to the inbox (I use the backspace key for this function), the blue bar is NOT where it was when you went to read the full body of the email. Usually it's about 20 emails or so away (either up or down - haven't discovered the pattern yet), so now, you have to use the up/down arrow keys to get the blue bar back to where you were. Next email you open, come back, it's the same problem all over again.

Efficiency is in the crapper now where it was highly efficient - which is the very reason I moved from Outlook to GMail in the first place. Definitely this is a "fail" on Google and GMail's plate at this point. Give me the option to choose to use this or the previous method and I am happy along with those that actually like the function. Worst case scenario, at least make the blue bar stay where it was when I open an email to read.
Pretty much all the comments here (that are longer than 5 words in other words, from LITERATE people) say that the new Arrow-key navigation is a BAD THING. Is Google/Gmail paying ANY attention???
This new scrolling behavior is very frustrating... I use the arrow keys to scroll up/down in my inbox, and now it takes much longer to accomplish this same thing. It is driving me crazy!! Google, please give us an option in settings to turn off this behavior.
Glad it's "working" again for you. I'm still frustrated.
But why is it working for me and not for you, I was hoping that this was a global fix. but maybe I am using another server because I live in Denmark 
Arrow Key + Preview Pane still broken for me
Hello, Martin Andersen: when you say "it" is's not apparent what "it" is. Those of us for whom "it" is not working are referring to "scrolling a single message in the preview pane using arrow up/down keys" which is the way we read messages that are longer than one screen in length. In my case, I'm also referring to using Gmail on a laptop.
The "arrow key scrolling" MAY have been a GOOD announcement for smartphone users........but it definitely WASN'T helpful for those of us who use split-screen viewing on a PC and now have no way to scroll a message in the Preview Panel. 
So, Martin......what device ARE you using Gmail on and in what view/mode?
I see someone who says you can turn it off, but I don't see that option. I use the arrow keys for scrolling the message list, I don't want them to scroll the label list.
Hey, Yehuda....thanks for joining in. You should try it for scrolling a long message.......even MORE productive! Are you talking about using it on a phone......or computer........or tablet? (Or all of the above?)
I am on a computer. Scrolling when a message is open works for me, it is just when I am in the inbox (well, any message list) that scrolling does not work.
Please add the option to turn this feature off! Not being able to use the arrow keys to navigate inside a message in the preview pane is (no pun intended) painful!
It would also be nice if we could do more from the keyboard than just open messages - like checking the checkbox for bulk actions.
please let me turn this off... it's literally destroying productivity at work
I used to use the arrow keys to scroll through my Inbox quickly, but now it just drags along.  Please add an option to disable this 'feature'.
It seems that this broke the long-running TAB key feature, which used to advance from msg-to-msg in the inbox, etc., so I could quickly select messages for archive/deletio by using TAB TAB SPACE to jump to the next message/conversation and check its checkbox. OIt was easy to blast through my inbox and choose which messages to process.

I don't see why the original Tab-key behavior cannot co-exist with the new arrow-key feature. Please fix this. 
Tab tab space was broken ages ago when the current Gmail layout was introduced 
That's interesting. It seems that something is different between our

I successfully used tab tab space just about every day until very recently.
I have shortcut keys turned OFF, maybe that made a difference with Tab
I wish they would bring back the Tab key feature as well. This is frustrating. I hate using the mouse to click every single box to delete. Just make it to where there is an option between this new way and the old way. It would make sense if you want to please your customers you would offer options to customize to their preference not just stick them with terrible, im my opinion, options that cannot be changed.

Please fix this. GMail used to be my favorite way to access my e-mails, but if they keep acting like Facebook, I may have to switch. What a sad, sad day. :(
This is incredibly frustrating. Google please respond. I keep trying to scroll down to the bottom of my emails with my arrow key, and instead of reading what I want to read, the previous emails show up. How can we disable? Please!
Hugely annoying. Ugh. Please allow us to disable this "feature."
This is an unwelcome change.  j/k works fine for this.  Annoyed.
I completely agree with most, the arrow keys in the preview pane was the only good feature left in the gmail web interface. I cannot understand why Google would remove this functionality. I can't wait for a on/off capability for this awful change. 
+Nate Wynd Really? Were you not aware that J and K keys would do the same thing all along?
Spit it out, colmpatrick......I know you can do it!!!
I'm with you, Cameron. The idiots who made this alleged upgrade failed to do the requisite market research to find out how their own product is used by their own customers. Numbskulls!!
this stinks of Apple.  i look to gmail (google-android-gmail-any google product) to have an "open source" and customizable experience.  this feels like Apple trying to force a behavior on the user.

give me choices! like, the choice to disable this feature that does nothing but annoy me.
I agree with you Joshua Lanning. Some group complained about a missing "THEY" stole the freedom of another satisfy the whiners!!
Please return the [tab] [space] combo to allow for the quick selection of message to delete, archive, etc.  Select all, read, unread, and stared are NOT the only use cases.
Too bad we can't use the arrow keys to scroll through a page with a MESSAGE on know.....the same way EVERY OTHER FRIGGIN PAGE on the Internet can be scrolled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there a way to turn this off?  I can't scroll a message now unless I use my mouse?  That's dumb.
Not that I'm aware of, Mike. I think the programmers at Gmail caved to iPhone owners or something!! We unfortunate laptop users are SOL!
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