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The new compose now has a full-screen option

After Gmail's new compose rolled out to everyone in March, many of you sent us requests for features you'd like to see added. We listened carefully to your feedback and as as result, the new compose now offers a full-screen option.

When this option is enabled, the compose window is centered in your inbox and expands to fit on your screen.  In addition, the formatting toolbar is on by default.  You can click on the expand button in the top right to switch to full-screen or set full-screen as the default by selecting Default to full-screen in the more options menu in the bottom right.

The full-screen option is rolling out to everyone over the next couple of days.
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Please tell me this new compose windows will be turned OFF by default.  I do NOT WANT IT.  I am quite happy with the speed and efficiency of the current compose window.
Finally... Why wasn't it there before? Can't be that complicated...
Ebbie Rada
I love you gmail!! Dont stop evolving!
Looks great! I'll definitely be enabling this.
Oh nice. Great that you listened to user feedback.  :) 
Ken Wulf
Beautiful! This is how a real customer focused product organization works. Thanks to the whole Gmail team!
This is an awesome improvement.. +Gmail I want to request another feature..when inline images are added then a marker shows its resolution and size. 
+Chad Wilson got to disagree with you on that one my friend.  I can't stand writing a e-mail  in a tiny little off-center chatbox.  This simply fixes what gmail broke, and it should have been an option from day 1.
Besides, it looks like it is a "Choose once and forget" setting.  so you can keep your chat window, and I can use a full-sized interface : )
Great update. I ♥ Gmail.
Thank god we got Minimize button. 
Where do we find this option, I can't find it. Thanks.
Awesome - much better, especially if you are replying to a long conversation. 
Oh, and I would totally +1 this if g+ hadn't broken that functionality.
Ya win some, ya loose some : )
Where in the settings will we see the option?
Fantastic! Great to see that Google does listen to what users say.
+Vance McAlister once it rolls out, it will show up in the menu that is opened from the lower right-hand corner of a compose box (as pictured)
I was never really a fan of that minimized compose window in the bottom corner. The option to expand this back (closer) to normal is a great upgrade. Despite the occasional glitch here and there, for a service we use for FREE, Google/Gmail is definitely committed to continuous improvements!
+Stuart Kerrison the sad thing is that it should have been obvious that a lot of people would prefer writing in an ergonomically-correct and easy to see large center-screen position.  It was careless of google to have rolled the new compose out without this option.  I am just glad that they finally figured out what anyone should have been able to see from the beginning.
+John VanRoekel True enough and I was one of those who bitched loudly about the stupid off-centre compose window. But hey, better late than never! :-)
This may not work for me, since I constantly getting Google voice call and need to scroll through my emails.

I wonder if the full screen popup will shrink to allow me to navigate to other emails and answer the call.

Oh, God. A new way to maximize things.
Let us all strive to have 12 maximized windows covering up everything. And it's even better with a 24" screen! White space! I love it!
+Michael Byers The important thing is that it is an option something that google needs to remember a lot users like to have.
If you liked the itty-bitty window, you can still use it.  Some of us like having space to work in and formats visible. 
Man, this was so needed!  Looking forward to seeing this in the next day or two.
And all honesty right now I don't like it I can't get to my email I'm on my work phone and can I get this full screen off?

I'd want to see the auto correct option aswell as in MS OUTLOOK. it's so easy to compose a mail with that. This is the only reason why I still use Outlook. 
+Stuart Kerrison Me too.  I figure that considering how pissed I was about being banished to the corner, I ought to stand up for google finally fixing this (even if I am annoyed that it took so long)
+Mufeez Lebbé, we already do, don't we? At least when I use Hangouts on Gmail there's a thin green line under the contact's picture, indicating who's online. Doesn't it happen to you?
+Chad Wilson if you read the post all the way through it says "You can click on the expand button in the top right to switch to full-screen or set full-screen as the default by selecting Default to full-screen in the more options menu in the bottom right."  So it's compulsory to have the full screen mode on by default.
+Mufeez Lebbé Indeed. But I believe this option follows Google's clean design and the idea that "people don't need to be online to communicate –they can send each other a message and the conversation continues whenever one of them is online", as the company pointed out when introducing Hangouts. I actually don't mind this decision. I think we find it strange because perhaps we are used to other ways of seeing who's online. Maybe.
+Chris Hsu, you misunderstand.  I don't want to have to take the time to turn off this new feature.  It should be OFF BY DEFAULT, and only by user choice is it turned on.  I should not have my user experience compromised by a corporate decision to automagically turn on a new feature without asking me.
And why we need new compose if it more worst then previous #gmail
How I can return old look? 
+Chad Wilson  You only have to do it once.  You can set the little window to default.  If you had to do it every time, then it would make sense to be pissed. This will cost you five seconds once.  And it will save me five seconds every time I write an email.  The ratio is pretty good.
+Anton Rybakov that depends on which previous one you mean.  If you mean the little off-center window from yesterday, then all you have to do is make that the default and you can go right back.
I you mean the one from several months ago, then set the larger screen to default and you will get the larger size and formatting options.
This is the best of both worlds (whichever way you prefer)
The only thing it needs to make it perfect is the ability to easily include a picture as an attachment : )
+Gmail Nice stuff.  Would love the ability to manage my contacts this way too.
Looks really nice, I know that a few of my colleagues will really love this new compose experience! As always, keep the good work up!
Definitely wanted this one, thanks Gmail!
That looks... bigger. I don't know if I'd call that "full screen".
tantos cambios que nos tenéis mareados. por qué no volver a la interfaz de redacción en un lateral??? es que dan ganas de volver a yahoo.
I can't wait for this feature, all these people who are against change hold back innovation. The world ain't going to stay the same forever you know... as long as there is a button for you to stay in your windows XP world everyone will be happy. Keep the changes coming I say. :-)
The email write shoud popup the "contact page", with the email thread as conversation history with dates and a bottom compose for the new message. That would kill the cold email feeling, making Gmail more social and personal.
Email has to evolve and give more focus in the relationship, instead of the process.
Looks great to me. Less clicks to do things is always better.
Thanks for continuing to innovate the product and listen to users. The tiny compose window was such a disappointment especially when my screen has millions upon millions of pixels to use. 
Will there be an option not to collapse the quoted text for those of us who hate top-posting? Always reply in plain text would also be welcome.
Sure appreciate the option, that you're ever evolving and listening to users.  Personally, I can't stand the cramped little email box and the distraction of the inbox being there when I'm writing an email.  

Thing is you say the option will be there, but you don't say how to enable it--how do you?  Thanks! 
Still listening people request... Thanks Google
Arif A
It opens up in a new browser window, and I think that's really dumb.
Thank you, finally! Much preferred to the current system.
Looks nice! Will check it out. Thanks
Jeff F.
It's better, but I would still request that the formatting bar be moved up out of the way into a menu area that is separate from the message body. I'm not crazy about having controls pop up in the way.
Thank you It seems I have Learnt more within a short period of time
+John VanRoekel if you drag an image to the bottom bar instead of the message body it will be attached rather than inserted.
+Jason Cornwell Thanks a lot for that tip. I always thought that it was really anoying to have the image in the email its self. 
+Fauzi Hamadeh
What do you think you are seeing in the screenshot at the top?  It's a separate window exactly like you get with Shift-click on Compose
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This is the one thing that bugged me about Gmail. Fixed..yeah! 
I love your product!its so very very practical
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thanks for responding to our preferences, but don't stop trying new stuff.  It is always fun to try it out.
Its really very nice.......... 
Muy bien por Gmail...escuchando a sus usuarios.
Attachments should not be in line with text at the bottom. Put attachments on top in separate frame. 
Jim C
I'd really like to see Google Voice integrated fully. 
In the compose new mail window, when i try to select canned responses, if i have stored more than 5 "canned responses", there s no slider bar to select the ones on the bottoml!!!!!! PLEASE FIX IT. +Gmail 
The new "centered" compose window is STILL TOO SMALL, if i have a 10 lines signature on the bottom, it occupies half of the white space!!
Better now. It was so horrible to use the small window.
At last. Screw some of your new decisions. Look at new Google Play - horrible interface :(
What I like about Google is their efforts to test out new concepts. Some of the best stuff come about rolling new ideas out to user and evolving. What they recently been seem to forget is to give users the choice of to turn the new stuff off.. Like what they did for Gmail new ui. 
I like the current compose windows where you can compose multiple emails on one go. If an attachment uploading in one composed email. I dont have to wait till it gets uploaded. I can easily compose another mail. Multitasking is easy in present way of composing emails. Why new ones.
Muthu S. S., you may not turn fullscreen if you don't need it. Why do you complain? I need this feature because till now the compose window was too small.
Yes I just saw the option. But am just worried if this compose mail becomes default as now the tab inbox becomes default for all the users.
I don't like the fact that the BCC in this mode will not work.... :(
Thank you for acting on user feedback, G!
Can we get an option to turn on all the formatting buttons by default, all the time? I'm still annoyed by the extra mouse-over it takes to get to the "insert link" button, which is without a doubt the one I use most often.
Will you add the option to remove prefixes ("FW" / "RE") without opening a new thread? We had this option with the previous composer.
Kinda scares me whenever they change the layout, but its cool
I don't get it. I thought the new compose window was designed to let us write while browsing the mail, which is a great idea. Now it seems we won't be able to do that, again. Why not going back all the way to the original design then?
+S Datta I have actually done that in the past, thanks for the tip! :-)

I don't always remember the keyboard shortcut though, and it would be nice to have a button that I can just click. The fact that the button exists, but is buried under an extra layer of pointless interface hiding, is what I object to. It's just bad interface design.
Great. But one thing, why is there a red square notification box? I miss it. +Mr. Jingles is not pretty useful. I want that red square back. 
+Jon Penfield There was a plugin with the older version of Gmail working fine!! Not anymore now..

with MS Outlook I have configured many mails which I do not need to type again everything. 
Jay R
There's always a complainer. ... Thanks Google +Gmail for providing a FREE service update! 
Add this and new inbox, is awesome!
Hoje eu só quero que o dia termine bem ...
If you listened to users, you'd get rid of the last stupid "enhancement" with the moronic tabs.
I have a request. Stop messing with my inbox. 
Please keep the option to re-preposition the  compose window. Some time while composing, we have to read from other window and re-positioning is must. It's available in old format.
I like to have it for towork for me.
I like it is a good to work for me..
Even with the new "full screen" default option, I cannot see what I am typing in the body of my message.  This is making me want to switch to another e-mail system.
sent us requests for features you'd like to see added. We listened
carefully to your feedback and as as result, the new compose now offers a
full-screen option.
and expands to fit on your screen. In addition, the formatting toolbar is
on by default. You can click on the expand button in the top right to
который вы подписаны.
21.07.2013 15:22 пользователь "Василий Бахтиев" <****@**>
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Why would anyone want something that's, by definition, obtrusive?
THANKS!!!!  Now, if you can fix it so we can answer the senders sentences underneath them, it would be great. What happened to that feature. You know what I mean - if someone sends an email about how to make a certain recipe - and you want to insert your answer right underneath, it can't be done now.
Unfortunately, its not work! May be updates is no availible in Russia, yet.
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I fixed it. Just set full-screen mode and disable plain text mode
фото пользователя Gmail >>
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Gmail. Если вы больше не хотите получать оповещения от пользователя
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Rob G
Finally.  That compose box in the lower right corner of the screen was a step backwards.  I felt like I was texting, not composing an e-mail.  Now fix Google/Finance.
Yt Yap
Very cool. Is there a way to actually make it fill the screen (distraction-free mode)?
¡Excelente cambio! Yo prefiero tener el modo pantalla completa para redactar, pero también la capacidad de volver al cuadro accesorio pequeño en cualquier momento.
Better, but still not as visible or as quick as the old compose.  The new compose also still doesn't work in Opera.  (Whenever you enter the Body field there's a good chance you won't type into the Body field, instead activating Opera's single-key shortcuts or typing into the browser's address box.)  Reverted until we're forced to move on or until I can reliably type an email while using Opera.
How do I turn the damn thing off?
Still the "From:" disappears from view when you click the message body. Extremely frustrating! 
That formatting toolbar is just soooo annoying. Why can't I just make it go away? Just make it slide out and expand like the attachments bar which is right next to it! Talk about mixed up metaphors! 
oh great so you listen to people listen to this, as many of my emails are multiple communication and older version allowed to freely be able to compose an email over on one side of my 32in screen and scan though the  other emails on the other side to copy and paste only the relevant information for that recipient now i can't get that compose mail window out of the main gmail screen.
This was a bad move and not sure how it is better than before.
Not sure who needs to have a LOCKED in the center covering your inbox option who was the majority that asked for this? half screen was nice for quick emails and to supper compose of mails to place out side of the window was great. Want to add something that I am sure everyone could use is multi signatures. one is a full and the other might be a half or first three lines of original sig to auto attached to replies as a email chain would not have full signatures, weather for business or personal would be great. 
Sometimes I wish you'd just stop changing things...
innovative technology at our finger tip now
I HATE IT!! Dont like it at all how do I revert back to the old look I had last week?
That only revert's it back temperley when they change it back I'm looking for a new email server...
David great heads up, how ever it it the ability to side a composed message to another side of my 32 in screen to compose an email from many other messages that are in other places of the mail box, How to get the compose screen out side of the g mail window?
The compose used to be able to pop out as a new window. Ill check that option and update you shortly.
Google is the best....! Couple things more that need to be added for the Gmail to be a super Gmail are...e-mail recall option, Mark e-mail level of importance, read receipts and delivery receipts.......Am out!
GOT BACK TO THE DEFAULT SETTING AND CAN USE THE MAIL THE  WY I PREFER, agree Anchemar Mark e-mail level of importance, read receipts and delivery receipts and it will then be better than best!!
I'll consider it an Improvement when I can email a Gmail Group (Distribution List) or a G+Circle from the mobile app on my phone or tablet. Other than that, it's just cosmetics. Why be able to create group contact lists if you can't email them on the go?
About new Gmail: Are you guys aware that the dragging function isn't fully working?  I have experienced already that even after moving emails from "primary" to "promotion," (many times same emails!) they keep coming back to my "primary" folder. 
I think this is a big devolution!  You could always pop-out if you wanted more room (you still can with a shift-click thankfully), but the current approach lets you compose a few emails at once, but most importantly, browse and refer to old emails while the compose is visible. 
+yunrui zhang
your not the only one who thinks that I'm also going back to yahoo but I'm keeping my account open so I don't loose my youtube! 
It's still not as good as the original compose window, but it's better than that horrid little thing in the corner that passed itself off as a compose "window".  More like a "compose tab" that was.
I still hate the new compose! I reverted it back to the old one & if & when google change it back to the new compose again I'm gone back to yahoo!!
very good  nice ...........................................
i cant go to my inbox send me an email
Many users will be happy but it's still not deployed to our Google Apps domain. Should I enable it somewhere?
& everyone eles that thinks it looks good you all Should put you glasses back on! nothing looks good any more why the hell would you want tabs that collect adds as emails that is SPAM! the old way is much better to send,recive & read emails that is what a email address is made for not for spam like ads that you don't want! @ least Yahoo doesn't have that crap!
Sweetness monster Gmail! Thank you! 
is every thing back to normal?????
V,? 9
where is the option to select "From" address ???
It's no improvement at all. Yes, the compose screen can be made bigger, but now I can't see the message chain at all. How am I supposed to respond to a message that someone sends me if I can't scroll down and look at it while I'm writing my response? Google - please stop trying to turn GMail into SMS. 
Why cannot we have a complete full screen for composing? The display area is now too small! Difficult to view all text at the same time :(
We've lost the ability to pop-out the new message into a separate window.

We used to be able to start a message and then pop it out into a separate window, and continue working with the Inbox. Now if we're working on several messages, they're either tied to the bottom of the screen, or when you click to expand one it takes over the whole window. If you need to work on several messages independently, you'll have to open a new browser window, login to the inbox, and start another message.

Also, when the compose window is in full screen, it blocks access to the inbox. The great thing about the first 'new compose' change was that it didn't take over the inbox window, you could keep working with the inbox behind the compose box. Now that is lost.

Fortunately when you click to Reply to a message, the old format is still there - you can pop the reply out into its own window. It is only for new messages that this has been broken.

I'm sorry, but the 'full screen' compose option is something that was sold because it looks shiny and cool - for actual use it is a loss of function and a bad idea.
I much preferred the old pop-out window feature. I could make that even bigger than this new ?full screen? window. It was totally separate and I could look at other tabs while I was composing. Now I have to pull the whole gmail tab out to do that. This happened while I was on vacation. I come back and there it was. I didn't enable it. Can I disable it and return to the pop-out window?
Hi Jeanne - for a time you can return the old window. Start a new message and look to the lower right corner for the 'More options' drop-down arrow, select 'Temporarily switch back to old compose'. Eventually we will all have to use the new compose - unless enough of us kick up a ruckus to make Google change its mind.
What Google does is totally bizarre. GMail Old Compose was (and still is) great. Listen up, Google! -  GMail Old Compose doesn't need improving! Stop messing with success. If you really want to improve something go and do some work on Google Docs and Sheets which are programs that really do need improvement.
I'm not really liking the separate tabs for my inbox. It makes checking my e-mail on my computer take longer. Is there an option to change back to the old format?
why is Google funding self-delusional right-wing nut jobs???
Süper bir uygulama olmuş teşekkürler. Google'un Gmail hizmeti bir site kullanımından farksız kolay ve kullanışlı.
For simple messages, I find the new compose method fine, but not having a lot of control over the rich text format, as well as the scroll bar issues (I try to scroll to a position in the draft, but it hops back to where the cursor is, making it difficult to work on large emails).  It just seems to lack a lot of small, simple functionality in exchange for the large flourishes.
I am delhi metro rail corporation employee. i like do social network.
+S Datta I know about using the 2-way arrow to open a separate compose window, but I've heard that that option will eventually disappear. I hope that's not true.
I'm trying to give the Gmail guys the benefit of the doubt, but the half measures taken in the new iterations are proving to be inadequate. "popping out" a reply doesn't pull the message into a new window, it "pops out" into the original compose window. The formatting bar is just an HTML element that hangs out overtop the text box, again, leaving a swath of white space unused for,  I assume, the hell of it. The "Plus" menu is mouse-over, in contrast to every other action across all of google's architecture. Mouseover events are undesirable because they are easier to activate accidentally. Why can't the formatting and attachment items be part of a "sliding door" type menu, with the formatting open by default, and the status of the menu saved to the last open menu? 

I'm trying to resist the temptation to go back to the old compose window, because I know that one day you will simply pull it out from under me and I'll be screwed. But if you have any interest in consumer feedback, you'll understand how important this is: I'm forcing myself to use it. The new compose experience has not improved any aspect of my experience and if I thought I could trust Google to keep the old compose window in tact, I would switch back in a heartbeat. 

Oh, and if you happen to pass the G+ guys in the hallways, tell them that having the top bar expand on every flick of the scroll wheel upwards makes me grind my teeth in frustration. 
+S Datta  See Eliz Crowley's comment on 7/31. She sounds like she knows what she's talking about ...especially since I think I saw it somewhere else before her comment. I like your answer better. ;-) Thanks for the new link. I don't think that was in the "Welcome to the new Gmail inbox" email on 7/19.

I think the people who like the new 'full screen' option weren't aware of the old pop out window. I don't know what Kevin McGrath is referring to. It's all there, including the message I'm replying to. But just yesterday I noticed that I no longer can insert pictures in my emails. Where did the camera icon go‽‽‽ That's another feature that I use OFTEN.
Mohor B
this renovation is gud.
I just got it today. Very fine and enhances the quality of gmail and shows it is improving every day.
Mohor B
Ihope there are no constraints to this feature like allow and deny 
I truly dislike this new version, please allow us the opportunity to use the old interface. Up until now I had the chance to temporarily use the older interface, after today it is not available. This is horrible!
Cool, also, would you mind stopping the NSA from accessing my email, it's embarrassing when they see the pics I've sent some women. Thanks.
+S Datta I no longer have the option to use the older interface, my husband uses Gmail as well and he still has the older interface. I guess for some accounts it is no longer an option to reverse back.
I like v.much this type of beautiful picture.The place of the picture.
And why does my gmail say this "Oops! You are not invisible because you're logged into Google Talk from another client, device, or location that doesn't support invisibility."?
I like this type.
Is it able to open old hangout without notifications without notifying it to me?
And how is it possible that there is one person in my hangout list that I haven´t been opening a hangout with?
Especially when the person who´s hangout is in my list does not use hangouts. 
what's up with all you idiots saying it should have been there to start with....why don't you go get a job with Google then you'll have nothing to bitch about. This is a free service with free upgrades....some people are just ungrateful. I like the option to choose.....but I'm not knocking the time it took to get here
This still isn't as good as the older UI and there's no reason given for the mandatory change.
OK with it. But I have a bug. Click on one e-mail under "Draft", the font tool bar covers one of my attachment... Very annoying.
Please have the option to switch back! If you're using gmail for more than chatting, the new compose is very annoying.
I hate the new Compose and Reply.  But if you are going to force this on us, at least add an option to use FULL SCREEN on Reply, by DEFAULT.
Gen Has
+Baez Suazonegger You all must work at Google
Hate the new Compose Soooooooo  Much  It Truly Sucks.
You have to be doing this to save a little Money on Cloud Use - Bastards !!!
I think you should let us choose to go back to the old compose. Some of us obviously don't like it.
Ugly and useless. Made for mobile. I hate it.
Is there a way to default to open in a new tab?
I might be a little less annoyed if I was given an explanation why this works better for google since it clearly wasn't for my benefit.
Please tell me how to turn this horrid new compose interface off so I can go back to the old method???
Gen Has
Yes, I beg You Plezzzz  Do that !!!
Fleep and Gen:

There is no going back. They removed that option overnight.
How do I open contacts in a new tab now? I used to click the dropdown, highlight "Contacts", bring up context menu (right click), then "open in new tab" . That is no longer an option. There must be a way to get to contacts without having to navigate away from the inbox first. Anyone?
Gen Has
Oh geee maybe they did thing to program from  the Old Compose App.
I am totally disgusted by this whole mess...  Yuck !
I preferred when I could expand the window manually so it covers my whole computer screen.  It was great for larger messages.  This design doesn't help me much.
"The new compose now has a full-screen option" No, it doesn't, it has a small-middle-of-the-screen option with a dark background, and it's horrid for vision-challenged people. The previous way was clean and light and easy to see. I am so disappointed.
And now two clicks to check spelling instead of a handy icon. Please have a user option to switch back to the original compose. Please.
Bill T
Terrible. I hate when everyone tries to do a minimalist approach. I don’t need a sleek email, I need a workhorse. I work from Gmail and I don’t work by taking a tool out of the toolbox one at a time and putting them away before grabbing another. I want all of my tools laid out in front of me. Thanks for the extra clicks Gmail, because I don’t have enough to do with my 100 emails a day.
Really,It is  a Graceful Different in the future.Any body can access the options  Easily.Everybody Know that google is the Future in the Information and communication Technology.Like to thanks for all of Makers in google.Wish a happy future & long life for google.
You call this  full-screen? Then why doesn't cover the entire screen?
When we look at something,We should try to see good side.if we try to see Wrongs of all things,Any day,We will be unable to Face the future.Always,Try to be a Positive Person.
Darkening the rest of screen hardly counts as full screen.  Please allow a revert to the old flow.
I like new things, but this is a waste of space in my screen... i would love to have the old one back! Please make it possible!?
So where's the 'improvement?' Only a degradation with the full window problem.
'Help' says you can set full screen as default - access in lower right corner. I see NO possibility to do anything there - found - see below.
And who says Google is free? - everyone is pumping in an incredible amount of free data - look at Google's financial results!!!
OK - found the default for full screen.
But of course - it isn't full screen!!! See the dark area now? That will soon be filled with ads.
WE ALL WANT THE OLD COMPOSE !!!!! hate the new, bring it back ! ! ! ! !  ! ! 
uno de esos cambios, que marcan la diferencia.
ok RM - you say "one of those changes that make a difference" - but what are you trying to say?
Ugh, I hate the new reply/compose....please let us go back to the previous version.  Give us the option to return please.
It appears I was just cursed with the new reply box.  How do I get the old one back?  This new one requires twice as many clicks to get anything done.  Thanks, Scroogle, for ruining my experience.
Mark Ci
The NEW COMPOSE was made FOR CHILDREN.  NOT FOR THE WORKPLACE.  Its ridiculous trying to compose a PROFESSIONAL level document in this new version. There is NO GOOD REASON TO USE THE NEW COMPOSE in the workplace if you are a professional corporate client.  The interface's pop-over window drags down workstations and thin client machines in all browsers.  The KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS are a stupid idea when you SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHOOSE DEFAULT COMPOSE BEHAVIORS.

This was an idiotic FORCED change for Governmental, Corporate, and Contractor professional accounts!

The new compose feature reminds me of Facebook.

That is not a compliment.
I can't see which account I'm sending FROM on the new compose, PLEASE FIX THIS.  I need to see all the header fields, To, From, CC, and they need to not move and disappear on me in the middle of composing my message.  
Who designed this and what were they thinking?!
(This is seriously impeding my work flow.  It is crucial I know which account I'm sending from and that I can clearly see who I am sending to and who I'm copying or blind copying.  Hiding that information is a TERRIBLE idea.)
Thanks, Scroogle, for giving me another reason why it is time to switch to  I want the old mail compose back.
New gmail Compose is AWFUL!!! Please make option to not have to use it.  No one wants a pop-up, or something that is squished in the corner of their screen, even in full mode.  Very distracting to have it not even cover the rest of my inbox.  And I can't make the compose screen as large as I want to, width or length.  You also can't move it to the middle of the screen which is where everyone prefers to work.

Based on the thousands upon thousands of comments and feedback, EVERYONE feels the same way.  
Gmail is too crowded and I dont want my gmail to become social media, at all. I want my email, period.  And, to be able to see which email address I'm sending a message to, not just person's name as people have multiple email addresses.
This is an ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE format.  Please make it go away!
Please revert or allow us to have the option  regarding the compose change it's terrible
I agree with so many others, please allow for an option to REMOVE the new gmail composer.  It's very DISTRACTING!!!!  >:-/
Guy Barry
This is better than the previous iteration, but it is still too prescriptive.

I would like to be able to see my fields (or at least have the option of switching them on by default.




They all collapse when composing, meaning that to review the recipients is no longer a matter of a glance, now I have to click to check.

Click to check? That is a bit archaic . Very last century.

I also don't understand why we are being limited to this fixed size compose window?

What is the point of it? Even in the misleadingly termed "full screen" mode, it is a little box (I'm sure there is a famous song about that. Little boxes). I feel like a square peg being hammered. 

I want a BIG compose area. BIG. Do you hear? BIIIIIGGGGGG!

I want it to fill the whole inbox area. Just the way it used to.

Why Google? Why is this the only choice we have?  Why do we not have options to choose anymore? Why was it so bad that it had to be removed?

To get a decent size compose box now takes 3 clicks, even from the "full screen" compose box, + a key combination.

What the hell Google???  What a mess.

The move to Thunderbird has now become almost certain. What a pain, I really liked having the chat/hangout options right there, but I can't even see myself signing into Gmail anymore. Except I probably need to for all the other things in there I use.

I'm all for change, and 100% behind improvement of any kind, but you have not thought about what people want. I don't want this. Many people have no problem with it, how about the rest of us? No choice is bad.

I really feel like swearing right now. Must stop ranting as it probably is just a waste of energy.
full screen mode is NOT full screen so I really HATE IT!

It is very detracting to have my email list on the screen around the email box.
Scroogle has redefined the term 'full screen' to mean '3/4 of the screen'.  Thanks Scroogle.
I would be happier with 3/4, but it's not even that.

It's a bloody lightbox popup. Cheap and nasty popup.
from now I can't switch to an old compose? are you serious? why??? that new style is useless! I can't see almost nothing of the header, subject is not marked as subject, but looks as the rest of the text except it is between two thin lines, etc. etc.
why must a person in "to:" field (if it is really to: field, it is not marked) appear as youtube tag? why can't I see e-mail address I am writing to?
why can't I see almost nothing of what I am doing??
Hi, I like the full-screen option, but I don't like that the font options are always expended. If I minimize them repeatedly, they should start out minimized when I open a new message.
How is that full screen with half of it covered by a dark frame? The new compose is horrible. Why does gmail not let their user decide what is good for them?!?
Give back the option of having a REAL full-screen mode. What youre giving us is not at all full-screen. 
Compose is a worthless piece of Garbage . Google morons can kiss my ass . I am gone from all things Google .
When was "full screen" redefined to mean "Half the size of your screen"?
That's not "full screen", and i don't actually want "full screen" I just want it to cover up the inbox, like the old compose used to, without greying out the rest of the window. In other words, i want the old compose back.
If you're not willing to give us back the old compose then at least just let us resize the compose box ourselves so we can set it to whatever size we want! (And let us save a particular size as our personal default!)
Yup, you seem to want exactly what I want. I'd like to be able to see the menu fully but none of the previous email I wrote ... Exactly like things used to be.
More options is always better, but to stubbornly not allow users to revert to the old Compose and keep using it, is very short sighted. Are the Devs in charge of this effort high? You DO realize people will be driven to competing services over this, right..? Now I'm irritated and will probably be one of them. Get a clue folks, the new Compose is a big stinky P O S. Really dissapointed.
Come on Google! The formatting tools must be always visible, and right in the place where they were previously, not floating in the middle of the compose area - this is what happens when I do "reply".
It is very stupid that they are forcing us to do 2 clicks to insert a bullet and an extra click to see the complete edit area again.
Where's the option to turn off this horror of a compose? The old one was perfect. I don't like when form fields disappear on me after I fill them in. And why do I have to click things twice to find the options I need? This is doubling the work that's required to send a simple email.
The new Compose is fine; I'll get used to it. But one thing I MUST absolutely have in the new Compose is more flexibility in styling embedded tables. In the classic Compose, I could just copy and paste tables straight from MS Word. Now all the tables, even ones without any extraneous CSS styles, have this really ugly min-height style. It just adds all this extra white space to the top of each row. : ( Please fix!
Compose is Garbage ! You never listened never asked you just force fed all this garbage  to us . You dont care about your customers . I intend to boycott every advertiser you have .
This is awful.  I have to manually enable cc and bcc every time?  Go back to old compose please.
I absolutely hate new compose. I demand that you bring back option to switch to old one or I'll just go somewhere else.
Your cascading menu buttons are terrible, why do I need to click 4 times and look for some button like format paragraph right? when it can clearly be visible in a toolbar the whole time?

Your new full screen attempts to fix it, but the old compose was much better , I can not understand who approved this BS, your UI UX team
are clearly not professionals. Very disappointed.
I do not like the new email software--want the full screen back for composing mail
Great - you've messed up gmail again.  Now I can't reply to any of my emails.  Instead of replying when you hit "reply", it sends you to a black screen which apparently describes how to "reply".  With my eyes, I can't read the new "improved" instructions and will not be able to reply to ANY of my emails.  Please STOP messing up what used to be a good email site.  Not one of your "improvements" have been improvements.  Worst of all, you give us no warning.  All of a sudden we sign in and find another change.  So annoying, especially when none are really improvements!
For the love of all that is good and kind, PLEASE change it back to the way it was....or at least offer an option to either keep your new way OR go back to the way it was....that would be much better than forcing this on everyone.
Extremely disappointed with the new mail format, & desperately want the old gmail format back!  It's causing a lot more steps in replying to customers, thus taking more time & decreasing efficiency.   Here's hoping you're still listening to our concerns & will add an option to keep the old format! 
Totally agree with all the negative comments about the new Compose and Reply.  Please bring back the "Classic" format. 
The new Compose is quite possibly the worst change/feature/whatever Google has EVER implemented.  Compound that with the fact that you don't give the option to NOT use it and this is an EPIC FAIL.

In addition to it being awful when it works, I am repeatedly getting an error message saying I must include at least one recipient, even when I've obviously included one.  I love Google and their products, but I am losing so much time and productivity over this change (not just this one bug) that I will seriously consider migrating elsewhere (even Microsoft 360) over this one change.   Give us back the option to use the old compose.  Please.
I cannot find the option "Default to full-screen".

Of course I'd prefer to go back to the old inbox.  I cannot get any work done with this new look.

I'll have to start using Mac Mail again. No choice until Gmail fixes this terribly unproductive interface.

The idea is FEWER clicks, not more clicks.
The new compose is terrible. The full screen is not big enough and it disables my spell check. Why can't I have the old compose back?
ctrl compose, up yours google, why not have a "classic compose" button or a "suck less" button?
Lies.  How is a window inside a window "FULL SCREEN"?  

I guess no one at Google Gmail team ever uses Netbooks or they'd know how much they are destroying Gmail.

Clue for you Gmail "engineers" the word "full" means FULL, and the word partial, means "partial."  I guess since English doesn't really mean what it used to... could you just add MAXIMIZE WINDOW button?  Oh, too 1990's (and too useful) for you?
I hate the new compose.  The reason we buy big computer screens is so that everything we need can be on the screen at once. Hiding the things we need to use makes the system harder to use, and harder to learn. Please un-hide all the buttons and fields we need: the formatting buttons, the To, Cc, BCc & Subject fields, and the Reply, Reply-all, Forward & Print buttons.

Also, while you're at it, a strike-through formatting option would be useful.

Also, while you're at it, please give us back reasonable-width scroll bars, with beveled edges and a knurled center, so that the bar is clearly distinct from the background, and wide enough to easily drag.

The entire concept of the new compose is broken. Apparently Google is trying to emulate Microsoft's Windows 8 user experience. By hiding almost everything that users need to use, new users will experience the joy of a fun game of hide-and-seek, and experienced users will get the benefit of lots more exercise for their mouse-clicking fingers. The only problem is that those "benefits" get in our way, and slow us down, and we don't want them.

When Windows 8 came out, I attributed its awfulness to Bill Gates' departure: apparently there's nobody left at Microsoft with any sense. But now I see that the problem is more widespread than that. Perhaps an epidemic of naegleria fowleri has spread from Redmond, WA down the coast to Mountain View, CA, rotting brains as it goes.
While not optimal, it's better than nothing. My father doesn't care about this new minimalist nonsense fad, he prefers to have a full-screen compose windows, and I bet he is not the only one.
I set mine to default like that.  It does not fit my screen.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  
i hate the new compose big or small screen - don't know why people have to keep messing. if it aint broken don't fix it! so frustrating - everything i liked about google is slowly disappearing. get rid of google+ instead
Indeed, that is not a full screen at all. You can even see so in the screenshot at the top of this thread: the box where you can type a message fills only a small part of the full screen.
When introducing new ideas to old services companies should really ask themselves a couple of questions:

1 - does it improve the service in any way?
2 - will it annoy / confuse our old users?

In this case the answers are 1 - No and 2 - Yes.

It seems to me that somebody at Google is trying to justify their salary ... now they have something they can say they 'achieved' at their end of year appraisal. 

I dislike this almost as much as I dislike the 'important' filter on my inbox, which means I now have to look in two places to see my emails instead of one - thanks for that Google.

Looks like it might be time to find a new provider. I'm hanging on as I hear that StartPage might be introducing email soon.
inline 'reply' click edit subject, watch email jump to lower 'popout' window even tho by defaut Full screen is enabled.  no click the popout to full screen.  yeah, big improvement - NOT.  what took "NO CLICKS" now takes several.  so much easier and faster ??? not one person at google has addressed this issue. Can't Google "multi-task?
+Chad Wilson I agree. I want the old compose window back. This new compose window is not user friendly for the way I work. If others want this junk, they can have it. Why do I and millions of other unhappy users, have to be forced to accept changes that do NOTHING to help us?
I want the old compose window back as well. Give us that option.
Replying a message only allows four lines, 4 lines. Unless you click a couple of additional times to choose pop-out reply, which opens a window at the bottom right of the screen, ¡ geez !  Who came up with this flow/design ?!  The old compose mail was working fine. ¿Have you at google heard the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?  well, now you heard it for the first time I suppose.
WHAT happened ????? WHERE is the Highlighting function?
A MUST in emails????  If you want to center left right or middle.. use word .. but for goodness sake Highlighting is a MUST
Google "improvements" people: if you leave the old compose as an option then maybe after a while you can see if theres any(many) people out there still happily using it like that. 

Currently unhappy, feeling very >: (   about gmail. Email is so central to life ... it's basic communication. So I think its not good to make such big changes .... its like moving everyone to the other side of the world without asking them. It would be better to make incremental, undeniably good changes. And make sure 100% popular or offer as options only. You can't mess around with the basic structures like this any more -- its not 10 years ago!!

I don't like it for reasons stated above by a chorus of others, formatting, size of 'full' screen, not enough information on view, don't like viewing inbox behind as totally distracting, find menus popping up annoying, buttons should be at top not bottom...... etc
Also  I don't want to use a separate pop-out window as I use expose on mac and it just makes it more confusing having extra windows for no purpose.
Ok I've tried forcing myself to use the new compose for a few days, and I'm sorry, it's just Not Good.  Simple tasks I do all the time now take more clicks, not fewer, and the disappearing/changing headers make me more prone to mistakes.  I've been a Google/Gmail fan forever, but this just did me in.   Email is too crucial to my online life to feel worried I'm going to send the wrong thing to the wrong person because I can't see what I'm doing or without lots of extra clicking that adds more time to dealing with email than I already spend.
Sorry Google, but this change put one fan over the edge.  I'll be finding another email client. 
I have been using Gmail since 2005 .. this version is awful and time
consuming having to open this and open that.
Seriously.  An email compose screen where I can't easily see what email address I am sending to, or what email address I am sending from, is a broken email compose screen.  I really can't believe this thing made it through QA.
Found the highlighting feature - it is buried under the "A" next to send
and shares the text color
option in a split screen.

Click on the A next to send
Click on the A (Text Color) and there you will see background color and
text color options.

This doesn't change the fact that too many key strokes are necessary to
accomplish what we used to
accomplish faster and less key strokes. Please Gmail - go back to the old
version or give us an option
to use the old version.

Is there a way to switch back to old compose way, I feel the grayed translucent background with all your mails in the gmail main page is distracting, when the full screen option is on. It's worse for the minimized compose window, when composing feels like a chatting, and all other emails are showing as well.

So please inform us how to be able to switch back the old compose way. It's my day 1 of experiencing the new window, and I absolutely can't stand it. Please do such a thing: let a window jump out automatically and ask "Do you want to switch to the old compose way?"
Gen Has
Ditto !  I hate it sooooo Badly I am about to just flat out change to a different product altogether.  I thought you were the smartest people in the room ?  Give us Back the Old Compose !!!
Guys get used to it. What if they change it again.
What is this garbage? How exactly does that equal full screen? It's just a large windows within a window. I absolutely HATE these changes.

I will NOT use this. I am downloading Thunderbird now. Once I download everything I will shift to using another email service. I cannot and will not use a stupid chat window to send emails.
From Valerie Ghent (!category-topic/gmail/share-and-discuss-with-others/composing-and-sending-messages/google-chrome/10vlXAH5jKo)

10 Simple Steps To Improve "New" Gmail Compose/Reply
1) COMPOSE Window: Provide options for the compose window to be
- moveable
- resizable and
= NOT attached to the gmail page.

shift+compose is great. happy I can move/resize the compose screen. just give us an option to make that the default and give reply/forward the same option.

Question - because I'm curious: Why would you think cementing the writing window and keeping it one size only is an improvement? Before we could move/resize the compose window as needed, as well as popout if we wanted and move/resize that. Why take these options away?

2) COMPOSE Fields: I want to see everything in my email as I compose it. That means to/from/cc/subject/formatting. EVERYTHING.

2a) Show to/from/cc/subject fields. (bcc, rarely used, could remain a clickable option)
2b) Make it an option to show all fields constantly, without fields disappearing when you click away.

1) Now it's an extra click to cc/bcc, two clicks to edit subject.
2) It's distracting to have the top fields appear and disappear.
3) I need to be able to visually verify this information at a glance.
4) I use several different email accounts and need to be able to switch them - and see which one I am sending from - in a glance

2c) remove the grey 'subject' and 'recipients' that pre-fill those fields and put back To: From: Subject: . With those fields pre-filled it looks like there already IS a subject header. Useless and again, distracting. Again, I want to see at a glance everything I need to. I do NOT want to click hither and yon to verify information that should be (and once was) at my fingertips.

3) COMPOSE Formatting: Give us an option to put the formatting bar at the top. Leave it showing so we can simply click on what we need, when we need it. It is counter-intuitive, less efficient and farther to reach at the bottom of the page.

Why? for those of us who write business letters on email, we use formatting a great deal. Formatting at the top is standard. All word processing software has tools at the top. No one places these tools at the bottom of the screen. At the very least it's not ergonomic, not good for the eyes/shoulders/neck to hunch over & peer at the bottom of the page.

4) COMPOSE: Attachments: Place Attachments & the other tools at the top where they are easier to see and verify.

5) COMPOSE: Copy email address from 'Recipient': Why is the ability to copy a person's email from the 'to' bar removed? Now the name is prefilled and address no longer visible. Something used constantly as a tool to quickly to copy and paste a person's email address is now at least three steps longer to do. Useless. Bring this option back.

6) REPLY: Window: Make reply window moveable, resizeable and not stuck at the bottom of the page. It's simple. All you need to do is add the equivalent of shift+compose to reply - and give us an option to make THAT the default. The tiny, unchangeble reply window is extremely limiting - not to mention annoying beyond belief. The current popout reply to the lower right is equally limiting.

7) REPLY: Quoted text: Provide an option to "Show quoted text". If it's quoted I want to see it. Right away. I don't want to click an elipses when I am replying to someone's email to see what they wrote. Quoted text is visible in forward - just make it visible in reply.

8) REPLY: SHOW THE SUBJECT FIELD. Make it visible. Why on earth bury it under a menu?

9) REPLY: Show all to/from information. Replying can involve replying to all, adding or removing people from a thread, in addition to changing a subject header or changing a sending address. We need to see all this information at a glance.

10) REPLY: Show all formatting information at the top of the page. same as compose.

That's it! 10 simple steps.
martha cerda
this new compose screen is driving me crazy!!! the "full screen " is only half the screen size. How do i switch back to the previous compose screen?  I need to have access to the true full size compose screen... please please please help!!!!
for the title of the email message, the object, 
I propose a new feature,  suggestion search, random word.
the word may come from the body of the message or attachments.  algorithm: most frequent word or less
this is  ridiculous only eterested in gmail not the crap that goes with it
Another useful feature would be to transform the message into calendar event or task
Brent P
What happened to the english language? can't you find better words to use?
Im sorry but Im thinking their out of ideas for new apps n ideas but im disappointed with service n $300.00 phone I cant ever get signal on. Im ready to go back to store im gonna walk out with a phone that actually works!!!! 
can any one tell me how to compose mail on new setup, i am unable to find option, pls write me on
I am unable to find the option either - any suggestions?
I get 2 windows now when I hit "compose" anyone else? how do I fix this? the left one does nothing yet I can't close it or minimize. wtf?
COMPOSE/REPLY/FORWARD Fields: I want to see everything in my email as I compose it. That means to/from/cc/subject/formatting. EVERYTHING.

The SUBJECT must always be visible and editable!!
The subject line is visible but NOT editable in the "full-screen" option...
I just want to check my fucking email!!!!!
I am bored with email accessibility all the time I open the get restricted
I wish this effin' screen would stop coming up whenever I SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY--YES, I'VE SEEN THE PROMOTION, U STUPID BASTARDS!!! I DON'T CARE...
Amen to all. I can never find my mail!
Oh good I am not the only ones I cannot find my email either
I selected gmail because it was straightforward and easy to use.  But no, you have to "EVOLVE" it.  I still can't find my inbox!  WHY DON'T YOU GUYS LEAVE THINGS AS THEY ARE !!!!!
consider most of your users were not born in the computer generation... stop updating or  evolving... develop two programs that coexhists within each other.. new for young /retaining old stuff for old folks... we got the $$$

that is also my biggest problem with all of you really intelligent computer types a well as others. IE: Look what Ford did to Mustang over the years before finally betting back to the original concept. The whole thing was pathetic. Look what ford did to Thunderbird. A travesty it should be on par with Corvette but they ruined it. Look what Buick did to the Riviera should be one of the classic cars of all time and changed very little from the 65 but it was ruined and destroyed. Same way with Cadillac Eldorado and the Lincoln Town car prior to 1969. The most distinctive car on the road at the time now it is rounded off and looks like a turd. Microsoft and windows, just making money with all the new updates but very little if any improvement. as the man says leave things the hell alone, don't fix if it is not broke.  Gotta build your empires and keep your jobs though right.     
This looks good.Thanks for the improvement.
Where is my gmail?  I upgraded  to Windows 10 and all I get is
THIS IS ABSURD. I'm ready to dump gmail and get some other email service as it takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME TO JUST OPEN MY EMAIL IN BOX?!???

It takes time for me to sign in into my Microsoft account , I always change my password each time I want to sign in into my account. Please can u help me , I do not want to change this password please 
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