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Did you know that there are hidden Chat emoticons?

Currently all the rage in Google+ Chat is ~=[,,_,,]:3 , (the Nyan Cat... ) but there are others just as fun, like this mustache :{ (#movember anyone?)

And oh, there are more:
:3 (cat)
:(:) (pig)
:(|) (monkey)
V.v.V (crab)
+/'\ (cowbell)
[:|] (robot)
}:-) (devil)
\m/ (rock out)
<3 (heart)
</3 (broken heart)
>.< (wince)
:-x or :* (kiss)

Disclaimer: some emoticons work in all Chat clients, but some work in Google+/iGoogle/orkut only or Gmail only.
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Boo... this made me think that nyan cat was one as well. I HAVE LEARNED TO REEEAAD!
Also, why no Zoidberg? (\/);,,;(\/)
I was beat to the Zoidberg reference. V.v.V wupwupwupwu
How many separate version of Gtalk are there? Consolidate, people!
interesting... some of those only seem to work on certain emoticon themes. I have a different theme in chat in gmail to what I have set in G+, so the same conversation is very different in the two tabs
Who is the keeper of the official emoticon dictionary?
Leo Saraiva
Can I strongly suggest a +1 emoticon?
Joe Levee
still waiting for Cthulhu to work /|\(;,;)/|\
:{D // :{P // :{b // :{0 // :{B // Mustache Ride Anyone? That last one was a hillbilly
shame we can't have them in G+ comments!

Chat/IM is so last year
Feature request : We do need a troll face emoticons.
~=[,,_,,]:3 I HAVE NYANED FOR 67.3 SECONDS!
QUESTION: Why doesn't Google incorporate these emoticons across all their chat email products?

They could use a refresher.
~=[,,_,,]:3 <~~~what is this supposed to be?
Animals are cool, but let's not forget people -- like . . .
Jimmy Durante ((:<< D
Bing Crosby OooO
Kilroy m O_O m
the Devil >: )>~~
DD: the robot dont work why??????????????
Boost eLearning Google Apps Training will develop 150 cool thinks you can do with Mail, Calendar, Docs, and Sites.

It is amazing what is beneath the hood.!!
This announcement really illustrates how fast news travels on +Google+ - this is old news already! :D

Isn't really aimed at this particular post - it's just how things work in general.
Even +Reuters is playing catch-up..
Kei H
The Pig??? = ^@@^

I wonder if anyone has google talks lab edition? Mine hasnt been working for a while. I wish google would release a beefed up gtalk client with more features. The current client hasnt been upgraded for a long while...
Wine Glass

Martini Glass
Kei H
Back to 1995 - IRC!
What about a hipster?
bumblebee doesn't work }:-)
Why isn't possible to send media files from Gtalk when chating from Gmail or from an Android phone? When chatting from a Blackberry phone it's possible. Please answer thank you very much
hi everyone , i'm bruce , the owner of ( FAIRFIELD COUNTY CHOPPERS) I just now got on Google and i need all the friends i can get here , I build and race motorcycles , and i love girlzzz !!!! lol !!! are there any good chat lines on google ?
I'm particularly fond of the monkey.
google+ needs to add these for comments
Here's my share... c",) (^!^) c^,)
I'm a registered nurse. My favorite is: |==|====---
(You're gonna feel a little stick.)
some are working but not all :(
Awesome! Thanks, that is awesome!
Who has full list of emoticons? They are fun to use and express ourselves. please post link for all emoticons.
Nice, always wanted to see if there was more
Please Tell Me How I Can Free Talk To Any Mobile Numbers.Plz Plz
That's because it clearly states... Google+ chat
its g8ee............

Overall rating
What a waste of time! So now I'll never be able to write :3 with the meaning of colon and three!
Ohhhh, that's what is is.


I seriously thought that was an emoticon for someone having a wank.

Tilt head to the left. See?

No? Just me then?!
Cat is not working for me. I'm using the Android theme for Gmail.
nice : but it feels odd - say my friend uses pidgin and i post nyan cat -- we need universal support across clients
+Gmail : why my chat font in google+ is bigger than my gmail chat font? it looks ugly...
+Prawiro Utomo The Nyan Cat one only works in Google+, most work in regular Google talk and some even function in gtalk for android. It's unfortunate that Google keeps on fragmenting it's features everywhere.
coool !
g+ should able let'em to appear in comments or posts also ...
Wow! Thanks for telling us the shortcuts!
there should be a page for all of these....
Why is there no item like: o( | )o
--- ass with ears -> maybe an idea?!
~=[,,_,,]:3 and :3 aren't working for me. Sigh.
Cool! But it's not easy to remember those symbols
this was the exact same "what's hot on Google+" as like 4 days ago...someone just copied it
but i guess i have to say nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
Chaticons, the new Decepticons. More than meets the eye.
For God's sake, enable custom emoticons! That would gatter a lot of people. Heck, I can even help coding if you need it! :D
Aya Ide
Never thought the day would come when Google+ and Nyan Cat would meet.
I have Nyaned for .. my head..@_@ HAhaaa.. Ny-.. Nyan nyan nyan nyan .. help me..
Unicode emoticons FTW!
Max Z.
Are there more?
1997 called, they want their lame chat icons back.
Is any one know me? i dont know who i am!!!!lol
The only people that should EVER use emoticons are 12-year-old girls. That's it!
I think the what's hot stream is broken. Same stuff has been up for a couple days. boring.
Fix the error with contacts and changing circle memberships before wasting time with eye candy
bonjor!! Ca va Maddi. J'dore Paris, France. Je deteste les araignées.
Only if it supports hidden LaTeX view function...
It doesn't work for my gmail. Any idea?
Its great here,love it,i need female friends to
yup +Prawiro Utomo , thats correct. Generally gtalk for android seems to be a bit forgotten - no updates for a long time and still gtalk badges wont work.
i knw them all ha HA HA,...............................
cool, but no +1, its too hot already
How about >:@@@@@ fat caterpillar
None of those are working for me in G+ on Firefox 6.0

I want a cow smiley } : O )
I love very much my email but I don't know why you guys(google) disable my account with my google phone credit $12. May I get back please... I love google...
we can really use one for Android™ too :P
What happened to the poop? It was the greatest one!!!!! ~@~
well, there's only about one year left on this world, 2012 is the end of the world, follow me, two 1 minute videos a day, one in the morning and one at night from now until Saturday.. 7 days 7 wonders 7up
Awesome!! I hate Nyan Cat, but that's cool! Complicated...
Cara, tô até com vergonha...assim que soube achei um dez porque seu trabalho é de qualidade...mas trabalha daqui, de lá..enfim não deu, mas valeu!
I wish I could favorite this post, guess I'll just bookmark it instead

Also the Gchat emoticons should just work in the stream
:) :D ;) :'( :-o :-/ x-( :( B-) :P <3 :-| +/'\ V.v.V }:-) =( =/ =P :-( :) >.< :-P :(:) </3 :-x :* :{ :(|) \m/ x-( :'( =D ;) :-| =) :-D :^) ;-) :-) :-/ :3 -<@%[:|]
the broken heart looks more like ice-cream 2 me.......
thanks and robot dont work
#@##$$%^&&&$#$%%$^&$$^@@@#%#%%^^^&*&^%^&#%$W#$ you
from the looks of it you can litterally get a +1 for nothing. xD
NEON CAT DOESNT WORK in gmail chat! 
NYAN CAT WORKS and nay lwin- the bumblebee does work too
It only works in google+ not in gmail chat.
it didnt work for me D: Doesn't show up on gmail but if your on google+ it shows up
well it worked for me. you just have to try it a few times.
well, I already found the moustasche and nyan cat before this was sent
im 11 years old and i have a gmail im carlton and my fav is the monkey
:-x or :*
V.v.V Some body call a docter! I am a doctor!
they said i could become anything so i became 
ξ •ェ• ξ
ξ ~ ξ
ξ  ξ
ξ  ⌒~~~~〇
ξ   ,     ξ
ξ ξξ ξ~~~ξ ξ
ξ_ξ ξ_ξ   ξ_ξ
a lamma
oh wow really just saying like really ."
still dont get it cuz i dont see ur messages so and why u txting me i have some other stuff to do?
good for you terrell? i dont really care...
+Terrell Delaney u dont need to know me so shut up if u dont know how to talk I DONT KNOW YOU haha really sounds like a 6 yrs old no fence ROFL
Mhmm Whatever terrell u cant make me anyways so keep that mouth of your over there
Kevin Wen i really dont care -.-
like u can hi   hi   hi   how do u underline things
Izzie W
lol this is cool but my crabs aren't right for some reason
it does,
 you just have to do it in a google+ chat
what you have a problem me saying wow? really looks like you want to take care of me
Mhmm dont even act like a little kid infront of me cuz im not even taking care of you lil boy
Woah! that's a lot of comments!
You guys are taking this so seriously its just this oh wow we get it already -.-
The nyan cat only works on google+ chat
Why the robot can't work ??
Yea Thnxxi do speak the truth lol
Thnx this is so helpful! Even like half of these are already on the gmail!!!!!
Wow.... -___________________________-
:) :D ;) :'( :-o :-/ X-( :( B-) :P <3 :-l :* :(:) +/'\ </3 >.< :{ }:-)  -<@% V.v.V :3 ~=[,,_,,]:3
u can copy and paste it it is easier . ur welcome
oh wow i know wow ppl dont think
Awesome whatever -__- WOW I NEVER KNEW THIS!! :O __ 
you can also make a poop ~@~
i know it works on gmail chat, havent tried it on google+
luv ~=[,,_,,]:3 made it work but only works on the google + chat..
Nyan cat doesn't work for my standard view inbox chat. It only works for chats on this page. Pls tell me why
put * in front and back makes the word bold
e.g. COOL*←*word
excuse me ogita everybody does not know that
But Does Anyone Know How To Do This?
Yup. I know how to do this :




and this

 /me is awesome

oh, and this

Stephanie what I'm asking you to do is to give mixed wording form

i.e. Like This One
OR How About This?

Anybody would know the /me thing.

And I do not have a full list of none of all the chat emoticons, including those available only on Google and those only on Google+.

:3 (cat)
:(:) (pig)
:(|) (monkey)
V.v.V (crab)
+/'\ (cowbell)
[:|] (robot)
}:-) (devil)
\m/ (rock out)
<3 (heart)
</3 (broken heart)
>.< (wince)
:-x or :* (kiss)
there's also :{ moustache face
?? I thought there was a poop emoticon? How come it doesn't work? It was originally ~@~
Why the hell would you seriously want a poop emoticon? I mean, whyyyyy is there a need for it?
If you put these symbols together you get Nyan Cat: ~ = [ , , _ , , ] : 3
cool I knew this for a long time
i did seriously I just was looking for more emoticons I don't know 
Srsly stop all these comments
Haha there is also a ~@~ which is... You can find out yourself ;)
How do you do the long line, I only do I (capital i) and l (lowercase L)
They not big enough
Errrrrr, what r u guys talking about?
thanks dude that was seriously helpful XD
I like how the emotions restart every time I hover my cursor over them. :)
nyan isnt working for me!!:'(
Thank you for posting i really needed them :-x
Tom Luo
Hmm...this post hasn't been on for quite a while...
"You nyanned for 
105386 SECONDS"
I dare you guys to try to beat that }:-)