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It's a piece of cake to ensure Contacts, like Momma, always appear in your Chat list in Gmail. Even if she is offline or busy, today's #ChatTip is that you can select "Show in chat list" when you've typed her name in the Search, add, or invite box at the top of the list so that she'll always be visible to you. This setting sticks even when you move to another Google property, like Google+! Read more here:
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WHEN WILL YOU WORK ON GOOGLE TASK ??? Com'ON IT'S BEEN À YEAR !!! What's the problem ??
+Sébastien Sel Lévesque, I think they should solve this problem by buying Astrid and making it built in in Android. That solves the Google Tasks overhaul and gives Android almost feature parity to iOS in this regard.
Great tip +Gmail.

If we're talking task improvement, I would prefer a more clean app like Any.Do or Tasks.
ha! i have a contact like exactly the same as my momma! how weird...
How do i remove people from my chat list +Gmail ? There are only a few people that i chat with, and i am happy for them to be there. But there are another 5 users i have maybe sent an email to once and it is awkward having people i barely know, one click away.
Hey +Gmail, is there a way to set an email address as "old" or "extinct" so it doesn't pop up when I start typing the contact name? But is still associated to that contact when I search for our emails between one another?
Thank you for pointing this feature out. I have been extremely frustrated by the privacy setting of contacts in a circle as it was only displaying three of 15 contacts. Now I can fix it. :D
I just want to evict Chat...precious gui-real estate for a feature I never use.
+Belinda Blok That's pretty straightforward. Just go to Settings > Chat, then Toggle "Chat off".
+John Roux The Chat interface still comes up in G+ I turned it off in Gmail, closed all browsers and even rebooted....still coming up (
+Belinda Blok I guess chatting is part of the G+ "package", whereas it makes sense for some people to want to have a plain email interface without chat, so you can disable it in Gmail. Will look into it.
+Benjamen Meiers u have to hold ur mouse over the persons name, then click "never show". then they won't appear in chat anymore.
+Alexa mark I'm sure many do. Your comments don't really belong in this thread. Search for #CISPA and you will find plenty of participation on that subject.
+Terrence Lui I may be mistaken, but wasn't this something you were frustrated by a week or two ago? Looks like there is an easier fix than than hunting through all the settings options.
I ask, Why you changed today the way contacts with active conversations are treated. They no longer get to the top of the chat lists, which is inconsistent with the way the Android client of Google Chat behaves
I am getting so exasperated with this damn Google especially gmail because all I want to do is check my email instead of signing into another account WTF!!!! This system is pissing me off!!
Not available this service in India! Not Good!
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