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Easily add events from attachments in Gmail into Google Calendar 

Now when you receive an attachment with calendar events in .ics format, you can add these events to your Google Calendar right from Gmail with just one click. No more downloading and manually importing!

Plus, events created in Google Calendar will link back to the original email, making it easy to find that booking confirmation email when you need it.
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Josed D
get feature to have. I want to look into. 
Didn't GMail used to have a feature that would read through an email and make it so you could add an event to calendar from that? Well this is good too.
Nice, going to test this soon, have been trying it before so I appreciate it very much
I don't think it works with the preview pane, though.
Nice. Now how about bringing it to Android GMail app as well? :-)
now the mobile app too, please!
I would like to put calendar reminders for specific emails from Gmail... to remind me to respond or do something before responding.
If calendar desktop notifications would only work ... :)
I love you guys, and I know who's really the bad guy here with ics attachments and so forth, so sorry for the snarky comment, but....

...about time!
Josed D
+GMail need to come up with the availability to navigate between emails on IOS app.
Good stuff. I can't remember the last time I got an event invite as an attachment, let alone .ics format. But it's a helpful usability tweak no less.
+Gmail Where did the Google Tasks canvas view go?  It reverts to a generic page, and there is now a thread on its absence in the discussion forums but no one has any answers.  Can we get some sort of word on whether this is just a glitch or the feature has been discontinued?
But when guests reply back (invitation accepted) with an ics format, it will not sync directly with the original :-(
how do i disable this? its really annoying when my gmail account is automatically adding events. Its not giving me the option to respond
+Gmail well done!. support vcs calendar attachments?
When's this coming to android, android calender doesn't even open ics
This is great. One less problem observed by my users
Outstanding improvement. Thanks.
great improvement.  I would like to see support for .EML attachments if possible. I frequently get forwarded emails this way and have to keep an email program available just to see these files.
I could care less about bloody ICS, when you're killing reader!  
Now we just need .ics handling acceptance on Android!
hope I might be something
Unfortunately, it only goes into the default cal, and is not possible to move to, say, your "work" cal. Useless to me until I can do that.
+Gmail Great, thanks. But how about support for ics-Files in my mobile app? This is a major not-available-feature on Android.
+Bill Taroli, What´s next? They will shutdown Google Reader! It´s unbeliavable! Damn Google!
Does the Android app have a feature in which we can add a calendar event directly from an email? 
Can I choose which calendar add it to? I mean, have you fixed it yet?
Hi, am I the only one having issues with this new feature?  I am not seeing the "Add to Google Calendar" link.  

I'm currently using Chrome.  EDIT: I've now tried in IE, and the same issue is there.

It seems like Gmail is "aware" of the ics... I see the little calendar icon indicating there's an ICS attachment.  But I just don't see the link to add to my calendar.
Just a follow up to the above... it does seem to work with other generic ics.  But the .ics files I'm getting from WebEx (which is 99% of my calendar activity) are not registering correctly.  Help!
ohhhhhhh we got a bad arse hear!!
this was working for me yesterday, but not anymore today. What changed?
Praise, Jesus! I have been waiting on this feature forever.
Life is a trap if you try getting out if it you fall for it but embrase it and you flourish.
It is a great addition (as this was definitely a lacking feature) but it would be nice if this new change actually reflected your settings when you say 'No' to automatically accept invitations. Since just because you receive an .ics attachment does not automatically mean you wish to add it to your Calendar. Especially if you separate your calendars (e.g. Work, Personal, Family, etc)
Outstanding! Thank you, great new feature. 
Cool. Can u add this new feature to google chat too? it will be great!!
It would be really interesting if you add a function "Do Not Disturb" to ignore calls and notifications. Synchronized with all desired events calendar.
I guess it works only in the US. It has never worked for me he in India. 
+Josed D Thanks, What's the deal with with Gmail disabling or not being able to talk to Safari mail? And why can't someone who has Apple see my google Calendar? I am seriously considering going back to Apple and forgetting Gmail for the sake of privacy. I feel betrayed like most who have gone for Google as open source and found out that they have used my email content as product for advertisers. I feel violated.
Thank you for adding this feature.  You have no idea how much time this will save me.  Awesome job!  :-)
Is there a way to update and cancel events in google calendar via email attachment?
Is there any specific format for this to work? I tried to test this by creating an .ics calendar invitation using the default format but it doesn't seem to work. The only thing I noticed is that there's an icon noting the email contains an .ics calendar attachment. Any thoughts?

The format I have used are as follows:

SUMMARY:Saturday, 23rd Apr 2013, 8:00am
LOCATION:Kuala Lumpur
DESCRIPTION:Some description
+Rob Rogers Agreed, this is annoying.  After creating, you can "copy" to another calendar -- results in duplicate events but I never use the default calendar and have it hidden so this doesn't bug me as much.
How can I disable this??  I use an online booking program that already syncs and changes when appointments change - this doesnt, it just makes a MESS of my appointment book. I want this disabled and can't find where to do it!
nope, doesn't work. I see a More Info link, but not something similar to 'add event to google Calendar'
Has anyone encountered a problem that can only add a calendar of events with up to 6? If 7 or more calendar events, the button will not appear. I would really appreciate if someone can help!
there is no way to import ics to from gmail directly to calendar... i googled and tried 5 differents ways....WHAT'S GOING ON??? WHY I CAN'T ADD HANDLERS TO CHROME EASILY???
GMail doesn't recognise UTF-16 .ics files, basically bombs out on the BOM (Byte Order Mark).
It seems like gmail will ignore all .ics files where your own e-mail address is set as the organizer. Which is not good since the booking may come from other sources even if this is the case. I have been able to replicate this behaviour using a conference booking system we use at work. It ignores the file as long as I have an organizer tag in the file where my mail address is set. If I change that address, it will all of a sudden display the "add to google calendar" button, otherwise not...
So when can we expect this feature to be implemented?
This was working great for me, but over the last month seems to have stopped. I'm receiving calendar invites as .ics attachments for a pop account and associated calendar, so the email is "to" the pop account, and the calendar is the google calendar associated to the pop account address -- I'm not sure if this wrinkle is why now it doesn't work for me. Anyone else seeing this issue? The .ics comes through just fine, but is obviously a lot less convenient to add to the calendar.
this feature doesn't work from nowone... what happened?
This feature is broken now in Gmail!  My Note 2 will still read it but that's super annoying!!
This feature is does not work now. What happened?
This has stopped working. Since this happened at the same time as the changes to how attachments are handled with Google Drive, I'm assuming that is at fault. Once again, Google forces more crap down their users' throats to increase their time spent on site.
So is there a workaround in the meantime?
Been using this for a while, came back from vacation and it's gone...! Any work arounds/alternatives? No info/outed info in Gmail and Calendar forums >:(
Same here, still not working! >:|
I have resolved this issue. I create several ics files that contains 6 or less events and attach them to one email. In this case Gmail parses and shows all of them. Little trick!
Not sure what this might mean, but I emailed myself an .ics file from the Gmail interface and the event was recognized.  However, what hadn't been working was emailing myself .ics files from a dropbox folder via an IFTTT recipe, maybe Gmail just doesn't like IFTTT formatted emails?
I have met this issue also. Gmail recongnizes only first event from attached file. We have enabled SSL support in our SMTP server and the issue was fixed.
I am receiving .ics invites from someone using corporate Outlook but I cannot open them AT ALL. Is there a fix for this? 
I get .ics files currently when there are counters and I still have to download with outlook to read the counter information then update the calendar. Is there a fix to this?
I need a fix for this too...  Gmail seems to recognize that it is a calendar attachment, but doesn't give me any option to import it or RSVP
Same for it, gmail seems to recognise the ICS attachment, but no button for adding to Gcal
The announcement was too early... LOL Almost 1 year after, nothing so far.
Great. How comes it does not work in my Firefox browser under Windows 7 while it does work with a friend of mine in Firefox under Ubuntu?
Strange thing, today morning, all my e-mails with ics file attached the "Add to Calendar" appeared... Maybe it is "on demand" feature?
+Yoel Eilat yes... It does... For any reason, this "feature" only popped out after a day that I received my first invitation (ics file) in Gmail... I think that the feature is automatically enable in Gmail configuration only if you receive an e-mail with ICS file attached or something related.
I receive ics attachments from my husband all the time and this doesn't work for me.
whats happening, this isnt working anymore?
+Lindsay Patross in the beginning it did not work for me either, but somehow, after a while receiving invites, it started to work. Just wait a while.
I don't  like the new way it looks at all. how do I change it back?
why now does not work'? they removed this useful feature...well fuck
I think that if you receive an invite attached in your e-mail, the GMail will automatically enable this feature for you. It happened with me after a while receiving e-mails with invites.
it magically is working for me now. before it wasn't. maybe if you comment on here it will change your account to work with this feature.
Doesn't work for me either... I just get an .ics attachment that I can download. Anyone know why?
Says, "unable to launch event.."
This doesn't work for me.  Looking at the comments above, I'm hoping it will magically start working for me now.
Same problem here, I get an .ics attachment I can download but there is no "add to calendar" button in Gmail.
Ditto.  Clients don't seem to be all that forgiving when you fail to show up for a meeting... when you have the "Next Big Thing"  it should be able to read a dad-burned appointment request.  
Used to work for me just fine, now it doens't work anymore... why?
+Inbox by Gmail recognizes Google Calendar events, but not .ics invitations. It would be more than useful is that feature would be added!
This isn't working reliably anymore. Any updates on that?
As noted by a comment above -- if your own email address is listed as the organizer it won't come up.  I just went through this as well and thought I'd pass it along.  ymmv
Is this option working? Mine does not........frustrated
This doesn't seem to work for .ics files. Can we get an update from Google about whether it should be working for .ics files or not?

Where to click? This is a wanted feature and it seems it is offered because of requests not because it is working.
2017 and still doesn't seem to be working. This is more than a mere nicety, as .ics files are something of a standard these days and IMHO the inability of the Google Calendar to merge new data received in that format with a simple (double?) click disqualifies it from serious consideration as my go-to calendaring program/app.
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