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Tap into the future of productivity with Gmail Tap for Android and iOS. Double your typing speed with this revolutionary new keyboard. #gmailtap
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is this another april fool joke? lol
That is so awesome. I need to install this app now.:P Well played Google.well played. :) OMG it works!
actually, this would work. however, it is an april fool joke :)
LL Cool J talking about tapping it took right over the top. ROFLOL. Sharing this ASAP.
It would be funny it they actually built morse code in just for kicks.
And because Android is so awesome, there'll be a version of this posted on the market by the end of the day.
ROFL..."you can tap it in the morning. You can tap it at night. You can tap it in the bathroom...."
And the one with two sets of keys.
hahahaha, "people with fat fingers"!
you can tap and fap at the same time haha....
This goes along with their new 8 bit maps option and the new "Change the Weather" drop down lists.
This is fantastic. It works smoothly.
I love the typing two messages at once
Tap Dat ass LL Lmfao. 
"You can tap it in the bathroom" - lol
ok where are the phones instructions and this may bring my husband into the world of text.FINALLY
Should have saved this for April Fools.
My favourite day of the year. This is a good start.
Hahaha.....fat fingers!!!...and the guy on his computer and texting!!!!lmao
Incredible. I saw it in Reader tonight, and was completely duped until :45. Had no idea April Fools was here already.
I actually tried to download it....well played google, well played!
.. - .----. ... / .- .--. .. .. ... / .--
fell for it hook link and sinker.
. .. -.. . .-.. -.-- / -.. --- -. .
this is the dumbest thing ive ever heard of.
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XD i always fall at first sight
90% of the people I see online can't even spell and you want them to learn Morse code?
This is another april fools joke haha its so obvious lol. I Love You Google lol u make the web fun
They should at least wait until April 1st - Still March in most of America
That's pretty slick! If its a joke, I'll make one myself just to try it out
Not as funny as Gmail Move (or whatever it was called) lol
Everyone notice the time this was posted. Way to go Gmail. :)
" doubling the keys, you can send two messages at once..." EPIC!! LOL
very intriguing.. I am willing to learn this new code.. I am already pretty quick with the qwerty... hopefully my memory serves me well in learning a whole "new" alphabet.
'Kay, this is'nt so far off- we started with the telegraph, and someone said- why dot dash when a voice would be so much simpler? So we get the telephone. Now, the cell phone comes along and we start texting instead of talking.Llets regress all the way to the telegraph again and maybe even revert cave drawings.
Hahahahaha. I wish Gmail didn't still work like total ass on Android.
May be it won't survive we have to learn new language and nobody want that....
what I really want to see is someone actually typing two separate emails, two separate trains of thought at the same time! won't believe it until I see it,
=( I was hoping for an actually good innovation...
I fell for it. Then I remembered it's Google's big day.
Yes it is. LLC cool I is mr. Smith just not Todd Smith. Plus he also isn't an engineer lol.
If this is an April fools joke, not only is it very convincing... but I agree with Phillip Arnason... I might actually want this.
+Matt Wells No sir it most definitely is not wrong... I too wish this was real lol
Is this an early April Fools? I can't imagine this being effective Lol
April fools maybe, but what an idea, well it was thought of years ago, but would make morse code much easier
.-- .... .- - - .... . ... .. -.-. .
I must admit I was like WOW really!? and then I remembered today is April 1st. Crap man. I would love to have this dingy but strangely kool application. Typing faster is so not true, but still the nerd factor is pretty high and I am low on points today.
Questioning the reality of this... something google would do, but... tomorrow or today, whatever time zone you're in, is April 1st... and that's Todd Smith... aka LL Cool J... not sure how to interpret all this...
Isn't that LL Cool J...that is
Gmail tap multitasking! Whaaa ha ha ha ha, I hav to say that again! Gmail ha ha tap lol multi haha tapping no ha ha tasking whaa ha ha ha ...
Is this an april fools prank?
I know this is probably fake- but, if anyone will believe it, I WOULD ACTUALLY USE IT. hahaha.
Actually, I like the blind tap use case...
Well.... I gss its cool....ha... 
I would actually want to try this! Release a keyboard app for Android …please!
Looks like their spokesperson is LL Cool J at 1:44.
interesting but a whole new concept
Google at: it already and it was right at midnight
Well... I agree with u but... This is new.... 
This has got to be a prank right?
I love April Fools day! Of course I have been typing with two fingers for years!
Haha..April Fools Google..thank you for the laughs!
did i see LL Cool J as the project lead?
Whether it's a joke or not, worst idea ever. It would be like having to learn a completely new language. Also it takes way longer to type out multiple lines and dashes than simply tapping one letter.
I really can't see how something like this would ever take off, but it would be fun to try.
This is apparently an April Fool's Day joke, however I gotta say: +Google really pulled off making this look credible and legitimate. I'm still wondering whether this is a joke or just a really innovative, yet dumb-as-shit idea Google Inc. is promoting.
MAN~~ I gotta say this~~ I love Google and their creative April fooool~~!!!
Tap receiver will... vibrate...
I love that LL Cool J was in this. CLASSIC. Great job!
Another revolutionary app from Google . I love using it.
Regards from Bobby the Dog

Sent from Google translate for Animals
lmao ll cool j "you can tap it at night , you can tap it in the morning, you can tap it in the bathroom.. lol !!!!
Actually, this doesn't work, because:
First of all, a morse code LETTER takes about 5 buttons,
and Second: have fun multitasking two words in MORSE CODE at the SAME TIME!
and Third: Go memorize Morse Code if you want
:D good idea, but flawed
Fool's day joke. I am sure it is.
Only problem i think people would have with this is having to learn morse code. Which would be pretty awesome. 
oh google, you really know how to do April fools day!
Ha ha..this is fantastic, literally. Heh heh.
Damn I actually want this thing!
Pretty cool huh....What is the date again today...
nicely done. best part @1:37'the people best served are people with fat fingers' :) LOL
Heh. I liked this little farce. Pretty clever.
Looks like a good solution to my fat thumbs!
This may be april fool trick, if you'll remember than last year Google april fooled us by making a site which told us that " now you may send a mail with back date in gmail." which was also convincing. So hope fully on 2nd April they will again laugh at us.....
I am very disappointed. I first thought cool now they come up up with something like steve hawkings is having. of course in a more modern way like scrolling and taping a full word or half a sentence. or having a circle in the middle and dragging the words one after another into it. since the idea sounds so silly i guess it is a fools day joke. :-)
Sean G
When I seen LL ... I was like. Huh. Funny... Google does the best April Fools. Got me for a sec. Tap in the bathroom. Like.. how can this be faster... Morris code. Haha.
If I double my typing speed, my words will come out before i think them, i'm already typing over 180 words a minute.. lol
I find this feature very difficult to use.
I actually would use this. Mostly because Morse code isn't to hard to learn.
I think this is an April Fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris N
its actually not you can download it from android market and enable it fromthe settings menu, it is an overall april fools though.
Nope!!! I'm not leaning morse code when the classic keyboard is already hardwired into my brain. Check out Swype.. it is extremely intuitive and basically brilliant. What i would like to see is the smart phone predictive text ported to our regular PC keyboard
"It's a dot and a dash, to have a conversation with the entire world" -- good one :--)
WOULD APRIL the First give you a CLUE..!!!???
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Wow, it's easier if it's for real! is it? help me out?
Oops! Gmail Tap is a bit too popular right now. We suggest you try downloading it again on April 2nd.
let me check how great its gonna be,if its gonna be faster than siri
Agreed with Chris. Learning morse code typing is reinventing the same wheel. What I would like is more intelligence built in voice recognition. Swype is good and people who would like a free alternative can use TouchPal (available at Android Market)
interesting idea tho
lame, now we have to learn moris code. I can type on the qwerty just as fast as u press the -. same amount of presses zero faster
I doubt it will be useful, several taps for one letter? Looks like we used to write with simple phone keyboard (3 taps maximum). I write quite fast using usual phone keyboard with T9 system.
I think people misunderstand. This device only attaches to your previous post! :)
Crap, I fell for it..
Typed up this whole rant about how this is so dumb, but I should have read comments first lol
Wow if it comes true then we all need to learn the morse code before we can use the tap !! I think qwerty is faster than morse code since qwerty only need one key per letter where morse code need at least 4 keys to get one letter - Happy April Fool day !
It hurts to laugh this much. Google I'm suing you for laughter induced pain. This camper is way too happy and you're going to pay for it!!!
Why is LL Cool J in this?
Honestly, for some old marine dogs, this could really be a valid product ;-)
oh God: "Oops! Gmail Tap is a bit too popular right now. We suggest you try downloading it again on April 2nd."
:-D lol
Didn't Google try a similarly weak April Fools Day prank a year or so ago?
How about some real originality people?
I do love that as well and hope to join that as well
I Knew morse code would come back, good job google .
dots and dashes.... sounds like morse code (haven't watched video yet)
Great trick. I believed it until Reed Morse introduced the bearded Morse on the wall photo as "my great grand father's grand father brother". That was when I became suspicious and knew that was an April the Fool joke. That was a really well played and executed joke!

Now start working on the next year's April the fool joke ...
Brilliant but insane!!!
:) Best April Fool Prank by Google
Well Played Google. I really would try to use this. someone will make the app lol
this is future progressive_____cant wait to try it____
the multitasking bit went a little too far, but otherwise this is great :)

just downloaded the app ;)
I actually want this keyboard as a replacement keyboard its so simple and efficient ... even if its an april fools joke they should release it ... would promote eye free typing
I wonder witch smart phone they will be on 
wen will this happen for smart phones
Down down,,,down,,, chaleco
गाँधीजी और मल्लिका में समानता ?दोनों ने कपड़े त्याग दिएएक ने देश के लिएदूसरे ने देशवासियों के लिए१९८० की लड़की : माँ मैं जींस पहनूंगीमाँ : नहीं बेटी लोग क्या कहेंगे ?२००८ के लड़की : माँ मैं मिनी स्कर्ट पहनूंगीमाँ : पहन ले बेटी कुछ तो पहन ले
It looks cool but how would it work with two buttons
you use one finger for each button silly. :)
haha funny seeing this revealed same day as chrome multitask
you can tapi it in the day , you can tap it at night , yo can tap it in the bathroom
OMG this is awesome......if it wasn't april the 1st ;-)
hahahahahahaha!!!! LOVE IT!!! XD Happeh April Fools everyone :P
Very funny.... Overwhelming my buttcheeks, oh, yeah, I hate 1st of April
Jay Tee
ROTFLMFAO.....I've gotta admit....that it one helluva invention for an April Fool's Joke.
Its 1st April.. I am wondering is it for real? If it is.. then looks worth a try.
T_T I dont have a smartphone, because that's how crap my life is.
Having LL Cool J in it made it awesome. =D
2 minutes to midnight....24 more hours of this crap.
You can tap it in the morning. You can tap it at night. You can tap it in the bathroom. You can tap it in the back seat of your car. Tap it on the beach.You can even tap it with your friends mom.
Ya know, people who work in google incorperated are very rich(I think)
Why can't I download until April 2nd?
probably is the joke of 1st of April.
Anyway I don´t think it would be faster than any of the actual keyboards. The only thing it would be interesting, is that probably you can type without look to the screen
IT seems every google service has an april fool...
You've outdone yourselves Google. Bravo!
tare. si eu mi-am pus.
awesome guys ..... incredible
.- ... .. .. ... ... .. .- . - . .--. .. .. ... ... --- --- ... .-.-.- ... --- ... . -.. .. -
I've just posted my previous comment on the wrong page and in the wrong area. So sorry...~~~Please forgive!~~~
All the best ideas come from Google. I wonder if this was a 20% project. I can't find the app in the iPhone store but hope to play with this soon. Old Morse knew a thing or too about sending messages. In the good old days a proficient Morser coud get up to an impressive 18 words a minute. Try asking anyone to to that with a qwerty keyboard. Morse is the way to go for sure. How nice of Google to announce this on a Sunday and the first day of a new month too. I have just been practising and I tried a bit of Morse. Dead easy .- .--. .. .. ... ... --- --- ...
amazing classic technology brought back to life! thanks google
Todd Smith is really cool. Oh wait, he is LL Cool J. Fools day to u too google. I love ur creativity. 
New gmail look sucks, please let me click on the logo like in the old look.
Nice joke for the 1st April
Lol April fools LL Cool J
Thank you Google for the laugh and recognizing amateur radio de WT0F
And the best April fools joke ever lol
A:000111100 B:00110010 ...... great speaking machine code, Add some extra memory to your brain to remember the code for each letter!!!! hhhhhhh ;)
Morse code has been around as long as the qwerty keyboard too. Don't see it happening on a phone . . . . . .
hahahaah, this is even better then the one you had last year with the gestures - you can tap in the bathroom.....
yi zhu
not working on
It's like last April, and that's llcoolj
Is Gmail havin a bubble I think its april fooooools day!!!!!!!!
I want them to atcually bring this out. Will help me to learn morse code
Ha Ha funny! The April Fools Day pranks are starting early!
di-dahdi-dah-dah-dit di-dah-dit di-dit di-dah-di-dit di-di-dah-dit dah-dah-dah dah-dah-dah di-dah-di-dit
Shaun L
Nice try, Google - Not your best ever April Fool though. Bit too obvious!
Ahahah! Between this and the new groundbreaking Jessops Diva camera is hard to tell which is the best april fools joke!
Hey! Looks like Google is trying to be Apple for a day! :P Reinvention ain't their kind of job, I guess after all.
seems difficult and not so fast this method but I will give it a try.
having the post open for comments sort of telegraphs the intention ;)
but i suppose it's made up for by the reMorse of those that got taken in :D
happy st. stupid's day!
They did not attach this tag to the post: #happyaprilfoolsday
very funny lol. I wonder how many people checked the Play Store for the app? I didn't ......... honest !!!
This is also very good. Google is on a roll today!
A paradigm shift in the right direction. Congrats Google!
didn't watch the video and went straight to the download page. totally fooled me :)
I only wish someone said "its magical"
If Todd Smith likes it, I like it!
This is an April fools joke that actually makes sense to me...
They could have celebrated
I love how they say one Google Tap is a bit to popular right now, try to download on April Second.
A brilliant innovation. Hopefully the patent war on this won't be too intense. ;-)
Great.. I'm just going to download it pls tell me its available on my phone. Modern morse code
.-- . ... ... .. --- -. . --..-- -. --- --- --. ... . .-.-.- . .--. .. .. ... ... --- --- ... ... 
Works great on my iPhone 6 with flash support
Neha Pd
That's awesome! :D
Is it available in Google play market yet? If not where can I get it from
Hey.. I did know LL was working for google! right.... What's the date today? I Hmmm?
Apple is already seeking an injunction to ban it from Android products
What if we don't know morse code.......
The guy tapping while his phone is in his pocket is hilarious. Nice April fools day joke!
maybe take a walk outside of your box
This prank is another proof that what'hot is manipulated and not worth the attention
Oh, my. April fool. Is there a hidden message here? Sometimes in this day and age, we try and make things more complicated. There are lessons to be learned from the past. On occasion, it's better to go backward, to move forward.
You can tap it in the morning, you can tap it at night, you can tap it in the bathroom, lol!
Thank you Tappers. This is the best laugh of the day. "Reed Morse"
Hehe.. I love it the way Google go over the top on April Fools. +1google
How do you say AWESOME in Morse Code?
Awesome! Stenographers beware... A gmailer could replace you... ROTFLMAO! Download this app to reduce tap fatigue... Hahaha.
Looks like another April fools!!! Come on, guys wake up! 

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How can you expect everybody to learn morse code????
What a great way to get the older generations involved with todays technology. My dad would love this. He will be 96 in may
Oh man. But I think is a nice way to learn morsecode, if it is the same.
when is it coming out. At least I have a morse code book from when I was a kid.
Ladies Love Cool J!
when will tap go live and which platform of android is it available to (e.g. 4.0 ics)
Man, you guys got me, and it's been 9 days... Well, hopefully the application will be written for real.
Too bad its a joke.  It's sluggish unless you manually add a space for characters.  Needs a sidetone.  Add iambic mode to the paddles and it has possibilities.  I could definitely text faster with this app than with the keyboard.
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